Not showing in the artists Split album

10.11.5 OSX iTunes

I imported the 4 songs from the same artist/album in iTunes. They are listed under recently added under a single album called something like Unknown Album. I selected all the 4 songs and clicked on to read information. I changed the artist and the artist of the album in his own name. I changed the album under his own name. I selected the right kind and added to the year. I filled that there are 4 tracks of the album, filled in that it was the CD 1 of 1 and has not checked all the boxes. I added album work and clicked OK.

Recently added, all the 4 songs now show with the right information. I then went in and read the information on each piece individually and entered the appropriate track number and click OK.

The album shows as expected under recently added, Albums and Genres. However, when I look at the album under artists, the artist is here 4 times, all showing the same album, with 1 song under each heading. When I look at the first entry, it shows 1 song that bears the number "1". The second album shows 1 entry that has the number '2' and so on.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem?


If you see unexpected songs groups when you browse an album - - 'songs from the same album may not be grouped as expected when you view them in display Albums in iTunes."

The following sections provide additional solutions.

Steve MacGuire alias turingtest2 - iTunes and iPod tips and tricks - grouping beaches in Albums - (old post on Apple Discussions

Quick response: select all the tracks on the album, file > info (or right-click > news > Details) and give them all a single "album artist", or check the indicator of "compilation" (as in

If they are several CD sets, you will also need to enter the appropriate information in the fields of number of disk.  If they are not a set of multiple CDs that you must always make sure any vacuum or disc number fields are properly defined.

Another explanation of hhgttg27 August 2015 -

If they won't even really check this August 2008 post by turingtest2 group temporarily change labels - or - add a letter at the end of the name of the artist, close the read information, then open it again and remove the letter. This works often but I had cases where securities combined when a letter has been added but divorced when he was kidnapped again.

If they are mp3 files are trying to change the version of the ID3 tag, which can cause iTunes to re - write the tags and clarify inconsistencies.  I use iTunes 7.5 (Yes, from 2007) so I can't tell you where it is in later versions.

I had a case of grouping stubborn reality.  The tracks will be re-group in a way that has no meaning when I changed metadata.  Without going into details, I deleted tracks iTunes completely, then add the files and they are all grouped together correctly.

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