OfficeJet 4635 or want 5661: printing in black and white, scale to gray, but WITHOUT color cartridge, or dead-dried-up color

I almost always (more than 100% of the time) print out text B & W, duplex, 2-up.  my old HP PSC 1315 works very well with a drying cartridge, using only black ink color.  but it's send me paper transport problems, carrying across multiple pages and ruin my impression sequence.

I am considering the 4635 Officejet or all in one Envy 5661.   two of them prints my way, WITHOUT requiring that I have a liquid color cartridge loaded (much less actually need that I use color ink)?

Thank you


6551 envy may print as a "single-cartridge" mode with the color (or black) cartridge, completely washed out as described on page 52 of the manual here:

Use single-cartridge

Use single-cartridge use the HP ENVY 5660 series with only one cartridge. Mode single-cartridge begins when an ink cartridge is removed from the distribution of ink cartridges. Mode single-cartridge, the printer can copy documents, copy pictures and printing from the computer.

NOTE: When the HP ENVY 5660 series operating in mode single-cartridge, a message appears on the printer screen. If the message appears and two ink cartridges are installed in the printer, make sure that the piece of plastic tape protection was removed from each ink cartridge. When the Ribbon plastic covers the ink cartridge contacts, the printer cannot detect the cartridge is installed.

The Officejet 4635 lists similar features on page 77 here user guide.  The Officejet 4635 does not explicitly say that it will copy with only one cartridge, it would be something to check if you choose this model. [In fact, may be a good thing to check with each model - the user guides are sometimes wrong...]

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  • HP ENVY 5644 e-all-in-one Prin: I want to print in black and white


    I wanted to print in black and white but still my printer print in color when there is a picture in the paper, it's really annoying because when I go to the properties of the printer I press black and white or black press ink only then when I press on save, I'll be back in the printer properties to find her back to color No matter how many times I put it in black and white it goes back to color. I tried pressing black and white and not return to the printer properties, but it still prints in color. Also, I changed my default settings of the printer in black and white through the control panel and tap Save. When I go into Control Panel, its saved printer properties such as black and white by default, so that's good. But for some reason when theres color of text or an image on the page I want to print, I can not change to print in black and white, keeps coming back to color.

    Please help me!

    Hello @Matthew002, hope you are well!

    Thank you for joining the HP support forums, I would like to help

    I understand that you are having problems when printing in black and white and also the printer goes "offline".

    Going through your post, this could be a problem with the printer drivers. In this case, we might need to uninstall the drivers and re - install the same.

    Now try to change the printing preferences:

    • Go to control panel - devices and printers - give Envy 5640 right-click and select Printing Preferences.
    • In the pop-up window, click on the 'Advanced' button - check for printing in grayscale option. Make sure it is turned on

    PS: Your printer support mode single cartridge. So if you want to completely stop color printing you can get out the color cartridge and use only black.

    Let me know if this helps. Good luck!

    See you soon

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  • using the color laserjet 3600n - I want to print in black and white, but it prints black and white negative. * beep *.

    using the color laserjet 3600n - I want to print in black and white, but it prints black and white negative.  * beep *.

    I was able to recreate what you see.   I managed to work around it by installing a different driver that is also supposed to be compatible with the CLJ3600.

    Please consider trying this as a possible solution:

    (1) uninstall the driver CLJ3600 by opening printers and fax machines, driver selection and right-click on it and select Delete.  Once it is removed, right-click on an empty space in the windows printers and faxes and select Server properties.  Click the driver tab, click the CLJ3600 and then click on remove.

    One when you're done, restart, and then install the CLJ3500 driver.  This is a previous version of the driver that has been implemented for the CLJ3600 and is compatible with the CLJ3600.

    After installation, try printing again.

    The output I have indicates it will print is more negative.  Please let me know if you have success.

    One caveat about this solution.  The Color LaserJet 3500 doesn't support duplex.  Of workaround only works for two printing on the package of basic or the Color LaserJet 3600 N.

  • Why Photoshop CS5 print in black and white when the photo is in color?

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    @ !

    Please save your Presets and Photoshop settings (if any). See how Photoshop like a Pro backup settings: at the Pro Photo Show

    Reset then Photoshop Preferences.Follow the steps mentioned in the thread FAQ: how to reset my preferences?

