OfficeJet 6500 E709n: New portable 10 Windows cannot print on Officejet 6500 E709n

Just bought a Dell Inspiron with Windows 64-bit 10.  Cannot do print on my Officejet 6500 E709n.

* I can print to this printer even using another computer Dell laptop running Windows 7

* I have installed and uninstalled the printer a couple of different

  1. With the help of the HP Officejet Full Feature software and driver
  2. Using a detection printer 10 Windows "add a printer".

The results are the same.

  • Never test pages print (no reaction from the printer at all)
  • Printing and scanning doctor detects the printer and all the controls are ok.  Test page does not work, but it will print an internal test page

Another symptom, if I right click on the printer icon and select "Printer Preferences", I get a windows error window:

"Address of the 0x5d4982eb function caused a protection fault.  (exception code 0 x 0000005)  Some or all property pages are not displayed. »

Hi @jhrhilltop,

Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I read your post and see that you cannot print after you install the printer on Windows 10. I will definitely do my best to help you. If this helps you to find a solution, please click on the button "Accept as Solution" down below in this message. If you want to say thanks for my effort to help, click on the 'Thumbs Up' to give me a Kudos.

It does not resemble drivers for the printer installed correctly.

Run all the updates of Windows on the computer.

I would say to uninstall the printer software. Unlock the hidden administrator account, then install the printer on this account:

Note: Do not connect the USB cable until you are prompted during the installation.
Go to your Start menu and in the box "search programs and files", type CMD.
CMD will fill as an option to search above, just right-click on it and "run as Administrator".
Once opens in CMD (command prompt), type net user administrator / Active: Yes and press ENTER.
Then, close CMD and then restart your computer.
When your computer is on the newspaper in the new account which should show. It will be called Administrator and will not have a password on it.
If your computer automatically connects to your account after reboot than to go to your Start menu, click the arrow next to 'shutdown' and choose 'change user '. Now log on to the administrator account, that we have just released.
Under the administrator account, install the printer software.
Test the printer.
To disable the Admin account start at step 1 and type net user administrator / active: No..

Test the printer.

Please let me know the result and if there is anything else I can help you. Thank you.

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    Did you of recent changes made to your computer that caused the problem?

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    Method 1) restart the print spooler service and delete the print queue

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    Hope this information helps.
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    To troubleshoot Windows Update in Windows 7, we suggest that you follow these methods below and see if it helps.

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    Please click on this link to know how to reset Internet Explorer settings.

    Method 2: Perform the clean boot

    A clean boot is executed to start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This will eliminate the conflicts of software that occur when you install a program or an update or when your run a program in Windows.

    Click this link to learn how to perform the clean boot in Windows 7.

    Note: Please see: How to reset the computer to start as usual after a clean boot troubleshooting section of Kb to start the computer to a normal startup after you fix the problem.

    Method 3: Run System File Checker scans to check corruption of system files.

    1. Press the Start button, then type cmd.
    2. Right click on cmd and select run as administrator.
    3. If user account control dialog box appears, confirm that the displayed action corresponds to what you want, and then click continue.
    4. Copy and paste the following command in your command-line prompt: sfc/scannow
    5. Press enter to execute the command. It may take a few minutes to complete. If you find 100% full reorganisation, click X to close the command prompt.

    Let us know the result.

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    I received an update for Windows 10 Windows 7 without having to ask (impressive!). I had set up an Excel spreadsheet in Windows 7 Office 10, which worked very well, even if it has been formatted as a 8.5 by 11 "page in landscape. I had to Center vertically on the page. In Windows 10 my 8600 PRO now gives me an error that the blank check is an invalid page size. How can I get the printer to accept the blank check? The upgrade to 10 change settings in the printer driver?


    Please follow the instructions below to fix:

    You may need to reinstall the software and drivers.

    Kind regards.

  • 7612 HP Office Jet: given that 10 windows cannot print a3

    Since the upgrade to windaws 10 a3 size is not in the print menu


    Thank you for using the forum.

    Could you download 10 Win printing software (we recommend that you download the full features software) of this link;

    After installation, you should be able to use the printer driver and print to your A3.

    Hope that helps.

    Please click on the "Bravo Thumbs up" If this has helped you and 'Accept as solution' If this helped solved your problem.

  • Cannot print from HP printer Windows 7

    Original title: Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer set up.

    Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer set up.

    We are conducting this error appear only on a single machine, and others are connected to the printer very well.

    Windows 7 64 bit

    HP printer on the network (non-local)

    things I've tried:

    restart the spooler

    about adding the printer


    I tried to change printers and now I'm 1 or 2 errors:

    canvas does not allow for drawing, or an access violation in ccwinenterprise to the address... in the cceembeddedreports.dll module

    the only thing that seems to work is to restart the machine, and that won't do.

    Hey Wilson,

    I really appreciate the efforts to try to resolve the problem so far.

    1. When was the last time printer worked very well?
    2. You did changes to the computer before the show?
    3. What is the model of the printer?
    4. Your computer is connected to the domain network?

    I suggest to follow the article below and check if it helps. n-Windows-Help#Fix-Printer-Problems=Windows-7&V1H=win8tab1&V2H=win7tab1&V3H=winvistatab1&v4h=winxptab1

    For more clarification to us, we will be happy to help you.

  • OfficeJet 6500 E709n: Cannot print after upgrading Windows 10

    Cannot print. "Doctor print" said there is a software problem.

    Uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled the software complete... twice.

    Capable of printing in color "internal" wireless test page but cannot print a doc and it does not show in the Panel "see what's printing.

    Uninstalled all printers if none showed, in the Panel. When the software has been reinstalled, it showed two Officejet 6500 s on the control panel.

    I tried the post install 'Print sample' with each check printer default and no work.

    Seems that the problem started when I "upgraded" to the new Windows 10.

    Kili2 wrote:

    Cannot print. "Doctor print" said there is a software problem.

    Uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled the software complete... twice.

    Hi Kili2,

    Try to install your printer via "Open network" - via the window icon or desktop to explore - and choose 'Add devices and printers' (you may need to click the arrow next to the question mark for the top menu show).
    Let the wizard to search for awhile, selcect your printing device, and click 'next'.

    After you follow these steps, search for the new installed printer (the name is shown in network for printer and scanner) in "Printers and devices" in the control panel.
    Use this printer as the default printer and you should be able to print over the network cable or wireless.

  • New installation on windows 7 pro 64-bit sees not connected wired Officejet 6500 E710a-f


    New installation of Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on a gigahertz 3.40 AMD Phenom II X 4 965 with 8 GB of ram. Printer drivers worked on the same bench while he was running as Windows 7 Pro 32-bit.
    After only install FF, AVG, and Acrobat (almost a clean install), downloaded the software HP Officejet full feature and pilot 2012-10-22, Version: 116,98, 28.8 M - OJ6500_E710n - z_1315.exe and tried to install the Officejet 6500 E710a f.

    The printer has a manually set static IP and can be ping from the host. Clean Windows Firewall is disabled and stopped.

    The web interface using the IP address of the printer comes with all the features works on FF.
    Network status shows connected with IP address, hostname and Mac.

    However, when installing the network audit is no ethernet connection. Even manually enter his public static IP address or hostname does not solve the problem.

    Try the USB, the same question option. I see in Device Manager under other devices HPOfficejet 6500 and 6500 HPOfficejet - Fax with a blue questionmark.
    (In the same "other devices" there are 2 Officejet 6500 with a yellow exclamation point - probably from failed network installation).

    In the printers and devices window, the 6500 is displayed with the correct thumbnail, but with a yellow exclamation point icon. Law and by selecting the convenience store, Windows comes up with the message that no driver is installed and offers a solution.  The correction ends with the error that no drivers not found for the FAX. Re-apply the patch never finds the driver.

    Anyone who has met something similar (and a solution)?

    Thanks for any help!


    After trying to do an install clean-install of 100% and once again, the driver software could not find the printer name or IP address.
    Back at each stage, I noticed that I was not using the correct driver! For some reason I D/L the pilot E710n which is for HP Officejet 6500 a Plus e-All-in-One.
    Whatever the difference, when installing the E710n for the model does not detect the printer, or via USB or Ethernet.
    After you download the right driver for the E710a - f HP Officejet 6500 a e-All-in-One Printer (OJ6500_E710a - f_1315.exe) installation perfectly finished in a few minutes and everything goes well...

    You would think, base or USB connectivity network should not be dependent on the specific differences sub-model. I was expecting that a bad driver interrogate the device after finding its IP address and display an error message with useful text.

