Notification of failed Direct debit payment

Is it possible to control which admin users receive notification of 'Payment by Direct debit has failed' when a periodic invoice fails against the stored credit card? I don't see any way to customize the email itself, or what workflow that he uses.


The short answer is no.

You can not or control anything with that. Its really annoying that all users no matter what role they are assigned are getting these emails... absolutely not realistic.

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  • Recurrence field of direct debit / automatic debit

    This area should be on 'Credit card' in order to have an existing order marked automatic or is - repeat it enough to just activate recurrence / debit and leave the field to the default value of 'None '.  I don't see any reference to this in the manual.  What happens if recidivism / debit Direct is enabled, but the field of domiciliation is left as none?

    Hi Steve

    Yes, the Direct Debit field need to be set on 'Bank card', in order to load the map. The value 'none' recurring order will be created, but the credit card will not be charged!

    I hope this helps!

  • Re-direct-debit after frong IBAN

    Hello. How can I configure a re-direct-debit after frong IBAN? All data have been corected now.

    See my answer to your other question Erneuter Kontoeinzug nach fehlerhaften Kontodaten beantragen

  • Payment by direct debit

    Im having a direct payment from iTunes for $1.03

    I would like to cancel this payment. I don't know where to go or call.

    I don't know what it is. I don't know how it works.

    I would like to know where I can hang it. And what I have to do.

    You can contact iTunes by going to

    Select iTunes and the iTunes Store of Apple music so you can then select the option that would ask you all.

  • I missed my payment by direct debit. How to make the payment now that my ca is suspended?

    Funds were later going into my Bank and domiciliation is not respected for my subscription. How to please this month payment?

    I suggest that you Contact Customer Care.

    [topic moved to the services Cloud of Document PDF forum]

  • WHEAT, enrollment to notifications bt_gatt_enable_notify fails with rc = 48 - not supported


    I'm new in the development of WHEAT. So, I took an excellent article "BlackBerry 10 - Bluetooth primer for developers" by Martin Woolley and John Murray .

    I am trying to use the code with Realtag WHEAT from the TI CC2541 sensor .

    This works well up to the point where I sign up for notifications bt_gatt_enable_notify. I always get rc 48 - unsupported.

    I need to change some constants? Is not supported by the library BB10 WHEAT, my Q10 or sensor of Realtag WHEAT?

    BlackBerry SDK 10_3_1_12
    Momentics IDE Version: 2.1.2 Build id: 201503050937

    Feature: Q10


    for (int i = 0; i < characteristicListSize; i++) {
        qDebug() << "XXXX characteristic: uuid,handle,value_handle:" << characteristicList[i].uuid << "," << characteristicList[i].handle << "," << characteristicList[i].value_handle;
        qDebug() << "XXXX RNS characteristic available";
        app->_handle = characteristicList[i].handle;
        app->_value_handle = characteristicList[i].value_handle;
        qDebug() << "XXXX registering for RNS notification. uuid,handle,value_handle=" << characteristicList[i].uuid << "," << characteristicList[i].handle << "," << characteristicList[i].value_handle;
        errno= 0;
        rc = bt_gatt_enable_notify(instance, &characteristicList[i], (uint8_t)1);
        if (rc != 0) {
            qDebug() << "XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno=" << errno;
            qDebug() << "XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno=" << strerror(errno);
        } else {
            qDebug() << "XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify was presumably OK";

    It is the log output:

