OfficeJet 7110: Officejet 7110 properties show no long paper large format book option

This is a printer large format that Windows XP handled paper sizes up to 13 "x 19".  Now on Windows 10 these big papers are not displayed and cannot be used.

Have you installed the drivers HP full software functionality or may you used Microsoft Built In drivers? (a class driver).

What is the exact name of your printer is listed as?

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  • Why can't I not select paper large format on my officejet 7500 was using the House eprint & biz app?

    Why can't I not select paper large format on my officejet 7500 was using the House eprint & biz app?

    Oh!  This app is for use with printers-quality large format designjet commercial.  This application does not support the 7500 a wide format, because this printer is a printer of quality of household use.

    For more information about this application, see the link"> here.»

    Unfortunately, this print feature large format for the 7500 a thanks to ePrint is not available.

  • Large format HP Officejet 7500 a: print head for my large Format HP Officejet 7500 a


    I have a printer of e-all-in-one large Format HP Officejet 7500 a - product E910a No.: C9309A serial no: [personal information deleted]

    I need to replace the print head.

    I found this on HP page they said it use the CN643A

    On a support HP cat, what they said use CN642A.

    On another page of HP, they said use CH638A.

    The CN642A is now 5 HP564 ink cartridges, but still the HP web page said that it will work in my HP Officejet 7500 a large format using the HP920 cartridge.

    I found other heads of printing on the web article CD868-30001 model number and on the web page of HP were unable to match the part number for a list of available models.

    Now my big question including the number of pieces to the correct print to my printer head?


    I offer my apologies. It should have been if your printer uses 4 ink cartridges, type CN643A

    Please click HERE to access the document to see what print head fits into your printer.

    Check under Solution 4: replace the print head.

    Step 2: Order the print head

    He states:

    If your printer uses 4 ink cartridges, type CN643A

    If your printer uses 5 ink cartridges, type CN642A

    Please ignore my previous post where I suggested CN642A.

  • OfficeJet 7500 a take too long to start to print.


    I recently purchased the Officejet 7500 has, for its ability to large format. Very often, after clicking 'Print' in my app Apple Pages, a very long time (several minutes) will pass like the computer "looks" for the printer. Also, as often, once she found the printer it will take a lot of time to 'connect' to the printer. Last night at 23:00, I clicked on print. This morning at 07:00 it was always "sends data to the printer." The document is a simple pagle.

    When I try to use the HP utility he also takes a lot of time to 'communicate' with the printer and just hanging there.

    This problem is not always the case. Sometimes I can print several pages without interruption, but all too often, there is a long long long time. This NEVER occurred with my previous Epson printer.

    The printer is directly connected to my Mac via the USB cable.

    Someone has an idea what could be the problem and how can I fix?

    Thank you


    Thanks, I found this article, and it seemed to do the trick.

  • Large format HP Officejet Pro K8600 printer won't print larger sizes, more

    I created a document editor of 13 "x 19". 13 x 19 ". I am trying to print and paper size continues to go to 4 x 6. I went into the settings of the printer and entered the two fron the tab general and on the Advanced tab in the 'printing preferences'. I set the size of paper 13 x 19, which is a standard size of large format. No matter what I do, I will go back to the Publisher and the printer is trying to make the paper 4 x 6.

    I thought that I would like to beat the system by recording format TIFF and printing from photoshop or lame windows Printing Wizard photo, IT FACT WITHOUT DIFFERENCE, THE PAPER SIZE WILL NOT LET ME print 13 x 19 PAGES! I'm at my wits end. I downloaded the latest drivers, but don't really expect, this change anything since I "ve could print this page size in the past, using this driver. Does anyone else have this problem and it was resolved? Thanks in advance for your help.

    BTW, I'm printing to a system with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I don't know if it's a question of Windows 7, a 64-bit Office, but it is certainly a driver HP problem. I tried to print using MS Publisher 2010, Windows photo gallery and Adobe Acrobat X and Photoshop 64 bit CS5.5 photography.

