On the past, remove the calendar entries showing

24.6.0 running

A few days ago, the following began to occur:

A recurring appointment from the past - I don't see in my TBird calendar on Google - daily poster calendar.

I tried rejecting, I tried to delete... and they continue to appear.

Any ideas?

`````````````````````````` UPDATE
There are moments TBird asked a 31.2.0 update... So, I did the update.
I was told that Lightening was more consistent, so I've updated in paragraph 3.3.1...

So, now I have a new problem... The calendar is filled with a recurring appointment.

Anyone? Thank you.




Removed from the definition of Google Calendar and re-installed

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  • The calendar entries blackBerry Smartphones duplicate on handheld

    I have a new Curve 8310.  After making a few synchs after making additions/changes to my Outlook calendar, all my calendar entries duplicated on your handheld.  One of the duplicates can be deleted, but then he removes the entry of my calendar Outlook the next time that I run a synchronization.  The other duplicate entry says that it cannot be deleted because it was "externally deleted."  How can I solve this?

    Easy fix would be to clean your pocket computer then re-sync again. Backup of your handheld before wiping the device just to be safe. To wipe the handheld go to Options > Security Options > General settings. Press the menu button and select wipe Handheld.

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    Watch ver 2.1 (S 13, 661), watch OS 2.1: when you enter the entrance of the calendar, with Siri, the watch does not synchronize with the Iphone 5 s worm 9.2 (13 c, 75). IOS 9.2.1.


    Do not forget that Apple Watch shows the events you have planned or have been invited in for today and next week. Anything beyond that will not appear on your watch until closer to the time.

    If not, please clarify what you mean by "does not synchronize.

  • The calendar entry

    Hi all

    I'm able to catch an event when a calendar entry has been added by following...

    Public Sub itemAdded (point PIMItem)

    How can I get the hour of beginning, location, notes etc from the object passed to the method of tis item?

    Please point me in the right direction if you know.

    Thank you


    lol I was quite awake this morning

    bbEvent.getString (Event.NOTE, 0);

  • To access the purged and archived in the calendar entries

    I use Palm Calendar since 2003 (Palm Vx, Palm m500, Treo 680), but have never purged.

    Now that I have + 32,000 entries, synchronization takes too long and the phone takes more than a minute to answer if I select a calendar entry.

    So I think I'll need to purge. My questions are:

    1. How can access entries purged and archived? What is the DateBook.dba file?

    2 - is each successive archived purge add entries for the same file or do that the overwriting the previous file with only the most recent purged of elements?

    I'm sorry if the answers to these questions have already been posted, but I could not find in any thread.

    Thank you

    Come to discover the answers to help Live Support of Palm:

    Max Brenner says: I would like to know how to read the permanently deleted items

    Tom says: You can open it from PalmDesktop. It will be saved in the form of archive. You can open the file to archive.

    Max Brenner says: file/open archive / DateBook.dba?

    Tom says: Yes. You are right.

    Max Brenner says: So, what happens with this file the next time I have serve again after a few months?

    Tom says: It will be saved in the file dba.

    Max Brenner said: , but the files previously archived will be there also? Or they will be crushed?

    Tom says: He will be replaced this information.

    Max Brenner says: So I will want to save first. Is it possible to merge the contents of 2 dba files?

    Tom says: Yes, you can do it in 2 files of dba. Then export all the information in a file of dba.

    Max Brenner says: Last question. Is there a limit of Palm Desktop can handle the number of entries on my Treo 680?

    Tom says: Until the memory is full, there is no limit.

    Max Brenner says: Ok. Thank you so much, Tom!

    Tom says: You are welcome!

    Message is about: Treo 680 (AT & T)

  • Had to reload the operating system, the loss of the calendar entries, have old data, how do I recharge the old entires caledar?

    I have all the old Thunderbird and Lightning data in the profiles folder. I don't remember the name I had given to the calendar

    Create a new profile and copy the one above him.

  • The calendar entries to duplicate software on 2-way sync blackBerry

    Greta BB10 has now 2-way synchronization, but... How to stop duplicate entries appear?

    It serves to miss them, or at least ask what had preference but all that's happened is that they have been copied across and duplicated.

    Rather than delete and then make them reappear in another synchronize any suggestion why it happened? or what I do wrong?

