Nothing that I'm able to do technically constantly crashes flash plug-in. What can I do?

Have been all over and over again up to my abilities to stop flash plugin crashing: reset Firefox, uninstall and reinstall adobe, updated several times, changer for flash to 60 seconds timeout, cleaned up the broken registry links. Nothing works. I note that during the crashes Firefox and Outlook are simultaneously using many PC resources, both devour between 160.00 to 190.00 (sometimes more) memory.

I can't afford to pay someone to fix this. Any suggestions?

Hi Will, when the clamp to backup your Firefox profile folder. You could end up not restore everything, but it is better to have this than did not.

Meanwhile, on accidents, if you want to post a few crash IDs for analysis, this article explains how to do: Firefox plant - troubleshoot and prevent assistance fixing crashes.

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