OfficeJet H470 does not print


I hope someone can give me some ideas.

I have a remote user with an Officejet H470 and a Windows 7 laptop. When he tries to print, you can see the work of disappearing from the print queue and the printer makes a noise like it is printing of starting and then it stops and nothing happens.

They tried to restart, reinstall the drivers, in connection with a USB cable and bluetooth, and there has been no change.

When you decide that the printer needs to be replaced?


OK, I thought about it.

It turns out that the printer was broken and had to be replaced. I had him try to print a test page for the printer using the power/cancel key combination and he won't.

In fact, he had another similar printer so we turned on that one and it took the test and it worked fine.

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    As OEM HP is responsible for the good operation of the printer and their
    drivers provided. Check with HP support, their documentation online and
    drivers and ask in their forums.

    Try printing HP and Scan Doctor for Windows

    Good luck, you need to update or reinstall the latest driver.

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    The main issue is probably the drivers, but these can help:

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    Open the printer (Windows 7) Troubleshooter

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    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Officejet H470 HP: H470 DOES NOT PRINT

    My printer was working normally until I had a paper jam. I deleted this and then my printer would not print.  I tried all the dignostics and the problem persists. However, the printer will print me a diagnostic report, but not a page of test computer records or Word. This means that the original jam has been authorized and the problem is software partner. I would be grateful for all clues solve this problem.

    Hi there @Hessvic,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that you had already authorized a paper jam in your Officejet H470 and now the concern seems to be that you can't print from your computer at all. I looked through guides, troubleshooting and playback of the steps to try to help you with this and found the guide below. The steps are excellent, and I would suggest trying them all carefully. You should be upward and printing again later.

    Good luck and I hope this brings print to life for you!

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  • HP Officejet 6700 does not print

    I have a HP Officejet 6700 connected to my desktop HP w1858.  I can't the computer to send documents to print.  The printer icon has a yellow triangle with a! Select this option.  I tried to download a driver for HP printer, but it still does not print.  Windows does not list the HP Officejet 6700 (7100 & 6500 printers are listed).  Can I use a different printer model to obtain a class driver?

    Hi @katsus98040

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support.    I understand that you can't print from your printer Officejet 6700.

    I assume you see the exclamation icon is in your connected HP account.  Connected HP sometimes gives a false report that there is a problem not specified with the printer. HP has been able to reproduce the error.  If there was a genuine mistake, the message would point to the problem (low on ink, paper, etc). Unspecified error message does not prevent you to use ePrint.

    If I have understood you please let me know so that we can you top and printing.

  • HP officejet J4680 does not print to web

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    I'm sorry you have a problem of internet printing.

    Try to open another browser and printer. (Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).

    Alternatively, you can try to restart the computer and see if it works later.

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    You are welcome.  In fact, I thank you for your patience with me.  This looks like a simple décor, such as Fax To PC is turned on.  How the printer is connected (USB, Ethernet or wireless)?

    Do you get a fax notifications on your computer?  I created a digital Fax folder using the digital Fax Setup Wizard and it asks if you want to automatically print incoming faxes.  I will include a picture and let me know if this configuration page looks familiar.

    -Setting up digital fax HP to save received faxes to your computer- click on this link for more information about the digital fax to PC configuration.

    The best way to know if put you it in place is to go into your basic fax settings and select HP digital fax at the bottom of this menu.  If he tells you to complete the installation, then you have not done this.

    I think that maybe it's the feature prevents printing immediately your fax.  This will work only if you have set up the printer on a wireless network.

  • OfficeJet 6000: OfficeJet 6000 does not print

    Replace the ink cartridges for Officejet 6000 would not print.  It prints the words Page Windows printer to test a test page of color with a printer icon in the upper right, then at the center of page 4 with a white fill boxes; yellow fill, blue fill and a red fill.  That's all.  I touched a "print test page" and the paper comes out blank, although that normally shake it like the print head moves back.

    Hello @Pistol_shooter, greetings!

    Thank you access the Forums from HP Support for extra support! I see that you are having problems printing using the Officejet 6000. I will do my best to help you with this problem.

    I suggest you first check the empty ink to ensure it is enough ink. Then proceed to clean the print head using the software installed on your computer. Since your computer desktop, double-click the printer icon, the printer wizard / solution Center will open. Go to settings and navigate to the cleaning of the printheads.

    I found a wonderful document that gives you instructions step by step to solve this problem. Please visit:

    Please let me know if that solves the problem. Good luck!

    See you soon

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  • OfficeJet 6500 does not print black

    Printer started printing black printing very light and jagged. Replace the cartridge of black with no improvement. A run a few cleaning process and replay it does not print anything in black. Colors seem to work well. What is the print head?

    Clean the printhead as per HP, website and the problem disappeared.