    I found the answer in another post that did not come with my initial search. In case anyone else needs to know, just go to your printer properties, Advanced tab, click the print processor, then select the WinPrint processor.

    Click OK and apply/OK and you should be OK to print on paper large format again. I had to restart my spooler service, but only because I had a bunch of items in my queue that wouldn't not delete

  • NEW - x HP Officejet 7110 large Format

    You are in the market for a new printer?  Do you need a large Format printer, but do not need all the bells and whistles, an all-in-One?  Then, HP has the solution for you!

    HP released x HP Officejet 7110 large Format (H812a).  The printer offers many features and I'll try to expose information about the device below.

    HP: " " Expand your printing with an HP affordable, reliable printer that produces professional-quality marketing materials in sizes from 3 x 5 to 13 x 19 inches. Count on the convenience to save time with easy network and wireless printing. »

    The printer currently priced at $ 199.99 and is a great printer Format of single function (print only).  The printer is also capable of web services such as ePrint and Apple AirPrint. You can find the printer on the HP Shopping site, located here.

    Print speed: up to 15 ppm in black, upwards to 8 ppm in colour (ISO speed).

    Up to 33 ppm in black, up to 29 ppm color (maximum printing speed)

    HP ePrint ability: Yes

    Connectivity: 1 USB 2.0 port, 1 Ethernet, 1 wireless 802.11b/g/n

    Paper handling: input tray 250 sheets, output of 75 sheets tray

    Print language: HP PCL 3 enhanced, HP PCL 3 GUI

    Borderless printing: Yes (up to 13 x 19 in, 330 x 483 mm)


    HP 932 black Officejet ink cartridge (~ 400 pages)

    HP 933 Cyan Officejet ink cartridge (~ 330 pages)

    HP 933 Magenta Officejet ink cartridge (~ 330 pages)

    Yellow HP 933 Officejet ink cartridge (~ 330 pages)

    HP 932XL black Officejet ink cartridge (~ 1000 pages)

    Ink cartridge Magenta Officejet HP 933XL (~ 825 pages)

    Yellow ink cartridge HP 933XL Officejet (~ 825 pages)

    Ink cartridge Cyan Officejet HP 933XL (~ 825 pages)

    * Automatic double-sided printing capability not included; Please purchase separately.  The duplexer currently priced at $ 49.99 and can be ordered by clicking here.  The part number for double-sided (duplexer) printing accessory is C7G18AWith this duplex module, we have the ability to print two-sided even the superb or paper size 13 x 19 inches.

    * The printer has the ability to communicate via PCL3, which means that the device is able to use the HP Deskjet 9800 and HP Deskjet 6980 drivers as replacement drivers.  The printer comes with many features of its pilot, but you can use either of these 2 drivers others to perform additional tasks.  We can print posters using the Deskjet 6980 driver, for example, or paper formats customized ranging from 3 x 5 to 13 x 19 inches by using a different printer driver.

    Hope this happens to those looking for new large Format printers.

  • HP Officejet Pro K8600: HP Officejet Pro K8600 - is no longer connected, print - driver lost?

    DISCLAIMER: I understand that it is a large display. Please, please read it carefully before suggesting the diagnosis. While I'm not an advanced programmer, I am very computer and am usually able to solve minor to somewhat advanced questions. However, I've exhausted my knowledge and my skills to no vail here...


    I use a processor 3 GHz Intel i7, 12 GB of RAM on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit (Service Pack 1) OS. My printer is a HP Officejet Pro K8600 - it is NOT an all-in-one printer. This is a printer large format, single tray. I have Avast Home Free edition runs on the PC as well as SBSD and widows firewall ACTIVE. In my Panel "Devices and printers", it also shows that I have the following 'printers' installed: Adobe PDF (copy1), Fax, Microsoft XPS Document Writer, PrinterShare, Quickbooks PDF Converter, QuickBooks PDF Converter 3.0 and send to OneNote 2010. Windows Update has been on 'Manual' which allows me to choose which updates to install and when. However, at some point during this troubleshooting - I for 'auto' changed, so I don't think there are a few updates to Windows that has been installed automatically.

