Not enough memory to continue execution of the window server r2 program 2008

Hi all

I have a question about windows server 2008 R2 that is about a year.  After installation, it worked effectively for a few months, then it starts to freeze showing a message "insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service".  Previously, he started once or twice a month, now it starts to get serious.  It's freezing systems, you need to restart the server using the power button / stop.  Can it's disturbing for me, someone help me.  Thank you in advance.


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    Save the bitmap for computer... always achievable by this message:

    There is not enough memory or resources to complete the operation. Close some programs and try again.
    .. was even trying to record on a blank disc of flash 8Gb and still does not work... Please help

    Hi Janey,

    ·         Do you get the error when you use MS Paint application?

    Check to see if the following is useful.

    Method 1: Perform a disk cleanup and then try to save the image.

    Description of the tool in Windows XP disk cleanup

    Method 2: Log a user account different to check the issue. If you do not have any user account then the create and check for the issue. Report of the results.

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    (Using XP with SP3) Use this machine for months and months and I use paint all the time to capture screens and paste a part in the documents. Don't know what I did but all of a sudden this error when I try to select - all or to close the window in paint:

    "There is not enough memory or resources to complete the operation. Close some programs, and then try again. »

    Even clicking end task in the Manager of tasks gets this message before TM requires the application to stop. Back to zero does not solve the problem, and other programs (memory hog) encounter any problems at all. Virus protection is up-to-date, ran a few cleanups, no help. I think that somewhere, paint is watered - I can download and reinstall?

    Hi ebjeebee,
    This problem can occur for the following reasons:

    • If the bitmap file is a compressed format that Paint cannot read. For example, paint does not support CVID compressed bitmap files. If you try to open such a file in Paint, the above error message occurs.
    • If the default image for the paint attributes are too large. This setting depends on the memory and disk space.
    To resolve this issue, use the appropriate method:
    • If you receive the error message above when opening a bitmap in Microsoft Paint, the only resolution at this time is to open the bitmap file in another program.
    • If you receive the error message above when opening Microsoft Paint, follow these steps to fix it:

    a. open an existing bitmap.

    b. in the Image menu, click attributes.

    c. click on default and then click OK.

    d. on the file menu, click Save as and save the bitmap with a new name.

    e. close and restart Paint.

  • MS Paint build upwards: not enough memory or resources to complete the operation

    I call this iguana impressive in the painting and I wanted to color. I decided to go for a black and white look and configured settings and chose the black and white, to give me the white instead of color.
    I zoomed to 300% zoom, white selected as color 1 and the third from the right in the second row color 2. Then, I selected the Eraser tool and started colouring the white background on the iguana by using the right button of the mouse.
    I tried several times and each time after about 30-60 seconds MS paint show me this message:

    There is not enough memory or resources to complete the operation.
    Close some programs and try again.

    When this happened, I checked the task manager that I couldn't understand something like that was the case. Apparently, I was using only about 60% of my 2 GB of memory, mspaint.exe using somewhere between 9,000 - 14,000 K according to the Task Manager.

    I tried to open a new mspaint and redo the same thing as above designated: zoom 300%, black and white, Eraser, white as color 1, which other than 2 colors right click, paint using the eraser: after some time, same result.

    What is going on?

    I use an Eeebox EB1012 with 2 GB of RAM, double heart Intel Atom 330, Win7 (naturally)

    EDIT: If this is not clear enough: ms paint would not react after the above mentioned message was posted and I had to end the process using Task Manager.

    Hi DrenchedIguana,

    Let us try the following workaround and check if this helps us solve this problem.
    Method 1.
    Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows:

    Let us, make sure that all instances of MS Paint are closed before performing the following operations:
    1. click on start, run, type regedit, and click OK to start Registry Editor.
    2. navigate to this key
    and remove the key from the paint.
    3. exit the registry editor and restart the computer.
    4. start the paint to see if your problem has been resolved.
    Method 2.
    If the problem persists then I recommend that you create a new user account and check if the problem exists. If the problem is resolved in the new user account, I advise you to fix the corrupted user profile.
    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Not enough memory available. Cannot download the file. [Android]

    Why do I receive an error message that says: "not enough memory available. Cannot download the file. "When you try to save a pdf file to the document cloud?  The pdf is 105MO and I use a Samsung Galaxy 3 Note.


    More than 100 MB in size of files can be uploaded or downloaded on your Android on the Document Cloud. You need to use your computer to access or save them locally on your device. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thank you.