    Thank you.

    Hey, DLF,.

    Welcome to BlackBerry Support Community Forums.

    Before using synchronization of 2 channels BlackBerry version 1.1.1and link import you the Outlook calendar the smartphone BlackBerry Q10 using the previous version of BlackBerry link? If so, this problem can be related to the issue described in the following article:

    After you complete a synchronization two-way, all contacts and appointments imported with the previous version of BlackBerry link are duplicated


    Let me know if it helps.

    Thank you.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones sync wants to delete the old calendar entries

    My apologies if this has been taken up, but I have not been able to find.   I have a BB Curve and the Blackberry Desktop Software.  Since the update to 7.1.0 Bundle 2879 on the phone, that I can't sync with Outlook without deleting all the passes of the calendar entries. (My BB Desktop Software is Bundle 42.)  I have the camera set to keep keep always the appointments.  I ran a synchronization with the one-way set to sync software from the computer to the device that does not ask to remove all entries from the old, but when I switch back to the two-way synchronization he still wants to delete all the passes the calendar on the device entries.

    You have options in the tab of the organizer for the calendar by clicking Configure. From there, there, you can choose to synchronize all calendar entries. This should be a resolution. In addition, there are options to control more which allows to synchronize by clicking the Advanced button.

    If you want to control the amount of calendar data consider rest on your cell phone...

    I had problems with handling the appts Blackberry in the past where - when an appt is deemed be removed from the mobile device - it removed also Outlook! This should NEVER be--but WAS. It is thus a better 'political' to have your BB synchronize all appts and control how much will remain on your phone by using the Outlook archiving functionality. When calendar items move to your archive, then you can see appts should be deleted from your phone, but they will just be appts 'old' according to what you install.

    And no matter - before make you a new synchronization or changes which may react unexpectedly...

    Make a backup of your Outlook file just in case!

    I hope this helps.

  • Windows live calendar not only show a part of an event in the calendar

    When I open windows live calendar it shows that some of the test registered and this is not on the correct date, but earlier in the week. Found a web site that opens the calendar and shows the full entry but when I save it as a favorite that need me for my calendar live windows that show only part of the inscription. Help thanks!


    The question you have posted better suited to the Hotmail calendar support. I recommend you to ask your question in Hotmail Calendar Help Center support.

    Hope the helps of information.

  • How can blackBerry smartphones, I get rid of the calendar icon which shows at the top right of my screen?

    I can't understand why the calendar icon showing only when it is locked? When I unlock it it not tells me I missed something and the icon is not there, so I can't understand out where it came from to remove. Help!

    Thanks for the suggestion of the app, I downloaded it and it worked, the icon disappears. I'll be sure to do it from time to time to keep my phone clean.

  • Lightning automatically deletes the old calendar entries? When?

    I'm using lightning as a kind of "journal", but I want ot make sure it won't automatically erase IM from: for example, after one year, after five years. In other words, I want a permanent entry.

    The lightning is not automatically remove the calendar entries.

    To be safe be sure to create backups of your Thunderbird profile but on a regular basis. https://support.Mozilla.org/KB/Profiles-TB#w_backing-up-a-profile

  • BlackBerry Smartphones PDF in the section Notes, calendar entries

    Anyone any idea on it.

    This is my 2nd Pearl BB and with my first, I could see PDF that was stored in the Notes of any calendar entry. With this one, I can't... it is not only all attachments in the Notes section. E-mail in use system's Notes but nothing changed there, so I'm wondering if anyone knows what might be wrong.

    I can see fine of PDF on my mail when they come as long as attachments so I know that the capability is there... everything seems to be nothing in the Notes to the calendar entries...

    Any idea? Technical support in society have not managed to find something...

    If you could see the attachments to the calendar on your previous device entries, which would indicate to me that Yes, you should be able to see them on your new device... which tells me that your BES admins have not configured your new BES device are the same as your old.

