OfficeJet 4650: New HP Officejet 4650 cannot be detected in the wireless

Have tried to install this printer with the 8.1 Windows wireless configuration wizard and Windows 10, and none of them can detect this printer on the same network. Manually enter that IP address of the wizard is not working too.

I also changed the printer IP of the DHCP server to static, same thing.

The only way it can detect the printer is through windows 'Add a device' where it appears a list of the devices in which 2 printers named with "Direct-*-4650". "» Not sure one to choose. Choose anyone of them will allow you to connect to this printer once. Next time, this printer can print either.

An observation is for Officejet 4650, he cannot be crazy; Unlike my other Deskjet 3050 a, its IP address is to ping requests.

Run the printer doctor tool too, and just, it freezes and sucks CPU forever without getting anything in return. What tool joke.

Please help me if possible.

Thank you


Just return to the issue with the solution. After working with HP support, we discovered the root cause. At home, I used extensions of TP-Link powerline to basic wireless network and ending up with 4 more wireless relay networks that are all on the same subnet and masks. Home, the devices are connected to different networks wireless in places and they have no problem to connect to each other.

However, this printer 4650, if the Setup program on one basis other than directly connected to the router network, it will be inaccessible. It can be reached from the core network; and all devices on other networks can reach it after that. Another printer, HP 3040 A, has no question also and can be installed on any network.

Seems a limitation of 4650 printer!

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    I'm hoping to find help before I need to run 50' network cable lilou my living room.

    I have an Office Jet L7590 printer.  I've had it for a few years, and until recently had it put in place thanks to our home wifi wireless.  We have 3 computers that print to it, all equipped with Windows Vista, with no problems... until I had to rearrange my office at home for an adult child go back home (don't started even get me here, lol).

    Thus, the new agreement is that the printer is now connected to the Extender of wireless network that we have implemented because I wasn't getting a good signal in the living room of the wireless router.  Since we moved the printer it reads "printer offline" in my control panel.

    The printer works fine if I plug a network cable on the router instead of the extension of the network, so I know it works, but because it is now enjoyed away from the printer that the extension of the network, I really need to connect it all together.  I'm pretty much the only computer that connects to the Extender, the others are connected via the wifi router.

    I hope that I gave all the necessary information, if anyone can help me please... I got until Tuesday evening to figure this out before I have to pass the cable network around the living room!

    We had problem connecting printers wireless Extenders because it seems that the printers have a difficult time trying to determine which SSID to connect to your router since the and extension have the same SSID... right?  One thing that works is power line adapters.  This example uses the wiring in your House for the Ethernet connections.  Works very well and since printers are not nits, no need of a lightning speed fast.

    What may also work is a client bridge.   I wrote this a while ago and will work in the House very well with a wireless printer.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8500 a - problem with the wireless radio

    First of all, I'm sorry for my bad English. I hope that you have little imagination when reading. I'll start to describe the problem and the lower list, I hope, all the relevant information you need to help me.

    Yesterday, I bought a brand new OfficeJet Pro 8500 has.

    Since I have found a little bit of my computer and my router I configure for wireless connection.

    All whent fine, the printer connected to my WIFI network without any problem and I was able to do a scan using the HP scanning software. How ever, when you try to scan a document nother directly after the first that did not work. I got an error message on the computer telling me that the computer could not connect to the scanner and it could be caused by the firewall. I also tried to print a word document, but it seemed that the document could not be sent to the printer during the observation of the State of the printer. Finally I gave up the print job and began to study the problem.

    By using the service to help in the HP software that I did all the things he suggested me to do. I have disabled the firewall, open TCP/UDP ports, restarted the router, the computer and the printer in different combinations, nothing worked.

    All the while the printer was connected to my WLAN, indicated by the State of the network printer and the router. I was about to give up but thought I should try only to disable and enable the transceiver wireless in the printer. To my surprise this solves the problem. I was in a position of scan and print documents.

    Today, after work, I tried to do another analysis, and the same mistake was present. Once more I did magic with the wireless radio and it has temporarily solved the problem, but he came back a few minutes later.

    Summoriz, the error can always be corrected by disable and enable the radio wireless, but after some time (a few minutes) the error returns that it self.

    I played a bit and discovered that it is possible to access the built-in Web server during the error. Not all functionality of the EWS seems to work perhaps (it's OK) but I can't among many things has see the State of the network and I can even do an analysis using the integrated Web server.

