od preferences iMovie 10.1.2 invisible

The values of the default durations for the photos and the transitions are not visible in iMovie preferences.  It seems that the entered digits are in black on a black background, it is possible to change, but the value is visible immediately after changing when it has a temporary blue background.

If others confirm, I'll send a bug report to Apple.


Hello Geoff, for me, they are very well:

in iMovie 10.1.2.


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  • Where are my preferences to iMovie?

    I have read the forums and tried all the suggestions on research and the removal of the iMovie preferences. I can't find my iMovie preferences! I'm on OS 10.11.3 El Capitan and iMovie 10.1.2. Thanks for your help.

    You can delete preferences by launching iMovie while pressing the combination of keys command-option ⌥⌘ in iMOvie 10.1.2

    Keep now the two keys pressed together firmly, while clicking the iMovie icon. Keep now pressed the keys until you see this sign:

    Click on "delete preferences".

    After you have removed the preferences, you will need to enter all preferences in the "iMovie > Preferences.

  • 10.1.2 iMovie crashes while editing. Failed attempts to re - open. Open with the option key down key allows you to delete the preferences but contains a relative error incompatible graphics card will then appear.  With the help of El Capitan

    iMovie 10.1.2 falls down during editing of a film, usually by doing something like adding a title or a transition.  Failed attempts to restart.  Try to reboot with the option key + command allow you to remove preferences.  Then either receive an error indicating that the graphics card is incompatible or the application block requiring a force quite.  Restart or stop the iMac translates the suspended system requiring a manual stop holding down the Start button.  Restart in Safe Mode and then the normal startup will allow iMovie to load.  But after a few minutes of work with the program, it crashes and scenario again.  I use El Capitan 10.5.11 on an iMac of 2013.  I deleted the iMovie app and reloaded it, no change.  Someone has an idea for a fix?

    What are the specifications of your clips you want to change? Try to create a new user and see if FCPX is behaving.

  • I can tell iMovie 10.1.2 that my photo library is located on an external drive?

    Hello, since the 10.1.2 update my library of Photos became invisible to iMovie.

    Other threads indicate clear that it shouldn't be.

    I think that the reason is that it is on an external drive, but iMovie does not detect.

    Is that what I can do about it? My internal drive does not have a sufficient space.

    Your photo library is designated as the library systems? In preferences/general pictures you can see the location of your photo library opened and select it in the library system. If it's already the library system, using as the library system will be grayed out. The library on an external drive should not be a problem for iMovie.

  • How to use the greenscreen on Imovie 10.1 effect?

    I have no idea how to activate Advanced tools for this version of iMovie, there is nothing in the preferences, how I use the greenscreen / any other adnaced tool such as the image within an image etc.

    I'm on OS X YOSEMITE 10.10.5


    I have finally (!) has found a way to do it!

    You must drag and drop the element above the other, not ON it (like I usually did before). Then the invisible square symbol in the setting bar appears, which allows to choose between the van greenscreen etc.

  • Cannot find the library of photos on iMovie sidebar

    I work in iMovie and I can't find the photo library on my sidebar iMovie. How to retrieve

    In the preferences of Photos make sure your library is the library system. It must be indicated as grey. Then open photos before opening iMovie and it should appear.

  • update problems since macOS Sierra to iMovie

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me out here because I'm starting to get really frustrated.

    I have a MacBook Pro and yesterday I upgraded to macOS Sierra and I regret it now because when I wanted to work with iMovie today he is more worked how it used to. I make youTube videos for a living and I'm already a day behind my schedule download because of this problem. Basically what is happening, it's only when I imported my video files to my SD card into iMovie files seemed normal, however when I put them in a project and began to play them I noticed that the color was distant, it almost looks like there is a misty overlay. At first I thought that maybe my DSLR camera has broken out and checked the files on the SD card (played files to QuickTime) but they seem quite normal and how they should look, iMovie for a reason any turns them... I have no idea how to solve this problem, because I'm not even sure what really is the problem. Can someone help me please?

    Hi, Anny,

    I don't know what is happening with the change of color in your timeline.   Whenever there is an upgrade of the operating system there always is the possibility of conflicts with specific applications until the bugs have been worked.  So, it is possible that your question is related to your recent update to OS Sierra - hard to say.  I'm not aware of anyone who still displays with your problem.

