OIM11gR2ps2 how to use OID - Connector for updating a user that has been created through LDAPsync?


I have two connectors configuration, a database connector generic to an Oracle database that the provisions of a user account (it works fine). The second connector, I am still getting set up properly is a LDAP connector specifically OID -

Use case:

A user creates an account through automatic recording and is created simultaneously in OUD ldap with the johnDoe1 username. johnDoe1 connects in IOM and asks an instance of application called DBAccount. They fill out the application in all there information (user ID, fname, lname, phone, address, title, etc.). Once they support demand goes through the necessary approvals and after that it's approved successfully the info is put in service to the database. Once this operation has been successful, I would like to provision an update a users ldap entry that was created in the custom attribute ldapsync is called OUDappusername, this attribute is an attribute with value mutli because if demand for the other apps, they will be updated in the OUD aswell. This OUDappusername will be generated by an event handler or to pre-populate the plugin and the format will be "app |" user name' where app is the app they ask and User_name is the user name they use to connect to the IOM, for example "DBAccount". johnDoe1. If they keep asking other apps they will be updated in the OUDappusername so that they may have DBAccount | johnDoe1 and ask another application called app2, then they will also have app2 | johnDoe1 and so on.

Is this possible with the connector and how do I set it up to users update rather than set up a new account in the OUD?

The question:

I currently have the configuration of connector so whenever I have set up a user creates a new user rather than allow me to simply update a user. It is possible to configure the connector for updating existing users is born through ldapsync, rather than those created through the app instance configuration. I have found no documentation on that.

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I just wanted to post what we found the answer. We did not use the connector, but what we did was we created a custom, adapter, which is a small and associated java class then new task in the process definition for the database resource in the console design and we made calls to jndi for the ldap Protocol to update this attribute multivalue. It was very quick and easy and could be tested before the implementation of the IOM. Thanks again for all the help and talk me through the procedures.

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