on the left are 3 red balls, yello, green, who go around in a circle. When I click it it says download assistance, what is it for and how can I learn more about them?

to the left of the URL are 3 balls, red, yellow, green, who go around in a circle. When I click it it says download assistance, what is it for and how can I learn more about them?

An add-on (extension) for download videos from Youtube-like on your hard drive

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Not related to your question, but...

You may need to update some plug-ins. Check your plug-ins and update if necessary:

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    I have vista ultimate 64 and I try to run HAWX in DX10. It is gray in the game. When I run DXDIAG it says that I'm running DX 11. How can this be? How to register for dx10?

    I have Windows 7 32-bit last month.  I installed the demo of HAWX and he ran a program compatibility Wizard after installation.  He showed that DirectX 10 has been installed.  When I run DXDiag, I also show DirectX 11.  Now, I have installed DirectX 9 .0c on this machine.  Then you can try to install it and see if that makes a difference.

    DirectX 9 .0c

    Of course now that I've tried the demo you have shot me in another game I have to play.  :)

    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
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  • When I click on a file, it brings up a search screen. How can I change back so that it opens just the file?

    When I click on a file, it brings up a search screen.  How can I change back so that it opens just the file?

    Open the box and run by pressing the Windows logo and the R keys together then type;

    regsvr32 /i shell32.dll click OK

  • How do I learn more about the API Oracle and Workflow

    Dear experts,

    I need to learn more about the oracle and Oracle Workflow API.

    I need to resources or books on this topic.

    Kind regards


    Go to http://docs.oracle.com

    Click the Applications icon

    Click on the E-Business

    Click on the link for 12.1 +.

  • Had a virus, now when I click on a site to go to Google page appears and I can not go on the site, except if I click on "cache".

    I had a virus on my computer and now when I click on a site to access Google page appears and I can't go to the website of Norbert I click on 'cache '.  Help. Please, I beg you.

    * original title - frustrated *.

    Looks like that you always include parts of virus/malware (or some of the many friends who came along for the ride) or the damage they did is large enough.  If you notice symptoms like this now - there are probably other issues, you haven't noticed.  What I mean is that you're probably not clean and even if you are - the damage can be so vast, you should probably do a clean install and your stuff from restoring backups.

    This "virus" you have on your computer and how did you clean it?

  • What offline media means and how can I recover the missing video?

    I have a video that I've been working on for some time. A section of the video says Media Offline when I played it back (on the same computer). As I did not move the file to another computer, and it's not an export, I'm not sure of what has past. Assuming that it is a 'broken' link, how can I recover it?


    I have a plan... no guarantees, but it could work.

    1. open this project first elements 14. You should be greeted by a message "where is the file___? If so, then click on the button in the message that gives you the opportunity to 'ignore all '. To help in the project, but the project will be your missing file and have the display offline Media for her. Also, if you do not get the "Where is the file___?" and you are in the open project with this missing file, then... anyway...

    2. in the open project, find the file in the active Expert of the tile project workspace. It should also have an offline media watch. Right-click in the thumbnail in the active project, and then select replace sequences. Then find and select the original file. Click Open.

    3. you now have your clip with its original changes on the Timeline?

    Please review and then we'll decide what next as shown.

    Thanks for the follow-up.


  • I click on the botton of start and type msconfig and the area off I click Service and discovered that 80 Microsoft has been stop mark what's causing this and how can I solve the problem

    I click on start and type in msconfig research and a box has opened and then I click on the Service and 80 this was mark stop. They all register of microsoft corporation. I believe this, why I had some problem with my computer.


    There may be no problem that many Services start and stop on request so everything can be normal.

    Start - type in the search box-> control of the superior and right click on - RUN AS ADMIN.

    Or Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Control Services.

    To check the default settings for Windows Services:

    Windows 7

    Windows 7 Service Pack 1

    BlackViper - for Vista SP1 - Services - all return to their default values.

    BlackViper - for Vista SP2 - Services - all return to their default values.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • When I click on light effects, it simply creates a new layer, and I can't really change/tweak the enlightenment... help

    Photoshop lighting effect filter does not work. A new layer called just the effects of light appears, why?

    Under help > system info, copy and paste the first two lines identifying the exact version of your OS and Photoshop.

    In Photoshop, the command is the menu Filter > render > lighting effects

    Don't use "Last filter" or it runs the command without bring to the top of the dialog box.

  • Why firefox, send emails to my contacts from my e-mail invite them to learn more about Firefox Hello?

    Why firefox, send emails to my contacts from my e-mail invite them to learn more about Firefox Hello?

    Thanks for the clarification on the h which is exactly the test/email that gets sent when you or someone on your pc is to create a conversation of Hello firefox and click the "link email" to invite another person to this conversation. This is something that happens and gets sent after manual steps by the user, so there should not be a reason to worry about this.