    Just for additional notation, I also use a double 4 operated by two NVIDIA graphics cards monitor display monitor. Not that it should be any problem because I use this configuration for some time. However, I was surprised to find that some software does NOT support more than two monitors. Very strange.


    This printer is about 6 years old. It has been a great printer and I rarely had problems with it apart from maintaining normal jet ink and minor errors. I have been successfully connected to the current computer at least 2 years. Once again, never problems. The printer is connected directly to the computer using a USB standard cord - less than 12 feet long. Printer is also shared on the home network and I can usually print using my laptop in the network without any problems. Printer is on a shelf on the wall above my workstation.


    PART A: Two days ago, I was about to print a simple, small Photoshop CS3 PDF image. It is a daily task - size of the document was less than 11MB. The printer has not initialized as usual - I noticed that the light flickered.  But the printer is trying to print (print head not move not, does not feeding paper, no noises). So I tried to follow the standard troubleshooting methods by which is obvious - restart the printer. The flashing light has not disappeared. I have checked for jams, reinstall the carttridges and opened and closed all the doors - and then restarted the printer again. I also restarted my PC at the moment. Aware of the printer light continues to blink. I then the 'X' button on the printer while the printer power off and power it back up. This (I believe) ran a diagnostic standard and print a test page. Everything seemed normal on the print. Power led is no longer flashing. I have Open the printer only and cancelled all documents -removed something that was there. Schecked double for all other printers (I) with the documents in the respective queues - nothing found. Also noticed that the printer status is "Offline."

    PART B: Now, I decided to print a simple Word document. This time the printer did nothing. No sounds, no lights flashing and no movement of the print head. I decided that I was going to unplug the USB from the PC and plug it into another USB port. This caused Windows to try to 'install' the printer drivers - I assumed that they would be fair here. However, I got the following popup status of driver-

    This, of course I worry about. Again, I have anoccupant to print a regular Word document. Printer has not responded at all. So I checked the devices Panel and printers and found that the printer has been listed but showing "status: troubleshooting needs. I right clicked on the printer icon and clicked on "Troubleshooting". Then I got this-

    Then I clicked "Apply this correction" - which was not a "fix." Simply, she re-launched Windows in order to install the driver. Which resulted in the same popup indicating the status of driver install - but have not installed. I checked the policies of the printer to make sure that no documents were persistent. There is no document for any printer listed.

    PART c: Now, I go to support and download the section of the HP Web site for my printer model. I have download the latest package of driver/software for my version of Windows. Once the software installation begins, it ends up by asked me to unplug the USB for my printer. I did it. Then later in the software/driver installation, it asked me to re - connect the USB port of the printer to the computer. I did it. Installation window has detected the printer, and a second course contextual view displayed between PC and printer - steps 1-6. The process seems to hang on step "5 of 6". Then I finally get it.

    The 'help' was not very helpful here. Basically 3 options:

    1. Make sure the device is connected to your computer and turned on. Click on the "< back"="" button="" to="" try="">(I tried this - even doesn't have a result). "
    1. If the configuration of the device does not complete, some hidden configuration commands will be over. Click on the "< back"="" button="" the="" wait="" a="" few="" minutes="" for="" the="" device="" setup="" to="">(also tried - waited 10 minutes - still not)."
    1. If the problem persists, check the troubleshooting section in the Readme file, located on the CD-ROM. (printer is 6 years old. I don't have the CD. At installation of this download. If it was not very useful).

    So I you click on "next >" and received a message that basically says that the installation was a failure and I should try again or contact support manufacturing.

    PART D: I found an article on the forum to Support HP here: I followed BharathKumarK's long troubleshooting suggestiondid everything exactly as shown. No problem is. This does not solve my problem. I again ran MSCONFIG and passed my services and selections start back as they were before this troubleshooting. Once again, restarted my PC and started searching on Google and HP for more responses. Printer was still in "Troubleshooting" in Control Panel devices and printers (as in part B above).

