OfficeJet 6100 won't print in b & W without cartridges installed color (SCAM)

NEVER buy an HP product.

I got an important document to print up last night, and this printer is not working even with all the settings in black and white only if one of the color toner is empty or missing.

You are extorting money from customers who bought your product in good faith.

I replace it with a Canon printer today.

You have lost a customer with your business practices skeezy HP.



This is a feature that was originally included in this printer as snowjg points out. However, this feature was surreptitiously removed due to future issues which this capacity also creates. Since it is possible to print without color from your computer via the device settings, this allows the printer to keep ink necessary for calibration and maintenance while reducing the production of ink color overall.

I think I described well enough the possible problems that can be caused by leaving a cartridge impoverished in the above machine, but if you have any other questions, I'll be more than happy to answer best I can.

Have a great day!

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  • OfficeJet 6000 won't print from computer on our network

    Our officejet 6000 won't print from a computer on the network. All 3 computers running Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium edition. The computer we have problems printing used to be able to print to the Officejet 6000, but now he can't.  In devices and printers, it says that the printer is connected, but I can't print a Test Page.  However, if I run the HP Solution Center, it says that the printer is connected and I can go to the Toolbox of the printer and print a printer status report.  The 2 other computers on our network have no problem printing of pages to document and test.  Why would a printer are struggling to print documents and test pages, but be able to print the printer status report?

    It's just a problem of connection and communication. The computer and the printer can be on different ports or IP addresses. Here's a link below that can help solve this problem.


    Let me know if this can help, thank you.

  • Office jet pro 8620: should I disable the printer without cartridge installed?

    I removed the original HP ink that was defective and took it back. Now I have the inkjet (Office jet pro 8620) without cartridges installed. The printer says not to disable so that it does not get damaged but I'll be away for a week and want to turn the printer off. I will cause damage if they do?

    Thank you. I guess I'll have to keep on like this for a week then. Too bad.

  • OfficeJet 6100: Black ink printing

    I have a yellow cartridge empty but want to print in black ink only 90% satisfied with my printing needs.

    The manual here says 32-33 pages that the printer will print black if there is enough color ink in the print head, but once the ink has run out completely the cartrdige will need to be replaced.

    HP and other printer manufacturers have technology another printer for different needs.  For ink jet printers:

      • Some have integrated into the ink cartridges print heads.  These printers can print generally with one or more of the colors completely empty, or even with color or black cartridges (but not both) removed. Deskjet 6980 series is an example, or for an all-in-one, check the Deskjet 2540.
      • Other printers have separate replaceable printheads and inks.  An example would be the printer Officejet 6100.  In these printers print head can be replaced if they are damaged by running the printhead with colors off.  Some of these printers allow printing with a color, the other will not.  If the printer is run without ink in one or several colours, the printer may be damaged, but the user may be able to recover without having to send to the printer for the service.
      • Other printers have permanent print heads.  To run only those without little ink in all colours would risk causing damage to the print head because of clogs, air ingested in the printhead or grilled printhead resistances of shooting. The Officejet 6700 is an example of this type of printer. For printers with fixed print heads that could require the service to get the printer to print properly again when the ink is finally replaced.

    The document described here how the ink is used.  While the document is written for inkjet printers HP the same principles apply to the other manufacturers.print but especially black color inkjet printers printer IPH as those in the first category above can be a good choice.

  • 7612 All In One OfficeJet: HP Officejet 7612 won't print without margins on A3 + photo paper.

    Just bought an Officejet 7612 specifically for printing photos without edge of 13 X 19. I use Windows 8.1 and tried 5 different paint and photo printing programs. All programs list the same options of paper size for the 7612 (choice 2 choices, and 7610 series watch regular and fax printer). The only options for 13 X 19 or A3 + with HP advanced paper selected photo is low-margin. I went to options/settings and selected the printer printing without margins, but all attempts to cause a small margin. I don't use HP Photo Creations because he won't open a TIFF, which has better quality than JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, offers the only options Photo Creations. There are choices for edge to edge printing, but for the smaller paper sizes. I lose paper photo cheap and need help to resolve this.  Thank you


    Welcome to the Community Forum of HP.

