OfficeJet Pro 8500 has ceased to print after update firmware for LRP1FN1231AR

I've updated the firmware in my work perfectly 8500 has and now the printer will not finish a print job after few minutes of no activity.  The fax is the same thing.  This all started AFTER the firmware upgrade completed successfully!  Now I'm stuck with an anchor of a printer.  Looks like it prints print and fax jobs in the buffer if I open and close the door of ink cartrage.  The unit currently cartrages to ink HP not installed and those that have been installed at the time of the upgrade.  I got a message warrning that using ink not HP may void the warranty.  Is it a time bomb that HP put in the new firmware to cause me to have to return a new printer?  All possible solutions?


I installed an old set of "Genuine" HP cartrages that have been spent and the printer seems to work now.  I stayed alive all night without the message "printing" terminal hidious.  Very disappointed that the update didn't warn me on this subject and now I need to buy all the new ink cartrages.

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  • My HP officejet pro 8500 has more - will print from my laptop, but not by the desk top

    It prints my laptop downstairs, but not from the Office superior or smart phone. There is a Wi - Fi connection.  I tried the diagnostic tests and does not issue?

    When was the last time the devices were power cycled?

    I recommend an oil change of the full power of the system:

    Unplug the router when turned on

    * Wait 30 seconds

    * Connect Router and wait for it to reboot completely

    * Reboot the computer after the powers of the router to the top

    Unplug the printer when turned on

    Disconnect the other end of the power cord from the wall outlet

    * Wait 30 seconds

    * Plug the printer back to

    Try to print now that everything has been updated.  If the unit still does not print, then get the IP address of the printer.  This can be achieved in the Setup Menu > wireless Menu.  Check the IP address which seeks the printing software.

    * Click Start menu on PC

    * Select all programs

    * Select the HP folder

    * Select the folder for the HP Officejet Pro 8500 a A910 series

    * Select update the IP address

    Also check the information contained in the document located here.  Let me know how it goes.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8500 has left black print all the time

    Just recentily my printer prints as if it was almost out of black ink (text has missing parts and streaks).  If I have a third level cleaning I can finally return to normal black.  After a few printed pages, it begins printing with portions of the rear lack again.

    When I do the cleaning of the print head of all colors but black shows correct in the first and second level cleaning.

    All the ink cartridges show good levels.

    Show the print heads.

    My question is my back ink cartridge would be haviing a power problem the ink in the print head?  Is there something in the third level of cleaning that would make the flow of the ink properly for a short time?  This problem appeared after I replaced the black ink, but not immediately.  I have always used HP ink cartridges in the printer.  I'm tempted just ro replace black with another cartridge to see which takes care of the problem but didn't do it if anyone else had the problem and found a solution.

    Just tried to replace the cartridge with a new back and I'm having the same problem with it.

    Hey there 3R.

    Thanks for the images and information! Which really kinda helps.

    I notice that the black is better temporarily by the third cleaning, and also consider other colors, I have noticed them all degrading by the third cleaning. According to me, this looks like a problem with the two print heads, now I can visibly see Printing outs. The yolk is less apparent among peach and green and the cyan and magenta also show a lower quality tone.

    Replace the print heads cannot guarantee a fix.

    I always suggest calling HP to see what are your options for a trade.

    I hope that my opinions and suggestions helped you some.

    All the best,

  • OfficeJet pro 8500 a: Officejet pro 8500 has when you print several pages of ink run-

    When I print several pages or thick paper stock, printing fades as he goes. I have a Mac with OS X10.9 Mavericks.

    I changed the print heads and use original ink. He is a recent problem.

    Another annoing is the error that I get when I use the power switch to turn on or turn off the printer and the error says "do not unplug the printer from taking, damage may."

    Are there any fixes for these problems? Your help will be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Greetings @digengen,
  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 has: WIFI connection to printer after moving from a computer in another city

    I recently moved from Nevada to California with my printer.  I can't go to the printer.  The wireless light is lite. The printer has worked with this computer I Nevada. Promp in window says "printer is unable to connect to the server.

    "You can connect to the server through a proxy server" what is a proxy server address

    Hi @Raggetty ,

    I understand that you are having problems with the printer via the wireless network. I will definitely do my best to help you.

    Since you have moved, you must install the printer on the network.

    If you haven't already done so, restore the default settings of the network printer. Go to configuration, network, restore default network.

    Then set up the printer on the network again.

    Follow this document:

    Configure the printer to a wired network or wireless for the HP Officejet Pro 8500 has e-all-in-One Printer Series.

    If you need help to set up the printer on the network, let me know.