    PART e: I found an article on the Forum of Support HP, who suggested to use the "HP Print and Scan Doctor" to solve problems. I have downloaded and installed on my PC. The program Ran. It considers the K8600 printer and I clicked to move forward. Then I get this message-

    I know by the failure of installation described in the PART C it was true - thank you for what is obvious. At this point I quit a job for a whole day solve this printer. Then... of course I click on 'Get Installer' -knowing full well it's doing nothing, most I've tried to do. Yet, I'm still as advised. Download the driver/software package. Followed the steps - even ONCE got to 5 from step 6 and hook - finally showing all the same mistakes as in PART C.

    PART f: now I'm suspecting there may be cord issues. I have a HP Officejet H470 in the closet. I have it pick up and borrow the very short USB cord of this printer. It is a USB cable that is supplied with this printer. I have disconnected the K8600 current USB cord and plug the borrowed cord -it was too short to reach my office upstairs. So I put on my laptop. It is also a processor 2 GHz Intel i3, 6 GB of RAM on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit (Service Pack 1) OS. I have connected the printer to the laptop. Open an regular Word document and print. It successfully to print! I thought I had found the question - faulty USB cord! # Because of the way that the printer is on the wall and the cord is so short, I had to unplug the laptop USB to the laptop. Now, I come back and try printing another document I needed - I think that it was something from the internet. I pick up the laptop and Plug the printer into the laptopSend the print job, printer sounds like it is about to start printing and then... nothing. The printer power light begins to blink. So I tried the same basic troubleshooting - restart the printer, by restarting the laptop... etc. I have to unplug the printer from the laptop. Finally, received the fire of the printer goes in now the key 'X' on the printer while the power on the bike. For the moment no diagnosis is printed by the way. Now I Plug the USB into the laptop. Windows picks it up and tries to install the drivers... as in PART B above. Now I'm back in the vicious circle of the same question on the laptop troubleshooting. Which I followed the PART Aand PART B , PART C... .the everything with the same failure.

    PART g: Now I'm frustrated beyond comprehension. It's day 2 of troubleshooting! I need to get back to work. I decided to leave the only K8600. I have to turn on the HP Officejet H470 mobile printer. I plug in the laptop - as I still need to print a working document. Windows picked it up and I got the Windows Installer popup of pilots. Got EVEN COULD not install driver message described in PART B!


    I need a printer. Printers that I have in my office are now overpriced paperweight. I don't know if it's printer problem, cord issue, Windows 7 problem or USB port problem... but I need help. So I spent all the morning writing this as detailed as possible, in an effort to last stitch to beg for help! Someone at - it still reading this? I swore if someone suggests one of the steps I've already tried... I think I'll hit the roof!

    Thank you



    Your last solution doesn't work anymore. HOWEVER... I have found the solution in an IMPROBABLE PLACE!

    Was this morning in Microsoft Excel and clicking on enter far into my stats in morning, and strictly out of habit, I clicked to print. It gave me an error message that I had never seen. (photo here)

    So I googled "error message 'The domain Active Directory Service is currently unavailable'". I came across a Microsoft support forum:

    Someone on this forum (several entries) suggested something on Notepad.

    I thought that "it IS STUPID! IT DOES NOT WORK! "But what the 7734... I'll try it anyway... IT WORKED!


    1. open Notepad.

    2. under file > print.

    3. click on "add a printer".

    4. a pop-up window displays and asks if you want to set up a LOCAL or NETWORK printer. (Mine was LOCAL)

    5. Select the printer port (mine was USB001 (virtual printer to USB port))

    6. you continue and gives you choices for type of printer on the left (IE. HP, DELL, BROTHER, etc..) (Mine was HP)

    7. on the right, you select the model of your printer. (Mine was HP Officejet Pro K8600)

    8. click Next, and a prompt QUICKLY introduced me with (over quickly) status bar and went to options "Printer Name" and "printer sharing."

