Office Jet Pro 8600 that printing of the iPad

I am running Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and have recently have not been able to print from it. My printer is the Office Jet Pro 8600, and on the first week I got it Setup print without problem. Now, I can only print from my iPad and when I try to print from my computer it says that it completed the work.

Hello frashure11!

About your problem, I suggest you check if you receive the internet signal or uninstall and reinstall your HP printing software again. The reason of why I tell you to do these is because when you try to print wireless, then you know how much you receive signals. For example, if you do not receive the maximum amount of the signal, then the chances are that printing occurs slowly. Sometimes, you can also try to uninstall the printer software and reinstall it again. But before you do that, re - check that your internet connection is to give a signal properly. I prefer lets you choose a password that has a security code, so that you can receive the maximum signal, somewhat, rather than having several people use it. Thus, your internet will go slowly and your impression will slow down.

I hope this works!

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  • Office jet Pro 8600: how to change the folder for the scans on my Apple?

    Hi, I want to know how to change the destination for my scans folder when I scan from the printer.  Currently, the scans go to "documents", and I want him to be in a business case.  Clues?  I tried to watch some instructions on the previous posts, but it seems that they are for windows.

    Thanks for the help!

    Hi @jgossc,

    I'd be happy to help you change your scan destination. I understand that when you scan your Officejet Pro 8600 to your Mac, the file analysis is currently underway to your documents and want to let them instead to a business case.

    To change the destination please follow the steps below and let me know the results of your efforts:

    • Open HP utility
    • Select Scan to the computer
    • Click Scan tasks to change
    • Choose a shortcut to scan
    • Select Edition
    • In the options listed here, you should see scan destination

    If this resolves the issue, please click Accept as Solution button below; If not, let me know and I will do everything I can to help. Thank you.

  • Office Jet Pro 8600: Partial printing

    When you print a photo about a third of the picture is printed paper is ejected and then the rest of the image is printed on the next piece of paper.

    I use advanced photo paper HP mode landscape with dpi maximum or output of high quality. Curiously, I don't seem to have the same problem with plain paper. Anyone got tips?

    Thank you. My suggestion is to make a copy of the photo using only the printer. You can place a photo on the scanner and press copy on the printer, but it's normal, I see the issue now. It seems that this may be a hardware problem and have nothing to do with software or print settings. Looks like the printer has difficulty feeding paper properly, or paper photo itself could be sticking causing 2 sheets to feed through both.

    You may be new photo paper you can try, paper fresh out of the package?

    Now that I understand the question, I suggest you use the following document to solve the problem: HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-all-in-one printers (N911) - more than one Page at a time feeds through the printer.

    Thank you for your patience and perseverance. Talk to you soon.

  • Office Jet Pro 8600 N911g: San to the network folder

    With the help of:

    Office jet 8600Pro N911g

    10.11.5 OS

    Firmware: CKP1CN1545AR (just updated today, Firmware was just posted in the last few weeks)

    Print driver: 4.2.0 (just download today through 'HP Easy Start')

    "Trying to set up' Scan to network folder" and continue to receive "the connection failed". In the past I used SMBUp add on software to scan to folder with the older firmware. After trying all the configurations of the network path, which does not work and receiveing several different reasons does not connect, I turn on the SMBUp and it worked. Turned out and received "the connection failed".

    Installer for the scanning of network:

    Computer name: TGC-IMAC

    Network path: \\TGC-IMAC\HP-SCANS

    It works with SMBUp, but not when it is turned off.

    I tried to set up for a year without the use of SMBUp. I noticed today that the new firmare was available, and he said he would 'improve' Scan to network folder for several versions of the OS 10.

    What Miss me... bad etc.?

    HP you have to work on the development of the configuration software to search for the path to the computer, then 'user guide' in the folder he wants to use. The current guessing game and test has got to go.

    The user community has waited for YEARS for this correction, and now there doesn' t seem to work.

    Any suggestions or comments would be useful, especially from HP.

    Thank you, tom

    Problem solved...

    Came in this AM and I tried the test and it WORKED... The only thing that has changed is the computer and the printer have been turn off and started again. In addition, scanned a document in the affected folder.