    XXXX found random number device
    Name XXXX = "Bytereal."
    Address XXXX = "5 c: 31:3E:39:E7:FA."
    Buffer liberating XXXX
    XXXX device found RNS: 5 c: 31:3E:39:E7:FA
    XXXX GATT connected to the service: 0xFFA0, unit: 5 c: 31:3E:39:E7:FA
    XXXX asked the connection at the service of the RNS OK
    Gatt_service_connected XXXX
    Registration for notifications of XXXX
    XXXX bt_gatt_reg_notifications rc = 0
    XXXX bt_gatt_reg_notifications was probably OK
    Memory allocated by XXXX for notifications
    Features # XXXX = 8
    '# XXXX: 8 characteristics '.
    Feature XXXX: uuid, handle, value_handle: 0xFFB0, 22, 23
    XXXX RNS feature available
    XXXX registering for notification of the RNS. UUID, handle, value_handle is 0xFFB0, 22, 23
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = 48
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = not supported
    Feature XXXX: uuid, handle, value_handle: 0xFFB1, 25, 26
    XXXX RNS feature available
    XXXX registering for notification of the RNS. UUID, handle, value_handle is 0xFFB1, 25, 26
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = 48
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = not supported
    Feature XXXX: uuid, handle, value_handle: 0xFFB2, 28, 29
    XXXX RNS feature available
    XXXX registering for notification of the RNS. UUID, handle, value_handle is 0xFFB2, 28, 29
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = 48
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = not supported
    Feature XXXX: uuid, handle, value_handle: 0xFFB3, 31, 32
    XXXX RNS feature available
    XXXX registering for notification of the RNS. UUID, handle, value_handle is 0xFFB3, 31, 32
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = 48
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = not supported
    Feature XXXX: uuid, handle, value_handle: 0xFFB4, 34, 35
    XXXX RNS feature available
    XXXX registering for notification of the RNS. UUID, handle, value_handle is 0xFFB4, 34, 35
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = 48
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = not supported
    Feature XXXX: uuid, handle, value_handle: 0xFFB5, 37, 38
    XXXX RNS feature available
    XXXX registering for notification of the RNS. UUID, handle, value_handle is 0xFFB5, 37, 38
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = 48
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = not supported
    Feature XXXX: uuid, handle, value_handle: 0xFFB6, 40, 41
    XXXX RNS feature available
    XXXX registering for notification of the RNS. UUID, handle, value_handle is 0xFFB6, 40, 41
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = 48
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = not supported
    Feature XXXX: uuid, handle, value_handle: 0xFFB7, 43, 44
    XXXX RNS feature available
    XXXX registering for notification of the RNS. UUID, handle, value_handle is 0xFFB7, 43, 44
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = 48
    XXXX bt_gatt_enable_notify errno = not supported
    XXXX had registered for the RNS notifications

    Thank you!

    Sergey Vlasov

    Thanks for providing these data. I think I can see what is happening.

    handle: 0x0028, char properties: 0x12, char value handle: 0x0029, uuid: 0000ffb6-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb

    As you noted the characteristic of FFB6 has a value of characteristic property of 0x12. The part of the Bluetooth specification that handles wth this field is shown below.

    This shows that this characterisic has permissions that allow read and notify. Note that it states that if the Notification indicator is defined as the characteristic customer Configuration descriptor corresponding (with the UUID 0 x 2902) MUST exist.

    The definition of the Configuration descriptor feature customer (UUID 0 x 2902) specification Bluetooth is illustrated below:

    It has a 0 x 2902 UUID attribute and can take only two values currently (0x0001 and 0 x 002) for permit Notifications and Indications be enabled or disabled. Of your data, we see that there are only 3 these features descriptors for this feature:

    [5C:31:3E:39:E7:FA][LE]> char-desc 0x0028 0x002a
    handle: 0x0028, uuid: 00002803-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb
    handle: 0x0029, uuid: 0000ffb6-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb
    handle: 0x002a, uuid: 00002901-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb

    To handle 0 x 0028 is the descriptor itself that contains the flags of permissions (0x12).

    To handle 0x002a is a type descriptor 0 x 2901 - it's just a readable ASCII human representation of the characteristic:

    4d 50 55 36 30 35 30 20 44 61 74 61 == "MPU6050 Data"

    Finally, handle 0 x 0029 is the handle value for this characteristic which can be read - the values that you show are mapped as follows:

    65 04 / 31 04 / 01 fa / 01 00 / 07 00 / 08 00 / 80 e8 / 1f ef / 72 37 / 97 0d
    =>MPU6050 Characteristics FFB6: (20bytes)
    X axis acceleration original value: data[0]+data[1]<<8            = 0x0464
    Y axis acceleration original value: data[2]+data[3]<<8            = 0x0431
    Z axis acceleration original value: data[4]+data[5]<<8            = 0xfa01
    The X axis angular velocity of the original value: data[6]+data[7]<<8 = 0x0001
    The Y axis angular velocity of the original value: data[8]+data[9]<<8 = 0x0007
    The Z axis angular velocity of the original value: data[10]+data[11]<<8   = 0x0008
    The number of the original  W value: data[12]+data[13]<<8     = 0xe880
    The number of the original  x value: data[14]+data[15]<<8     = 0xef1f
    The number of the original y value: data[16]+data[17]<<8      = 0x3772
    The number of the original  Z value: data[18]+data[19]<<8     = 0x0d97

    which seems correct.