    Stop wasting your expensive paper right now.

    I can't read this correctly - you may not be able to do with the 13 X 19 inch Photo paper.

    Take a look at the Plug - plain paper for this size, YES - printer Photo Paper: not-so-good.

    If you can't, don't shoot messenger.

    I hope I'm lazy-brain.


    Install the full features software - printer

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    I am happy to provide assistance on behalf of HP. I do not work for HP.

  • OfficeJet 6100 Wireless: default print to hp officejet 6100

    I have an officejet 6100 on a WiFi network with a computer using Windows 7 and the other stuck with Windows 8.1.  On the Windows 7 machine, I can set the default value of printing from the choice of the printer control panel.   It is Only/Draft of black ink, and the settings are retained.  The other machine is Windows 8.  When we the printer (Control Panel) on the setting of the aboves, they returned to a stop settings / Normal grayscale.  This means that everything is printed in color and not the project unless we do not forget to change the settings before printing. How can I get the settings Windows 8.1 by default Black Ink Only/Draft machine?

    On the Windows 8 machine follow these steps: in Control Panel click devices and printers.  Right-click on the Officejet 6100 series and select Printing Preferences.  Click the paper/quality tab, select quick print of project quality, apply.  Then click on the tab color and check printing in grayscale and check the Black Cartridge Print selection only, apply.  Now you can also make a new print task Quick Set, type something like project - black only, Save, OK.

    At this point, the default should be project with black only.  Note that some programs may keep their default values.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 a: printers print only after the new cartridges installed

    Whenever I put in new cartridges I have problems with the print head alignment, then it usually printed.  This time, he was sitting with cartridges empty color for awhile and now it does not print at all.  I always use only the new HP cartridges.  It fails the alignment and the blue and yellow and sometimes the magenta show on the sheet alignment.  What is the print heads?  Why would I need to change them whenever I have to add ink cartridges new which makes no sense.  I have never changed them, but they worked very well until I added the new ink.

    Hey @janh1058,

    Welcome to the Forum from HP Support.  I hope you enjoy your experience here.

    I understand that e-all-in-one-HP Officejet Pro 8500 a your printer is printing is no longer.  I would like to work with you on this. I have a few suggestions that might restore your printing capabilities.

    It could be that the long period of inactivity of dormancy has dried the print head, even if you have made the right choice in leaving the cartridges installed in the printer.  I recommend you try the following basic troubleshooting steps before embarking on a manual print head cleaning more intensive:

    • Click here and clean the printhead automatically via the front panel of the printer, as shown in the second Solution.
    • Repeat three times if you still have print quality issues.
    • Remove and reinsert the cartridges once more with the printer to force the printer to print a different allignment page.
    • This to improve the print quality?

    If you use always the same question, I have a few more advanced troubleshooting tips:

  • Lexmark X 6100 won't print using Vista

    Lexmark X 6100 drivers do not work with Vista, cannot print

    Try to uninstall all existing Lexmark drivers from your computer. Restart the pc. I recommend to do not to connect the printer to your computer yet. Once the pc is ready, check if your Vista is currently running on the operating system 32-bit or 64-bit. For the software, I suggest you go to the Lexmark Web site for updated drivers. Just go to this link: Type the number of exact model of your printer (Lexmark X 6150, Lexmark X 6170, etc.) right underneath the images of some of Lexmark printers. Then press Select. On the next page, choose the driver appropriate and compatible with your operating system. Then, download and install the software. Follow the instructions and complete the installation. I hope this helps.

  • HP Officejet 4620: HP Officejet 4620 - won't print black

    Just replaced the cartridges in our Officejet 4620. All the colors are working well except black. I can't even print a document, if the text is black. Any suggestions? New genuine cartridges have been used.