    Kind regards


  • I want to print in black and white only on my hp photosmart 6520

    Photosmart 6520 windows 7 How do I put this so it prints only in black and white not color at all times.

    Hi macys.

    Welcome to the HP forums!

    Implemented a Photosmart 6520 for black ink only from your Windows 7 computer? That I can help with

    You will want to start devices and printers (via your control panel) with access to your folder and right-click on your Photosmart 6520 icon and select Printing Preferences. The window that opens will be similar to the display on the left of the screenshot below. On this screen you click the Advanced button, and then you will see a screen similar to the one on the right of the screenshot. There, you go the black ink only setting and press OK. Press and then apply on the previous screen before pressing OK again. The driver will now be on use black ink only.

    Let me know if that does the trick for you!

  • Photosmart 7520 printing in black and white?

    I have a photosmart 7520. I want to print a black and white text form, but since there is no ink in the photo to the left cartridge, I can't print anything. Is it not possible to print only black and white stuff, whith this printer?

    Thank you


    Hi Thomas (Jeeeez).

    This is great news, you are the very welcome

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  • All-in-one HP Deskjet 2540: How do I set the default to print in black and white only

    The manual says this, but it applies to a PC and I have a Mac:

    "If you want to print a black and white document using a black ink only, click on the Advanced button. Printing from the drop in grayscale, select black ink only, and then click OK. »

    Someone knows how to set the printer to print only black & white for a Mac?

    As an accompaniment, there are security settings that must be configured to reduce the risk of access remotely for the printing device?

    Thank you

    Follow the steps below to print using black ink only:

    1. from the application used to print, click the file menu and select print.  The print window is displayed.
    NOTE: The print window might be minimized: click Show details to display all available parameters.

    2. to access the color options, click in the area of selection below, listed as the name of the program (e.g. TextEdit)
    Will appear as Copies & Pages within Microsoft Office applications.

    3. Select Type/quality paper in the menu dropdown.

    4. click the triangle next to color Options of spending parameters.

    5. set the color to grayscale field.

    6. set the Mode to grayscale in black cartridge only.

    You can save the settings for later use by clicking preset > save current settings as preset... Once you print using the saved preset will remain by default up to what we will choose another preset.

  • I am trying to print in black and white to save the ink color on a officejet 6500 has

    I am trying to print in black and white with my hp officejet 6500 a. I use a macbook with safari.

    Can you help me?


    1. Open the file woiuld you want to print, and then click file > print.
    2. Look for and click on the area of selection below, known as the name of the Application (e.g. Safari) ot Copies & Pages in MS Office print dialog box.
      You may need to dedicate the printing options by clicking on the arrow next to the name of the printer for Mac OS 10.6 or by clicking on the button show details for Lion.
    3. Click on Paper Type / quality.
    4. Click on the arrow beside Color Options to spend the color options.
    5. The value of color to Grayscale.
    6. Now you can set like quality or using black ink only.

    You can save your settings for future use by clicking on the preset selection box.
    Then, you'll be able to easily select from the presets list

    Please let me know of any questions,


  • HP officejet pro 8500 a910 does give me the option of printing in black and white


    My hp officejet pro 8500 a910 does give me the option of printing in black and white. How choose to print in B & W when the option does not appear under properties?

    Thank you.


    Used to print application, click file > print

    Click Properties or preferences to access the Printing Preferences dialog box.

    Click the Advanced Options button at the bottom of the window.

    According to the characteristics of the printer, click on the area of selection of printing in grayscale and as high-quality grayscale or black ink only.

  • 8600 officejet pro to only print in black and white only

    How can I configure my 8600 officejet pro to only print in black and white automatically so I don't have to authorize whenever I print?

    Hi Andrewbono,

    You're welcome, I'm glad we were able to fix everything together!

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  • HP Officejet 6500 a Plus. How to get a fax received to print in black and white and not the other way around

    I'm using an iMac with OS X 10.6.8.  A fax sent to me is loaded into a folder open on my desktop.  The fax image is white on black al, though the original was black on white paper.  It prints white on black background.  How to reverse the image to black on white?

    Ok. Well I don't believe that you are able to reverse the colors directly on the printer. Once the image has been saved using this color format, you will need to reverse the image on the computer first, then the corrected file printer.

    You can invert the colors using the preview. Once you open the image in preview if you select "Tools" then "Color Adjust". Here you will be presented with slidered for black and white levels. To "reverse" all colors, you need to do is the slider level black all the way to the right, then drag the white slider completely to the left.

