OfficeJet Pro 8100: Save my new printer


I'm trying to register my new printer, but he seems to think that I'm in the USA, as it does for my condition.

If I click to say that I am in England, it takes me to a new page & when I try & register I am back in the USA!

Any ideas would be most useful thank you.

Hi @nigelf

You may need to move across the pond

Or, you can try this link. United Kingdom-English - register your product

Please let me know if this link works.

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  • Can I print in black and white with an empty cartridge on a printer HP Officejet Pro 8100?

    Only the cyan cartridge is empty, all the other 3 cartridges are fine. I ordered the cartridge cyan online but I need to print important documents today. The power button blinks when I try to print.

    I do not understand, black and white must not use a color cartridge to print.

    Is there something so I can print before receiving the cyan cartridge?

    The printer Officejet Pro 8100 has the same print mechanism like its counterpart of all-in-One Officejet Pro 8600.  This printer has a print head mechanism that contains 4 individual cartridges: CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black).

    It will replace the cartridge if the unit provides a message from one of the colors being empty, until the unit will resume printing.  This is a retention mechanism to avoid the product from damage.  I hope this helps.

  • Disable wireless on Officejet Pro 8100

    I have already set up my Officejet Pro 8100 as a wireless printer, but found the unreliable connection, so I went back to an installation of USB. I uninstalled the 8100 completely, amd reinstalled as a USB printer. It works fine, but I just noticed that on the 8100 wireless radio is turned on. Is it possible to disable it?


    There is a symbol of the antenna next to the light on the Control Panel, press this button will become wireless power (#9):

    Kind regards.

  • HP officejet pro 8100 not review or color printing.

    My 8100 Officejet Pro won't recognize color when you try to print from my pictures in Windows 8.1. I've done all the checks... ok of ink, grayscale printing is turned off, blackonly is disabled, deleted the program and resarted from scratch with disc supplied. The computer brand new from Chillblast and is very fast and up-to-date. All inks are new and full.

    It will print documents, pdf, etc, but I can't 'see' colors in my pictures, all the previews and print out black and white.

    The only thing is that I don't know what, if any, changes may be required in the part "Color management" Settings Advanced... any advice... Thank you.

    I just checked the download site pilot official HP and site and noticed that the number of driver for my printer Officejet Pro 8100 has changed!

    It was OJ8100_1321.exe... It is now OJ8100_1321 - 1.exe.

    I downloaded this driver and all is well in my world printer!

    I don't know if that was my question on this forum or my contacts a Microsoft technician, (which was useless and kept asking me to do things that I refused to do what I explained that I had already tried), but in any case, someone realized there is a software problem in the pilot and fixed.

    I will now post this as resolved to help someone else who search... Regards Kevin.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8100: Officejet Pro 8100 printing problem!

    I've been using an Officejet Pro 8100 for about four 4 years or so and, recently, he stopped printing the color MAGENTA ink cartridge.  I ran to the printhead cleaning app more app of the alignment of printhead several times; but, in vain.  I also spent cartridges; also, in vain.   By local service organizations, I was told that I might as well buy a new printer as the cost for the service could be almost the same as the cost of a new printer.  If there is no solution for my problem, I've been watching the Pro OfficeJet 8210 as an alternative.  It would be a good choice?

    Hi @elbojon1

    If you are looking to buy a new printer Officejet Pro I recommend to check this link:

    It is a decisionator tool to help choose which printer best suited to your needs.

    Depending on how you print, you might be interested in instant ink program. It is a subscription model where you pay the same monthly price and receive replacement cartridges according to your needs. It is cheaper than buying a new cartridge every time. Here is a link for more details:

    Eligible countries and the printer models are described below.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8100: Lost my printer drivers (after a Windows 10 update)!


    After the recent Windows 10 updates (one installed on Christmas day), I lost my (custom installed) to the printer drivers. No big deal I thought, ONLY MIcrosoft MOST inconvienience - I'll reinstall just them. But when I open the properties of the printer Panel, I found that ALL ADVANCED TAB where I needed access to reinstall drivers is now GRAY and completely unaccessable! I not only lost my custom drivers, I also lost my second tray of the printer (installed optionally) capacity! YES, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Now I need help to reinstall (they gave me specific instructions for installation, so I won't bumble worse trying to install them differently (as a regular driver) without confirmation first.)
    This is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of why we should be allowed to choose for outselves when and what updates to install on OUR computer! I checked the Windows Update history and there is NOTHING there that would strike even he would have had to change printer drivers, nor I anthing that would affect them being changed (for example, allowing control HP from my PC to automatically updated drivers), but clearly something changted them.

