Number named show bands up and down the lists

I had this problem since my last iPod, who lived both a Vista and a Windows 7 laptop. New iPod that I use on my new laptop running Windows 10 with a library of re-downloaded has been used. In Itunes, the bands that start with numeric characters like 10 years exist only once, at the bottom of the lists of artists. There is only one version of each track, no duplicates. My iPod still have them listed twice in artists, once at the top of the list and one downstairs. Both versions play correctly and have the same tracks, but are treated as separate artists with separate tracks. They follow individually the parts and Randomize titles may take X followed by Y Album from two sources and play the song "same" twice now.

First time around I blamed it on Vista and then an iPod that sync with Vista. Then I blame on the sort options, but I had other problems Itunes that I solved it by deleting and retyping the artist info and check the options and type names. Copies of these strips at the top simply should not exist, but I cannot get rid of them, or to determine what causes cela first place. Anyone else has this problem, or have any ideas?


As a test, change the name of one of these "bands" (in iTunes), so that it starts with a letter.  For example, add "AAA" at the beginning of the name of the artist , so that it appears at or near the top of the list when sorted by artist name.  Sync the iPod.  On the iPod, is this artist, who has previously been entered twice on the list, now only listed once or twice?

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    Do you mean that you have chosen to uninstall Windows XP and reinstall?

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    Hello and welcome to the community of HP @Pickles2011,

    I understand that you are having problems with your HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium connection. I'll be happy to help you.

    Here are some links to documents that provide solutions for troubleshooting connection problems. Try the steps and let me know the results.

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    This has been on the Mac for a while now... Here is a link that can better describe it.

    Use the CD or DVD drive from another computer with your Mac - Apple Support

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    Hi, Nylachance,

    Open the menu of the monitor by pressing the button on the console for the functions in the menu. This will be one of the buttons on the face of the screen. If you encounter problems, find the button press, consult the operating instructions of your particular model camera.

    Scroll through the menu options with the '+' and '-' buttons on the screen until you find the option "Degauss".

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    I read somewhere, but now can't find the article, you can hide those SSID, but it requires some work to connect to a network that is more diffuse.

    Someone has knowledge on how to go about this, or maybe they could point me to a resource that explains how to set this up... thanks.


    The properties of the wireless network. Check "Connect even if this network is not broadcast".

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    Right click on the shortcut tab icon - properties - look on the target line to see where and what type of program
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    You will probably need to reload the drivers of the device and any camera control software.

    Login as an administrator.

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    Now, go to the system manufacturer's website and download the latest driver for the camera and the other related camera
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    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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    Hey guys, will be happy if you could help me.

    I shot a few 1080 P videos, I edited this project 720 p (resuzed the shots) and now I want to export Mpeg 2.

    I know, if I export 16:9 4:3, the image will be stretched, cropped or able to evolve and will be with black bars at the top and bottom.

    After that I exported first I got the video with trouble up and down.

    I added a frame screenshots and my export settings. Happy if someone could help me (hope im doing quite a lot).

    * Sorry for the mistakes of English.1147957_10151818019333766_1703234400_n.jpg1232825_10151818046673766_1022103188_n.jpg1290027_10151818046448766_1632766696_n.jpg

    This is a video driver issue. NVIDIA 320 has known problems. It's if you have Nvidia...

    Roll back a driver.

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    When I import files from an SD card to Lightroom, I import to an external drive as my file.  Indicates the name of the folder to the year (2015) and not the name of the file that I created (Fort Worth, 12152015).  This has happened with every import that I've done so far.  How can I fix it?

    The copy option is used to copy the files from your camera card. The Add option is used when the files are already on your hard drive. They must be copied, just added to the Lightroom Catalog. You can simply add the files that are located on a map of the camera. They must be copied to the hard drive first.

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    Which may be caused by the presence of a few bookmarks with a long title in the main menu of bookmarks.
    The width of a column in the list of bookmarks is in the current versions of Firefox automatically adjusted the bookmark with the longest name.
    You can check the names of the bookmarks and the longer more short.

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    Hi all

    I need to parse the sql query (simple & complex as well) and for a list of the tables used in the query.

    And need to validate the fact that list the tables against a whitelist that is kept in the file.

    I tried to write my own parser, because there are many ways to write complex queries, I'm unable to cover all scenarios.

    I need help, is there other ways to get the list of tables used in a query?

    Thank you


    In general you would add a condition 1 = 2 just to restrict the display of the entire table. Then should not be causing any noticeable performance degradation. You can even use ROWNUM< 2.="" that="" will="" do="" a="" count="" stopkey.="" which="" could="" be="">

    SQL > select * from emp where rownum<>

    no selected line

    SQL > select * from table (dbms_xplan.display_cursor);

    SQL_ID, 97f4bd002xfy0, number of children 0
    Select * from emp where rownum<>

    Hash value of plan: 4269703525

    | ID | Operation | Name | Lines | Bytes | Cost (% CPU). Time |
    |   0 | SELECT STATEMENT |      |       |       |     2 (100) |          |
    |*  1 |  COUNT STOPKEY |      |       |       |            |          |
    |   2.   TABLE ACCESS FULL | EMP |     1.    38.     2 (0) | 00:00:01 |

    Information of predicates (identified by the operation identity card):

    1 Filter (ROWNUM<>

    19 selected lines.

    But its always good to bench mark it yourself.

  • Drop down the list in the grid depends on the drop-down list at level 0

    Hi all

    In my subpage, there are three areas of drop-down list D1, D2 and D3.

    D3 is grid to level 1 on a secondary page and the quick Table in D3 have 3 Keys.Key 1 and 2 keys are the same field as D1 and D2. As the D3 is dependent on the D1 and D2.
    The first time, D3 empty remains same I selects values D1 and D2, but when I EndModal (1) and then come back, D3 has values.

    What is going on?

    What is the solution for this scenario?

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    Yes, this seems ok, as D3 is dependent on the key high level D1 and D2 and you delete all lines, which leaves a new line empty.
    I thought that if you select auto on on your grid values of D1 and D2 should automatically be copied at level 1.
    If this isn't the case, it has no harm to set these values as you.

    Note that this will change the buffer and the user receives a message that the changes have been made and if the user want to continue or go back and save.
    So a DoSave() somewhere in your code would be nice.

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    Are you using an e-mail application to send and receive your emails?

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