  • "Not enough memory or resources to process, to compete close some programs and try again." (Paint)

    I did disk cleaning and started to repair corrupted files.  I went on a new user account and the problem still exists in the new account. While working through process of corrupted file, it says, select all the files except three oldusername form to move.  When I select everything I do not know how to deselect these three and not sure what I should do. I have windows vista.

    Hi Myfruittrees,

    Since you have already tried the system restore and sfc scan, allows to perform an inplace on the computer upgrade
    InPlace upgrade will replace the corrupt files

    1 back up all you data, especially C:\My Documents on a media (thumb drive/CD/DVD)
    2 uninstall the security software.
    3 Please unplug all the USB devices on the computer.
    4 disable drivers 'Device Manager' (sometimes drivers come into conflict during the inplace upgrade)
    (a) click on 'start '.
    (b) in the research area, type "Device manager" and press enter and you will see open Device Manager
    (c) click on sing it '+' next to the graphics card that it will expand
    (d) right-click on the driver and choose the option "disable."
    (e) in the same way, you will need to disable the network and sound card video controller and game
    5 turn on your computer in a clean boot
    (To help solve other issues and error messages, you can start Windows Vista or Windows 7 by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts. This article describes how to solve problems in Windows Vista or Windows 7 by performing a clean boot).

    (a) click on 'Start' in the start option to search please type "msconfig" and press enter
    (b) select "selective startup" and uncheck the option "Load Startup items".
    (c) then select 'services' and check "hide all microsoft services and click on 'Disable all' and restart the computer."

    5 should disable 3 features, because these features will not be migrated during an upgrade of the /InPlace. upgrade
    (a) click Start and type in "programs and features" in the search box and press ENTER.
    (b) click on "Turn windows features turn on or off" and wait for the popup features
    (c) uncheck the three services mentioned below.

    XPS Viewer (click the .net framework 3.0 plus symbol)
    DFS Replication
    Remote differential compression

    6 Insert the vista disc in the drive.
    7. you will get and option click on 'Install now' and start the upgrade
    8. ensure that you have selected a facility upgrade and not personalized.


    1. click on start
    2. type msconfig in the search box and press on enter
    3. in the change of "selective startup" sytem configuration window to "normal startup".
    I hope this helps.

    Bindu S - Microsoft Support

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    You can ask your question on the link below that the problem is related to Outlook Express:

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    That will never fly. Server size limits vary most between 10 ~ 50MB. Gmail is 25 MB.
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    The same file can be opened easily in Photoshop CS2 on my PC of 1 GB.

    Performance of Photoshop preferences are set on let PS 2013 MB (70%).

    I've read several PS performance guides user to one, but not available.

    Can anyone here help me? Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards


    You are on a macintosh computer, there is a command line tool called tiffutil that can dissect a tiff file.

    tiffutil - verboseinfo file.tiff

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    Thank you.


    It would be preferable to repost the question to the Forum Windows Server help.

    Setting up a Test environment (v = WS.10) .aspx

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    Apple os 9.3.3 charged down behind my back and now my i phone will not open most of the apps because there is not enough memory.  I see that I have 40 GB of memory left on the cloud over 50.  How can question, I use my pc to see what has been downloaded on the cloud?

    Your question has nothing to do with iCloud. You should remove unnecessary data from your phone to free up about 10% of your phone's storage space.

  • not enough memory to download email, have removed many of the emails, emptied the trash, sent files help!

    It keeps giving me the message that it can not download my emails because there is not enough memory. I deleted more except the ones I really want to keep. I deleted trash, sent, what we can do. Except keep towards the top with download them every day. I use my Ipad for most. Or how can I get them to download on their own. I go to 'new' and scroll down to my email address to get new emails.

    I do not know how to compact files

    So I hope you read the article I linked to.

  • I just noticed that at the bottom of the content library, it no longer displays "new playlist" that does not mean that I did not enough memory?

    When the new playlist is more to show what this means that there not enough memory left.  My hp desktop computer said I have only 931 GB left.

    The new playlist option is always available under the file menu or by using the CTRL + N keyboard shortcut do not know why the button was taken away in the last update of iTunes.

    You can also click anywhere on the bar of the left hand under your existing reading list if there is space, and you will see the option for the new playlist.

    I hope this helps

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    Note that may throw you / add 'steps' caused by the type of double cast in full.

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