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I was wondering, is anyway to lock the alt button (toggle it perhaps) so that phone numbers can be easily entered using the keyboard in the emails and texts and things like that?

What would be surprising would be a numpad screen on the right side of the screen in addition to the keyboard. But I know it's probably less likely that control the thing by simple will power! :-)

Love my Dext, I'm a little older that it was perhaps designed to (25), like the look of the droid, but it's just a little bulky for my taste. 18 months is not long to wait for something better to come in the world of phones.

Off topic, but would also second support for an Android 2.0 update. Or even an option to install a ROM official Motorola created without the blur from the 2.0 if that's what maintains back. (Yes I know it came out 5 minutes ago but something like that could change a huge number of people moaning in Motorola Fan boys and girls (including me), and be much more effective marketing that spending money on a second 10 Add)

If you double-click the button Alt the cursor turns to a triangle in a triangle open (open on the top flat side - like a V) and this puts you in 'Alt' mode if you can type numbers until you press Alt again.

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  • Limited numbers on the number entry

    I'm writing a driver for some hardware and I don't know how to do something.

    There is a synchronization setting that can address a number of different things, and the format of the string commnd resembles RDVALXXXXYY.

    The chain is built with 3 user controls, one is a ring of menu which includes the "RDVAL" from a list, the following is a control number that must be 4 digits long (no more, no less) and the last of them is another control number with 2 digits, no more, nor less.

    I could just make instructions that describes the fact that the numbers must be of a certain length, but I need a way to force the digital control to accept only a 4 digit number (and a number with 2 digits in other cases).

    Configure your digital orders as follows:

     This maximum number is FFFF

    Do something similar for the 2-digit entry


  • Text with shortcut key number entry box

    I'm simulating a scenario where the user enters a numeric value, then press the key on the keyboard to the right-aligned number +. When I put the shortcut key in the text entry box for ' keypad + ' is not submit their response even when they correct entry in the text entry box. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get around this?

    I figured out how to do this in case someone tries to do the same. In the property of your box of text entry into the field of the correct entries, type a '+' at the end of the text input required; in the success field, select go to next slide. then set Numpad + your shortcut key. Then, when the user types the required entry and press the + key on the numeric keypad, they will go to the next page. Interestingly, the + does not appear when they enter, so it works perfectly.

  • Conversion number entry

    Hi all

    I have another problem with my application. I have a texfield where user entry numbers. I want to do the application automatically convert the user input to for example 1000000 to 1 000 000. I can do that with c ++? I searched the forum, but does no do this with c ++ response.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Problem solved, I just use math. Round (value) to solve the problem. I think it is the best way for now.

  • Entry number of HTML does not accept the figures after the decimal point

    I use html5 number entry type. But do not accept the figures after the decimal point. Any suggestion welcome. Thank you

    The below HTML syntax works with the last update BB10.

  • How can I change the bad MY PHONE

    Hi all!

    Please tell me how I can change number of settings / about phone/status/My phone at fair value? May be due the first registration, I entered this number with a mistake and don't now how to change.

    How to solve this problem.

    Get hold of some old phones (not) a lot of old phones will be either Pick-up the new network number and crash the number automatily or will allow you to change the "my number" entry on the sim card.

    Just put the SIM inside, light and try to change the "my number" entry on the sim card. Its that simple. You may need to try a few old phones.

    Old sony erricsons can do. I used an old motorola W375. I read that someone has used a samsung D600.

  • An api imported USB does not work correctly

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently using LabVIEW to communicate with a USB device and I had to import an api USB I bought. With VC ++ this api works well, but LabVIEW has its problems.

    First of all, I imported through Tools > Import > Library (DLL), chose the DLL and the corresponding and any Headerfile which worked without problems. Now I got my 14 VI, one for each function declared in the DLL.

    It is, most of these functions will not properly work, or maybe I just don't understand their right or give them the wrong settings. I will attach a screenshot of the '', which should return a list of all connected USB devices.

