OEM usb mouse and usb keyboard Freeze, disconnect automatically w/eject Sound

I have a 2.5 year old Dell XPS 8300 Windows 7 PC. Mouse usb from the factory and start of keyboard to eject and re - insert (Windows systems "thumb-thump" sounds) and its own without any intervention on my part. Initially it just, just momentarily freezes for a second, but it could be anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours and the same thing happens to 3 or 4 times, and finally and at the same time, the mouse and keyboard freeze. The "cursor" or "pointer" on the screen is totally inadmissible, and seizure keyboard is inadmissible. CTRL + Alt + Delete does not work yet.

A few points:

1 there is no drivers for the wired mouse usb and a keyboard wired usb on page download Dell and Driver for XPS 8700.

2 when I arrived to the Device Manager, it says device keyboard HID and HID - compatible mouse.

3. There is no drivers to roll back to, and if I update driver for each device, windows tells me I use the latest version of the driver.

4. I tried a clean install of Windows 7 and it does not solve the problem. (Exaggeration, I know. "I have a lot of time).

5. I'm tired a clean install of Windows 8.1 and it does not solve the problem. (Again, I know, exaggerated, but I was curious).

6. in other words, I have exactly the same problem on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

7. I tried to use all the different USB ports on my PC and the same problem persists. I don't think that it's a problem of USB hardware in any case, given that the freezing of the mouse and the keyboard are occurring simultaneously, and each device has its on usb port.

8. this problem is new in the last month. Never had anything like this in the last 2.5 years.

Thanks for any help.


Hi JJ,

Thank you for your update. Much appreciated!

Basically, for Windows 8.1, you will need to update the drivers more recent. So, you need to update the drivers for the chipset from the Dell Web site, and if it does not, you may need to contact the manufacturer for updated versions. Also. Please check in the Device Manager and uninstall the drivers of HID devices (under keyboard) and changes in the Update window to do not to install the updated driver. After uninstalling, restart the computer and then install the drivers for the devices and drivers chipset on the manufacturer's Web site. Check if the problem persists.

Please post back your results for assistance.

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  • I deleted the driver for the mouse and the mouse and the keyboard has stopped working.

    I had installed an updated driver mouse and mouse keep locking up. The Windows troubleshooting information indicates that I have to erase the disc from the mouse, and then reinstall the new mouse driver. When I deleted the mouse driver, the mouse and the keyboard no longer works.

    The computer is running Windows XP with Service Pack 3.

    The computer is one that I built several years ago.

    I tried the things:

    1. I tried the ALT, left SHIFT + Number Lock which is indicated as mouse keyboard operation who has worked in the past.

    Well it does not either from the keyboard is dead.

    2. I tried PS2 Mouse and a keyboard.

    3. I tried a keyboard and a USB mouse. The system shows new hardware found and he wonder then click NEXT to load the driver. No mouse, no keyboard, so no click.

    4. I can't get into the bios, because I can't hit keys to vector in the bios during startup.

    5. I tried to load the Windows XP disk, but the startup routine ask me to hit any key to boot from the CD.

    I have no mouse or keyboard control and therefore cannot respond to any action required by the system.

    Does anyone know a way to solve this problem?

    Solution of my wife - buy a new computer.

    Have a better solution for this problem?

    Thank you


    Always try a PS/2 keyboard.  Maybe your PC is not able to access the BIOS, because the keyboard is USB.

    What make / model of the keyboard / mouse "kit"?

  • Mouse and wireless keyboard no longer works

    my hp dv6000 laptop came with the mouse and wireless keyboard, and I use them for 2 years with no problems. Today, while typing, the keyboard is not responding, as well as the mouse. the red light on bottom of mouse is on. I tried pressing and holding the Connect button on the receiver; no lights are lit on the receiver. I have replaced the batteries in the keyboard and the mouse. no action has resolved the problem. I restarted my laptop and that didn't help.  I would try to download the driver for the mouse and the wireless keyboard, but I don't know what is the driver. can someone help me. Thank you


  • \Microsoft 700 v2 wireless mouse and the keyboard does not not after upgrade

    installed windows 8 after install to customize exactly the point of putting up wireless mouse and keyboard no longer works has had to use keyboard.to and wired mouse usb finish install. Still does not work after restarting.