    What I HAD... I use a printer Officejet Pro 8100 bought two years ago February next with the option second tray of the installed printer. I also use Officejet 8600 drivers in order to be able to print my graphic files properly (these drivers were recommended on this forum once I have posted having problems printing after the first installation. These drivers worked PERFECTLY in all of my PC (running Windows XP, 8.1, and 10), but now with the missing options, everytting is printing through the upper status bar (where I have a THICK paper). I don't have the ability to choose which try to print (Tray 1 or 2), and I need to change paper whenever I want to print on different paper (I always had a THICK paper on top (Tray 1) and plain paper in the lower part (tray 2) because it would not print thick paper from the tray at the bottom.

    To use the 8600 drivers, I was given specific instructions (on this forum) on install in the section "NEW DRIVER" of the ADVANCED TAB in the properties of the printer. Now that I don't have access to this tab, I need to know if there is a way to access new (my preferred method) OR another way to install (for example just install them as if I would install the printer (8600))?

    It's free enough explainatory tab FULL area is GRAYED OUT, but in case there are any doubts, I have attached is a screenshot showing what he looks like.

    I apprecate any help you could offer.

    Kind regards... Chugbug

    OK, now it's really WEID!

    I tried during the last 24 hours to get to the Panel in question, including the restart of Windows at least half a dozen times without success.  But now tonight after that I dug around the different tabs, once again, INCLUDING clicking on through security and permissions panels (but not to make changes) AND for posting my question here, all in the advanced Panel was suddenly accessible once more!

    I reinstalled my 8600 drivers again, then reset my printing (default) preferences (paper 2 / plain plateau), and everything is good again (kumbaya...)!

    Good thing, I took a screenshot of it (grey) or I can't believe myself!

    Happy holidays!  Chugbug

    Screenshot showing access with my 8600 drivers installed:

  • OfficeJet Pro 8100 does not recognize the new router

    I saw this question for other printers, so I hope that there is a response to mine.  I just upgraded the speed of my internet service which involved a new router.  We made sure all the computers in the House worked with her, but I forgot to try the printer before the technician left.  Now my computer thinks printer Officejet Pro 8100 is offline (turned off) and the blue light on the printer blinks.  How can I get the printer to recognize the new router?  I guess I have to add that I do not know where to find the code of the intellectual property that is asked for when I go to the start menu, the HP folder, select my printer, etc.  He said: push the button on my printer wireless, so I push button blue flashing light but that does not produce a number.  Help appreciated!    It's an ATT router and I have the WiFi network name and wireless password.

    Replacement of your wireless router try here.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8100 - new router - can't connect wireless

    Have an Officejet Pro 8100

    Has been configured on my home network for the USB connection or wireless printing before

    Old router has not installed this new router

    Cannot be configured for access through a new wireless router

    * When you run the installation of the printer asks to plug a USB cable - I plug in - then it passes to the ask for password wireless but then say errors

    "To configure the network settings for the selected device, please temporarily connect via USB. The device can be disconnected from the USB, once the network settings are transferred. »

    BUT the USB IS plugged

    Have tried completely uninstalling printer, software, drivers, etc and then make complete re-install-without success

    Router is an ASUS RT-N66U

    Wondering if there is a way to do a complete factory reset to clear the memory of the printers I've tried unplugging, wait 5 minutes and then plug it to a real reset without success complete.

    All of the suggestions that I am at a loss.

    Hi bketchy,

    This new router has two differnet built-in radio. You must ensure that you connect to the printer the correct SSID name for 2.4 GHZ radio. If you have both the 2.4 and 5.0 GHZ configured with the same SSID, you chnange the SSIP mame which should allow you to connect to the printer. Follow the steps outlined in the document below.

    Unable to connect to a wireless network

  • More than a printer HP OfficeJet Pro 8100


    I need to buy two printers wireless to use with an iPad.

    But the thing is: if I install TWO identical HP OfficeJet Pro 8100 under the same wifi network, how can I know that I want to print? In other words, my concern is that when I want to print a document using the iPad it will show two printers, but both with the name "HP OfficeJet Pro 8100". Having in mind that each printer is located away from each other in my house, I need to print under the right printer.

    Is it possible to change the name that appears on AirPrint so I can distinguish the two printers? Something like "Printer-Studio" and "printer-bedroom"? Or something that works somehow...

    Thank you.


    It is possible to change the name of the printer, many customers buy more than one printer to a desktop environment and need to change the printer name to identify the printer.

    If you have problems with the above steps back on the support forums.

  • Re: HP officejet Pro 8100 will print from an Iphone, but not from my windows laptop

    My OfficeJet Pro 8100 print wireless to all laptops and tablets, but not of LENOVO Y530 my wife, under VISTA Home Premium, 64 bit OS.

    I've been on the LENOVO site and of course, it didn't help.  There seems to be little help here as well and I have been unable to determine what needs to be done or downloaded for this laptop.  Can provide you any assistance?

    Thank you

    Bob Lewis

    Hi @bugaloo and welcome to the Forums of HP!

    I see you are having problems printing from your Lenovo. I would like to help!

    Have you installed a software?

    I recommend to download and run the HP print and Scan doctor.

