OfficeJet Pro 8600 Fax 'answers' in case of normal phone...

I have my Officejet pro 8600 value fax NO response.  But when in phone... via phone calls connected to the phone in the back of the printer... and the line connected to the line port... the fax machine "will answer", which is to connect to the line and interrupt the phone call, I'm... NOT when the phone rings but after a few minutes into the call.  I have to click X on the touch screen on the printer or turn it off in order to retrieve the call.  Does it randomly but quite often to be a BIG problem.  I make sure that the printer is turned off unless I need to print.

This sounds like a defect?

No problem.  Hope that works according to a straight line.

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  • More HP Officejet Pro 8600 - Fax answering incoming calls instead of answering machine

    I set up the fax on my new HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus & the fax at the end past all test report & yes I used the good cable for the phone (the one that came with the fax) However when someone calls, the fax picks up the call rather than the answering machine.

    Can someone tell me how to fix this please?

    If you get only fax from time to time, I suggest to turn off the auto answer on the 8600, and when you hear the fax tone, * #123 to tell the fax machine to pick up. In this way, you can leave your answering machine like that and do not miss faxes.

  • How legal sheet and officejet pro 8600 fax

    How do fax you a legal form on officejet pro 8600?

    He has not worked for me; There are no settings on the bottom of the screen after using the ADF.  However, what works, it was to set up the legal size in copy mode before faxing.  But thanks a lot for the advice anyway.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8600 Fax (CM749a) Email problem n911a


    I use a HP Officejet 8600 aio n911a (CM749a) connected to a network via ethernet.

    My fax machine is currently set to 'Fax to Network Folder', but I would like to change this to 'Fax to Email. I went to the Fax tab and clicked on the HP digital Fax Wizard to try to change the 'Fax to Network Folder' to 'Fax to Email' but I cannot find anywhere how to do this.

    It only allows me to disable the HP digital fax or fax to network folder.

    I don't know if this helps, but I have configured alerts to e-mail through EWS/settings/Email Alerts, which seems to work fine. If the printer can send emails.

    I would be grateful for your help.

    Kind regards


    Hi Osman,

    The HP Officejet Pro 8600 (N911a) support only the digital repository (Scan or E-mail) to a network folder.

    Only the Officejet Pro 8600 Plus / Premium models provide the specific functionality.

    You can find this information in the product specifications:

    Digital sending features
        Scan-to Folder; Fax Archive to Folder


  • OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus: officejet pro 8600 fax network


    Thank you I have HP officejet PRo 8600 more that has fax functionality and it is connected on the LAN (

    I need another application fax FAX talk (my laptop) to send any documents to HP officejet PRo 8600 by lAN for the fax on the actual fax modem so is HP officejet PRO.

    is this possible?

    What is the right configuration to be written in application FAX TALK? This is the IP fax, FAX port, login (username / password)?

    Hi @amalla,

    Under Windows, the HP drivers are not considered a TAPI modem.

    Thank you.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8600 - FAX with ATT Ringmaster Service number

    I have a phone line with two numbers, the number of the House and with a distinctive ring fax number.  Send/receive works fine and the machine goes to sleep as you wish.

    When the house number rings, the machine out of sleep.  Is this supposed to be like this?  Whenever the phone rings of House, the machine out of sleep.

    After 5 minutes it falls asleep, as it is supposed to.  I find it odd that she would detect a ring on the home phone number.

    Thank you.

    PS - HP Support had me change the fax settings even though I don't think they understood what I was explaining to them.  After that I hung on to the top of the support, the machine responded as well the house number and the fax number.  I went back to the settings that I had done, but the machine still pop sleep whenever the House telephone number sounds.

    Also, when I turn off the PC, the display on the printer stay on all night.

    Someone at - it help with this (these) issues?

    Hi LeeSoFL,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the Forums of HP, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the Forums HP first time here? Learn how to publish and more.

    From what I understand, when you receive an incoming call, the 8600 fate of "sleep" mode and no matter if it's just a voice call or a fax. This is perfectly normal. As long as the 8600 is not attempt to return to the call voice then everything works without any problem. For the display remaining throughout the night, you may notice that it darkens. If you are worried about remaining on, try plugging the power cable directly to a wall outlet, if it isn't already. HP printers have built in surge protector and if you have connected it to a strip bar, the printer will not get all the power it needs to function properly and cela might be the reason why the screen stays on all night after the computer is turned off. Here is a document that explains the problems when connected to an uninterruptible power supply/Strip/surge protector power.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Thanks for your time.

  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8600: Fax spooler

    My fax machine no longer works.

    When you try to send I egt a message "spooler running configuration" for about 10 sec and then that the transmission was abandoned.

    When I run the fax test, the report states that all tests have passed.

    I then tried to send the message from another computer using the same printer, and in this case, it works.

    What should I do to solve the problem on the first computer?

    Hi Emile_M,

    Thank you for your answer!