    So, the problem is the device of MPU6050 is to determine the characteristic FFB6 as READABLE (it is verifiable truth) and NOTICE; However, it does not provide a typical customer Configuration descriptor (UUID 0 x 2902) to identify the handle to the field that should be used to toggle the notification setting of this feature on and outside. So if you try and notifications WE for this attribute the value of the underlying handle to write 0x0001 to set notifications CANNOT be determined GATT of the device and you an error reported.

    It is a problem with the definition of database of the GATT in the firmware of the device MPU6050 itself and not from any client device that attempts to communicate with him.

    It is inconsistent with the GATT Bluetooth specification, so you would need to have a conversation with the manufacturer to address this issue.

  • Failed to retrieve payments codesigning from your application

    I get this error in a FB4.6 project (win xp & osx lion) after trying to submit via the Application Apple feeder: "unable to extract payments codesigning of your application.

    I get this error in a FB4.5 project (win 7) after trying to submit via the Application Apple feeder: "Application has no codesign verification. "The signature was invalid, or it was not signed with and iPhone Distribution certificate.

    I can't get this to work.

    I would ask anyone who has some expierence with presentation of the appstore apps to tell me if I'm missing something:

    • Create appID to the portal provisioning.
    • In itunes connect, create the app with this appID.
    • Apple Keychain allows to create the certificate request
    • Download certificate to the portal provisioning request to generate a 'certificate of distribution '. Download this certificate.
    • Create a 'Distribution provisioning profile' for the appID, set it to "app store." Download this profile.
    • 'certificate of distribution' import Keychain, export a .p12 with a password.
    • in of .xml to the application, the id <>< / > ID must have the App_id withouth the random numbers.
    • Do a release build, use the file ".p12" with the password and the 'distribution provisioning profile '.
    • Build and wait 5 minutes. Revenge of the coffee. Caress and feed our office cats.
    • Use the "Apple Application Loader" software that comes with xCode to download the file.
    • Mistakes!

    Note: I use OS x Lion on a virtual machine and transfer the files back on the network for win7 (where I have Flash Builder)

    What Miss me?

    Solution: Rename/src/resources/src/assets apperently Packer also creates a "resources" folder and it is in conflict.

  • Extract the requirement

    I have enough wrestleed with that. two tables to join.

    tbl_customer (hold unique customer_id)
    tbl_accounts (a single customer hold several accounts and accounts are two multiple payment methods).

    In the tbl_accounts, there is the following scenario.
    Senario 1. a customer who have multiple accounts were also multiple payment methods can be Direct_Debit and check for this customer.
    Senario 2. a customer who have multiple accounts also have a payment method, either Direct_Debit or cheque.
    Senario 3. a client with an account also have a payment method is Direct_Debit or check.

    Here's the requirement 2 extracts.

    1. excerpt from customer accounts with the two methods of payment (direct debits and cheque).
    2. extract the customer accounts with only the Direct Debit payment method.

    I managed to get the first requirement. Customer accounts with the two forms of payment. but wrong wih the second requirement.
    SELECT tc.Advertiser_Id,
           MAX( CASE WHEN ta.Payment_Method = 'DD'
                        Then 'x' Else 'others'  End)  || 
           Max( Case When ta.Payment_Method = 'CK'
             THEN   'y' Else 'others'
           End) "Checking",     
    From tbl_Accounts ta,
        tbl_customers tc
    Where ta.Advertiser_Id = tc.Advertiser_Id
    And Ar_Balance != '0'
    GROUP BY tc.Advertiser_Id,
       )WHERE "Checking" = 'xy'
    Published by: ricard888 on 28/07/2011 05:08