    I'm sorry to know that the keyboard and Microsoft mouse do not work on the Windows 8 operating system. But we can fix that later article, which gives a few steps on how to solve the problem of mouse and wireless keyboard.

    Please click on the following link and follow the steps. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/838398. This article applies only to the hardware devices that are mentioned in the properties. Please make sure that your keyboard and wireless mouse is referred to as properties.

    Hope this should solve the problem. If you still have the same issue, just reply to us and we can help you better.

    Thank you

  • Captivate 4 - use the mouse and the keyboard at the same time.

    Hello, good people.

    There is a way, in the C4, to use the mouse and the keyboard at the same time?

    An example, in the simulation software:

    "Hold down the SHIFT key and click with the mouse in the other object to select too..." »

    Your question is very clear to me, because I've been struggling with these problems not long there. You want to be the simulation as real as possible. But try to imagine how the user will see this simulation. You can ask him to hold the SHIFT key and select the last item in the range to select, but what makes Captivate advance to the next slide (where all the items are selected), it's really the 'click' himself. So in this case I should not worry the SHIFT but just create a click on this last point. And then you hope it will be in fact the SHIFT key, which will be the case for most users, and perhaps a few exceptions don't will be not pressed the SHIFT key and continue anyway. I hope you understand a bit what I just tried to explain. Is it really important for learning effect that you check the CHANGE itself?

  • USB mouse and wireless keyboard/touchpad cursor, lags and freezes

    Original title: cursor lag / freeze

    a system slow, very slow or cannot manage not to load the devices & printers, his noisy hard drive, excessive heat, mouse and keyboard lag / freeze

    constantly fight my wireless mouse and it's not the mouse itself. Tried to open my DEVICES & PRINTERS TO SEE what WAS PRINTING, and after waiting forever to make it load, it is still impossible to open? > NOTE: for the moment, my main concern is to understand what is happening with the mouse and keyboard on board pointer device


    Help, please! Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you very much!



    Your main concern maybe the mouse, but I'd be worried that all of the computer is about to fail. The hard disk should not make any noise and should not be excessive heat, or the slow loading of applications. Frankly, this looks like a pending hard drive failure.

    Not exactly the answer you wanted, but its my best advice. Back up your data and programs and seek to replace your hard drive. At the very least, I would have the computer checked out by a good reputation for service Tech. Sorry, but this seems to be hardware problems and not software problems, we are dealing with here.

    Let me know if this helps you.

    Kind regards


  • Mounting USB keyboard freezes internal keyboard and trackpad

    Hello world

    Spent an hour looking for a solution to this so I hope this isn't a problem of repetition. I am using a wired USB keyboard (DYNEX model No.: DX-WKBDSL) with my MBP end 2011, but whenever I have set and keyboard Setup Assistant appears my internal trackpad immediately stops responding and my internal keyboard sounds fair to me if I tap on a button. This keeps me from hitting continue setting. If I unplug the USB keyboard, I immediately regain control of my internal input devices. Disks hard USB and flash drives cause no problems. I need to be able to use my usb full keyboard, so I have a 10 key. Can someone help me?

    I noticed the guys like the thing EtreCheck here so I just ran on my machine (obviously without my keyboard usb attached since that would freeze everything). I hope that helps!

    EtreCheck version: 2.9.13 (267)

    Report generated 2016-08-18 10:55:47

    Download EtreCheck from https://etrecheck.com

    Time 04:12

    Performance: good

    Click the [Support] links to help with non-Apple products.

    Click [details] for more information on this line.

