OK, I did something "stupid." The hard drive on my computer was full so I copied my pictures to a removable hard drive. Then I deleted them on my mac. I also wanted a new installation of LR, so I uninstalled that too. I reloaded LR and reloaded my drink "

OK, I did something "stupid." The hard drive on my computer was full so I copied my pictures to a removable hard drive. Then I deleted them on my mac. I also wanted a new installation of LR, so I uninstalled that too. I reloaded LR and reloaded my 'catalogue', but I don't know how to do so that he can look at the pictures on my external HD help!


wendyh81856794 wrote:

Oh, okay, I think I got it. If the folders on my computer with the? Use the LR 'catalogue' on my computer, and when I reconnect them, LR uses the 'catalogue' on my external hard drive?

No Lightroom does not use a different catalog.

We discuss records, are we not? In the original catalog, you have a folder with one? mark, say C:\Photos, and you used your operating system to move it to F:\Photos. Lightroom has this record showing under the C:\ drive. As soon as you make the reconnection, Lightroom indicates the folder in the drive F:\.

Oh, and is there a way to do all the files at once? or what I need to do one at a time?

See Figure 4 and the corresponding text in the document I linked to.

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    I accidentally did something to the sympatics pointing device to where I can't TYPE FOR CLICK and I'm not that computer savy to seem to be able to find a way to get it back to the tap to click.


    Or do you mean Synaptics?

    In any case - to visit the web page of the manufacturer of the laptop computer and the specific page for your system model in their support section drivers & downloads and find the latest driver for your touchpad and install it.  Maybe this will help egt you on the right track:


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    I hope this helps!
    Shawn - Support Engineer - MCP, MCDST
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

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    Please re - locate all of the missing images.

    Reference: How to find the lack of photos in Photoshop Lightroom

    Kind regards

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    1. Open my computer .
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    • Tried a System Restore to a point before delete you?
    • You may need to perform a repair of Windows XP Installation , but you want to do this carefully if you have a newer version of Internet Explorer installed now.  It would work BETTER if you have your installation media of Windows XP with Service Pack 3 integrated into it because it is likely that you have Service Pack 3 installed on your computer now (and the 90 + updates come after that).
    • Finally - how are * your * backups of * your * stuff?  Your documents, your photos, your music, your bookmarks, your installable applications, your serial numbers and product keys, etc. and so on?  Also, do you know what hardware drivers your system needs to communicate correctly with all the material inside and connected to your computer?  (Belarc Advisor would be a good FREE tool to run and print the results if you can.  It lists a lot of this information for you.)  You maybe just to perform a new installation of Windows XP.

    Come back - let us know what is happening and how things are going.

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    If you don't have any concern data that is stored on the computer, you can reinstall the operation as a new copy.

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    .... Where the Sam Hill have all my numbers, email addresses and other contact information go? And what I have to do to get back them?

    Select Desktop Manager > backup restore > advanced.

    In the left pane, you should see your most recent backup of the file... If not, choose file > open, and select the file you want.

    THEN, in the left window, choose only the databases, such as address book data, calendar databasse, etc..

    This will not restore an older operating system.

  • I did something stupid to my computer and I need help fixing it!

    Now, I've heard people use SUPERantispyware (SUPERantispyware.com) so I used it... He didn't do anything mainly because it is just an especially horrible antivirus program compared to my average so I went in this selection of repairs I can do to my computer and I have "Reset Winlogon Shell". Since I did that many permissions have been removed for access to the records and when I look in the properties of the permissions then it show that my account on this computer and admin (p.s. I'm the only account so the admin also), but then I also have these locks on a bunch of files and goes C:\users\ has not only ntuser.dat (and.. dat) Log1 and .datLOG2) but rather has also other 9 with three located in fair plugs for the real file and they all random numbers and letter after the extension. P.S. out of all those random there are three BLF and 6 REGTRANS-MS files

    I am using a Lenovo IdeaPad N580 with Win7 home premium

    I would like to use the system restore.  Here's how: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/features/system-restore

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    Ever wished that you can go back in time? With Windows, you can.

    Installation sometimes a driver or a program can make Windows run slowly or erratically. System Restore can return programs and system files from your PC to a time where everything worked, potentially prevent hours of troubleshooting of headaches. This will not affect your documents, images or other data.

    In Windows 7, you can create system restore points more and see exactly what files will be deleted or added when your PC is restored. For more information, see create a restore point.

    For more protection, use the restore system backup and restore, which is designed to help save email, photos, documents and other personal files.

    To use the system restore

    Before you start the system restore, save open files and close all programs. System Restore will restart your PC.

    1. Open system restore by clicking the start . In the search box, type restore the system and then, in the list of results, click on system restore. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    2. Follow the steps in the wizard to select a restore point and restore your computer.

      For more information, see System Restore: frequently asked questions.

    In Windows 7 system restore can prevent headaches hours after an accident.
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    I have NOT installed Acrobat, but I want to. The problem is, I can't uninstall it, because it is not installed in fact!

    Other CC applications seem to install correctly.

    I tried to solve the problem of the measures are:

    -Restart the computer

    -Run the cleaning of Adobe tool and reinstall Adobe CC

    -Remove AAMUpdater, AAMUpdaterInventory, and OOBE and reinstall Adobe CC

    I know that there are many reported problems of compatibility between Acrobat and OS X Yosemite, but I hope that it is possible to install Acrobat on Yosemite? Any tips?

    Adobe support solved this for me. I had to unplug all external drives, and once this has been done VAC detected is more like Acrobat installed.

    At the time the problem I was connected to an old MacBook, which was in "target disk mode" - in other words, he was treated like an external hard drive. I guess that ACC has detected an Acrobat installation on this hard drive.

    After disconnect the external hard drive and signing out and back to the ACC everything has worked flawlessly.

  • Get rid of an old computer... How can I make sure the hard disk is permanently deleted?

    Old system Windows ME... Want to know how to replace HD to remove permanently files... is there a program... thought he was, but he can't seem to find... have connected to my computer Win dows 7 via USB ports... any solution manual?

    You can check out the article below and see if it helps.
    Create and format a hard disk partition
  • I got a message "Firefox security" that my computer was full of viruses, asking if I wanted them to correct the problem. The address was not good as Firefox. I thought it was a fake. Anyone know?

    He could have said "Mozilla Security", but the address line was not Mozilla. I think it could be a new virus, so I didn't click on it. Today, it is the first time I saw it. My antivirus software is up-to-date and working.

    It will be a fake, there are malicious sites that use this method to try to get people to install malware. Mozilla does not search for viruses or send messages like that.

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    1 have. the troubleshooting steps you tried?
    2. don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?

    Step 1: Refer the article that could help you solve this problem.

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