    Alternatively, you can try it yourself as described in:
    Hello Firefox - video and voice chat conversations

  • When you export from adobe story to the final draft, there are numbers rolling down both margins. How can I get rid of them?

    When you export from adobe story to the final draft, there are numbers rolling down both margins. How can I get rid of them?

    So that we can suggest an appropriate workaround solution, we would need to have a look at your script of history

    Can you please mail version ".stdoc" of your script of history we at [email protected] ?

    You can export your Story script in the format '.stdoc' by ' file > save to disk ' option

  • Lately on the Web, pdf files are not correctly; What is the problem and how can I fix this so I don't have to use IE?

    I am a teacher and often need to open the PDF files of academic electronic databases of journal articles. In the last two or three weeks, when I try to do it using Firefox, only the first page of the pdf display and the rest are empty. In addition, a bar appears in the upper part with the message "this pdf file cannot be displayed properly." So I had to switch to Internet Explorer to open files and do my research. What happens and how can I fix this problem so that you can open PDFs from the Web in Firefox and ask them to work correctly?

    Hello, firefox 19 introduced its own Viewer integrated pdf - if you want to switch it to the plugin you used before displaying a PDF file just go to the firefox options > applications and scroll down and set the default action for the portable document (pdf) format.

    How to disable the built-in PDF Viewer and use another Viewer

  • I have an iMac (2015).  When I open Garageband, there are only two buttons on the control bar, play and stop.  No record button, rewind or ff.  Where are they and how can I make it appear?

    I have an iMac (2015). When I open Garageband, there are only two buttons on the control bar, play and stop. No record button, rewind or ff. Where are they and how can I make it appear?

    Try to enlarge the GarageBand window by dragging the corners of resizing.

    If she looks like this, your window is small:

    You can also try to click the double arrow at the end of the toolbar to reveal more options.

  • I want to learn more about Windows XP x 64 bit.


    I would like to learn more about Windows XP x 64 bit.

    Issues related to the:

    1. Windows XP x 64 came to the House, or was it only pro.
    2. Where did you get XP x 64? Enter disc shaped?
    3. I've never seen an XP x 64 computer which offered PC manufacturers a PC with XP x 64 installed?
    4. How Service Pack of XP x 64 was there?

    I would appreciate knowing these things.

    Thank you.

    1. XP 64-bit only ever come to Pro edition.
    2. You can find online. It was a rare product in stores because of compatibility issues. Yes, it's a CD.
    3. None that I know. 64-bit was pushed more with Vista, because of 32-bit and 64-bit being equal.
    4. XP 64-bit went up to Service Pack 2, since it was a renamed Server 2003

    And with that last line, we see the major 64-bit XP had: it was a renamed Server 2003. He had a lot of application compatibility problems and was not really pushed with Vista around the corner. A big problem was the drivers because the drivers for most consumer devices written for XP waiting for XP 32-bit. They have not waited 64-bit Windows Server.

    Vista has brought Windows and Windows Server in the same code again and therefore, did not have the same kind of XP 64-bit compatibility issues did. Note that I'm not saying that Vista had no problems. We all know that was the case, and there are even 64-bit problems (a big consumer a noticed was that it took more than 5 general availability of Vista for Apple to make iTunes compatible with Vista 64-bit) similar to XP 64-bit. The difference this time is that Vista, 7, and 8 were pushing 64-bit on a par with 32-bit.

  • Windows let me read on Windows XP? I know that I have Vista, but I am a student and need TO learn more about Vista!

    As I read about utilities Windows XP I'm always redirected to Vista.  I don't want to know more about vista.  I want to learn more about xp!  What is in this?

    Hello jimgrice,

    In addition to commentary of Sheldon Cooper, are you able to view the following information?  What browser do you use?

    Windows XP


  • What are the issues and how can I put the documents in the files?

    As usual; Oracle is absolutely horrible in providing any kind of basic instructions on the use of the products.

    I need to upload files to a structure (don't care if it's collections, folders, or in mason jars as long as it works) and be able version them and seize those I want.

    I managed to get a variety of things to work with the genericSoapService (cannot use the API in accordance with local policy), but everything I check in goes in (don't know where)

    I don't think I'm even asking the right questions because my web researchers increase irrelevant results.

    What are the issues and how can I put the documents in the files?