    Problem: Another problem

    Hardware Information:

    MacBook Pro (13 inch, late 2011)

    [Data sheet] - [User Guide] - [warranty & Service]

    MacBook Pro - model: MacBookPro8, 1

    1 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 CPU: 2 strands

    4 GB of RAM expandable - [Instructions]

    BANK 0/DIMM0

    OK 2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz

    BANK 1/DIMM0

    OK 2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz

    Bluetooth: Old - transfer/Airdrop2 not supported

    Wireless: en1: 802.11 a/b/g/n

    Battery: Health = Normal - Cycle count = 588

    Video information:

    Intel HD Graphics 3000

    Color LCD 1280 x 800


    OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 15G (31) - time since started: about 31 days

    Disc information:

    APPLE HDD HTS547575A9E384 Disk0: (750,16 GB) (rotation)

    EFI (disk0s1) < not mounted >: 210 MB

    Recovery HD (disk0s3) < not mounted > [recovery]: 650 MB

    Macintosh HD (disk 1) /: 748,93 go-go (559,33 free)

    Storage of carrots: disk0s2 749.30 GB Online


    USB information:

    Computer, Inc. Apple IR receiver.

    Apple Inc. FaceTime HD camera (built-in)

    Apple Inc. Apple keyboard / Trackpad

    Apple Inc. BRCM2070 hub.

    Apple Inc. Bluetooth USB host controller.

    Lightning information:

    Apple Inc. Thunderbolt_bus.


    Mac App Store and identified developers

    Kernel extensions:

    / System/Library/Extensions

    com [no charge]. ZTE.driver.ZTEUSBCDCACMData (ZTEDriver_MacV1.3.9 - 2016-07-18) [Support]

    [no charge] com.devguru.driver.PTUMWDrv (1.2.64230.128 - 2016-07-18) [Support]

    [no charge] com.lge.driver.LGEMobilSolutionFamily ( - 2016-07-18) [Support]

    [no charge] com.novatelwireless.kext.wwan (v3.0.24 (001)-2016-07-18) [Support]

    [no charge] com.pantech.driver.PTRayUSBFamily ( - 2016-07-18) [Support]

    com.sierrawireless.driver.SierraDevSupport [no charge] ( - 2016-07-18) [Support]

    com.sierrawireless.driver.SierraFSCSupport [no charge] ( - 2016-07-18) [Support]

    com.sierrawireless.driver.SierraFSRSupport [no charge] ( - 2016-07-18) [Support]

    com.sierrawireless.driver.SierraHSRSupport [no charge] ( - 2016-07-18) [Support]

    com.smithmicro.driver.SMSIWirelessModem [no charge] (3.2.7 - 2016-07-18) [Support]


    [no charge] com.lge.driver.LGELTEBus ( - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.lge.driver.LGELTEMdmControl ( - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.lge.driver.LGELTEMdmData ( - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.lge.driver.LGELTENicControl ( - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.lge.driver.LGELTENicData ( - 2011-06-21) [Support]


    com [no charge]. NovatelWireless.driver.NovatelWirelessUSBCDCECMControl (v3.0.24 (001)-2011-06-21) [Support]

    com [no charge]. NovatelWireless.driver.NovatelWirelessUSBCDCECMData (v3.0.24 (001)-2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.novatelwireless.driver.3G (v3.0.24 (001)-2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.novatelwireless.driver.3GData (v3.0.24 (001)-2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.novatelwireless.driver.DisableAutoInstall (v3.0.24 (001)-2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.novatelwireless.driver.NWVBE (v3.0.24 (001)-2011-06-21) [Support]


    [no charge] com.pantech.driver.PantechBus ( - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.pantech.driver.PantechCDFree ( - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.pantech.driver.PantechCm ( - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.pantech.driver.PantechMdmControl ( - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.pantech.driver.PantechMdmData ( - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.pantech.driver.PantechSer ( - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.pantech.driver.QmiDriver ( - 2011-06-21) [Support]


    [no charge] com.devguru.driver.PTUMWCDFree (1.2.64230.128 - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.devguru.driver.PTUMWCSP (1.2.64230.128 - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.devguru.driver.PTUMWDIAG (1.2.64230.128 - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.devguru.driver.PTUMWMdmControl (1.2.64230.128 - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.devguru.driver.PTUMWMdmData (1.2.64230.128 - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    [no charge] com.devguru.driver.PTUMWUSBMergeNub (1.2.64230.128 - 2011-06-21) [Support]


    com.smithmicro.driver.SMSIWirelessCDC [no charge] (3.2.7 - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    com.smithmicro.driver.SMSIWirelessSerial [no charge] (3.2.7 - 2011-06-21) [Support]