  • Cannot print from Windows Photo Gallery, my new printer HP OfficeJet 6600

    I have a new range of printers hp officejet 6600 and you cannot print the photo in Windows Photo Gallery.  Called HP and they said that the computer does not recognize the printer.   Had a HP technical support to install this printer as I didn't have the right drivers.

    Thank you


    While you need? A pilot? Take you him to HP.

    These are the support for all your windows 'Live' issues forums.

    If this it Windows Live Photo Gallery, you can get help here.

    Windows Live Photo Gallery

  • Satellite A135 - new installation of HARD drive "windows cannot be configured.

    I have a portable Satellite A135-S4467 with a hard drive failed (WD 160 GB).
    I bought a new hard drive (WD 320 GB).
    When I try to install windows vista (32 bit) on the new hard drive by using the original factory software installation CD toshiba, I get the following error message:
    "windows cannot be configured to run on this computer hardware.

    After reboot, Windows will start normally or in safe mode.
    I updated the BIOS to version 1.9.
    I tried also to install the updated RAID/AHCI drivers of intel to the windows installation, as recommended by the windows forums - I always get the same error message, even after several attempts to completely reinstall windows.

    Several forums, I searched for recommended to change the settings of the HDD (RAID COSM) in the BIOS.
    I don't know how / if to do this. When I enter the BIOS, I see the hard drive, but I can't select it, so I couldn't try it.

    It seems that I've tried everything, without success. I took care to unplug all external/etc devices during the installation as well. I also did all the drivers are for vista 32 bit.

    Help, please!

    Have you tried to install the OS using the Microsoft installation disc?
    There may be a compatibility problem with your new HARD drive.

    Do you get a place another HARD disk capacity not more than 200GB and test it?

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    Hi jamesgillwn,

    1. when exactly you get this error message?
    2. what disc do you use to reinstall?
    3. What is the exact error that appears when you try to start?
    4. at what point of the installation you get the error message?

    After researching the error 0x8007000D code is essentially due to file corruption and a problem with the drive itself.

    First check if you have scratches or dust on the disc and clean the surface and try again.

    To check if the disk is wrong, you will need to copy the contents of the DVD to the hard drive and try to install using that.

    Try the steps from the following link:

    Error message when you try to install Windows Vista by using the DVD drive on the computer: "Windows cannot install required files".

    Note: When you perform the installation, you will lose the data, make sure that you need to backup your data before you perform the installation.

  • I put a new hard drive in my laptop and when I installed Windows Vista I get this message: "windows cannot configure windows to run on this hardware of computers."

    I put a new hard drive in my laptop and when I install Vista I get this message: "windows cannot configure windows to run on this hardware of computers."  I can't install an oem on a new hard drive version?  This is the portable original in all other respects.

    original title: new hard drive and vista


    strange that you can request that

    HP computers have been known to not let you install Vista on a non HP bought replacement hard drive

    There were a few posters with this problem here

    If the OEM disc for this particular laptop, you should be able to reinstall it as many times as you want as long as you have not changed the main material (the motherboard)

    You can change the hard drives, RAM, etc.

    I presume that you boot from the Vista DVD

  • OfficeJet 6600 does not recognize my new HP Pavilion windows 8.1 for scanning

    I have a HP Officejet 6600 networking with my new HP Pavilion windows 8.1 it prints fine but does not recognize my computer when I want to scan. Whenever I want to scan a document to my computer I have to run Scan doctor. I called tech support and they can't help me because my printer is no longer under warranty as I bought it December 2012. but my office was purchased November 2013. They said that it is clearly a problem with the printer and not on the computer. They won't even talk to me or answer my questions without fees being paid first.  The scanner recognizes my laptop and desktop to the husband who have vista and 7, respectively. But I don't understand why it will print without difficulty and habit of scanning.

    Hi leila1964,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support.

    I want to offer a helping hand with the 8.1 of Windows not scanning with your HP Officejet 6600. When you run the HP print and Dr. Scan on the computer it says it fixes some thing or that it cannot fix what whether?

    Given that the printer works on the other two computers (Vista and 7), the problem is with the WIndows 8.1. I want to uninstall the printer software and the HP printer install wizard makes sure that we get the newest software possible.

    Let me know how it works.

    Thank you

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