    If you could read attachments in PDF calendar on your old device, then your BES admins did something (probably an add-on application to your BB) in order to allow this to work.

    This side, I can't honestly say that this must be a work function or not - I'm not on NOTES so can't compare the features and functions. But, since you're on BES, it's really these admins who are in control, so I suggest to go see them.

    See you soon!

  • BlackBerry Storm smartphones - delete all entries in the calendar?

    Is there a way to delete all the entries in the calendar?  I had the storm and had a sync error Outlook.  Since then, I had a lot of duplicates.  Is there a way to erase everything?

    Thank you!

    If you encounter errors in your calendar or address book on your BlackBerry and you want to delete the entire address book (or calendar) base on your BlackBerry, follow the instructions below. Make sure that you have a good copy of your calendar or Contacts, because this procedure will delete all the calendar entries or entries from the address book on your BlackBerry.

    1. open the Desktop Manager on your PC.

    2. open Backup/Restore > advanced.

    3. in Advanced Options, you will see a split pane screen. Left pain is what happens to save on your device and the right is a list of the existing databases.

    3 select right your address book database (or your Calendar database), and then click the arrow in the Middle pointing to the left. This will copy the information on and prepare it for the backup.

    4. once the backup is complete, click the button Clear down to erase, and then clean up the database of book full address (or calendar).

    5. once it is finished, it will ask you if you want to save the backup that you created, say you Yes and check the device to make sure that the address book (or calendar) has been duly cleared out. Now, Resync the necessary contact details and you should be set to go.

  • Calendars of blackBerry Smartphones: how to PERMANENTLY remove default device entries

    I have 2 calendars (device default and one labeled with my current email). First, I deleted ALL my entries on the calendars of device by default because whenever I have synced with MissingSync it syncs everything to my calendar for my email.  Anyway the problem I have is when I changed my email on the device (before even sync with my computer, the device default calendar is back with a bunch of OLD entries.  Where is he pulling information and is there a way to delete all the time so it never comes back?  Yes I could go back and remove all the entries ONE by ONE, but it would take a LONG time.


    The default calendar is the calendar of the device, items synced to it will not correctly synchronize on the desktop.

    (1) delete your addresses of e-mail of the device.

    (2) use the link below to clear the Calendar database.

    (3) recreate the e-mail address you want to associate with your main calendar.

    4) go to default services and make sure that your email address for the main calendar is specified

    in the CICAL and CIMIME entries. Save it.

    (5) in the Office Manager, specify a one-way synchronization of Outlook to the device for the calendar only.

    (6) once successful, check the calendar of primary e-mail and make sure that all records are there.

    (7) run synchronization for each category separately until you have all the correct data on the BB.

    (8) to re-create any additional e-mail addresses

    (9) send service directories.

    (10) the BB has now all the calendar entries in the calendar main correct email, with no record in another.

    (11) on the PC, delete the intellisync folder and reconfigure the to 2 Sync Setup Wizard see normal.
    Thank you


    Method one:


  • Where is the calendar Gets the location of the House?

    When I ask the calendar to calculate the travel times it suggests a calculated from the House at the location in the calendar entry. It is said this is home', but when I add something to a close location (5 minutes), he said 14 hours, 25 minutes. I can't understand where he thinks is "Home". I looked in my address book and my entry has a home address that is correct (even if it is a mailbox, but the city is correct)...

    Where he finds the House?

    He probably uses "location services" to determine your current location based on your IP address and Internet routing hops.  Because most computers do not have a real GPS radio (like iPhones), they use location services to best estimate based information available based on your Internet connection.  The problem is that location services based on Internet IPs are easily deceived by how your ISP will route your traffic to the Internet, or things like the use of VPN, TOR, or anonymity.  Depends on the method used for the exact location is.  In your case, it is to be tricked and guess wrong.

    I just found this site that can give you a confirmation of this: http://mylocation.org/

Maybe you are looking for