    Launch system officers:

    [loaded] 8 tasks Apple

    [loading] 145 tasks Apple

    [operation] 63 tasks Apple

    [killed] 22 tasks Apple

    the 22 killed process lack of RAM

    Launch system demons:

    com.Apple.Security.syspolicy.plist [failure]

    [loaded] 48 tasks Apple

    [loading] 150 tasks Apple

    [operation] 80 tasks Apple

    [killed] 12 tasks Apple

    12 killed process lack of RAM

    Launch officers:

    [no charge] com.adobe.AAM.Updater - 1.0.plist (2014-02-01) [Support]

    [loading] com.google.keystone.agent.plist (2016-07-11) [Support]

    [no charge] com.oracle.java.Java - Updater.plist [Support]

    [operation] com.rosettastone.rosettastonedaemon.plist (2014-12-26) [Support]

    [loading] org.macosforge.xquartz.startx.plist (2014-08-11) [Support]

    Launch demons:

    [loading] com.adobe.SwitchBoard.plist (2012-06-10) [Support]

    [failure] com.adobe.fpsaud.plist (2016-06-13) [Support]

    [loading] com.google.keystone.daemon.plist (2016-07-11) [Support]

    [loading] com.microsoft.office.licensing.helper.plist (2010-08-25) [Support]

    [no charge] com.oracle.java.Helper - Tool.plist [Support]

    [loading] org.macosforge.xquartz.privileged_startx.plist (2014-08-11) [Support]

    User launch officers:

    [loading] com.adobe.AAM.Updater - 1.0.plist (2012-06-10) [Support]

    [loading] com.adobe.ARM. [...]. plist (2013-11-11) [Support]

    [loading] com.adobe.ARM. [...]. plist (2015-05-19) [Support]

    com.apple.CSConfigDotMacCert [fail]-[...] @me.com - SharedServices.Agent.plist

    [operation] com.spotify.webhelper.plist (2016-07-05) [Support]

    [loading] com.vladalexa.MagicPrefs.plist (2016-07-18) [Support]

    Items in user login:

    smcFanControl Application (/ Applications/smcFanControl.app)

    Workflow application (/ Applications/Flux.app)

    Stickies application (/ Applications/Stickies.app)

    Other applications:

    [operation] com.adobe.PDApp.AAMUpdatesNotifier.65632.B69CDC4F-01B7-4A73-8B33-DA81B56745F1

    [ongoing] com.eidac.smcFanControl2.63392

    [ongoing] com.etresoft.EtreCheck.108192

    [ongoing] com.microsoft.Excel.55392

    [ongoing] com.microsoft.Office365Service.60192

    [ongoing] com.microsoft.Word.56032

    [ongoing] com.Microsoft.AutoUpdate.FBA.2912

    [ongoing] org.herf.Flux.88992

    [loading] 435 tasks Apple

    [operation] 177 tasks Apple

    [killed] 39 tasks Apple

    Plug-ins Internet:

    AdobeExManDetect: AdobeExManDetect - SDK 10.7 (2014-02-01) [Support]

    FlashPlayer - 10.6: - SDK 10.9 (2016-07-06) [Support]

    QuickTime Plugin: 7.7.3 (2016-07-18)

    AdobePDFViewerNPAPI: 11.0.11 - SDK 10.6 (2015-05-13) [Support]

    AdobePDFViewer: 11.0.11 - SDK 10.6 (2015-05-13) [Support]

    Flash Player: - SDK 10.9 (2016-07-06) obsolete! Update

    Default browser: 601 - SDK 10.11 (2016-07-18)

    SharePointBrowserPlugin: 14.4.5 - SDK 10.6 (2014-10-28) [Support]

    Silverlight: 5.1.40728.0 - SDK 10.6 (2015-09-28) [Support]

    DirectorShockwave: 12.2.0r162 - SDK 10.6 (2015-08-31) [Support]

    JavaAppletPlugin: 15.0.1 - 10.7 (2016-07-20) check the version of the SDK

    Safari extensions:

    AdBlock - BetaFish, Inc. - https://getadblock.com (2015-11-22)

    3rd party preference panes:

    Flash Player (2016-06-13) [Support]

    MagicPrefs (2012-10-17) [Support]

    Time Machine:

    Time Machine not configured!

