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My company has implement Office 365 and we were told the retention time of the default folders is 60 days, but we could create subfolders.

Subfolders will be assigned the retention time of our archives file which is 6 months.

I moved e-mails to a subfolder when e-mails reached the 60th day.   The emails have been deleted.

Question when a message is moved from the Inbox to a subfolder how Outlook to mark the post to know that it has been moved?


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  • Understand the Office 365 on new iPad restored from a backup

    When upgrading to a new iPad and restoring from iCloud, is the new count of the iPad as an additional device to Office 365 description, or if he reads the same device? If a new device, is there a way to remove the old iPad account Office 365 to does not exceed the limit of device for the Office subscription? Thank you very much!

    Hello. This may actually be an issue for Microsoft, since it's their subscription.

  • Microsoft Office 365

    Hello im in high school in New York City, I got my first MacBook Pro and I'll buy Microsoft Office 365 (2016), should I delete OneNote when I get it? Is it possible to remove OneNote? (I use the system Note from Apple) is at - it an option to turn off the WORD of record to Microsoft cloud? theres an option to make only record on my Mac? and I need Powerpoint and excel? I need it for my future classes?

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    Office 365 is a subscription - that is to say, you pay monthly or annually. Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 is available as a one-time purchase or a subscription to Office 365. See below for more information:

    You can remove a Note, if you want or just leave it installed and do not use it. It occupies about 860 MB of available space.

    You have no need to save Word files or anything else to iCloud (or drive than Microsoft) If you do not want.

    Office comes with PowerPoint and Excel. You may or may not need or the other, but they are equipped with Office.

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    How can I get Office 365 to sinc with my ipad and Iphone?

    Synchronize what, exactly?

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    You can configure Internet Explorer to be your default browser, click on the gear and select Internet Options. Click programs, and then click on use default.

  • Change default on Office 365

    I am running an iMac with the captain and using Office 365.  We use a PC to run a program that we access using DRC and these are recorded on my cloud.  When I open these documents word of my iMac, the page takes my whole screen and pages (if more than one) go to the page.  I want to change this so that the window is smaller and the pages go underneath each other everytime I open a new word document.  If I change the page layout, save and reopen the document it is right, but I don't want to have to do that every time.

    Have you looked at the "View" option once the document is open, to see what are the display options? A screenshot can be very useful.

  • Openand cannot download Office 365 attachments to emails

    Trying to open attachments to an e-mail using Microsort Office 365 I am unable to open it, but if it is in PDF format I have no problem.

    Weird, when it worked before...

    Try one of these, as appropriate:

  • How can I make Firefox comes out to check my email Office 365 account?

    I tried clicking on the checkbox "check spelling as I type" tab "Firefox", but I don't always get spellchecker on my email Office 365. (I'm here as I type, however, and also when I type in the text box on Google, for example.) I don't understand why Firefox is not also spell my email. I have spell check on my e-mail account Office 365 with Safari, but I love Firefox so much better. I'd appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you!!!

    ~ Julianna Crider

  • Office 365: sync problems


    I recently installed Office 365 for Mac (personal subscription) but in the calendar and Contacts, I see only local files (on my computer):

    E-mails work rather well.

    I already asked the community of office, but they have no idea about Mac products... I've been a loop around a person who can answer my question.

    Any suggestions?


    Connect via the web to make sure that your credentials are correct.

    Take a look at your settings to make sure that you have configured things that you think you did.

    Know also the support of the Office 365 is generally world class, or at least for my Pro Plus version. If you to your portal and make grant almost always call you within 10 minutes they advertise. The support portal has good research so you can often find the answer by typing a question like the communities of Apple.

    Good luck.

  • How to install office 365 on my apple pro

    Do I NEED TO MAKE my software to install office 365?

    Office 365 is a subscription service that includes five copies of Office for Mac that you can install on your Mac. Those who stop working when your subscription expires.

    For more information, see:

    5-and-Office-2016-ed447ebf-6060-46f9-9e90-a239bd27eb96?UI=en-us & rs = en-US & ad = US

  • Mail application crashes (Office 365 account)

    Hi all

    I recently added my new Office 365 account to my iPhone of 6 application more integrated messaging. For the first 10 minutes the emails were flowing very well without any problems, but after the mail app started crashing and I was unable to answer a simple mail.

    I turned my phone off and back on it and still the same issue. I made sure to check all the parameters - I even delete the account and re - he added. Despite this, I still have the same question. I reduced the synchronization of e-mail to "1 week" and that is has not solved the problem.

    My iPhone is updated to iOS 9.3.1 and no other update is available.

    Would appreciate it really a few ideas to help solve this problem - or if it's a bug can Apple release an update to fix this.