    I tried to reconfigure the printer using the printer setup wireless and also after a reset of the printer and it does not help.

    I hope someone on this forum knows a solution to my problem.

    Useful information:

    Computer OS: Windows 7

    Router: Thomson TG784 (I have an internet connection, phone and TV provider and this box takes care of this)

    Encryption: WPA - PSK

    WLAN: 802. 11 b / g

    No filtering MAC or SSID hidden

    Other devices on the network are two mobile phones and a Motorola Xoom Tablet

    Printers, IP address:

    Firewall: WIndows (the router is disabled)



    Problem solved. Reinstalled the PC s/w has little time and finally he solved the problem.

  • HP MSA2324i, new volume / LUN added, cannot be seen by the host ESX 4.1 (fine old LUN work)


    I have a vSphere Essentials Plus 4.1 cluster that is connected to 2 x bays HP MSA2324i SAN, we have 2 x hosts and both can see current volumes / LUNS absolutely perfect (vMotion and migration of VM offline all work as expected). I'm starting a consolidation project virtual disks / volume of the San 2 x, however a new volume I created on a network SAN cannot be seen by the other host.

    The new volume has been implemented exactly like the others, but of course with a unique logic for mapping unit number explicit, but when scanning the iSCSI HBA the new LUN is never found :-(

    I was wondering if others have had also this happens to them and know why this may be implemented?.

    (This is a company that I joined, it's my third week, and that they had also no VMware subscription on their reunification since 2012, otherwise I would be to connect a call to technical support of VMware, by train to get the sub upwards and running)

    OK I think that might be the cause, I came across this recently maximum LUN ID is 255, change the logic unit to a number smaller than 255 ID number and try again, let us know how you go!





  • OfficeJet J3680, cannot log on to the appliance

    OfficeJet J3680, connected by USB to Mac Mini with OSX 10.9.5.

    It worked very well for a long time, but now scanning is broken.  Print still works fine.  All features (printing and scanning) works fine if I connect the USB cable to my MacBook Pro with the same operating system.

    Specifically, I get the error message "unable to log on to the device.  This happens for all types of access attempt (preview, Capture of Image, system preferences > printers and Scanners > Scanner > Scanner open...)

    I tried different solutions, up to and including a complete uninstall and reinstall, with restarting the computer and the printer.

    Update Software Apple (in the App Store) indicates that I have successfully installed HP Printer Software Update Version 3.0.

    Printing SYSTEM has been reset several times.

    Clues?  It's super frustrating that it works on my laptop, but not the desktop computer (where there is meant to be fixed.)

    Hi James!

    Thanks for getting back to me, and Yes you are right and forgive dominant that the printer works with other devices.

    Here are a few suggestions more:

    1. Remove the first printer driver by following these steps: Sunshyn2005: FRUSTRATED! HP 6700 scanning feature does not not with my MAC
    2. Complete a manual uninstall then: Sunshyn2005: Re: definition of Scan
    3. Reinstall the driver v3.0: v3.0 of HP for OS X printer drivers
    4. If it still does not work, try to create another user account

    Hope you enjoy your Monday

  • HP Officejet will not be connected to the wireless network?

    I have a HP Officejet 6500 wireless which will remain not connected to the network over a half hour or so, max.  My wife runs a laptop XP Pro and I have a Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard.  She NEVER problems printing, but my computer is always looking for the printer unless I re - connect via the wirelss Wizard.  I also use a Westell 327W Versalink router/modem and I have connected my Mac via Bonjour, if that helps.  Any ideas out there?  I even reinstalled the router right next to the printer thinking that may be the issue.  He STILL abandons the connection, but it's funny that my wife's computer is not...

    OK, let's assume that your Mac software is correct for now.  Its probably a good assumption.

    We will define an IP address from the printer.  This can help find the network when he wakes fashion 'sleep':

    We will set an IP address of the printer:

    -Print a the front of the printer Network Setup Page. Note the IP address of the printer.
    -Enter the IP address in a browser to reveal the internal settings of the printer.
    -Choose the network tab, then wireless along the left side, then on the IPv4 tab.
    -On this screen, you want to set a manual IP address. You must assign an IP address outside the range that the router sets automatically (called the DHCP range). In your case, is that to can use
    -Apply the subnet (unless you know it's different, if so, use it)
    -Let the gateway and DNS white. Click 'apply '.