    Please Contact HP phone support for assistance. Because they have the ability to distance in. (after you fill out the information, you will receive a phone number.) If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number. Language-country selector.

    Contact Microsoft is also not a bad idea.

    If it helps, please consider clicking on "accept as a solution." And, please click the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

    I hope this helps!

  • OfficeJet Pro 8600 N911A: fax wireless

    I need to be able to SEND faxes.  Is it possible to configure my Fax on my Wireless HP Officejet Pro 8600 model N911A?

    Welcome to the community of HP @BARBEO,

    I understand that you are looking to set up your HP Officejet Pro 8600 fax functionality. I'll be happy to help you.

    It is possible to configure your HP Officejet Pro 8600 to fax, however, fax can be used through your wireless network, so the printer will be connected with a telephone cord. Below, I've posted a link to a document that has some instructions on how to configure the functionality of your HP Officejet Pro 8600 fax. Please try all the steps in order and get back to me with the results.

    HP Officejet Pro 251dw, 276dw, and printers of the 8600 series - set up the all-in-one to send and receive faxes

    If it helps, will testify of my answer by pressing the 'thumbs up' below, or click on the button "Accept as Solution" if I helped you reach a solution.

    I hope this helps and have a nice day.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8600: Recently a fax pops up when I try to print photos and the picture does not print

    We have a printer all-in-one HP Officejet Pro 8600 operating from a desktop HP with Windows 7. Recently, in the last two weeks my wife told me, we cannot print photos. The documents appear to be printed without a problem, but when trying to print a photo we get a window titled 'Send Fax - HP Officejet Pro 8600'. We have never used or even hung fax capablitly since we have owned this printer (maybe 2-3 years). All of a sudden, this window is displayed when we try to print a photo and the photo does not print.  I can't tell you that my wife did not hit accidentally a wrong button somewhere down the line, but she says she does not. I tried to attach a screenshot of the window, but for some reason that it does not take it. It's probably something very simple, but technically challenged myself, I can't understand. Help, please.

    Thank you

    Vince Pellerito

    Print picture of what program?  Some programs to keep their own default values for the printer.  It seems that the default printer for the printing of the photo program has been set to Fax.  Try to open the program, select the Officejet Pro 8600 as the printer rather than the Officejet Pro 8600 fax.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8600 cannot receive faxes

    HP Officejet Pro 8600


    Cannot receive faxes.

    Able to send faxes.

    Have a line telephone/answering system equipment, with 4 lights.

    I send a fax to the 1-888-473-2963.

    A few minutes later my phone/answering machine equipment has started ringing 4 times, asking to leave a message.

    Then I heard the ringtone that a fax has been available and I checked the printer display. I had an option:

    "receive faxes manually.

    I pushed this option and the incoming fax was printed.

    If this case should be closed.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus does not fax

    He just did not react, even if the Test Fax is OK (all PASS). I did a lot of testing. Sometimes (well only once so far), it does not recognize a call (I call from a cell phone, but I know clients that it does not meet either ordinary fax machines) and connect. Sometimes, he gets the call, but ask me to accept it, although the auto answer is on. And most of the time, almost always, it does not react at all.

    It is a series of N911g Officejet Pro 8600. Brand new. It is connected to my PC (win7U) via USB, no configuration wireless fantasies at all. I tried to install manually and with the wizard, both directly on the printer to the computer. Everything fine each time, including a successful fax test all. But then no reaction. The line is a Fax line, with its own number, only for faxes. No problem to send faxes. I have tested the line on another printer (Epson PX830), with the same cable, just unplug the phone line on the Officejet and plug it into the Epson: no problem, all calls answered.

    Any ideas? Thank you!

    It works with the new NT. I was even able to programm with the fax: for lines analog, you will need to enter your analog number manually in the NT by using an analog phone (or perhaps a more intelligent device for the pros, I guess). I just send faxes empty a little with the codes as numbers. I got an error message from the phone network, but the new testament had already swallowed the codes from here here. I have not tried the cable: too happy it works finally.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8600: Receiving fax nobody's just get lines

    He works very well, but today when I sent a fax, they received what it takes in lines (such as a bar code).  I have tried a different fax number and they have had the same problem.

    Hi @Jazoola

    These lines appear when you copy or scan too? You have the printer connected directly to a wall outlet or is this a surge protector or power bar? Even if you have used a surge protector/power bar this whole time and you feel that this is not the case, please connect to a wall outlet so that we can eliminate the source of energy as the primary cause.   Questions when it is connected to an uninterruptible power supply/Strip/surge protector power

    In this document, you will see, QUESTION: questions or problems may arise when a HP LaserJet printer is connected to a UPS (UPS), a power strip or a surge protector

    ↑ This is not limited to the Laserjet printers.

    We will perform a hard reset. To do this, leave the printer and unplug the power cable for 1 minute. While it is unplugged, press and hold the power button on the printer for 10-15 seconds to release built his power, then after the minute, plug the printer in.