    Published by: ricard888 on 28/07/2011 05:11

    Published by: BluShadow on July 28, 2011 13:28
    addition of {noformat}
    {noformat} tags. please read {message:id=9360002} to learn to do this yourself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    



    SELECT tc.Advertiser_Id,
           MAX( CASE WHEN ta.Payment_Method = 'DD'
                        Then 'x' Else 'others'  End)  ||
           MIN( Case When ta.Payment_Method = 'DD'
             THEN   'y' Else 'others'
           End) "Checking",
    From tbl_Accounts ta,
        tbl_customers tc
    Where ta.Advertiser_Id = tc.Advertiser_Id
    And Ar_Balance != '0'
    GROUP BY tc.Advertiser_Id,
       )WHERE "Checking" = 'xy'

    However, I think it's a better way:

    SELECT       tc.Advertiser_Id
    ,         tc.Advertiser_Name
    ,         tc.Advertiser_Status
    FROM       From tbl_Accounts     ta
    ,           tbl_customers     tc
    WHERE        ta.Advertiser_Id     = tc.Advertiser_Id
    GROUP BY  tc.Advertiser_Id
    ,         tc.Advertiser_Name
    ,         tc.Advertiser_Status
    HAVING       MIN ( CASE
                         WHEN  ta.Payment_Method = 'DD'
                       THEN  'DD'
                       ELSE  'others'
               )          = 'DD;
    AND       COUNT (DISTINCT ta.checking_method)     = 1

    In this way requires only 1 CASE expression and any subquery.
    Also, it avoids the arbitrary codes as 'x' and 'y '.

  • Payment authorization failed


    I'm a Subscriber CC Pro since 10 months ago and the month last Adobe could not charge my credit due to no more limit card and my subscription has been cancelled until I can solve the problem.

    Now that my credit card number has been resolved, I tried to launch a new plan but my payment always failed with the message: "failed authorization of payment. Tried a different credit card has occurred the same message. Try different browsers (and even computers) also did not help. Last thing, I tried creating a different Adobe ID, but still not helped.

    I chat with a customer service and it returns me to the dealers in my country (which is the Malaysia if it helps) so I called them and once again a dead end, as they said they can only help to buy Creative Cloud not individual team.

    It's almost a month now and I still not able to solve the problem.

    Can someone help me here as I really need to get my creative cloud works again.

    Thank you!

    I send the question to the relevant team, I expect the answer.



  • Calculate RATIO_TO_REPORT by payment method

    Hi, I want to output a report is I hope that by the analytical function I think but don't know how. Represents Account_payment entity money paid by customers per day and have a mode of payment is paid. I want to ration to report total first monthly would be TO_CHAR (DATE, ' MON-YYYY "") and cumulative up to a month and calculate the RATION_TO_REPORT based on the rollup for a different payment type. I have an example I faked in excel hopfully example explain better what I want to achieve. Thank you

    ( SELECT  157 AS account_id, TO_DATE('20-JAN-2011','DD-MON-YYYY') AS payment_date, 150.50 as payment_amount, 'DIRECT-DEBIT' AS PAYMENT_TYPE FROM DUAL UNION
      SELECT 158,TO_DATE('20-JAN-2011','DD-MON-YYYY') ,180.50,'CHEQUE'         FROM DUAL UNION
      SELECT 159,TO_DATE('08-FEB-2011','DD-MON-YYYY') ,190.50,'IVR'         FROM DUAL UNION
      SELECT 168, TO_DATE('20-FEB-2011','DD-MON-YYYY') ,1290.50,'DIRECT-DEBIT'         FROM DUAL UNION
      SELECT 16888, TO_DATE('20-APR-2011','DD-MON-YYYY'),2090.50,'CHEQUE'         FROM DUAL UNION
      SELECT 2168, TO_DATE('21-APR-2011','DD-MON-YYYY') ,5090.50,'DIRECT-DEBIT'         FROM DUAL UNION
      SELECT 168, TO_DATE('2-MAY-2011','DD-MON-YYYY') ,7190.50,'IVR'         FROM DUAL UNION 
      SELECT 02168, TO_DATE('03-MAY-2011','DD-MON-YYYY') ,7190.50,'IVR'         FROM DUAL 
    SELECT TO_CHAR(payment_date,'MON-YYYY') as "Month",
                  SUM(payment_amount) TOTAL_PAYMENT   
     GROUP BY TO_CHAR(payment_date,'MON-YYYY'),               PAYMENT_TYPE 
     GROUP BY ROLLUP( "Month", payment_type) 
     ORDER BY 1 ASC; 
    Ideal output
    Month     PAYMENT_TYPE     TOT_PAYMENT     PCT     
    Apr-11     CHEQUE          2090.5          29%     
    Apr-11     DIRECT-DEBIT     5090.5          71%     
    Apr-11               7181          100%     
    Feb-11     DIRECT-DEBIT     1290.5          87%     
    Feb-11     IVR          190.5          13%     
    Feb-11               1481          100%     
    Jan-11     CHEQUE          180.5          55%     
    Jan-11     DIRECT-DEBIT     150.5          45%     
    Jan-11               331          100%     
    May-11     IVR          14381          100%     
    May-11               14381               
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    Edited by: ricard888 09/02/2012 17:36

