Number format Excel 2003 XP3 hurt after the upgrade to Windows 7

No other changes made so have to assume this is connected to upgrade Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit).

Open Excel, and then type the numbers in a cell, press return and they display badly. Example:

Type in 4828327059196003 and displays it in the form

4.82833E + 15

(Although if you highlight the cell, it displays in the formula in the form 4828327059196000 bar)

Cell format is the default 'General' value, which is (and always has) accept as typed numbers.

The problem was reported a few years ago. I also asked a friend who uses Windows XP what will happen after the collage of this number, and it is also automatic format in scientific format for him. Then...

The problem is not related to Windows 7. It's something else... And I can not even find a solution. Sometimes you can find some tips to create a macro that allow you automatic formatting the text value.

If you enter a unique value you can also be preceded by a single apostrophe ' so it will be represented as a string value (apostrophe will not be displayed)

Also you can try this (because it is simple to change the text format works do not) > select the range of cells > open in the menu data > choose text to columns > Next > Next > select the text option > Finish

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    You have not provided information on the laptop model so I can't say with certainty if your unit is 10 Windows supported or not...

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    I'm also waiting for Win10 of things and do not know with certainty how Toshiba will start with the support of Win10. I hope that will happen soon.

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    Hello world

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    Do more research, I fount out is an old bug with Lenovo's Thinkpad laptops with this Brazilian keyboard.

    If you are facing the same problem, use this registry tweak and the problem is solved:

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    Try restarting Flash cards.
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    HID keyboard device

    Keyboard 109 MCIR Microsoft eHome

    Keyboard MCIR Microsoft eHome

    Microsoft eHome key remove control Keayboard

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    Any report that they are installed and are working correctly and that the drivers are up to date.

    Has anyone else seen or solved this problem with a Touchsmart computer?

    The instructions below were provided by HP support.  This has restored the function on the keyboard volume controls.  The referenced below drivers are drivers IDT high definition Audio Device.  I am not sure that it was necessary to reinstall the audio drivers.  It can only had to remove the USB dongle and back to restore the functionality of the button.  Note: the USB dongle is located behind the VESA Panel to the back of the PC.  No tools are required and the dongle can be removed and replaced without shutting down the PC.  VESA panel removal requires a bit of a steady hand, pulling the lip which is close to the connections on the rear panel.

    Instructions received from HP:

    Please go to the following link and check the "return of the system", article #7 is the USB dongle:

    After you have reinstalled the receiver, please download and install the following driver:

    Then install the following update:

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    Hi @Ron9871,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I see that you are unable to get your printer HP Photosmart C6280 wireless printing. I'd be happy to help you and don't forget to come back to this thread and check "Accept as Solution", if I have successfully helped solve you the problem. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos.

    I would like to try the steps in this guide, "offline" Status Message printer (Windows 10).

    If the problem persists, you may encounter an IP address conflict. It's a good idea to assign the printer a static IP address outside your DHCP range. For example, some routers default DHCP is located between to So, I would use

    • Print a Page of Network Configuration menu of the printer front panel. Note: the IPV4 IP.
    • Type the IP address in the browser to bring up the SAP.
    • Choose the network tab, then wireless on the left side, and then select the IPv4 tab.
    • Select Manual IP.
    • Enter your IP address manual (
    • Enter for the subnet mask, except if it is different.
    • Enter the IP address of your router that sits on the Network Configuration Page) for the default gateway.
    • Please, click on manual DNS server. For the preferred DNS Server Manual please enter and the Alternate DNS Server Manual, please enter
    • Click on apply.

    Please restart the router, the printer and the computer in this sequence.

    If you're still having problems, please download and run the print and Scan doctor, it will be probably diagnose and fix the problem you are experiencing.

    What were the results when you ran the Print and Scan Doctor? (she print or scan, error messages)

    You can try to change your WSD printer port by a Standard TCP/IP port.

    To do this, you will need your current IP address printers.  The Network Setup page shows the parameters of network for the product. To print this page; Press the button of network () on the control panel of the product.

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    I have a laptop Asus G50Vt - X 1, which is a 64-bit computer. It had Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit installed on it and the unit worked properly with him. I ran the update of Windows 7 Advisory on this matter and he said I could upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit. After the upgrade to Windows 7 Professional 64 bit the images from the camera are all upside. I contacted Asus about the problem and they sent me the drivers updated, but the images are still upside down. Pourrait Windows 7 cause this problem as I know that it worked fine under Vista?

    I also noticed that my dvd/cd player and external hard drives don't stop the execution after that I have quit an application. When this happens, I can't eject the cd or remove the drive from the computer.

    Windows Update has nothing to do with the upgrade of Windows. Post future questions in one of these forums, please: ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • HP Pavilion QG833EA #ABH G6: after the upgrade to windows 10 I tride return to windows 7


    After the upgrade to windows 10 I tride return to windows 7. Now wen my laptop startsup screen is all black and shows.

    An operating system not found. Try disconnecting all the drivers that do not contain an oparating system.

    I have afriting of tride, but noting help als cant reser of system or bios. I said a test of the system is givs oke!

    How can I reinstall windows?

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    Yes, there are some hardware or BIOS problem.

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    I thought about it.  The upgrade to Windows apparently damaged 10 HP SimplePass software.  Once I uninstalled and reloaded the program, everything started working.

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    Hey guys,.

    I see several people on the forums of the problems with graphics drivers not installed after the upgrade to Windows 8.

    The first step you want to take, make sure that the laptop is supported by Windows 8.

    You can go HERE and see if your laptop has been tested for Windows 8. If she's GREAT!

    Now, if you're still looking for the graphics drivers according to the processor you have there are several places to look.

    First of all, you want to check the HP website and your product type # in the next selection > and then select the operating system > click Next > and look under the section that says "Driver - Graphic" and start the download.

    If you still don't see the driver referred to in this article, you can see one of these sites according to what processor you have.



    Also, if you have Windows 7, you can still follow this post.


    I hope it's useful!


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    without wise normal all your settings and data must be retained.

    However its always recommended to make a backup of all your important files.

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