    Good luck and please let me know the results of your troubleshooting operations. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

  • Replace a printhead - printer HP Officejet Pro 8100 (N811a)

    Here is a video that will guide you through replacing the print head on Officejet Pro 8100 (N811a) printer.

    If you like this video and would like to see more like it, be sure to subscribe to the HP's YouTube channel.

    I hope this helps.

  • HP officejet Pro 8100 printer tray

    I have a printer HP Officejet Pro 8100. I removed the tray paper this morning to load the paper, and now I can't seem to slip in all the way. It stops at about 4 inches short of closing.  I feel like a fool! How can I get in trouble by dragging a drawer in?  Are there clips etc I should have in place, etc., that may have to be turned off?


    You could try to raise the front of the printer to see if something done obstacle from your desktop.  It should slide right in.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8100: Officejet Pro 8100 won't print color after update software on Mac

    I have a MacBook Air with OS X (Yosemite 10.10.3)-.

    When I connect the printer via USB, I was able to print by using the generic drivers on the machine. However, as expected, update software detected an update for HP drivers - I installed.

    And now the printer does not print in color. I checked every setting I can think, but it is still printing in black and white.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Welcome to the @mandikayencforum!

    I have read your current position and the previous thread on how you were not and are not able to print in color from your Mac running 10.10. I saw that already test pages were color printing and would like to know if the test always pages print in color. If they do, a matter for the Mac somewhere, and I have some suggestions for you to do below. If the test pages no longer print in color, please let me know! If the printer is not printing in color when you print test pages, there is probably a problem of cartridge or printer hardware problem.

    1. follow the same steps of @Waterboy71 on your other thread here to reset the permissions system disk and repair of printing: Re: Officejet Pro 8100 refuses to print color (OS X 10.9)

    2. If you still do not have the ability to select the color printing on your Mac, try the procedure described in this post from wisgirl64: Re: won't print in color from my Mac or iPhoto for HP photosmart D110

    If you find that the color print test pages, and the Mac does not give you the options to choose color printing, I suggest getting in touch with Apple support experts to see if they can help fix the problem of the OS X.

    If you like my answer to you today, click the thumbs up below!

    Happy Friday!

  • How to connect the Officejet Pro 8100 printer to wireless network

    Bought a "nine" Officejet Pro 8100 and want to use via my wireless network. The CD supplied with the printer is obsolete. Updated Apple software but can't see how to connect the printer to the network. Getting Started Guide is no help on this issue. Searched for support without result pages. Utility HP does not provide a method to set up a wireless feature. Find all the instructions, I say first of all make sure that the printer is connected to the wireless network, and that's what I can't find out how. What I forget?

    Finally, I called HP hotline for help and was rescued. It turns out that Apple's software update software includes all the required components. The software from the HP Web site is no longer available. It's frustrating to see the Getting Started Guide refer frequently to the HP installation wizard and be unable to locate it. Once the wizard tech took control of my computer and installed the necessary software, it was a breeze!

    I also note that compose the support number to talk with a guy was rather brief: between 1 and 2 minutes, I recall. Although there was a menu of the phone, it was not a large (unlike the attempt labyrinthine and often circular to locate the online help).

    Insofar as HP knows the necessary software in not available via software update or directly from HP, wouldn't make sense to inform buyers, as well as how to access? At least do not place meaningless, useless on the Web site links that lead into oblivion and frustration!

    Although I did appreciate the journey, I finally arrive at my destination. Thanks to Aris, HP technician. You are exceptional!

  • duplex unit is no longer an option in the print screen - hp officejet pro 8100

    I have a HP Officejet Pro 8100 that came with a duplexer. Until today, the duplexer has worked. Technically, I don't know that it does not work. But when I open the print screen in open office, adobe or any other program, it is no longer gives me the option to print double-sided. I have no idea what to do and there are no tutorials that explain how to fix this. Any help is appreciated.

    Discovered after trying to reinstall the printer software that because my updated OS updated to 8.1 of Windows 7, my printer is no longer compatible with my computer. Is - this ridiculous or what? I have messaged HP, so I have no guarantee so I don't know that they will refuse any product support. It's okay, if need be I will take my business elsewhere. I would not have to pay for support on a product that they have outdated on purpose. Companies used to be a quality product. Oh how times have changed. It is an expensive paper weight.

    @KKissmann, welcome to the community of HP

    I read your post and I would try to help. Your Officejet Pro 8100 is compatible with Windows 8.1, so we should be able to get through this problem. Maybe you've tried running the installation from the CD, which is perhaps not a Windows 8.1 driver loaded, what can happen and you need to download the driver online instead. We will eventually get there

    Please click here to access the full functionality of driver and software for Windows 8.1:

    Driver and complete software of HP Officejet Pro features

    Once the download is complete, run through the installation until it is completely finished. Subsequently, test print and check if you have the option to print double-sided.

    Let me know if you encounter any problems!

    Happy Monday

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