    Edited by: ricard888 09/02/2012 19:01


    ricard888 wrote:
    Hi Frank, e.g. conversion of the months of lines to the column.

    PAYMENT_METHOD     1/01/2011     1/02/2011     1/03/2011
    IVR           7.38            7.57            8.13
    DIRECT-DEBIT      19.36            17.16            19.69 

    Yes, you can do it.
    If you know, when you write the query, what months will be included, so you can do something like

    SELECT    payment_method
    ,         SUM (CASE WHEN  month = DATE '2011-01-01' THEN payment_amount END)   AS "1/01/2011"
    ,         SUM (CASE WHEN  month = DATE '2011-02-01' THEN payment_amount END)   AS "1/02/2011"
    ,         SUM (CASE WHEN  month = DATE '2011-03-01' THEN payment_amount END)   AS "1/03/2011"
    GROUP BY  payment_method  -- do NOT include month here

    in the main query, where the month is TRUNC (payment_date, 'MONTH'), as before.

    If the month will change, but you know there will always be 3 of them, then you can use the ROW_NUMBER analytic (or maybe DENSE_RANK) work for numbers (1 for the older month, 2 for the average month and 3 to the most recent) and use these numbers to months instead of DATEs in the pivot , like this:

    SELECT    payment_method
    ,         SUM (CASE WHEN  month_num = 1 THEN payment_amount END)   AS month_1
    ,         SUM (CASE WHEN  month_num = 2 THEN payment_amount END)   AS month_2
    ,         SUM (CASE WHEN  month_num = 3 THEN payment_amount END)   AS month_3
    GROUP BY  payment_method  -- do NOT include month_num here

    To replace the generic column names (for example, month_1) with meaningful names (for example, "01/01/2011") requires dynamic SQL.

    If you don't know how many months will be included, see this thread:
    Re: County report and the sum of the number of rows by multiple columns

    Do you still want the pct column? If so, show how you want it to appear in the output.

  • iPhone 6s txt notifications does not when it is combined with watch

    I have a different ringtone for contacts important such as the pages of work or family and friends.  I get only the tapping of the watch on my wrist... the ringtone is not audible on my phone when it is associated with my Apple Watch.  is there a setting I'm missing here because I can't miss my work pages.  My Apple Watch setting is on my iphone for mirrored text messaging

    It is by design. When you watch unlocked (that is, you wear it) and the phone is in standby mode, all notifications will be directed to your watch instead of the phone survey. Custom notification sounds are not played on the watch.

  • Notification does not work with social networks or email

    I have a Backflip Android 2.1. While notifications are defined for all my email accounts, only text messaging sounds the notification. Email or social media (Twitter/Facebook) will give a notification. Text messages and other functions of system will sound Notification by itself or with vibrate if selected. The other two do not Crouch.

    At the suggestion of tech media, I installed Ringdroid, which was supposed to solve this 'known problem '. I have reset the settings factory and restarted dozens of times, without success. All other functions seem normal and functional.