    Given that the problem appears only in your timeline, maybe media are complex and your computer is hard to deal with in the time line or keep in touch with your editing.

    You can see if the problem is linked project by creating a new project with the same or different media.   Is it possible to have a color filter activated inadvertently?  You can also try to reopen iMovie while maintaining the option and command keys and selecting Remove preferences.  Sometimes, it allows to launch iMovie in a different account, as your guest account, in which case there is a conflict with your current user account.  If none of the works above, you can try to create a new library on your boot drive or disk formatted Apple iMovie and see if your projects are working properly.   Another possibility is to restore your old operating system from Time Machine.

    In any case, I think that once the film is shared out he will play with his normal colors.  Try sharing file on your desktop to confirm that.   If he plays well, at least you'll be able to keep your schedule download then you want to solve your problem.



  • BUG theatre iMovie does not work since the Sierra

    A clean installed on my iMac end 2013. Since iMovie Theater connecting to iCloud does not work. Spinning Beachball. iCloud in the iMovie Theater tab symbol is not white. His gray-wash with a wave in it. It's still a bug in connection to the cloud. Same thing happened with the update to El Capitan or was he Yosemite? Rest of the app works, but cannot connect to my films.

    IMovie last Version.

    in the hope of a quick update

    Best regards


    Maybe after the upgrade, you must re - connect to iCloud.   You could try to go to Apple system/preferences/iCloud and see.

    I don't have not yet upgraded to Sierra pending the resolution of any problem of bug.



  • How can I change my clips still 406 in iMovie 10.1 to play longer

    I try to use iMovie 10.1 and cannot figure out how to do all the clips even longer. They are now less than a second. I changed the length in preferences, but that doesn't change anything. Help, please. I was very competent in IMOVIE 09...

    Changing preferences doesn't change the duration of still images alreadput in a project calendar.  What you can do is choose stills all affected in the timeline (click on it while pressing the command key) then clicking on information (little ' i' in a circle above Viewer), typing in the desired time and then pressing return.


  • iMovie crashing


    I'm having a problem with iMovie crashing. This started happening when I tried to import a file into iMovie. When it appeared several times, I tried to update and now spin 10.1.2. I have most of my library on an external drive, but what everything started without this related library. I can't open the library on my external hard drive or on my laptop without crashing.

    I have a macbook pro mid-2010, now El Capitan version 10.11.6 running

    I wonder if I need iMovie on my laptop to uninstall and reinstall. I will not lose too much material sense most are on my external hard drive.

    Thanks for your help!

    Before you reinstall open iMovie with the command and option keys and select this option to delete the preferences. Also make sure your DHM is formatted MAC OS Extended journaled. As a test, you can also create a new library, add excerpts and see if it works ok.

  • IMovie theater show or play.

    I did not open iMovie in awhile.  But I have about 7 or 8 films I've done and have been recorded in the theatre of iMovie.  When I go to the tab 'Théâtre' in iMovie, it is empty.  The cloud at the top right contains the symbol bit not connected.  I don't know why. When I click it, the iCloud system preferences window opens.  The iCloud drive is checked, and in the Options button, the iMovie is checked.  But the symbol of the cloud in iMovie never changes.  As if it is not able to connect.

    If I go into Finder / films, there is an icon of iMovie Theater (which resembles tickets).  If I get information on this icon, it is watch size is 2 GB, so there there movies... my iMovie is simply not connect to it.

    I am connected to iCloud.

    I have an internet connection.

    iMovie is verified in iCloud drive.

    I back up my laptop.

    I spent a LOT of time to do these movies... and I just want to watch again.

    Regardless of iCloud, you should see your movies in the THEATRE tab. First thing to try is to open iMovie, hold down the command and option and delete the preferences. See if that helps.

  • need Photos of iMovie - explanation

    Hi all

    im hoping someone can explain the behavior of photos in Imovie...

    I have a Macbook Pro and I created an album on photos called any vacation 1500 of my pictures/videos. My Mac is configured to record the full versions.

    Ive then went into iMovie (Mac) to create a movie of my holiday, but when I go into my 'holiday' album he sees only 500 or more. Why is this? I thought that he had read the photos/videos from my drive hard mac this is not the case?  Is it because iphotos has not downloaded all the photos and movies on iCloud yet? I assumed that because I imported in the photos on my mac and I can see all the photos that they would all appear automatically in iMovie to use.