    Good day!
    Thank you.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8500 a Premium: my printer driver has changed and it's HORRIBLE

    I have been using my HP 8500 a all-in-one with a few years now with no problem.  Day before yesterday, I met a problem: when I tried to specify certain pages of a document to print, I get an error message.  However, if I chose to print the entire document, it would print.  I assumed that my driver to be updated, so I downloaded from the HP website.  WHAT A HORRIBLE MISTAKE IT WAS.  My scanning utility has changed, I can only print even when I choose to print an entire document.  I can't print at all in an Excel worksheet.  I tried uninstalling the driver and re-install.  I DON'T want to network this printer, but now whenever I have try to reinstall the driver, I can choose to connect via USB, but on the pop - up next, it does not give me the option to proceed.  It gives me the possibility to 'come back' or 'jumps' USB connection.

    What the hell is happening?

    Hi @LMKos,

    Welcome to the HP community!

    I hope you have a pleasant experience here.

    I want to help you with driver/software problems that you are having with your HP Officejet Pro 8500 has e-all-in-one printer and your computer Windows 8.

    It seems that your software is may not be installed correctly, in addition to the common issue of 8.1 to Windows Installer automatically update Windows drivers.

    First of all, with the USB cable plugged in, we want to remove all instances of your printer in Device Manager (so when you plug the USB cable back in during the new installation, it will be seen as a new device).

    1. Open your start.
    2. Start typing 'This PC', it will come under results of research. Right-click on computer and select Manage.
    3. Click Device Manager on the left side.
    4. In the main part of the window, locate in the following categories for all HP entries: Bus USB controllers, printers, imaging devices and other devices.
    5. If you see your HP printer in one of these sections, right click and select Uninstall. Keep an eye out as well for all that said device unknown and let me know if you see this at all (these are also well uninstall).
    6. After have removed all entries of HP, unplug your USB key and leave it unplugged. Do not reconnect the USB until you are asked when reinstall us.

    Next we want to remove printers from the printers and devices folder.

    1. From your desktop, or drag from the right to open the bar of charms, or press Win key + C on your keyboard.
    2. Select settings in the bar on the right.
    3. Select Control Panel
    4. Under hardware and sound, select devices and printers
    5. Right click on each icon you see for your 8500 has (even if there is only one) and select remove an instrument, or delete.

    Once this done, allows to make a cleanboot from your computer (this turns off all non-essential startup programs, so if there is another program running that interferes with the installation we can avoid it).

    How to perform a clean boot in Windows

    Once the computer restarts, try to download the HP printer install wizard to complete the installation for you. It will automatically detect your device and install the appropriate software.

    Please reply to let me know if that solves the problem.

    Good luck!

  • Can I print posters 2 x 2 or 4 x 4 with Officejet Pro 8500 has? Windows 7.

    Can I print posters 2 x 2 or 4 x 4 with Officejet Pro 8500 has? I am running Windows 7.


    The 8500 (A910) driver is not support printing posters.

    To work around the problem, you can use another pilot who provide the required functionality:

    1. Enter the control panel > devices and printers, click Add Printer .
    2. Click on Add a local printer.
    3. In use the existing Port, select the port for your printer:
      DOT4 if your printer is connected by USB
      If standard TCP/IP network connection used.
      And then click Next.
    4. Click Windows Update in the list of printers, allow several minutes for what the list will apear again.
    5. Select HP in the column of manufacturing
    6. Select the printers HP Deskjet 6980 series column.
    7. All the steps in the wizard.

    Now, you will be able to use the print feature post using the driver 6980, by setting the option Pages per sheet and poster in the finishing tab.

  • OfficeJet pro 8500 has more: Officejet pro 8500 has will not be printed sheets

    I have an Officejet Pro 8500 has more printer. I try to print the recipes on cards, but everytime I try to do my printer says "incorrect paper size" and then cancels the job. How can I fix it? I have a macbook... I don't know if it's part of the problem?

    Most programs running under OS X obey the size of default page defined by the Print Center/Printer Setup Utility preferences.

    A notable exception to this rule, however, is that Microsoft Word, which has its own system to decide what paper size to use.

    Change the default value of letter to A4

    Idea of what should be the default paper size is set in the Normal template.

    Go to Format > Document, and then press the button layout... .

    Set the size of A4 paper, and then press OK.

    Press the button by default... , answer Yes to the dialog box, and then press OK.

    - Source

    I imagine that this also applies to listings so instead of A4, you'd look for 4 x 6! Please let me know if that does the trick!

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 has more: 8500 has more - will not print in color and alignment of printhead failure

    I have new ink cartridges, but it will only print in black.  Grayscale is not on.  I also cleaned the print heads several times and tried to line up, but this part came failure refers to the documentation.  What are the documents?  I would lov eto to be able to print in color again!  Any ideas?

    Hi @Adriana8,

    I see that you have problems printing in color. You have changed the cartridges and have the same results. I want to help you solve this problem.

    Please, try the following steps to see if it will help solve the problem. Ignore the titles of 2nd & 3rd documents.