    Now, stop the router and printer, start the router, wait, and then start printing.

    After that, you will have to redo 'Add printer' using the new IP address.

  • New installation of Windows, cannot be updated, use the troubleshooters, install some drivers, etc.

    I just got my new pc in the mail, put everything together, things are going wonderfully.

    However, my old motherboard installed my hard drive as IDE, while my new motherboard used alone RAID or AHCI (im using the same hard drive for my new pc) and so I just reinstall windows using my installation disc. And when I loaded in windows, I installed my card drivers mother perfectly fine CD. However, I can't use windows update, even after the validation of windows. All convenience stores read "a problem is preventing the troubleshooting tool to start" (0x8E50247 error code) actually ive been awarded the xxxxxx247 codes error then Yes. Help, please. I want my PC to normal

    PS I have all my old files always in my windows.old folder. Can I just set that up somehow? If my computer is back to how it was before the passage of material?


    To troubleshoot Windows Update in Windows 7, we suggest that you follow these methods below and see if it helps.

    Method 1: Reset the Internet Explorer settings.

    You can reset the Internet Explorer settings to return to the State they were when Internet Explorer has been installed on your PC. This can be useful to solve the problems that could be caused by some settings changed after installation.

    Note: Reset the Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings. Also re - activate the Add-ons.

    Please click on this link to know how to reset Internet Explorer settings.

    Method 2: Perform the clean boot

    A clean boot is executed to start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This will eliminate the conflicts of software that occur when you install a program or an update or when your run a program in Windows.

    Click this link to learn how to perform the clean boot in Windows 7.

    Note: Please see: How to reset the computer to start as usual after a clean boot troubleshooting section of Kb to start the computer to a normal startup after you fix the problem.

    Method 3: Run System File Checker scans to check corruption of system files.

    1. Press the Start button, then type cmd.
    2. Right click on cmd and select run as administrator.
    3. If user account control dialog box appears, confirm that the displayed action corresponds to what you want, and then click continue.
    4. Copy and paste the following command in your command-line prompt: sfc/scannow
    5. Press enter to execute the command. It may take a few minutes to complete. If you find 100% full reorganisation, click X to close the command prompt.

    Let us know the result.

  • HP Officejet 6500 a Plus - E710n, loses the wireless connection

    • Mac OS X 10.7.3
    • installed with a usb cable
    • When the printer is on, it is available for a few seconds (I am able to print/scan only once), then it becomes unavailable
    • even if the printer is not available for the Mac, it is connected to my wireless network (check the connection on the printer display)

    Hi Marco,.

    I'm not afraid,

    Scanning from the Mac on the network can be performed using Hello only, Webscan is the only possible workaround.

    In order to obtain functionaity analysis complete by the software, you need to sort the issue multicast router.

    Kind regards


  • OfficeJet Pro 8710: Impossible to establish the wireless connection between my laptop and OfficeJet Pro 8710

    I'm tryng to connect wirelessly between my laptop and printer but I am unable to do so.

    My laptop finds the printer and when I go to add the device I invite me to "Enter the WPS PIN code for your printer". So, I printed out the Configuration Page of the network and it gives me the "wi - fi direct password", which I suppose is the password that is required to establish that it connection (I may be wrong in my explanation). However, when I type the password on my laptop it does not establish the connection. I said "try to add the printer again, or check with the manufacturer for addiitonal installation instructions.

    Any insght and assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    You should searh for your wifi network at home and connect your printer and the laptop to the network. Direct WiFi option is really only for configurations that do not have a modem/router.

    You may need to disable the option Wireless directly on your printer to help the wireless configuration.

  • HP LaserJet 1102w Professional P cannot connect to protect the wireless network

    Hello guys,.

    I have a customer who has this printer works very well until 2 months ago but now I'm getting problems to get the WIfi connection

    The script like:

    -Dlink router without password, with active MAC filtering.

    -MAC address of the printer (enter the Wifi list)

    -Manuel IP defined in the configuration of the printer page

    Now the printer only get connection to Wifi if I disable the MAC Dlink filter. If the filter as it is enabled, the printer remains offline (with blue led "blinking").

    Any ideas?

    You can connect without filtering, and then in the address mac filtering to add the mac address of a list generated automatically rather than manually typing it?  can activate filtering?  Is what model dlink router?  Also is there any other devices that are connected to the router by using the filtering?