  • All-in-one HP Officejet J4540 does not print my Quicken program pages

    The printer says it is printing and makes noises that's going to start, but does not take the paper and does not print anything.


    1. the problem occurs only with program quicken?
    2. are you able to print from other programs?
    3. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?

    I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

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  • HP officejet: Hp officejet 4630 does not print

    I try to print a document from my computer and all I'm getting are dashes or white sheets. I've only used the pronter 4 times because I got it and 2 out of 4 times are to print or copy. There is ink in both cartridges so I don't know why, it's just Govind me white pages. I tried to clean the cartridges and to align it to see if it works, but the alignment page was not printed correctly. His lack of the printer image and most of the lines on who should be present. I know because I still had the first copy, when I did the alignment. I had this for less than a year and hardly used lrinter so I don't know why this isn't the impression that it should.

    Welcome to the HP community @Alewis324,

    I read your post on print quality issues you are facing with your Officejet 4630 and I wanted to answer with my suggestions for troubleshooting.

    Check out the links below and try the troubleshooting steps. If the quality does not improve, contact HP to discuss alternatives to the printer.

    1. Fixing poor print quality
    2. Printer prints a blank Page or doesn't print black or color ink

    If you have trouble, let me know and I'll do my best to help.

    Click on the thumb to below testify my help!
    Click on the 'accept as Solution' if I'm you guide to a solution!

    Best wishes

    HP technical support are available by clicking on the following link:

    (1) once the page opens, please select the country in which you are located. Then enter your model of HP on the right number.

    (2) then choose "Contact the Support" tab at the top and scroll to the bottom of the page "HP Support - contact" to fill out the form with your details.

    (3) Once finished, click the "Show Options" at the bottom right.

    (4) Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Get a phone number." A file number and telephone number will now fill for you.

  • HP officejet 4630: HP officejet 4630 does not print

    My printer is not printing. When I try to print now come but it dose not print. I tried to print from 2 computers and same problem. Also tried turing the printer works but the problem persists.

    Hi @MichalP,

    Thanks for joining the Forums of HP Support for a solution to your printing problem.

    I understand that you use a HP Officejet 4630 e-all-in-one printer with a computer Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and the printer will not print even though it now says "Printing". I would like to help with that.

    You mentioned that you tried a second computer and it did the same thing. The second computer is a Mac as well?

    I would start by doing a Reset of the power on the printer. Maybe the printer is in an error state.

    It looks like the image that you tried to load didn't download successfully so I'm not able to see what it was.

    Please let me know if the power reset helped, or if you need further assistance. If you need to return, please indicate which operating system and uses the second computer.

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    Thank you!

  • OfficeJet 4630 does not print on the network

    My printer print is no longer on a network connection, a USB connection. For example, when I try printer in MS Word, the menu of the printer displays "Unable connect", even though I'm perfectly connected to my printer. I've had this printer for about two months, and it has been the case for at least a month. I ran "HP print and scan doctor, and he tells me that there is a driver conflict, but whenever I reinstalled the driver and all software, he repeats the same error message. I also run the program of "troubleshooting HP Installation failure - network", but to no avail. My PC is connected to my router via an ethernet cable, and my printer is connected to my router via a wireless connection, note that I've never had this problem until recently. All reports that I printed state that there is no problem with the connection or the printer, the signal is excellent. I rebooted my router, I reinstalled, I restored default on my printer.

    Hello Adam_C,

    Welcome to the HP Forums! I understand your concerns with your Officejet 4630. I noticed that you have made some necessary troubleshooting steps, and you tried to plug a USB cord to test the connection.

    What is your operating system on your computer? Click here to read: Windows.

    Please follow these steps:

    First of all, to follow this entire document from HP on "Can't find printer" Error Message appears on the computer for a wireless network Installation. This does not include the software to uninstall/reinstall.

    If you get the same error after following all the steps in this document, please let me know.

    Also, I would like to add a port on your computer to a wireless network:

    (1) go to devices and printers on your computer
    (2) right click on your printer
    (3) select printer properties
    (4) select the ports tab at the top
    5) click on add port, select Standard TCP/IP port, and then select new port
    (6) type your IP address of your printer, click Next, and then finish
    (7) click on apply, then OK
    (8) try to print a document

    Impatience on your part.

  • OfficeJet 6700 does not print Adobe pdf

    I have a brand new 6700 OfficeJet fine print Word documents. It will not print a pdf from Adobe. The printer begins to cross the motion, but stops and comes out blank. I converted the same file to the word and it printed like that. All other functions work well. All solutions?


    Do not click on properties, you should see an Advanced button at the bottom of this screen, click on it.

    Check the print as Image option in this dialog box, and then click OK, to check if that helps.

    If you use another software that Adobe Reader and that you don't see these options, make sure claridy what application used to view the PDF file.

Maybe you are looking for