    I ended up finding support chat live just after the announcement. New printer on its way.


    I just bought an installed my HP 5740 earlier this week.  I can't print in color of my MacBook.

    It will be printed in the color of my iPhone 6 however.

    When I print the page 'Print diagnostic quality' print A4 pages with color 4 color blocks that is to say, the black box has 3 columns of black, grey and light grey.  The Cyan box has 3 columns of the dark blue, light blue and medium blue.   The Magenta block has 3 columns of the BlackBerry to the lighter shade of a rose.   The yellow block has 3 columns of the shade darker of yellow in the middle and lighter shade of yellow.

    My older HP printer which was connected by cable always worked fine in color.

    Can help you.

    Thank you


    Finally, after several other attempts to download software and and full of reboots to laptop and printer, I was able to print in color.

  • HP Officejet 4620 won't print black

    I tried to print a document, and all that came out was very light gray lines.  I tried on several other types of documents and only got lines light grey or anything.  I tried with a test page and a page of quality control and test page had very light gray text on this subject and the test page was all colors work properly except not black at all.  I saw paper troubleshooting HP and have tried everything without success, I even deleted the printer from my computer and reset to factory settings.  This printer was given to me, so I have no idea what either the warranty.  What can I do?

    Funny, I have created a document in MS paint which had different lines, including a black, with black text color and printed on photo paper and it printed fine.

  • HP Officejet 6600 won't print because the yellow and pink ink cartridges are exhausted?

    I need to replace? I want to print in black and white not color so, how do I fix?


    Many IIC printers will not print (work) when a (whole) depleted cartridge. Some still unable to print, but a tiny snail. In short, you must purchase the new color ink.

    Kind regards.

  • OfficeJet 6600: Error general printer after replacing the ink cartridges

    Since the departure of cargtrides of ink is "Printer failure" and "there is a problem with the printer or ink system" and after pressing on "?" shows only "printer General error" without error code.

    I did all the steps he says I (reset the power) but the problem persists. Ink cartridges are new and HP.

    What could be the problem?

    Hi Chris2612,

    Thank you for your answer!

    I would definitely say to change the cartridges, if that does not solve your problem, then please call our hotline to the 800-474-6836 to get help. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number. Language-country selector.

    Good luck!

  • OfficeJet Pro K8600 - my print quality is mediocre... some colors are missing.

    With the exception of the first inch or two on a page of my printer seems to only print in red and yellow. He begins the ideal search for 2 or maybe 3 inches and then looks like there only red and yellow ink in it. The ink cartridges are all new. How will I know if the cause is my print heads? If so, should I replace both of them? Thank you!

    Here is the link to a document that deals with bad print quality for your printer model. It will give a troubleshooting to try to establish the quality of the production printer. In this document, it will show you how to print, and then read the diagnostic report.  It will show you what models of test on the average of the leaf when it comes to the health of the print heads. I hope this helps.

    If you reach the end of the document and have not fixed the problem of printer output; sought to be the replacement of the product.

    If you are still in warranty, HP can replace the printer without cost to you. I'll link the information to get in touch with them below. The link takes you to a form to fill out. Once you fill it and she is treated, it will give you the printers warranty information, a file number and the phone number to call. Technical Support case HP formula call:

  • HP Deskjet 3520: My HP Deskjet 3520 won't print black after replacing the cartridge

    I just replaced all my ink cartridges in my HP DESKJET 3520 printer (it's wireless).  It prints fine colour, but not black.  I tried to clean the print head, align the cartridges, check the intake on the cartridges.  I have also just opened another black cartridge, thinking maybe my new was defective.  So now, I've just lost a cartridge.

    so frustrated! My printer is more than a year now.  So not guaranteed.  When I click on the printer ink levels, he is grateful I have full cartridges - but is not printing in black at all.

    FYI, never heard of anyone in case HP. himself seems to have resolved the day after. Now my black ink cartridge works.

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