Notification e-mail blackBerry Q10 No. sound


I recently received a Q10 of my new employer to follow my emails and the problem is that the phone does not make any sound when receive emails bllinking not without vibrations also LED. all settings are fine and I'm 100% sure then do not ask me about the pleaaaaaase settings.

Please also note the following:

1 tried the turn off and battery disposal method.

2. check notification settings and sound like 100 times.

3. restart the phone several times.

4. the software version is: and no update available.

5. text message notification works very well.

6. change the tone too many times and same problem.

7. I live in Iraq no guarantee and therefore not supported the service and things available.

8A asked my colleagues who have the same model and some of them face the same problem.

Please I need a solution cause the phone is totally useless without notifications. Sorry for the long message/looks


I know you said don't tell you it's settings, but it must be. If you hear noise or vibrations for a text message then the speaker and piezo buzzer working. That leaves nothing else than the settings. Go to Notifications, start with Normal profile and make sure that sound is NOT off and vibrator is ON., drag noise level all the way to the top.

You can also view to lock screen settings and make sure that Notifications are turned on.

In TERMINAL settings, click View Actions and ensure that new display Message indicator is turned on

Finally, make sure that the speakers that you hear when you talk on the phone is different from speakers that are used for some notifications of case music, play music to ensure than those who work and make sure that you can hear on a phone call...

Check all these, then remove the battery while the Q is running and wait 30 seconds and then reinstall the battery.

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    Hello and welcome to the community!

    These filters have been provided by BIS... which is no longer in the game with BB10. So, the answer is that you can do it in exactly the same way you used to do.

    But, think about server or rules others - client (e.g. Outlook). I do not know your corporate e-mail system, but many have the ability to allow you to define rules side server that will grind things to other folders and does so not on the BB. Or rules client side to an instance of Outlook (for example) that you leave running, if things are filed away to other folders soon.

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    Good luck!

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    I use a Q10 with the last operating system installed.

    I would talk to your IT Department.

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    Currently the only feedback sound isn't for the soft keyboard.

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    Thank you!

    It is a company of BB...

    I just rebooted and the e-mail icon appeared in the applications...

    Thanks again!

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    System Preferences > Notifications > Mail

    Uncheck "play sound for notifications.

  • BlackBerry Q10 Q10 deleting Email from my mail server, Email disappeared!

    It's new to my Blackberry experience.  It only happened on the "BOLD".

    Ofter when traveling on the road I clear my mails to my Q10, before you delete it.

    Emails have always been available from my laptop when I need to access.

    However, now, surprise me, when I delete e-mail from Q10, they are removed from my POP mail server

    So I lost some valuable email when I tried to use my laptop to get back them.

    What is happening here.  This is not good.

    Is there a setting to fix this?

    If you can follow simple instructions in this link, you can update your operating system and have the option to remove only on handheld or both.

    If you don't feel that you can follow these instructions or don't want you will have to wait for your operator to release the update.

  • BlackBerry Q10 Q10 settings-> Notifications: your box gone AWOL?

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    Went to change the ringtone and instructions followed up to the bit where it says "press tone". There is however no text tone to tap.

    Does anyone have an idea where she could have gone to? I'm stumped...

    Open your main system Options > Notifications > Applications > phone

    Under the 'sound' on/off function, you will see a 'Tone' bar, tap.

    Below that is "Vibrating" power

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    I know that the option "delete only on handheld" does not yet exist on BB10, which is a major pain.  I learned to live with this until today.  I have two email accounts; and  When I send an email from my PC it also appears on my phone as a sent item.  In the interest of the housekeeping I delete sent items off my phone thinking that they will always be in my items on my PC.  I consider that to my account only, not Shaw for a reason, my folder on my PC has no items since I got my Q10, they've all gone which is a huge problem for me.  Here's my question.  Is there any kind of implement changes that can make my items on my PC are not displayed on my phone?  I never used to see them on my torch, only the Envoy that I sent from my phone.

    Any really smart people out there who know a way to recover deleted items sent in Windows Live mail?  I poured on everything him net and can not find anything but it can't hurt to ask.

    Thank you all!

    Hey ddmdevin,

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    Thanks for the question. In the new operating system BlackBerry 10, email will now via synchronization. Previous BlackBerry devices carried out a reconciliation. This means that, with synchronization, the Inbox on your BlackBerry Q10 will reflect your Inbox on your webmail.

    The ability to hide items sent in the Q10 of BlackBerry is available, however it allows to hide all items sent to all accounts in the hub.

    To hide items sent so they are not displayed in the Inbox of the Q10 (to avoid to remove permanently):

    The Hub-> menu-> settings (3 vertical points)-> display and Actions-> see the elements (toggle OFF) sent.

    Let us know how make you out!

    See you soon,.

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