    My guess is that the defined pList could be a problem because it must contain the char, int etc but as you can see in the screenshot, contains only numbers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Kind regards


    EDIT: Here's the description of the documentation of the api USB GetList method:

    This function searches the system for USB HID devices and generates a list of these devices and their availability.  The caller must provide a pointer to a buffer that will contain the list of entries of the structure.  Must also provide an integer representing the maximum number. entries may contain the buffer.  Returns the total number stored.

    int CUsbHidApi::GetList)
    unsigned int VendorID,
    unsigned int ProductID,
    char * manufacturer.
    char * SerialNum,.
    char * DeviceName,.
    mdeviceList * pList.
    (int nMaxDevices);

    Description of the settings:

      VendorID / / Vendor ID search (0xffff if not used)
    ProductID / / product ID of research (0xffff if not used)
    Constructor / / manufacturer (NULL if not used)
    SerialNum / / serial number to search for (NULL if not used)
    DeviceName / / name of the search tool (NULL if not used)
    pList / / table of the appellant for the storage devices
    nMaxDevices / / size of the ArrayList to the appellant (no.entries)

    smercurio_fc wrote:

    When I posted response you has not yet posted any header file, so I did not see the header that you posted 2 minutes after my answer. In view of the header, you should be able to call these functions. However, the pList parameter is a pointer to a structure that contains variable length strings. This isn't something that you can easily manage, and such a question was discussed several times on this forum. When you get to this level of complexity in terms of parameter data types, you will need to write a wrapper DLL so that the types of data between LabVIEW and the DLL are simple data types only.

    In fact the code created byt the library import wizard handles pointers of varying sizes correctly for an item in the structure, so nMaxDevices must never be placed in anything else but 1.

    It is also not entirely clear if manufacturer, DeviceName and SerialNum always are inputs to the function or not, but I guess they are. A problem here is that the DLL function expects a NULL pointer if it must ignore the string parameter according and not only a string empty, so you will probably need to create call several nodes of the library with the configuration of the various parameters to ignore one or more of these settings.

    The data type of mDeviceList which had been initially used by the library with a fixed size of embedded strings would have been a little bit more efficient to implement in LabVIEW but always a PITA too.

    I can only recognize smercurios statement that this type of API is absolutely better managed with a wrapper DLL. While it is not impossible to do it entirely in LabVIEW, it is more than the import library Wizard can eventually handle automatically and doesn't require so some stunts of advanced in the LabVIEW diagram memory pointer that must be done manually. Something which is not really run by a person without some serious C programming knowledge, but this person is clearly going for the wrapper DLL solution because it is much easier to manage than to do everything in a LabVIEW diagram by hand.

  • Example of reference for PCIe Data Streaming double 6537 s disc

    Hello world

    I have successfully changed the example of reference for streaming ( ) for the card PCIe-6537 UNIQUE and able to write to the clock speed of 20 M (at end of initial test) without any error.

    However, I don't know how to view the *.bin file to check whether I wrote the right data. I saw an example VI called 'read the binary '. However, it is said "File already open" and gives a GPIB controller error (very odd). Should I try using MatLab? I doubt that this will help because it seems that the file write VI does not close the file correctly.

    I have attached the updated UNIQUE PCIe-6537 source code and the file with this post error. There are file support as well for writing file window live

    I'm the kind of new acquisition continuously and at high speed. Please let me know if I'm missing something. Thanks in advance.

    See you soon,.


    I have a few links you can go to more resources continuous here and here.

    The original question, you have posted using binary VI reading won't be able to because of the memory.  You can read more small segments of the file and keep the file intact.  There are a number entry that indicates the number of data items are returned by the function.  If you want to save multiple files, you can use any looping function to make it work, just set the condition to find out how much time and when to stop.  I don't know of a quick example that does this.  You read again all the data, but given that the readings are in small pieces, it will help the issue given that the data are not need a large space contiguous memory to reside in during playback.

    Data compression would be more than a post processing step rather than a step continuously, and it can slow down your stream if you were writing at the same time after your reading.  In producer/consumer architecture, you could read in the data and compress it before the record in a file, which would not affect the performance of your reading, it forms the data and create a file that is smaller and takes less space in memory.

  • Empty text box value when reading about the LV2012 development system but no Production

    Development platform: 32-bit Windows 7, LV2012 Professional Development System.

    Production of platforms: Windows XP.

    We have a test application, we have developed (in haste, I might add) who has a curious problem.  As part of the installation for each test, read us a text box with a serial number entry and record them in the log files.  Series enough.

    This works very well on production machines - no apparent problem.

    However, on the development computer, when I try to read the text box, all I get is an empty string.  I tried to read directly from the Terminal, as well as using a property value box.  Each time, there is nothing in the string.  This is even though I'm looking at the text box and there are visible data in it.

    Clear the text box repeatedly, I'm looking to see if any of those that occur at the wrong time.  And, indeed, I am looking a probe value of ' ' from the property node Value with the string "1234" visible in the text box while NONE of the compensation functions have been affected.

    The test application uses a pretty standard user interface event loop model, with an event loop manages the user input and the other event loop manages the business logic.

    Anyone have any idea what can cause this, or a better search string to find clues?

    Thank you


    As promised, I did go to the bottom of it.