    Top of page process CPU:

    7% com.apple.WebKit.WebContent (4)

    4% safari

    kernel_task 2%

    1% WindowServer

    1% systemstatsd

    Top of page process of memory:

    754 MB com.apple.WebKit.WebContent (4)

    523 MB kernel_task

    Safari of 303 MB

    Mdworker (10) 123 MB

    90 MB softwareupdated

    Virtual memory information:

    68 MB free RAM

    used 3.93 GB RAM (620 MB cache)

    406 MB used Swap

    Bumping this because I really need an answer.

  • I have to buy a new mouse and a keyboard that is usb 3.0 compatible in order to upgrade to 3.0?

    Original title: usb 3.0

    I have to buy a new mouse and a keypad that is compatible usb 3.0 to upgrade to 3.0?

    N °

    USB 3.0 is backward compatible with your devices.

    You will not remove all the ports on your computer when you add a usb 3.0 in order to continue to use the ports that you use now for your keyboard and your mouse.  When you add a usb 3.0 controller on your computer you will have 3.0 ports in addition to your small gifts.  USB 3.0 has audio, video, storage and mass devices most.

    Keyboards and mice that you own now will not have 3.0 anyway, even with an adapter, but this isn't a problem.  Because the increase in speed of 3.0 data transfer benefits hardly a device that awaits for most human movements in any case new devices are not necessary.

    Colin Barnhorst

  • ARC mouse and wireless keyboard to stopped working after update

    On Tuesday, my keyboard Microsoft's ARC mouse and wireless are busy to my desktop HP running Windows 7 Ultimate.  Since then, there has been a number of updates installed and the ARC keyboard and mouse are no longer works.  I got out my old clumsy Laser Keyboard 6000 and plugged in and it does not work this is how I write this.  But enter the Device Manager or the installed Microsoft keyboard application does not show the ARC keyboard or a mouse as even installed.  I plan to do a system restore, but I probably need security updates installed on 4/14.  Ideas?


    Thanks for the suggestions.  I would have thought than to simply unplug it disconnected and reconnected the cause would detect automatic to reinstall drivers, as suggested by @cookie7746 - but it was not detecting the keyboard and the mouse at all, even at the start of the system when only the BIOS is running.  Who told me I could have a hardware issue not only a software driver problem.  I followed him there down to a faulty USB Extender.  Not related to the software, but a hardware problem.  When I replaced the USB Extender that the connections for the mouse and keyboard of the CRA is well connected, everything works.

    So suggestion for those who encounter it: try restarting and during switching on, press the function keys that you use to enter the BIOS settings screen - it is usually CTRL/A or F10 or something - it will usually tell you in a message is displayed briefly that you start.  If it works, you know that you have a good physical connection and the problem is a Windows driver issue.  If this does not work, the problem is not with Windows - it's a hardware connection problem that can be caused by low batteries or dead in the camera (I had this happen to me) or something with USB connections.  Best suggestion at this point is to start eliminating things (like me) by unplugging it the USB Extender, I had these connected directly to USB ports on the computer.  With this process of elimination, you should be able to narrow down the problem.  Good luck!

  • Pavilion 550-122nd: mouse and wireless keyboard do not work before Windows starts (10)

    The wireless keyboard and mouse (that came with the computer) do not work until Windows is started.

    I want to make a (ghost) image of my hard drive using the boot CD Norton ghost 15.0 (but it also applies to other bootable devices).

    When the CD boots and the program starts I have to click a button (OK / accept) to continue. At this point the wireless keyboard and mouse are not active jet. This is why I can't continue.

    Use a USB keyboard gives the same result (also not active at this point).

