Not found boot device error hard drive 3FO


I have a HP Envy 15 laptop 3040nr. Yesterday, it fell on my couch and on the floor from a height of about 2 feet.

Since then, I received the above error, and the computer does not recognize my hard drive, saying in the test drive "HDD is no." I know that the hard drive itself is not at all damaged, because I removed the laptop and put it up to a USB adapter, and I was able to access the drive. It is completely functional.

Now, the question is:-how to get the notebook to accept my hard drive again? I am also convinced that the laptop is not seriously damaged internally, apart from a few bumps on the laptop.

NOTE:-1. My computer is void of warranty.

2. the laptop fell FLAT on its underside and not on the edges.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


I have simply removed and re-inserted the controller on the motherboard, and I am posting this on my laptop now functional!

Thanks for mentioning 'controller', it was in fact lose! I just skipped it right out and back in again, and now it works fine!

And on missing startup files, it was nothing. The other PC was just now allowed access to the system reserved Partition!

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    About a month ago, I bought an SSD and improved my HARD drive, it worked fine until yesterday, I started getting the error message "not found boot device. Hard drive (3F0) '. I get this error message whenever I restart the laptop, but when I load the bios, change nothing and then tap on save and exit suddenly it restarts again the error disappeared and everything goes back to normal. Until this happens again in a few hours. I've had 4 times now.

    My question: is this a hardware problem or software, I would return the SSD? or could it be something else?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If F9 does not run the diagnostic, then most likely to replace the hard drive.  Once the new drive in place, start the recovery DVD series that was made when the PC was new.  If you do not make them, or they are lost, order a new set of HP.

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    I solved this problem myself thanks all syudents there to post what you've tried I went to bios and disabled the startup enabled legacey mode sucure tried to go to the Boot Manager it was my boot devices tried to use recovery disc recived the same message I have reset to factory settings and was able to reinstall windows normally

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    I get the folowwing message:

    Not found boot device

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    hard drive (3F0)

    I did a restore default BIOS, but it did not work.

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    I get the following message on my HP Pavilion dv5-1200: "not found boot device. Please install an operating system on your hard drive. Hard drive (3FO) '. Can anyone advise, please.

    I give it a go without having too much hope that it will work. Once again thanks a lot or your valuable support.

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    I was on exploring and the computer was blocked off when I turned back it had error messages
    Not found boot device
    Please install an operating system on your hard drive
    Hard drive (3f0)
    When I do a test of hardware I get these messages
    Intelligent control - not installed
    Drive of shirt - not installed
    I've used this laptop 3 times I've had 15 months what could I have done and what I can do to fix

    We will need your complete model number to help you find the recovery disks.

    This will show you how to do the replacement:

    drive hard $50

    Another option

    Post back with the complete model number.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • HP mini 110-3100: not found boot device


    Why when I reboot my hp mini 110-3100, he says this not found boot device, please install an OS on your hard drive. so I will try to run the hard drive test and it say the drive does not exist.

    How I solve this problem?

    I try to format it, but I can't. Please help me. Thank you

    It seems that the hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced. Of course, it is possible that he has lost all simply a secure connection if the Mini is transported/rushed. Remove the Panel covering the hdd and check it - unplug, plug back in.

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    Hello, so I performed a reset that restore my computer to factory settings, I have chosen to erase all files. I've done this before, and everything went well. What was going on, it was my disc useage was at 100% a lot and that something was wrong with my computer then I factory reset it. While the factory reset is 44% in "resetting your computer" and the next thing I knew I had 2 options, stop or start with advanced options. Well, I chose to stop it, 5 minutes later, I turned it back on and I ran a SMART check has no that was the ID # 9367LW-86J89N-MFPX7G-60BR3 followed by the product id that is shown above. He said that when I start to Boot Device not found, please install an operating system on your hard drive. Followed by the hard drive (3FO), I can only click f2 and it gives me the link to visit the Help Center. The computer saying that it did not have an operating system was not the first alert, that I had, it was something else saying there was an error of hard disk which then became not having not not an operting system. I tried to go to f11 and go in this way, but regardless of what it always comes back to the screen that shows the found boot device, please install an operating system. Help, please! Thank you. in advance.

    He was sent to HP they will solve this problem, my warrienty coverd.

  • Not found boot device

    My laptop won't start. It is said the test of hard drive failure and the found boot device (3f0). I ran tests start, tests and test the hard disk without success. The computer is no longer under warranty. It is a HP mini.

    You are the very welcome.

    Please give me the model number full of your mini, so I can watch what size HARD drive you need to buy, if a recovery media is available for purchase and for me to be able to provide the link to the service manual.

    Normally, removal and replacement of a hard drive are not too difficult relatively speaking.

    I would say that almost everyone can do.  I don't know that much about mini and how disassembly is required to get on the hard drive.