    Let me know if it works for you!


  • Color display you want to only print in black and white?

    Hi all

    I have been responsible for creating a PDF file that displays in color on the screen but will print in black and white. It doesn't matter who chooses to print from any computer.

    Any ideas if this is even possible? If so, how?

    Searched the web and can't find anything, so any help is very appreciated.

    See you soon

    Is not possible.

  • Why can I not print in black and white only?

    Why is the HP Officejet Pro 8600 more unable to print black and white only if the black cartridge is not empty?

    What I mean is that I went into the settings to set the printer to print black and white only but also print text in black only.  Yet, I HAVE to replace the cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges, because they are exhausted.  Nothing to do with black printing, whereas a SEPARATE black cartridge is and is always full should cyan, magenta and yellow ink?

    I'm aggravated about how the driver for this printer is designed TO FORCE me to buy cartridges not black when I deliberately put printing be BLACK ONLY.  I'm unable to move forward with my impression.  This is considered to be a show-stopper and is unacceptable as the setting that I've assigned and exhausted cartridges message contradict each other.  If the adjustment is made for print in black and white only including text, then print black and white, because I know that the black ink is still available.

    Take into consideration that printing may take place at any time.  Not being able to use black as my other color (WHICH IS NOT EMPTY AND IS A SEPARATE CARTRIDGE) forces me to stop.  I can't go forward until the store open.  Wal-Mart isn't always an option.   It's lost time.

    The inability to switch to self-supply to meet to use the black cartridge is only a waste of time.

    Call it for what it is, a form of ransom. HP wants me to spend the money on the color cartridges that have nothing to do with black and white printing.   When I am ready to print in color, which should be a time of my choosing.

    Either way, the form, which I am trying to print is black and white only.  No color is on this form.  It is foolish to force printing in color to a black and white document.


    Specially protect the print heads printers much NEED other inks even they only print in black. During the warm-up process, printers require all inks so they can stop before we continue. Some printers allow printing (especially those who have the ink tank three colors), but they can print at a speed of snail baby.

    Kind regards.

  • Cannot print just black and white - cannot print all black when a low cartridge

    I had this 6700 Officejet just long enough the warranty has expired. Go figure. I have 2 problems.

    1. from my PC, it will print not just black and white, even if I chose "printing black and white only. I have to go through the whole syetem of dialogue ect ect, which is delayed. It prints perfectly just black and white of my portable Macbok.

    2. it won't let me print a document all in black and white, because I have a low color cartridge. Whey do I have to have color cartridges to print just a black and white document. Very annoying and frustrating. I'm almost ready to use as target.

    Hi fpsolutionsllc,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I understand your frustration and want to enlighten us and also bring some answers to your questions about the ink on your HP OfficeJet 6700 systems.

    1. you are able to go to your printer properties and change your settings for printing in black and white only, without having to change it whenever you want to print something. See the steps listed below:

    * Go to your devices and printers

    * Right-click on your 6700 and select Print Options

    * Select your desired default and press Ok

    2. you cannot print without all cartridges installed because even if printing black and white printer will still use the ink contained in the cartridges of color for maintenance tasks. It takes little ink from all cartridges in the service of the print head and avoid any clogging. To get a better understanding of take a look here: use of inkjet printers ink.

    I've found this useful information here: a 'ink alert' or "Low on ink" Message appears on the computer or the printer control panel

    Thank you

  • E HP Print prints only black and white

    I print from an iPad on a printer Hp 5520, using print e. Hp previously was no problem until recently, it has now stopped printing in color and will be only only printing in black and white.
    If I print using the print on the iPad icon, I am still able to print in color, but I want to use the additional settings available in e print.
    I suspect that it may be to do with my an update of e print or IOS download

    I would appreciate any advice please.

    Hello R0dder5,

    Welcome to the HP Support forums.  I see that you do not want to be able to print using all options available in the HP ePrint app for your iPad.

    I'm sure that you already have, but my first suggestion is to check the settings in the HP ePrint app to ensure that it did not retain the setting.   If you choose the color setting is always print in black and white?  If so, please try to uninstall and reinstall the application.  You will have to start the activation process.  I've included the HP ePrint Mobile App FAQ document.  There the steps to uninstall the app, if you need it.

    Please let me know what happens.

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