Official APA request of Motorola Forums

Everyone would like to see an official forum application. That would make it much easier to do on the RAZR forum.


I would like the forums to have a mobile application as well. I know they're working on a mobile solution, but cannot promise anything.

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  • Official feature request go where?

    Ok... Given that the new forum was created, I have too many ideas for new items and ones I had were so complicated that... But now I have a good and I was wondering if there was still an official place to submit requests for features for the hearing?  I don't see that a link anywhere so is that it now? Have we not to make it public?

    Hello Ron.

    I kept a bookmark in my browser because of the difficulty of finding the feature request/Bug form.
    It works for me:

    See you soon,.


  • The Motorola Forums and Developer editions

    Motorola will allow discussions on the forums about the developer editions? I know that on the other forums, if someone mentions that they have as much rooted, the discussion is shortened.

    I hope that's not breaking the rules of the forums, I would like to know if I have roots or unlock the phone I still will be able to use the Google game, music and other applications? Motorola has the tools available to return to the factory ROM and root? We have updates pushed to our phones?

    Community of developers edition is now open here.

  • Cannot connect to Motorola forums through my phone

    On these forums, I can not connect on my phone. I get the message that my email or password is not correct. But I use the right password I use here to log on to the desktop computer. No idea why?

    Make sure that your email adtess is all lowercase. The phone by default is the first capital of the letter, you must change this.hy

  • support Tapatalk for owners of motorola forums?

    Anyone know how to get tapatalk to work with these forums?

    Tapatalk will not work with these forums. The forum should be set up on the side server to support.

    We all hope that motorcycle forums will come with a mobile solution - but get there first on the server of the bike.

  • How to download Apex-request in this forum

    I want a help. I'm developing an application under apex. by using apex - 4.2. now, I want to download my application: in this forum. How to do? Please give suggest me.

    @rukbat: I solved my prblm. His sample.

  • How can I submit a feature request? This page is broken:

    How can I submit a feature request? This page is broken: & promoid = EWQQL

    Go here: report Forum official feature request/Bug and you will see the box at the top of the page to add a new thread (a thread 'idea' is equivalent to a feature request)

  • Details of the bad device in the forum

    Guyz I'm bike g3 and x user to play both are purchased from Flipkart and activated by the same bike id can sign up for the Motorola forum and headed to my stuff, I chose MFN and g3 as the primary device. When i. clicked my name in the forum he showed me that my unit is x play more recent showed as g3 so I changed my details of device and chandeg to g3 and if my operator details and the series not I clicked on update my profile, the refreshed page and shows my device as g3 and also showed his series so I wasn't happy so I got out and signed the next day still it even began to show my device as x play so I seconded x play bike ID and remove my stl stuff it shows my device under x play I reissued, it still shows x game help me please sorry for the great post.

    Remove the two features of my stuff thn disconnection of the forum and web bike. n connect to check one by one. If no shows that your device thn just add motorcycle g to my stuff. If tht dsnt work thn u shud go also to anthor google registration.

  • Can I use Microsoft OS on Motorola XOOM Android Tablet?

    Original title: Motorola XOOM Android Tablet

    IM asking if microsoft plans to make an OS for motorola xoom, I hope that I can use motorola xoom with microsoft operating system.


    I suggest to provide you feedback to Microsoft by accessing the following link:

    You can also post your suggestion on Motorola forum for further consideration:

  • Windows 8 and Windows 7 64-bit drive Possible? laptop

    Well, unfortunately, I downloaded windows 8 and not knowing that I completely itself installed on my previous operating system. (Win7 Home Premium) I lost the disk I got with my laptop so I can not re - install windows 7 and see how I thought it was unfair for me to spend another 100 euros or so on it I was wondering if I could get possibly another windows 7 disc sent to me. I think it would be better if a member of the staff of hp itself could answer my question.

    Thank you


    Nobody works for HP will answer your request on this forum in an official capacity.

    You can buy a recovery for your PC disk by reading the info on the link below.

    Otherwise, I have a solution that is better than nothing if you don't want to order recovery disks.

    Download the ISO file of the version of Windows 7 that is located on the COA Microsoft sticker on the bottom of your PC. There are also the version in the language of your original operating system to PC provided with.

    For example, if your tile is windows 7 Home premium and that the language was Danish, select Download 32 or 64-bit windows 7 Home premium - Danish file.

    Burn the file to a DVD using a program that can burn ISO files so that you can boot from the DVD.

    Install Windows 7. Then use the product key 25 character on the sticker COST microsoft on the bottom of your PC to activate the installation.

    Then pass it the HP support and the driver page for your laptop and install all the drivers you need.

    Link for downloads of W7 is below.


  • Installation of Win XP OS on Portege 3490CT

    I'm trying to install XP Pro on my 3490CT. Looking at this forum, it seems that a large number of owners of 3490CT is installed this OS on the unit.