    Here is the Vista Forums.

    Link above is for drivers and downloads for your laptop Inspiron 5160.

    There's no drivers Vista written for her. Only XP drivers are written for it.

    If you are using XP, I suggest that ask you in the Forums of XP:

    XP forums:

    Link above is for XP Forums.

    There is a list of the different Forums XP to the link above to help you.

    You get the help you need there.

    Here is the Vista Forums.

    See you soon

    . Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • New installation of Windows 7; No driver for the wireless adapter

    Ohmuhgod, please help!

    I'm on a Pavilion G7 - 2017cl and just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I installed all the recommended drivers, software and upgrades              and everything is going well except for the wireless network card driver. the sp57538.exe and the sp56154.exe do not install correctly.

    In the devices under other devices Manager, there's a yellow! indicator "Network controller" with "manufacturer: unknown" and under the hardware id is:

    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0032 & SUBSYS_1838103C & REV_01
    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0032 & SUBSYS_1838103C
    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0032 & CC_028000
    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0032 & CC_0280

    I tried: manually update the driver with several other downloads of various products of hp as a poke-and-hope approach; all the different combinations of deactivation/activation of the active devices while trying to install the drivers; install drivers in safe mode; Uninstall and reinstall the software amd chipset driver; HP Support Assistant; A patch of Bios setting parameters by default after a hard reset; and at my wits end, reinstalling the operating system and install all the fresh drivers one by one with a reboot after each... same result.

    I've been googling and binging for about ten hours... magical HP assistants, please send me a patch!

    Try Atheros:

  • My USB (Sony MicroVault click 8.0 GB) cannot be detected by the computer.

    * Original title: SONY usb does not


    My USB (Sony MicroVault click 8.0 GB) can not be detected by the computer, still flashing the LED on the USB key.

    How can I get my files on the USB key? They are quite urgent!

    I've been to rename the disc, with a program update driver already, but the computer shows no media in the drive.

    Please offer your generous help :(

    Hi Markus,.

    We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause.

    Quickly, I would like to ask you a few questions. Please answer the following questions to help you best.

    1. The devices works fine on other computers?
    2. Have you tried to connect the unit to different USB ports?
    3. What is the device detected in Device Manager?

    I would have you try these methods and see if that fixes the problem.

    Method 1: Run the hardware troubleshooter.

    You might be able to solve certain problems by running a convenience store will automatically fix some common problems with the hardware.

    a. press Windows + W keys on your keyboard.

    b. type Troubleshooting , click Troubleshooting.

    c. click on see all.

    d. click on hardware and troubleshooting of devices.

    e. click the Next button to run the troubleshooter.

    Method 2: Check if it the device is recognized in Device Manager.

    a. press Windows key + R, type devmgmt.msc and press ENTER.

    b. in the Device Manager, check if the USB drive is recognized and that there is no exclamation point .

    Method 3: Uninstall and reinstall the USB controllers.

    a. press the Windows key + X , and then select Device Manager.
    b. expand De Bus USB controllers and right-click on each USB controller.
    c. Select Uninstall.

    Restart the computer. It will be re - install the USB drivers. Check whether the problem is resolved.

    If the problem persists, you can check if the device is compatible Windows 8.1.

    For more information, see the link.

    Why Windows is not find my device? ' t-windows-conclusion-device

    Keep us informed on the status of the issue. We will be happy to help you.

  • Wireless laptop can not find the wireless Officejet 6700 printer

    My laptop can't find my wireless printer Officejet 6700.  Printer is on the wireless network but the laptop cannot find it.  Laptop the wireless.  Have cisco router on my NBN skymesh satellite.  Have you tried printer setup in the control message panels reads:-printer is not found.  Using windows 7.  Have tried to use scan doctor, turning his router unpluging printer and electrical power to the router. Still no luck.  Printer is about 1 meter portable.  Do I have to set up a home network and connect like that.

    If you can easily plug the printer into the router using an Ethernet cable, who always beats wireless!  Try it!

  • 4650: How do I enter the password on the printer

    I have this new printer and am trying to implement using the wireless. It shows a keyboard on the screen of the printer, but I can't understand how the example of input letters A and C. I must know how to do that but having a brain freeze. Can someone help me?

    I was able to find the phone HP tech support via my Internet provider number and technology has taken control of my desktop and laptops and made sure everything worked. I am now a happy camper!

Maybe you are looking for

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