    I hope I think, basically, I want to see all movies/photos in the iPhoto album in my album of iMovie.

    Thanks in advance

    and I created an album called vacation pictures and imported my photos/videos 1500. My Mac is configured to record the full versions.

    Album?  Do you mean that you have created a library of Photos called "vacation"?

    iMovie should show you all the photos in your photo library in the system.

    Is the library of holiday pictures activated as your system photo library in pictures preferences > General?  'Use as a Photo library system' should be greyed out.

    After you import photos, the Photos.app will need time to create previews for the media browser. You can simply keep the pictures running that slightly longer wile you are not using, to complete the rendering of previews.

  • iMovie starts and disappears instantly

    computer iMac (2011) software is up to date. Secure boot is no solution.

    Pls someone help me

    Try if the iMovie preferences will help the disconnection.

    To delete the iMovie preferences leaving iMovie, runs, and then press and hold options and command key at the same time, at the launch of iMovie. Keep now pressed the buttons firmly until you see a command prompt to remove the preference. Confirm.

    You have reset all the preferences that have been created from the preferences panel. iMovie will then begin with the Welcome screen.

    When I had a similar problem, the only thing that helped was to create an iMovie library.  Probably a corrupted project in the iMovie current library prevented startup.   The problem persists, if you test different library in iMovie? You can create a library for testing.


  • iMovie export my video in a file?

    I exported a video on iMovie last night and it worked fine.

    I have just cropped down a minute 17 video, 7 minutes now. I click on click action, file, resolution 1080 p and high quality.
    I then click Next and save on documents. I have no record checked theatre. Usually it takes a few minutes to record a video to my files, but now, it doesn't seem to work at all.

    At the top right of the screen where it shows the circle and the progress that saves your video, the circle is left empty.

    When I click it, it says...

    Theater - name of my video

    Name of my video - Theater (best quality)

    The time beside the circle indicates the time for export can be anywhere more than two hours, but will be replacing meaning it can go up to an hour, then back up to 2 hours.

    I think that iMovie is trying to save my video to the theater when I have not check marked and am simply eager to save a file?

    I notice there is no loading bar that is usually available. Is there something I can do?

    First thing to try when iMovie is not behaving properly is to remove preferences. Open iMovie, hold down the command and option keys and select this option to delete the preferences. Is this cut of the film that is the same as that previously shared ok?

  • preferences iCloud error - no iCloud folder in place

    Help!  On a clean installation of El Capitan, the configuration of the system kept crashing and restarting whenever I entered my information to iCloud.  So, I bypassed who, and system installation correctly, but don't let me get to iCloud.

    I have actually no iCloud folder in my path of/Users/YOUR-HOME/Library/Application support/iCloud/accounts, so I can't follow the example others give for deleting content accounts.  My Application Support folder has nothing with regard to iCloud, visible or invisible.

    Any attempt to do so, either from internet preferences or iCloud preferences gives the error there was a problem with preferences, and nothing happens.

    I can connect to iTunes normally.  I created my gmail fine in internet preferences.  It does seem that the iCloud.  As if something prevented the created early in the installation system folder, and now it doesn't work at all.  I tried to create the directory manually and restart, but who gave the same error.

    I lost 4 days now, struggling with El Capitan.  I did an upgrade installation, which not only did not work, he has killed all my installs of previous software, moving them to a "recovered" folder, installation as a new user.  I managed to recover all of this, to have an unstable system seriously.  So, I advanced and done the clean install, that took all night downloading the operating system (no matter what I tried, the App Store would not download the installer... just kept thinking from, for hours, so I couldn't make a boot USB drive).

    Now, he seems to have installed and seems to be stable and functional, but has locked me in iCloud, which *, because some key information are locked up in there, including all my serial numbers of my installed software...

    Hello, James Bean,.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I understand your message that you are not able to connect to your iCloud account after installation of OS X El Capitan. I know how it is important for you to access your information to iCloud. I recommend that you test the question so that your Mac is in Mode safe or in a new user account. The following are the steps you will need to test the issue in both Safe Mode and in a new user account:

    Safe mode

    How to test a question in another user on your Mac account

    Best regards

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