    9. the last prompt allows you to "print a test page.

    I clicked on the test page printed and was SUPER HAPPY here my printer immediately start printing! Boxes printing and notebook. I went back to my Excel file. Clicked on print and VOILA! Print like a charm!

    I really hope this helps someone else out there. I wish I could tell you why it works or what was stopping Windows and HP of the installation of the printer, but at this point, I really don't care. I CAN PRINT AGAIN!

    Thank you John for trying to help with this problem!

  • OfficeJet Pro L7590 show me the error on the LCD screen mini printer 'rear access panel is open.


    OfficeJet Pro L7590 show me the error on the LCD screen mini printer 'rear access panel is open. How to fix Ica?

    Operating system is windows 7 but I do not connect to the PC again

    Please Help me ASAP


    Check the document I linked below. Let me know if it worked or not.

  • OfficeJet 7500 a large format does not connect via Timecapsule

    I have a Mac Book Pro running Mac OS X 10.7.5 (just updated all the software).

    I connect my MacBook to the internet through my Apple Time Capsule (wired connection). I use version 6.1 (610-31) Airport utility and I just updated the version of the firmware to 7.6.1

    I use a local wireless through my Time Capsule.

    I just bought a large format HP Officejet 7500 a (model name: C9309A).

    The printer has been set up to detect my wireless LAN and initially he worked for printing and scanning, but it has recently discontinued. I tried to uninstall (purification) the software of my laptop HP, all my software update and reinstall the HP software on my laptop, but it still does not work.

    The printer is connected to my time capsule via an ethernet cable and a USB cable. It also includes Wi - Fi connection generates my time capsule. I have preferthe printer plugged into the router (time capsule) rather than a WiFi connection I print large files.

    I can install the printer on my computer mac laptop (settings/printers & scanners). I added it as a wireless and a wired connection through my time capsule (it shows that the connection is done by the time capsule). However when I print, there is a long delay, the printer now says "printing", but I get the error on my laptop screen "can not write print data: ÿ * xˇ.» A few minutes later a blank page or a page with a single line is ejected from the printer.

    If I go into the configuration of the HP printer, it says I'm under pilot 3.4.1. If I try to open the printer utility I get a message "utility HP does not work with the devices connected to the airport. Try to connect the camera directly to your Mac to work with her. " I tried to connect directly to my Mac via the USB cable and which does not work either. I prefer that the printer is not connected directly to my laptop I have few USB ports.

    In my view, this printer is supposed to be compatible with my system.

    Is there something more, that I can do or this printer is not compatible with my MacBook Pro or my Time Capsule?

    Hi marion_13,

    Turn it on wireless and then try to access the EWS - embedded Web server by typing the IP address of printers in the browser's address bar Safari. I would like to know if you are able to access the built-in Web server?

    Document below will also help you get the printer installed on your wireless computer.

  • How can I set up my new Officejet Pro 8600 more printing on paper photo 4 x 6?

    How can I set up my new Officejet Pro 8600 more printing on paper photo 4 x 6?  I'm running on Windows 7 64 bit.

    It's strange.  Looks like you have a second paper tray and put it to the default tray.  The second paper tray only supports the types of paper that show on your list.  It's strange because unless you have purchased a second tray paper, plus model has one.  Does only the high-end model.  Other than that, only certain types of media can be duplex, so if you have double-sided printing, it can limit the selection.  I'll watch what else could be the cause and get back to you.

  • My printer is a HP Officejet 7500 a large format e-all-in-one printer-E910a.

    It shows a general error on the screen # 0x610000f6. And that's all that. How can I resolve this error and make some impression

    Hi @Aroo

    Usually the 0 x 6 * errors point to a carriage jam. Please use the following document to solve the problem; ' A 'carriage Jam' or ' 0X610000F6 "message for HP Officejet 7500 (E910a and E910c) a large Format e-all-in-one printers.