    Is there a solution / work around for this?

    Thank you.

    On the pilots seems plausible. Especially because on my laptop (older) with Windows 10 CD bootable (like Norton Ghost) don't Duke keyboard and mouse.

    I'll have a look at the new version of the BIOS and start looking for new tools that will accept my keyboard (and mouse).

    Thank you.

  • The mouse and the keyboard does not - start or boot (s) failed to load i8024 system

    original title: salvation. Mouse and keyboard does not.  startup or start-up system (s) failed to load i8024.  ?? 1000 thank you!

    Sorry, don't know what information is needed. Still 1000 thanks.  XP family; the mouse usb.

    The following should be helpful.


  • The mouse and the keyboard does not not on for repair or restore

    I recently did a restore of windows 7 and restart when the open dialog box I could not use my mouse or keyboard t choose anything. I tried to move my mouse and keyboard USB 3.0 s 2. 0s, but nothing has worked. They always worked when loading my bios, but it also did not work when I just tried to reinstall windows. I installed windows 7 to 2 days and my mouse and keyboard worked fine. Should I try to use a ps/2 mouse? Only the operating system is on my ssd so im not opposed to wiping and and start over, if there is a way to do it from the bios.

    Thanks for the help. The keyboard ps/2 keyboard took a few reboots to work but for some reason any it started working and I could continue my system restore. Crisis averted.

  • Renaming of mouse and wireless keyboard

    I bought a used A1314 and Magic Mouse apple wireless keyboard to use with a Power Mac G5. Both are discoverable and paired and working very well but when I go into the preferences system and then select keyboard and mouse in the status area that opens both name boxes are empty and it does not show battery levels. I am not able to rename either if I go to Bluetooth and open it. This isn't really a problem because they work very well, it's just I want to name them. Someone at - it arrived through this to know how to fix?

    Thank you

    Open BlueTooth preferences, select the input of the unit, then CTRL - or RIGHT click and select Rename from the context menu.

  • mouse and screen windows freeze-up during the operating mode normal ok in safe mode

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • re installed the OS, but the problem persists


    What antivirus/antispyware/security products do you have on the machine? Be one you have NEVER
    on this machine, including those you have uninstalled (they leave leftovers behind which can cause
    strange problems).


    Follow these steps:

    Start - type this in the search box-> find COMMAND at the top and RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN

    Enter this at the command prompt - sfc/scannow

    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program
    generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

    Also run CheckDisk, so we cannot exclude as much as possible of the corruption.

    How to run the check disk at startup in Vista


    After the foregoing:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista
    How to troubleshoot performance issues in Windows Vista

    Optimize the performance of Microsoft Windows Vista
    To see everything that is in charge of startup - wait a few minutes with nothing to do - then right-click
    Taskbar - the Task Manager process - take a look at stored by - Services - this is a quick way
    reference (if you have a small box at the bottom left - show for all users, then check that).

    How to check and change Vista startup programs

    A quick check to see that load method 2 is - using MSCONFIG then put a list of
    those here.

    Tools that should help you:

    Process Explorer - free - find out which files, key of registry and other objects processes have opened.
    What DLLs they have loaded and more. This exceptionally effective utility will show you even who has
    each process.

    Autoruns - free - see what programs are configured to start automatically when you start your system
    and you log in. Autoruns also shows you the full list of registry and file locations where applications can
    Configure auto-start settings.
    Process Monitor - Free - monitor the system files, registry, process, thread and DLL real-time activity.

    There are many excellent free tools from Sysinternals

    -Free - WhatsInStartUP this utility displays the list of all applications that are loaded automatically
    When Windows starts. For each request, the following information is displayed: Type of startup (registry/Startup folder), Command - Line String, the product name, Version of the file, the name of the company;
    Location in the registry or the file system and more. It allows you to easily disable or remove unwanted
    a program that runs in your Windows startup.

    There are many excellent free tools to NirSoft

    Window Watcher - free - do you know what is running on your computer? Maybe not. The window
    Watcher says it all, reporting of any window created by running programs, if the window
    is visible or not.