  • Office Jet Pro 8600, how to install the full features of MAC OS x 10.8 software.

    Must be able to use all the features of SCANNING (double-sided), but can't seem to find a COMPLETE package of software for OS 10.8 Mountain Lion

    Hi labsinsc2003,

    You can download the SW of full functionality of your product in Lion mountain from the following link: Driver & Software Downloads - HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium e-All-in-One - N911n

  • Office Jet Pro 8600 can not connect the Web Service server.

    Apparently, I need to enter a proxy address. Where can I find details of proxy? I use Windows 7 and I just installed the printer successfully (wireless)

    Thanks in advance!


    We are pursuing.

    Next would be to put a static IP address on the printer.

    To have the information needed to set the static IP address on the printer, press the right arrow on the front panel of the printer > installation > reports > network configuration.

    B. open internet explore and type the IP address of the printer in the address bar, then press on enter.

    The printer's built-in web server should pull up.

    C. click on the network tab upward.
    On the left side, click IPv4 on your connection type, wired or wireless.

    D. change the IP from automatic to manual.
    Enter the same IP address, the default gateway and the subnet mask.
    Enter for the primary dns and secondary, then click on apply.

    E. after is the button clicked apply to apply the static IP settings, enable Web Services.

  • impression of air: e hp print mobile app activate office jet 4500 g510n to print from the ipad 2

    Consider a HP Officejet 4500 G510n wireless. It will allow printing from my IPad 2 if I download the app from HPeprint

    Hi Spearob,

    I see that you are thinking of getting an Officejet 4500 print with your iPad 2.  The Officejet 4500 will work with Hp ePrint app.  I'm linking you to a support page that shows the Officejet 4500 is supported by enforcement ePrint.

    OfficeJet 4500

    I hope this helps.

  • HP Office Jet Pro 8600: HP printer ink

    I have a HP OffcieJet 8600 Pro, bought at the Mexico.  You just bought a Triple of #951 ink cartridges at a local Costco.   It shows the volume of ink per cartridge, 'milli liters': ml 8.5 Cyan, Magenta 8 ml, yellow 8 ml.

    As you know when buying HP ink in the States it shows "number of pages per cartridge.  Much easier!

    Question: How translate the 'ml' volume numbers in number of pages?

    P.S. I am a retired American residing in Mexico, at least temporarily.

    HP Pageyield site lists the ml of ink so the performance of the page.  The cartridges you are standard size 951 rated to 700 pages.  If you do a lot of printing the 951xl give a better cost per page.

    There are a few considerations for better ink economy:

    • For use daily impression with project settings.  The print quality may be acceptable and the use of ink is half that of the normal modes or better.  (Page yields are based on normal mode).
    • Always leave the printer connected to a live outlet.  If another taken or external switch is used to power off the printer more than ink will be used at startup.  The printer automatically turns into low-power sleep mode when running ot.
    • Do not run cleaning cycles from the Toolbox Panel or printer unless necessary (which is rare).  Cleaning cycles, using ink and are rarely needed.

    Performance of ink cartridge reference Volume

    Ink cartridge Cyan 951 HP (CN050W) 700 standard pages 8.5 ml
    Ink cartridge Magenta 951 HP (CN051W) 700 standard pages 8.0 ml
    Yellow ink cartridge 951 HP (CN052W) 700 standard pages 8.0 ml
    Ink cartridge Cyan HP 951XL (CN046W) 1500 standard pages 17.0 ml
    Ink cartridge Magenta HP 951XL (CN047W) 1500 standard pages 17.0 ml
    951XL (CN048W) HP yellow ink cartridge 1500 standard pages 17.0 ml
  • HP Office Jet Pro 8600: nothing prints

    The printer queue says "the printer does not. I checked the wireless connection and everything seems fine. I cleared the print queue and restarted the printer.  But still nothing prints. Help! Please, I beg you!

    HP provides a free tool called HP Print and Scan doctor to diagnose and troubleshoot printing and scanning. Download and run printing HP and doctor Scan quickly and automatically perform several tasks of troubleshooting.