    I created a few files like this:

    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ucm="http://www.oracle.com/UCM">
    <GenericRequest xmlns="http://www.oracle.com/UCM" webKey="cs">
    <Service IdcService="FLD_CREATE_FOLDER">
    <Field name="fParentGUID">C976021E28DD8B26FB2D437B5BF56B7F</Field>
    <Field name="fPath">/RAFT/Appraisals/</Field>
    <Field name="fFolderName">0111234567</Field>
    <Field name="fSecurityGroup">RAFT_ADMINGrp</Field>

    Here's a sample call:

    The virtual path is/Appraisals/0111234567 /.

    The GUID for this folder is CBF8EF9C59F8A6C84EB31C68F0903399

    I see the reference to xCollectionID when I look for answers, but the data is not available for me (see the output below)

    When I run this it stores the file but the file does not appear in the folder.

    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ucm="http://www.oracle.com/UCM">
    <GenericRequest xmlns="http://www.oracle.com/UCM" webKey="cs">
    <Service IdcService="CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL">
    <Field name="fFolderGUID">CBF8EF9C59F8A6C84EB31C68F0903399</Field>
    <Field name="dDocType">Document</Field>
    <Field name="dSecurityGroup">Public</Field>
    <Field name="dDocAccount"/>
    <Field name="dSecurityGroup">RAFT_ADMINGrp</Field>
    <Field name="xFHACaseNumber">0111234567</Field>
    <Field name="xFHADocumentType">Appraisal</Field>
    <Field name="dDocTitle">tuesday2document.txt</Field>
    <File name="primaryFile" href="whereami.txt">


    <env:Envelope xmlns:env="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
          <ns2:GenericResponse xmlns:ns2="http://www.oracle.com/UCM">
             <ns2:Service IdcService="CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL">
                   <ns2:Field name="reserveLocation">false</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="IdcService">CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dSecurityGroup">RAFT_ADMINGrp</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dpTriggerField">xIdcProfile</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocType">Document</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionErr"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xPartitionId:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWebFlag"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocCreator">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocAccount"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xClbraUserList"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dLocation"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCPageId:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dWebExtension">txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isNew">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="IsQueryObjectPersistent"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCTags"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="LockedContents1">dDocName:WCC_Cluster-001208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dClbraName"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dCreateDate">10/7/14 8:58 AM</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xClbraAliasList"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dActionMillis">72487502</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="StatusMessage">Successfully checked in content item 'WCC_CLUSTER-001208'.</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dIsPrimary">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isInfoOnly"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dActionDate">10/7/14 8:58 AM</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCPageId"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xLibraryGUID:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocID">1216</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dPublishState"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xFHACaseNumber">0111234567</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="doSorting">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="primaryFile">whereami.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevisionID">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xExternalDataSet"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionFunction">determineCheckin</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="UseForwardOnlyCursor"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="noDocLock">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dID">1208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCTags:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xPartitionId"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xComments:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dInDate">10/7/14 8:58 AM</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocOwner">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dUser">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isDocProfileUsed">true</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionParams"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dpEvent">OnImport</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xExternalDataSet:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocLastModifier">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="DocExists"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dConversion">PassThru</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="StatusCode">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xStorageRule:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dStatus">DONE</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dOriginalName">whereami.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevClassID">1208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="idcToken"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevLabel">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocName">WCC_CLUSTER-001208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowApproverUserList:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xStorageRule">webasset</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="localizedForResponse">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dPublishType"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="fFolderGUID">CBF8EF9C59F8A6C84EB31C68F0903399</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dFormat">text/plain</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionType">3</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocTitle">tuesday2document.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dpAction">CheckinNew</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="primaryFile:path">/opt/oracle/work/wcc_cluster/ucm/cs/vault/~temp/1963032402.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="refreshMonikers"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowAssignment"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="isEditMode">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="refreshSubMonikers"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xFHADocumentType">Appraisal</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="changedMonikers"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevRank">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="StorageRule">webasset</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowApproverUserList"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xComments"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dAction">Checkin</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isDocProfileDone">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWebFlag:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRawDocID">1215</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xLibraryGUID"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="StatusMessageKey">!csServiceStatusMessage_checkin,WCC_CLUSTER-001208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xIdcProfile:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dWorkflowState"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dProcessingState">Y</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocCreatedDate">{ts '2014-10-07 08:58:07.482'}</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocAuthor">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dOutDate"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dIsWebFormat">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionFlags">12</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isCheckin">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="RenditionId">webViewableFile</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dExtension">txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="VaultfilePath">/opt/oracle/work/wcc_cluster/ucm/cs/vault/~temp/1963032402.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="prevReleaseState"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="isStatusChanged">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dReleaseState">N</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dWebOriginalName">WCC_CLUSTER-001208~1.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowAssignment:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocLastModifiedDate">{ts '2014-10-07 08:58:07.482'}</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dFileSize">19</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xIdcProfile"/>


    Replace fFolderGUID by fParentGUID

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