    If the problem persists, I suggest that we call. If you are in the Canada, U.S. dial 800-474-6836 or you can Contact HP worldwide. Even if the printer is out of warranty, I recommend calling that we might be able to offer a discount on a newer model.

    I hope this helps.

  • HP Officejet 7000 stopped printing large format

    My HP Officejet 7000 (printer large format) is no longer print tabloid or more, I do not see even an option super b3 (13 x 19) on my list drop-down media printing in Illustrator format. When I try to print tabloid, it indicates the paper size is incompatible when it is not and sends a blank sheet of paper through. It prints well 8.5 x 11 but nothing more. Any ideas?

    I deleted and added the printer to my list and it fixed the problem.

  • OfficeJet Pro 6230: Officejet Pro 6230 continous (not of paper) paper jam error

    As soon as the printer powers on it the ink carrier Wizz backward real quick (as he struggles to move) and then gives me a paper jam error (the resume light flashes and error appears on my screen). He did the same thing when I try to print anything (including the status report page).

    When I up the access panel upward (power on), the carrier of ink isn't even move to ink cartridges which can be changed. I try to move with force, but it does not move (if I use more strength, somethings will break). Ink is a bit new, so I don't know it still has ink in there.

    The steps I've tried:

    plugged the power supply into the wall outlet

    roller cleaning


    reset the printer

    There is a large black gear coupled to a white average speed on the left side near the bottom of the printer. I manually drove the speed by pressing (rotation) of North (or forward or to the rear of the printer) for a few seconds and once I did that. the ink carrier was able to move as it's supposed to, and I could see the ink. but once the power is back on, the carrier of ink was in the locked position and fights again and gives me the paper jam error.

    I don't have really any troubleshooting documents on the CV online on how to fix a jammed media of ink and clearing paper jams, so I'm out of options.

    It is plugged into USB

    The main problem is the paper jam error.

    I don't know if the stuck carrier of ink is the cause.

    Hi @Comp-Tech.

    Thank you for joining the HP Forums!

    I noticed your post that your printer HP Officejet pro 6230 receives a constant paper jam error. I'm happy to help you!

    Since you did all the steps already to troubleshooting in this guide, A 'transport Jam' Error Messageand this guide, "Problem of tray or paper jam" Error Message appears, as well as the reset of the printer. The next step is to fix the printer / or replaced.

    Please Contact HP phone support for assistance. (After you fill out the information, you will receive a phone number.) If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number. Language-country selector.

    If you are unable to reach a resolution, please click on accept solution. If you appreciate my help, please click on the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

    Best regards!

  • Large Format HP Officejet 7500 a: old options for printer recycling

    My all-in-one large format Officejet 7500 a has a broken belt print head.  There are also problems scanning that I decided to replace rather than repair it.  I live in a small town where there is no recycling options.  I'm looking for a way to get rid of the all-in-one former official.  Make a donation to repair/rehabilitation, a free recycling center, etc..

    Had to do a little research but found this.

    This is not a program I know nothing other than what I read on the page.  Looks like it is for the United States.

  • HP officejet Pro 8500 has: print image too large printer cuts the half page out

    My Hp Officejet Pro 8500 has is way big text/image printing and cutting half of the page. How can I fix?

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, I unplugged and re-plugged, I looked in the settings and do not see where I can change the print size. Any suggestions?

    Hi @lucky33,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums from the HP Support! I see when you print on your HP Officejet Pro 8500 a text is very large, so it prints on several pages. You have tried without success, some troubleshooting steps.

    You try to print a document or an element of a web page? What program or browser you use?

    If you are using a Windows operating system, please try the following:

    1. open an Internet Explorer browser, go to the far right click on the gear icon

    2. Select Print Preview

    3. now along the top, you will see an option to change the size of the page, please make sure that it is set to adjust or 100%.

    4. now, try a test page, the text is expanded?

    Now go ahead and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor:

    -It has been designed by HP users troubleshooting and problems characteristic needed to solve many common problems encountered with HP print and scan products related to Windows computers.

    Please let me know the results.

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