  • Office jet pro 8600 more: printer code request

    I do not know and can not find my printers code application so I can add to my connected hp account and change his email address so I can print from my carrier wireless 4G LTE network.


    It is a series of questions. Still, you need to connect to the internet first until you can get a claim code.

    No link, no code claim.

    Have back to your other post, you managed to get it to connect to the internet? It is much easier to follow when using a post rather than spread around many messages.

    Kind regards.

  • How to print envelopes and labels on an Office Jet Pro 8600 more all-in-one

    Envelopes and labels can be printed using the paper on top of the Office Jet Pro 8600 more printer all-in-one?

    If printing envelopes the lower tray, should I remove the paper from the tray and adjust the margns?


    You are not able to print labels or envelopes of the ADF, for copying or scanning only. Also, it is not necessary to remove the regular printer paper to print on these types of media, even if it can make it a little easier. All you have to do is go to word or any other type of program allows you to print and select the appropriate model label or envelope and follow the instructions.

    Let me know if you need additional assistance.

  • HP Office Jet Pro 8600 help how do I enlarge the print on an original when it is in copy mode?

    I find it on my help screen how do I enlarge the print on a copy of an original document that I want to copy. I have Windows 7 on my computer and printer is HP Office Jet Pro 8600 wireless. I have a printer HP (3 in 1 officejet) before and it was much more user friendly. Is to use the online mode?

    Here is a link to the user manual. To get the possibility to enlarge the copies, press this option on the display of the printer, then tap SETTINGS and then select resize, use the right arrow key to scroll through the sizing options on the printer. Changing the settings of copy is covered on page 59 and 60 in the manual. I hope this helps.

  • How to choose a print with black ink only on the Office Jet Pro 8600?

    How to choose a print with black ink only on the Office Jet Pro 8600?

    Please read this post then provide some details.   What operating system? For Windows 7, the setting must be in the Advanced tab as shown below.  Note that color ink may still be necessary to avoid that the print head clogged, see here for more information.

  • Office Jet Pro 8600: office jet pro 8600 clear the display

    I have an Office Jet Pro 8600 and need to know if there is a way to fix the screen faded. You don't see the options like print, scan, fax, tools...  It isn't that I know where they are and who's who for the most part.

    In addition, scanning is not clear.  Everything is faded.  However, it still prints and faxes by a fine.  I hope I don't have to buy a new All In One Printer.  I finally got most of the glitches and tricks when I have a problem with it.  Is it possible that there is a light bulb needs to be changed or something?  I appreciate your help & feed back as soon as possible.  I use in an office on a daily basis.

    Kind regards


    Hey @mere4340,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support.

    I see that you have some problems with the copy and see the display on your Officejet 8600 e-all-in-one printer. I can help you with that.

    To start, make sure that the printer is plugged directly into a wall outlet, not a surge protector. Once it is, while the printer is on, remove the power cable at the back of the printer for one minute.

    If after the above, that you can't always see the screen or copy clear, the printer needs to be replaced because it has no replaceable bulbs in the scanner or the display. You can contact the HP Support by clicking here and filling out the form below to see what options are available.

    Please let me know if that solves your problems. If so, please click on accept solution. If you appreciate my help, please click on the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

  • Trouble installing the software and the driver for Office Jet Pro 8600

    I get error that "additional software is necessary to continue' when I try to install the software and drivers for my wireless printer Office Jet Pro 8600. I just got a new laptop and had at first no parameter problem the printer and it prints fine, but now for some reason it is not print at all. I tried to restart my laptop and printer several times, but it keeps saying printer offline even if it is connected to my wireless. I followed the recommendation of an assignment that suggests to abolish the printer and reinstall, which is where I am now. Now, I can not install this printer at all by the above error message. Help, please!

    Thank you!

    Hi HSchulz,

    When you try to install with the CD, try installing the latest Windows 7 driver from the HP website. Restart the computer, turn off the printer, then reboot your router and then launch the installation. Here is a direct link to the driver file:

    Select the connection Wireless option during installation to get the printer on the network and associated with the laptop. Let me know if this helped at all...

    I work on behalf of HP.

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