    Simply enable "update of value while typing" gave me the result I expected.

    To explain: I had a key event down to the first text box that has been copied to this text box.  Whenever a key was hit in this text box, the value would be read and updated.  I did not have all the events for the new text box.  It has not been updated to what some other events.  At that time, it was apparently too late (most of the time on the development computer) and occasionally on the Production machine.

    Activation of the "Update value while typing" indicator means that the value field would properly up-to-date each time he has been seen/accessible.

    Life is a learning experience...

  • BlackBerry phone application

    On the version 4.3 and above (and maybe less), I noticed that if you type in a string of alpha characters in the native phone input and press the SEND key, the action seems to be ignored (nothing happens). However, when you create an instance of PhoneArguments, if I pass in a string of alphabetic characters such as the dialStringArg, then, these characters are converted to numbers somehow and this number is dialled. I was just wondering why there is an inconsistency between running through the API action and who executes the action in the user interface.

    Thanks in advance,


    The PhoneArguments convert the text until the correct number entries.  You can do the same thing in the application phone by holding down the ALT key when you type a letter (letter is converted to the correct number).

  • Reg: PhoneNumber detect...


    In the device, whenever that user enters a number using the keyboard, and he wants to call this number... He faces...

    My quesry is I want to detect this number entry in my application... How dot you can suggest me.

    Hi anarere,

    You can do this by implementing the PhoneListener interface and addPhoneListener in your class. Now in the callInitiated of the interface method the following steps

    public void callInitiated(int callid) {
    PhoneCall call =  Phone.getCall(callid);
    System.out.println("Outgoing number is :"+call.getDisplayPhoneNumber());


  • How to activate my webcam on my toshiba c660


    Hello Mike,.

    The key is that you need the Webcam application to use the camera. To do this, go to and your model C660 in the box part number entry and when the list of applications and drivers appear, select "Camera" in this list.

    That will bring up the Toshiba Web Camera Application which is pilot all inclusive and. Download and install the application and have him!

    Let me know if this solves the problem for you.

    Kind regards


  • BlackBerry 8703 to 8330 smartphones

    I had a Blackberry 8703 which of my contact list on my office would be to dial an extension of contacts if the person had a clicking on the roller on the answering machine phone line wheel. Very nice when you drive. Is it possible to set up on my new 8330?

    Re-read my post above. It's pretty self-explanatory.

    I'll try again:

    1. New Contact.

    2. highlight a phone number entry box.

    3. Enter the main number of the company.

    4. tap on Menu

    5. tap on add WAIT (you will see a symbol in the dial entered string to represent the waiting)

    6. Enter the extension number.

    7. Press menu.

    8. SAVE.

    When you dial this number, the call will dial the main number and then wait FOR you to press a key to continue the numbering name extension.

    Good luck.

  • BlackBerry smartphone Voicemail access deleted

    I just bought a new blackberry curve and while playing around the voicemail speed dial option has been removed.  I tried to figure out how to reset the 'W' or speed dial #1 for the voice mail option.

    Thanks for the help.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    It's the Blackberry knowledge base:

    Create a new contact for your voicemail number entry and assign it to the first position on your speed dial list.

    1. Open the address book application and create a new entry for your voicemail number.
    2. Open the phone application.
    3. Display the menu and click View speed dial list.
    4. Make sure that the entry in the 1 position is highlighted.
    5. Open the menu and click Edit.
    6. Select the new entry of contact with your voicemail number. The name and the telephone number of the new entry is displayed in the speed dial list.
    7. Open the menu and click close.
    8. Test the new short code by pressing the 1 key. Check your voicemail number is called.

    Thank you

    Don't forget to adjust your thread. Put the check mark in the green box containing your answer! Thank you

  • BlackBerry smartphones this smart phone is so smart, he can type your thoughts, no need to show me how the text message!

    Indeed, have Yes, you ever tried to compose a text message from a blackberry curve 8520? No, you can't! other than

    as a response. 'Nice one', you stupid programmers of BB... "try to add your contacts to your first address" I hear you say no, thank you, I don't want coz I do not wish to keep or I don't want to waste my time. I need to get rid of this machine prety fast, faster I can type f.o!


    -go to SMS and MMS in your main menu

    -Press the menu key

    -Select Compose SMS

    -It will then give you the "to:".

    -type in the number you want to text by pressing the ALT key followed by the key CAPS, this will give you a number entry only. You can also press ALT before each number you enter.

    I think what is confusing, is that we see to:... and we automatically assume that we have a saved conact and entry only takes a NAME of contacts or the alphabet? No.... Press ALT + CAPS and you can type the number you want to send to.

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