    In addition, please click the appropriate link below to make sure that the printer has the latest firmware update. This update of the firmware can improve the performance of the printer and fix various defects.

    HP Officejet Pro 8600 N911g_n Firmware (more models and premium)

    HP Officejet Pro 8600 N911a Firmware (8600 e - all-in - One Printer)

    I hope this helps.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8600 N911a: HP Officejet Pro 8600 N911a - Print when Fax is not saved

    Can I do so a fax is printed when it is not registered?

    I know that I can put to print and save every time, but I trust HP digital fax to save paper.

    If a fax is not registered, either because of a network error, or if the computer that logs usually in is cut off, can just fax be printed?

    @MrMeow, it's nice to meet you.

    I think I found something that can help your fax dilemma.

    This information has been in the User Guide for the Officejet Pro 8600 e-all-in-one - N911a; PG 69.

    Set up backup fax

    According to your needs best and security, you can configure the printer to store all faxes it receives, only faxes it receives while the printer is in an error condition, or none of the faxes it receives.

    The following fax backup modes are available:

    On >  The default setting. When backup fax is enabled, the printer stores all faxes received in memory. This allows you to reprint up to eight more recently printed faxes if they are always saved in the memory.

    NOTE: When the memory of the printer is low, it replaces faxes print, older because it receives new faxes. If the memory is full of unprinted faxes, printer stop to answer incoming fax calls.

    NOTE: If you receive a fax that is too large, as a very detailed color photo, it cannot be stored in memory due to limitations of memory.

    Error only > Causes the printer to store faxes in memory only if there is an error condition that prevents the printer to print the faxes (for example, if the printer is out of paper). The printer continues to store incoming faxes, as long as the memory is available. (If the memory is full, the printer stops responding to incoming fax calls). When the error condition is resolved, the faxes stored in memory automatically, print and then they are deleted from the memory.

    Off >  Faxes are never stored in memory. For example, you might want to disable fax backup for security reasons. If an error condition occurs which prevents the printer to print (for example, tracks paper printer), the printer stops responding to incoming fax calls.

    NOTE: If the backup fax is turned on and you turn the printer off, all faxes stored in memory are deleted, including any unprinted faxes that you might receive while the printer was in an error condition. You must contact the senders asking them to return the unprinted faxes. To get a list of faxes that you have received, print the Fax log. The Fax journal is not removed when the printer is off.

    To set backup fax from the printer control panel

    1 tap (right arrow) and select Setup.

    2. press Fax Setup, and then click Advanced fax setup.

    3. press on the backup Fax reception.

    4. press on , error, or out of service.

    Reprint of faxes received from memory

    If you set backup fax mode to On, received faxes are stored in memory, whether the printer has an error condition or not.

    NOTE: After that the memory is full, the oldest faxes, prints are replaced as new faxes are received. If all stored faxes are not printed, the printer does not receive fax calls until you print or erase memory faxes. You can also delete the faxes in memory for purposes of confidentiality or security.

    According to the sizes of the faxes in memory, you can reprint up to eight more recently printed faxes, if they are still in memory. For example, you will need to re - print your faxes if you have lost the copy of your last draw.

    To reprint the faxes in memory from the printer control panel

    1. make sure you have loaded paper in the main tray.

    2 tap (right arrow) and select Setup.

    3. touch Tools , or Faxand then select reprint faxes in memory. The faxes are printed in reverse order, where they were received with the most recently received fax printed first, and so on.

    4. If you want to stop reprinting the faxes in memory, press the Cancel button.

    Please let me know if these steps solved your problem, or if there is anything else I can do to help.

    I look forward to hear from you!

    Thank you

  • Save frequently faxed numbers in my officejet pro 8600

    I have an all-in-one Officejet Pro 8600. Toshiba XP laptop and using the 8600 wireless.

    Have not been able to find how to set up an address book, of sorts, on the HP to often fax numbers.

    Thank you

    Hello Erika9

    Looks like you're talking about the Fax access. Fax Speed Dial description is:

    "You can configure fax number frequently used as speed-dial entries. This allows you to compose

    These numbers quickly by using Control Panel of the printer".

    You can find detailed instructions on pages 74 to 76 of the operating manual. You can find the manual on the link below.

    Officejet 8600 user manual

  • OfficeJet PRO 8600 digital Fax

    My Officejet PRO 8600 will receive my faxes but not store them digitally plus. A PDF file is displayed in my incoming fax folder named output.pdf with 0 KB in size and does not open. Made for about 8 months to a maximum of 2 days. I have Windows 8. Help?

    Hello @StarrCann,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that your digital faxes do not open on your computer using the Officejet 8600. I will do my best to help you! I suggest the setting up of the digital fax on your computer again. I'll give you a document from HP on Setting Up Digital fax HP to save received faxes on your computer.

    You must delete the old folder digital fax your computer first, before proceeding with this document. Please post your results, I will be looking forward to hear from your part, have a great day!

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