    If anyone has experienced this problem and better yet, no one knows how to fix? I love the phone and don't want the inconvenience of having to send it to the shop.

    Your kind comments and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Only social messaging provides notifications of Message Direct to Facebook and Twitter. So you're not going to receive notifications of new messages on the wall, love, tags, tweets, etc.

  • 2 single-app subscriptions? + PayPal debit

    I use Illustrator for about 6 months for freelance design (with great success!) I didn't need other products Creative Cloud – up to present. Long story short, I need to buy InDesign now in addition to Illustrator, and I don't see the option to purchase a subscription second single-app. I know that the full creative cloud package is only $10 more, but I don't want waste, or face any kind of cost for the "cancellation" my first membership by opting for the full package. I'm just missing something, or it is not an option at all?

    And a single somewhat related question - is there a way to change my PayPal debit payment method? I used to be paid primarily through PayPal, but now it's almost all controls, so I do not use my PayPal and don't want to bother with deposit more money out there just for that.


    Please contact our support for this request for

    You can also check How do I change from paypal to credit card payment method?

    Problem of payment method

    How can I change the paypal payment method

    Let us know if this helps!

  • dbms_scheduler chain pitch failed to restart channel then officially run date

    all looking for solution in a step of a job chain, let run in an error and how do I restart the chain to the next execution date.

    I have the string dbms_scheduler with two steps and it works every night on a Version
    In the first stage runs in a mistake I want to give time to fix this and restart to other officially date of execution, also the next night.
    I'm looking for the second solution in lieu of the drop and re-create jobs.

    So I found solutions to start the next step or reboot step failed directly with alter_running_chain.
    But I want that the chain to function normally the next run date.

    Simply set the step failed to not started with
    dbms_scheduler.alter_running_chain ('jobname', 'STEP1', 'STATE', 'NOT_STARTED')?

    It is necessary to define
    dbms_scheduler.set_attribute (NAME = > 'jobname', ATTRIBUTE = > 'transfer', VALUE = > TRUE);

    more information needed?

    Thanks in advance

    I suppose that you have set the rules rules for her the chain in this way:
    START-> step 1 was SUCCESSFUL-> step 2-> END

    You will need to define rule step 1 FAILED-> END

    So at first it is work step 1.
    When step1 has no end of employment then, and the calendar of the next execution result to set repeat_interval.
    What step 1 was successful then step2 is executed.

    Diagram of the final string:
    START-> step 1 was SUCCESSFUL-> step 2-> END
    Step 1-> END FAILED

    Published by: spajdy on 10 February 2012 17:14

  • PROT-1: failed to initialize ocrconfig

    RHEL 5.2 + Oracle 11g

    Two servers with storage (gfs2)

    Example: []

    [img] []

    1 script - ok

    Oracle [email protected]# /u01/app/crs/product/11.1.0/crs/
    WARNING: directory ' / u01/app/crs/product/11.1.0' is not owned by root
    WARNING: directory ' / u01/app/src/product "does not belong to the root
    WARNING: directory ' / u01/app/src ' does not belong to the root
    WARNING: directory ' / u01/app "does not belong to the root
    Check to see if Oracle CRS stack is already configured

    Set the permissions on OCR backup directory
    Setting up directories network socket
    PROT-1: failed to initialize ocrconfig
    Failed to update the configuration of the Oracle Cluster registry
    oracle [email protected]#.

    [img] []

    [img] []

    Output generated by the configuration wizard "Oracle Notification Server Configuration Wizard":
    Command = /u01/app/crs/product/11.1.0/crs/install/onsconfig add_config rac1:6251 rac2:6251
    Failed to create the configuration of the NSO

    Configuration wizard 'Wizard in Configuration Oracle Notification Server' failed.
    The "/ u01/app/crs/product/11.1.0/crs/cfgtoollogs/configToolFailedCommands" script contains all of the commands that failed, was omitted or were cancelled. This file can be used to run these wizards of configuration outside of YES. Note that you may need to update this script with passwords (as applicable) before executing the same. -.

    PLS, help.


    I think that the problem is in fact of GFS is not supported by Oracle 11 g on RH5.

    Take a look on Note: 279069.1

    Kind regards

    Rodrigo Mufalani

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