    Can anyone provide me with the Protocol of installation for this facility? What do I need, what order drivers need to be installed, etc.? I have all the drivers known for this unit of W98, W2k, and made interesting enough XP (Toshiba's official US site).

    My unit has 384 k ram, and media port replicator.

    I already posted a request on this forum that explains in detail the problem I had with XP on this unit (1 / / 6/06 - aswnys).

    The operating system works well but I have no communications function at all; [i.e. internal network/modem, network on the port replicator, usb device (wireless) network, the network (cable/wireless) pcmcia card all cannot be enabled in the operating system].

    Has anyone installed XP on this unit and has the function of comprehensive communication (modem/network]?

    The aircraft had W2k installed. Installing XP is an upgrade that includes SP2.

    I would appreciate any guidance on this.


    Hi Andrew

    It's always a great challenge to install newer OS on older models. Try to install the operating system and if you need drivers for some hardware components to write again. Maybe we can identify the hardware parts and find the drivers to download from producer page.

    Please let us know how it works. I have a Portege 7200 but I didn t try installing WXP yet.

    Good bye

  • Changed country and cannot update billing information

    Hello there, people. I lived in New York for a while with my sister a long time ago and it's time I did my Apple ID using our address we lived in with credit card American is officially owned by my sister. Now, I did go back to the Ukraine, which is my homeland and stuck with a problem, only not long after, when it asked me to update my billing address to download apps form the App Store.

    I tried to update my billing address, using my own credit card of the Ukrainian Bank and local address I live, but when I do I just get "your application is temporarily unable to deal with." When you try to update, but also I am always get charged $ 1 for each test. With my country not listed in the support center I don't know what to do to change my billing address and if I see those 1 fresh dollar never reimbursed. Without any options to reach official support, my best shot at this request in these forums.

    I don't want to create another login Apple, because my current Apple ID is stored on the email I always use. I tried to change the email and save an new Apple ID to the original email, but without success.

    My only option is to change something my billing address on the existing Apple ID. No idea how to deal with this "your application is temporarily unable to process."?  How to change the address? And will the 1 dollar costs of return if the change of address has failed at all, because I have heard people say that they had to return the money the hard way.

    I would much appreciate your help.

    PS Accidentally posted this in the wrong section. I apologize.

    You cannot change the billing information in a store in the United States to a credit card outside and mailing address. You will need to change to the iTunes store for the Ukraine. You will no longer be able to use the US store, without being physically in the United States, with a US credit card and address mailing.

    Regarding fees, those are shims, not actual expenses that are used to verify your credit card. Those who must be removed after a few days. That belongs to the credit card company, not Apple.

    costs of the iTunes Store on card credit and debit - Apple Support statements

    Or you can try to contact iTunes with this link.

  • Some kind of an API for Skype? I want to build another Skype app, I'm serious.

    To be simple, Skype for Android is crap, I use Skype frequently, slow opening, buggy GUI and all never makes the worst app on my phone

    Saying that, doesn't mean is my opinion, it is the opinion of others too.

    I do not pretend to fix all that, because that would be more than a feature request, it is an APA request

    My idea that I'm a Java/Android Developer, I could build my own stable/fast/smooth/dynamic copy of a Skype informal, good enough for personal use, if things were going well and that the application has been fairly stable and included all of the features, I might consider presenting it as a replacement for the official app.

    So my question is it possible to create such an application? Skype there any API or something that I can use? I would be happy to know also what protocols are used in communications to implement the same, so the quality of the voice is just as it could be.

    Thank you.


    This isn't. At least for now.

  • < CLOSED > motorcycle E-News Update

    We know what you're thinking, my device will receive a upgrade.when? How? First bike E (1st generation) the user may need to download the latest version of Motorola Update Services on the Google game store. (MOTORCYCLE E - release the Android 5.0 Lollipop is currently in testing.) Implementation can be in April 2015

    Their is already a post for official android l News:

  • Silverlight will not be installed have installed and uninstalled several times silverlight and google chrome

    you have changed your system and now I can't enter my portfolo and I tried gel time silverlight and the two google chrome several times and installation

    Hi Terryr28,

    ·         What exactly happens when you try to install Microsoft Silverlight or Google Chrome?

    ·         You receive an error message or error code?

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    From now on, I would say you can place the computer in a clean boot of State and then try to install the program.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7


    Note: After troubleshooting, be sure to configure the computer to start as usual as mentioned in step 7 in the above article.

    We need more information about the problem to be solved. However, you can also publish your request on the forums Forums Silverlight from Microsoft and Google's Support respectively.

    Installation and Assembly: the official Microsoft Silverlight Site



    Google Chrome help

    You can also check:

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS | Resources | Microsoft Silverlight


    Let us know the results.

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    for example: click here to open the Device Manager: MMC.exe - pop up says unidentified editor - I select 'Allow' and get the message that MMC has stopped working. Tried safe mode and the clean boot.  No change. How can I get mmc to work again?