    HP Officejet Pro 8500 printer - color or black ink prints do not.

    All-in-one HP Officejet Pro 8500 (A909) and Officejet Pro 8500 has e-All-in-One (A910) Printer Series - one "ink cartridge appears to be missing or corrupt" control panel displays error on the printer.

    'The following printhead appears to be missing or damaged' display for HP Officejet Pro 8500 has e-all-in-One Printer Series.

    You use genuine HP cartridges?

    If you appreciate my efforts, please click on the "Thumbs up" button below. Good day! Thank you.

  • Misalignment of the heads - Officejet Pro 8500 has more e-all-in-one printer A910g

    Oops.  Typical message in subject line.  I'll try again.  I have an Officejet Pro 8500 has more e-all-in-one printer A910g.  I replaced my cartridges of ink three colors, and cannot print, print jobs are in the queue... and I get an error message on the display screen 'alignment failed.  Refer to the documentation for the device for more details. "Also, even though the level of ink Cyan poster now full on the screen, I get no blue on the print head alignment test document.  Help!

    I'm sorry that you are experiencing this issue. Sometimes, when you get this error message, maybe it's the ink or printhead may need to be cleaned.

    Here is a link that can help you with this problem.

    Let me know if it helps. This isn't a software problem, you do not have to uninstall the software and things of this nature.

  • HP officejet Pro 8500 has: print image too large printer cuts the half page out

    My Hp Officejet Pro 8500 has is way big text/image printing and cutting half of the page. How can I fix?

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, I unplugged and re-plugged, I looked in the settings and do not see where I can change the print size. Any suggestions?

    Hi @lucky33,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums from the HP Support! I see when you print on your HP Officejet Pro 8500 a text is very large, so it prints on several pages. You have tried without success, some troubleshooting steps.

    You try to print a document or an element of a web page? What program or browser you use?

    If you are using a Windows operating system, please try the following:

    1. open an Internet Explorer browser, go to the far right click on the gear icon

    2. Select Print Preview

    3. now along the top, you will see an option to change the size of the page, please make sure that it is set to adjust or 100%.

    4. now, try a test page, the text is expanded?

    Now go ahead and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor:

    -It has been designed by HP users troubleshooting and problems characteristic needed to solve many common problems encountered with HP print and scan products related to Windows computers.

    Please let me know the results.

  • Can't scan on HP Officejet Pro 8500 has e-all-in-One Printer series - A910 using Cougar?

    How scan you on an HP Officejet Pro 8500 has e-all-in-One Printer series - A910 using Cougar? Whenever I try, I get the following message:

    Error message: Scanner reported an error - unable to open a session on the device.

    Hi Irossga,

    This document explains how to use the built-in features to your operating system to scan photos and documents.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 has more e-All-in-One Printer - A910g. -Fax Confirmation Page

    I have the HP Officejet Pro 8500 has more e-All-in-One Printer - A910g. It works very well, but how to make a page of confirmation by fax, with the impression of a miniature of the 1st page of the document I sent?  I checked the configuration information, but apparently not have indications confirm that I sent the fax through the confirmation page with a small impression.

    Hi dtaylor569,

    Follow the instructions below.

    To activate the fax confirmation
    1. press the arrow to the right and select Setup.
    2. press on the configuration of the fax, click Fax reports.
    3. press on the Confirmation Fax.
    4. tap to select one of the following options.

    • Discount - does not print a fax confirmation report when you send and receive faxes successfully. It is the default setting.
    • (Fax Send): Prints a report of fax confirmation for each fax you send.
    • On (fax) - prints a report fax confirmation for each fax that you receive.
    • On (Send and Receive) - prints a report fax confirmation for each fax that you send and receive.

    Prints a report of fax confirmation for each fax that you send and receive.
    To include an image of the fax on the report
    1. press Setup.
    2. press on the fax, click Fax of Confirmation reports.
    3. tap on (fax) or we (send and receive).
    4. press on the Fax Confirmation with the image.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 has problem with black ink printing

    I have an Officejet Pro 8500 a printer. When I print documents, it will not print anything in black ink. The colors work very well, but just black will not print. The printer says that the black ink cartridge has plenty of ink, and when I shake it, I can say that there is something in there. So, I don't think it's a question of black ink out. Is there a chance that something is blocking the ink out? Any patches for this in addition to the purchase of a new ink cartridge?

    Document here can help solve the black is not printing on your HP Officejet Pro 8500 has.

  • Print image reversed on Officejet Pro 8500 has e-all-in-one - A910a

    I want to print a mirror image (mirror).  It is possible on the Officejet Pro 8500 has, if yes how?

    To print the mirror image I suggest using a program like paint image editing etc. Flip the image vertically should achieve the results you're looking for. Save the new image if you want to use in the future.

    Good luck!

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