Num Lock and Caps Lock flashes twice

Hi, I have a problem with a laptop HP DV4-2045dx who is now 5 days out of warranty.

He has decided to no longer start, and never shows anything on the screen.  When turned on, the power light, fan and light volume bar upwards and after about 10 seconds, the plugs and caps lock Num lock light flashing 2 x and make a break before repeating many times.

I tried to remove the HDD, memory, reinstalling NIC. I have made the power off the power, remove the battery and holding the button works / stop 20 seconds without change. I also removed the CMOS battery for 30 minutes.  I left the laptop on it during the night with no luck he restore the bios, I also left unplugged without battery for several hours.

HPs site tells me that the BIOS is damaged, based on the lights flash.

So how you fix a corrupted bios when the laptop does not start? Should it be sent repair, and whether someone has an estimate for this repair?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

* EDIT * I know that the HARD drive is bad, the laptop stopped booting (it would be only goto repair windows and my HARD drive diagnostic tool there not this day.  After a few other boot attempts from this start white screen)

It finally sets the strangest way... removed from the memory and jumped into a 512MB stick older... booted up.  Shut donw and put the 2x2gb sticks in and functioning again.

Running memtest now to see if it was bad or not.  If not... its waiting just for a recovery by post media.

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