    Thank you


    Same exact issue here.  We migrated in fact just a tenant to an another Office 365 and after migration, we have a handful of users of iPhone (and ipad) with this problem.  Return in a phone to users, we have been able to do a full factory reset (without catering) and the returned issue after adding the exchange account.

  • Office 365 for free for iPad 9.7 pro

    It is free or not. Or just free to view only not for editing. Thank you

    Microsoft has not updated a number of their sites since the release of the iPad 9.7 "Pro is confusing.

    The following States you will need a subscription to Office 365, if your mobile device is larger than the screen 10.1 "and has other criteria: n-b6518311-893a-4a89-bfcd-bdc56bf52085

    The following has more details on additional features with a subscription - but has not been updated since the Pro 9 7 - and note that it does not mention the provision 10.1 "in other sections (. g. Android):

  • Office 365 calendar items change to the meeting requests

    I used my iPhone for years and synchronization with a local Exchange 2010 Server (on-site).  Last week, I've upgraded to Office 365 online Exchange 2013.  I always use the default Mail and calendar app on my iPhone.  However, I have a problem where my calendar appointments are "converted" into "meeting requests" whenever I have change the appointment on my iPhone.  It is very annoying.

    Here are the exact steps to reproduce this problem:

    1. create a date from the calendar in Outlook.  (I tried this on 2010 and 2016 with the same result).

    2. wait for appointment sync to your iPhone.

    3 open the appointment on the iPhone and change the START TIME.  Just move it before 1 hour.

    4. wait until it syncs again.

    5. now, open the appointment on the calendar in Outlook, and you will see that it is now defined as a "meeting request".

    6. the only way I found to fix it is to click on 'Cancel the Invitation' inside Outlook and then save again, the appointment.

    It is at the origin of the real headache!

    I tested INTENSIVELY and the steps above the problem to happen every time.

    I also tried the same scenario with an Android phone (using the calendar app) and it works fine.  It does not cause the weird happen meeting invitation.

    I also tried to use Outlook to iOS, and it works very well with this application.

    So this seems certainly to be affected ONLY by the default iOS calendar app.


    Have you already found the solition for this annoying problem?

  • Edition of word and excel with office 365 on ipad

    How to change a word or document excel on my ipad?  We use office 365.

    I have Word and Excel apps loaded.

    I can't understand where to save and how to save the file to my desktop, so I can then access on the ipad.

    any help?

    If you have Office 365, the simplest method is through OneDrive and your Office 365 subscription includes the free storage for OneDrive (currently from 1 TB to a personal account).

    On your desktop, save the file on OneDrive (exactly how you do it depends on if you use Mac or Windows and what version of Word/Excel). If you use Microsoft Office for Mac I can give you instructions step by step.

    On the iPad, tap Open (in the box on the left) and then press OneDrive and navigate to the file.

    The following has more support for iPad OneDrive Mac and Windows: cc73fcabb30

  • Contacts E-mail only automatically add to Contacts from the Exchange (Office 365)

    Don't know if anyone else has this annoying problem...

    Something is create new E-mail contacts only in my 'Exchange' directory of contacts OSX. They do not appear in the 'Contacts' Exchange directory (I use Office 365 for enterprises).

    They seem to have been created emails, I sent in the past, but if I empty my "sent" folder it still happens. It's boring because very often they are duplicates of contacts I already have and they pop up in the email "to:" invite the field and in the calendar.

    Remove Contacts works for a day or two, but then they reappear later.

    Looking at my Office 365 people via a browser, I can't find a directory 'changes everything '... Just 'Contacts' and "Skype for Business Contacts" and only rogue e-mail contacts are not found.

    BTW I have disabled "Contacts are in the mail" in Contacts > Preferences.

    I don't know if there is a problem with OS X or with Exchange.

    Any ideas why this happens?

    I have exactly the same problem (already since OSX Mavericks) and it is very very annoying because he not only mess Contacts, but also the results of research in Mail. I filed a bug report last year, but nothing has happened with it.

    I have no idea how to solve this problem!

  • Microsoft Office 365 does not work after update of El Capitan 10.11.4 March 27

    I've upgraded to El Capitan 10.11.4 March 27 and my Microsoft Office 365, specifically the word & excel stopped working properly. Files can be opened, but when you save the new content, and then close the document, it does not record properly (and no backup or temporary file cannot be found). Once opened again, they eventually return to the saved before the update version. Thus losing the latest added to the document after the update.

    If anyone has experienced this or can help, I'd appreciate it. This is my first mac and I thought it would be much easier to use than a PC, but I'm not sure I can take this abuse much more time

    You can also report the issue in the Microsoft support forum. Note that Office 365 indicates only that you purchased Office in the subscription, but it does not indicate what version of Office you are using. The following link will allow you to choose the version during the validation of the issue:

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