    On mobile phones more regular sizes, it is very easy to remove and replace the HARD drive.

  • HP 2000 D1E88UA #ABA: not found boot device

    Hello. My computer does not turn on widows. It is the found boot device. I have the default installation is does not work please help me and tell me how to return to my windows. (w 8.1. 64B

    Can you get in the diagnosis (F2) or BIOS (F10) to run a test drive? Chances are that the hard drive has gone wrong.

  • Pavilion g7 1083rn: help! Laptop will not start. Not found boot device!

    My laptop has been working well but super slow lately. Just today, I turned on and automatically noticed it was different and weird like that clicking sound I've ever heard before. When I tried to turn it on, it says device not found Boot. Then I restarted and it put on normal but then said it was a mistake and I went back to the black boot device not found screen. What can I do? I don't have a cd to fix it.

    Thank you, yes it's my hard drive :/

  • Hard drive test failed, not found boot device

    I have a Pavilion dv7 1245dx with Windows Vista 64 bit bought 2009 at Best Buy.  He slid the arm of the couch on a carpet in stop down.  Next day started ok, entered into yahoo, facebook, then type of frozen.  Finally, don't do anything, turn off manually down, started upward. Black screen, "No. Bootable Device - Insert Boot disk and press any key". It will accept only the recovery disks that I made after the purchase. Starting test ok, ok, hard drive memory test failed 'Boot Drive not found'.  If it helps, caps lock is flashing.  I saw something in a forum on the reset or reinstall the hard drive but no explanantion how.  Can you help me?  And can you give me a ballpark figure on a new hard drive or better to buy a new laptop?  Laid off in Michigan, hoping to be able to get the unit up and running without having to consider.  Thank you very much for your help!


    Here is the link to the service manual for your laptop.

    Can be found in Chapter 4, procedures for removal and replacement of hard disk.

    If removing and reinstalling the drive does not resolve the problem, then the hard drive is dead.

    I don't know what that means though the flashing light of caps.  This could be something more serious.

    A new hard drive will cost about $57.00.

    I hope the recovery discs, you did work on it as well. They should but no guarantee.

  • No device found Boot and a hard drive to sleep


    I bought an Acer Aspirve V3 - 771 G - 736 b 1287, and he is now 6 days.

    I have 2 drives here. An SSD and HDD (

    Monday, I had my first problem with the laptop.

    When I tried to boot up the laptop, he gave me a warning "not found no boot device, press a button. So I went for the first time and all bios reset default settings.

    Everything was fine until today. I encountered the same problem ("' not found no boot device, press a key" ") and tried to reset the BIOS to the default settings, it did not work. Then I spend 2 hours of switching things around in the boot order and change the boot mode in the UEFI. This did not help. But suddenly, I noticed that "windows boot manager" pop up in the order of precedence of Lout. Now, I was able to start the laptop again.

    Now I find that really odd because he said my HDD0 is the HARD drive and my HDD1 is 'empty '. I think it should be HDD0 is SSD and HDD HDD1.

    This screenshot shows how my boot order is at present (in this order, my laptop starts):


    Now I have another problem, and it is with the hard drive. I noticed that when I don't do anything that my hard drive stops spinning (it stops turning after about 5 seconds of inactivity and goes into a 'sleep' mode). Now when I continue work on the laptop freezes the action I want to perform and the towers of the HDD upwards, it takes 2-3 seconds. When the hard drive is still spinning once the action is executed without lag. It's as if the hard drive needs to read before that the laptop can continue.

    Kind regards


    I found the solution to the issue I described in my previous posts.

    I'll put my answer here for people who might encounter the same problem.

    The BIOS is defined as mode of UEFI and UEFI mode is to give readers a few problems with the connection to remedy, you need to install your OS in LEGACY mode.

    To do this follow these steps:

    -Backup all your files

    -Go into your BIOS (f2 when starting to spam)

    -Change the UEFI in LEGACY mode

    -Reinstall windows on the correct drive (your solid state)


    I will mark this as a solution and I hope that this topic will not be deleted because there a lot of documentation in it.

  • HP PAVILION G6: Not found boot device

    I tried a factory restore on my laptop. I noticed that the recovery partition was corrupted, so I ordered the recovery DVDs. Once I received the DVD, I walked through the factory restore process insert each DVD, as requested. Once over the powers of the computer down. When I power it back up, I get the message "no boot device found". I replaced the DVD thinking they were bad and received the same error message. I ran diagnostics on the drive and the drive transmitted without error. This laptop has UEFI. Any suggestions?

    Hi @dwphilips

    If the hard drive is not recognized in the boot order please restore the default values.  This will make search for new hardware and pick up I hope as the new hard drive, as suggested in the document.

    If the reader is not always please check your connections again to make sure nothing has become loose.

    You can also try a new SATA cable because it is also a possibility.

    Good luck!

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