    Many excellent free tools and an excellent newsletter at Karenware


    Vista and Windows 7 updated drivers love then here's how update the most important.

    This is my generic how updates of appropriate driver:

    This utility, it is easy see which versions are loaded:

    -Free - DriverView utility displays the list of all device drivers currently loaded on your system.
    For each driver in the list, additional useful information is displayed: load address of the driver,
    Description, version, product name, company that created the driver and more.

    For drivers, visit manufacturer of emergency system and of the manufacturer of the device that are the most common.
    Control Panel - device - Graphics Manager - note the brand and complete model
    your video card - double - tab of the driver - write version information. Now, click on update
    Driver (this can do nothing as MS is far behind the certification of drivers) - then right-click.
    Uninstall - REBOOT it will refresh the driver stack.

    Repeat this for network - card (NIC), Wifi network, sound, mouse, and keyboard if 3rd party
    with their own software and drivers and all other main drivers that you have.

    Now in the system manufacturer (Dell, HP, Toshiba as examples) site (in a restaurant), peripheral
    Site of the manufacturer (Realtek, Intel, Nvidia, ATI, for example) and get their latest versions. (Look for
    BIOS, Chipset and software updates on the site of the manufacturer of the system here.)

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put them - right click - RUN AD ADMIN - REBOOT after
    each installation.

    Always check in the Device Manager - drivers tab to be sure the version you actually install
    presents itself. This is because some restore drivers before the most recent is installed (sound card drivers
    in particular that) so to install a driver - reboot - check that it is installed and repeat as

    Repeat to the manufacturers - BTW in the DO NOT RUN THEIR SCANNER device - check
    manually by model.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager

    If you update the drivers manually, then it's a good idea to disable the facilities of driver under Windows
    Updates, that leaves about Windows updates but it will not install the drivers that will be generally
    older and cause problems. If updates offers a new driver and then HIDE it (right click on it), then
    get new manually if you wish.

    How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows Vista - drivers
    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc730606 (WS.10) .aspx


    Refer to these discussions because many more excellent advice however don't forget to check your antivirus
    programs, the main drivers and BIOS update and also solve the problems with the cleanboot method

    Problems with the overall speed of the system and performance

    Performance and Maintenance Tips

    Explorer Windows stopped working

    Hope these helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • The mouse and the keyboard does not while playing the Tekkit game.

    Original title: mouse and keyboard on windows 7 pro

    When I try and play tekkit my mouse and keyboard stop working so I turned off my computer, and then turn the mouse and keyboard work until I try to replay tekkit

    I bought a new mouse and keyboard and it happens again can someone help me please

    tekkit's minecraft with mods

    Hi William,.

    Thanks for posting your query in the Microsoft Community Forums.

    I understand the inconvenience you encounter playing the Tekkit game. We are here to help and solve your problem.

    Follow the suggestions below and check if this can help:

    Method 1: Try to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the game:

    How to uninstall, change a program:


    After you have uninstalled the game, download the latest version of the game from the link below: http://www.technicpack.net/download/


    Method 2:

    If the problem persists, place the computer in a clean boot State and check.

    Try to boot into safe - mode Run your computer in safe mode and see if you still get this error message. If you do not get this error message/question in safe mode then run the clean boot on your computer by following the steps below. If you do not receive this message/question of error in safe mode, this means that a third-party application is causing the problem.

    To use the Safe Mode option, follow these steps:

    1. reboot your computer and start pressing the F8 key on your keyboard. On a computer that is configured to start to multiple operating systems, you can press the key F8 when the Boot Menu appears.

    2. Select an option using the arrow keys on the keyboard when the Windows Advanced Options menu appears, and press ENTER.

    You can place the computer in a clean boot State and check the issue.

    Clean boot: To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    How to perform a clean boot for a problem in Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista


    Note: Please refer to the section: How to reset the computer to start as usual after a clean boot troubleshooting section of Kb to start the computer to a normal startup after you fix the problem.

    Try the step above and tell us if it helps. For assistance feel free to post your questions in the Microsoft forums. We will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

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