On the Smart keyboard where is the return key back?

On the Smart keyboard, where is the return key back?


Find a back button to the upper right.

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  • (old moth I mac unable to use the return key on the keyboard without wire in El Capitan)

    Back button not working not in SAFARI for a 9 month old I Mac with wireless keyboard with El Capitan (does not work with a wired keyboard or using another user)

    Is it only happening in Safari?

    Also, your message is not clear. It seems that the return key does not work in Safari when using a wireless keyboard. Is also a problem when you use a wired keyboard or logged on as another user?

  • I have three keys that do not, including the return key.

    I have three keys that do not, including the return key. I can't connect from my password is associated with one of these characters. Help, please.

    To check if this is hardware related, you must use an external keyboard.

  • Submit the form with the return key?

    I have a www.bsatshirts.com login page form which does not allow you to connect without clicking on the "connect" button.  The question I have is; is there a way to define the return key to submit the form and hit the "connect" button? I look forward to a solution or help that can be offered.  Thank you.  the code is as follows:

    Sign in to your account below
    or < br / >
    " < a href =" http://www.bsatshirts.com/store/PC/form.html "> create a new account." < /a > < br / >
    < input type = "text" name = "LoginEmail" size = "12" / >
    Password </span >
    < input type = "password" name = "LoginPassword" size = "12" / >
    < input name = "PassWordExists" type = "hidden" value = "YES" / >
    < a href = "JavaScript:document.login.submit();" "" > < img src = "images/login.gif" alt ="" border = '0' / > < / a >
    < input type = "hidden" name = "SubmitCO.y" value = "1" / > "
    < / h5 >
    < / make >

    your form uses javascript to do the click of an image to send the form. Use the send entry type for the return key to send the form:

  • Change keyboard shortcut for the "Return" key

    I want to change the shortcut key 'Return' to restore the in/out effects, to go in and out, but of course when I hit the button to enter the combination of keys as a shortcut it just closes the window as if I hit him 'Ok '. Someone at - it suggestions on how to change this?

    Yes, I think that it is almost impossible without having to edit the .kys file, which is not as simple as I had hoped. I finished by simply using shift + return which worked well.

  • 'The return key in point' - what is the purpose of the present, AND when it is used


    There is a property called - key return point automated row Fetch & treatment of automatic line (DML).
    You want to know... What is the purpose of this field and when it can be used.

    Thank you

    It is used when you have a database object called a trigger providing the keys for your tables (the trigger normally gets the value of a sequence, another database object). The trigger returns the generated key, to your form in an element.

    Thank you

    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX

  • Satellite U200-115: how to reach the return key on the keyboard


    I recently bought a Satellite U200-115 and have a quick question. I was typing earlier today and I accidentally eliminated one of the keys to its position. I then spent the last 3 hours trying to attach it to the laptop.

    I was just wondering if the mechanism of how the keys are placed on the base of the keyboard has a special technique to be applied on the keyboard?

    The key is divided into three parts, and it looks like not to I broke one of these parts but im having rear attatching boredom. I would be grateful for any help you are able to provide.



    AFAIK there is no special technique. You simply press plastic key. It will click and the key will be placed as before.

  • Add TextField by pressing the return key content


    I would like to know if there is, okay, there is certainly a way, to add TextField content to a list by pressing keyboards return button/key. So far, I use a button 'Add' but this feels kind of stupid to enter text and to confirm twice (key first, then return the Add button) to add it to the list.

    Thanks in advance

    Use the properties of your TextField. for example:

    // Default empty project template
    import bb.cascades 1.0
    // creates one page with a label
    Page {
        Container {
            layout: DockLayout {}
            TextField {
                input {
                    onSubmitted: {
                        myLabel.text = myText.text
            Label {
                id: myLabel
                text: qsTr("Hello World")
                textStyle.base: SystemDefaults.TextStyles.BigText
                verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Center
                horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Center
  • Web site does not load after you type the address and pressing the return key

    I just downloaded and installed Firefox for a second time. First, I imported my IE settings. The second time I did not import the settings. Both times, after that I have type an address in the address bar and press ENTER key nothing happens. I even tried the subject: config and nothing happens.

    If you are in a corporate network environment:

    20.0 Firefox has a problem with configurations where your Windows profile is stored on a server using a UNC path (for example, \\userdata\greg). Currently, there is a solution for this. A solution could be to choose a local folder for your own settings of Firefox, but that could not be authorized by your COMPUTER. Even if it's less safe, if you need emergency of Firefox, you could install Firefox 19.0.2. This article has a link under 'I still want downgrade': install an older version of Firefox.

    If you are in a home environment or the local settings folder, then please ignore the above.

  • BlackBerry Z10 backspace and return keys make the phone unusable

    Whenever I have try and try to make a correction using the BACKSPACE, the return key back does not stop and erase the entire message. Or if I hit the return key, is not just return to the next line, he returned several times to make an infinite number of new lines.

    Basically this problem which makes the text, email, emails, etc. useless - I can read things, but can not use the key on Board at all.

    I tried every setting I can find on the phone, nothing seems to fix this.

    What is the solution?

    Thanks for the suggestions. Type once is not always just delete a character, but she often starts removing repeatedly with nonstop until the field is empty. Changing the magnification does not seem to help, but by turning on 'off' in the keyboard screen seems to make it happen less often, but not completely. Pressing the button entry still produces endless returns. Hit the button Delete to the right and back also helps to key rather that hit.

    I hope an update will fix it.

  • How to change my game-turn the key back in CS6? -5.5 allowed me to do.

    Hi, if there is someone who can help me to change the toggle room which is normally space bar to the return key, I would be very grateful.  I just installed Prem CS6 and it used to do this on 5.5.  Thanks in advance.

    Look in keyboard shortcuts for 'play-stop rocking' and enter the value.

  • After a reload of Windows 7 Professional, the product key required within a certain number of days

    I had Windows 7 Professional on my computer, downloaded the new beta version of Windows 8, reloaded WIndows 7 but lost the product key number when Beta 8 has been downloaded. Lost the email that had the product key as well. How can I get the return key?

    When I rebooted recently Windows 7 Professional, it asked for the key and gave me so many days to load. I left 7 days. I have the disc and the pkg he came, but the key is not listed here. What can I do?

    Find your key product if your purchase of Microsoft Store:

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • Password Subvi with enter/return key control

    Hi all, I am a self-taught user of LabVIEW. I hope that someone here can help me with this problem that's driving me crazy.

    I'm doing a small password. Only by entering the correct password, a certain function is executed when running. My code was running without problem until I realized that by pressing the 'Return' key in the added password prompt a new line; as a result, the user is forced to use the OK button. I wanted to capture the return key so that it works as a "standard" password prompt

    That's what makes me crazy: my code works perfectly if I single step it. If I run the code (CTRL + R) when I press 'Return' the password is not accepted. A probe tells me that the password is always empty in this case. If I use the OK button that everything works.

    I've implemented my password Subvi with a small state machine, so that the OK button and the back button run to the same State. In the same way, I grab also ESC, to work as the button cancel, and works smoothly. I also use the feature to discard to abandon the return key so that my rope does not get a new unwanted additional line. I can't possibly think any race condition that can make my code only works when you browse it slowly, step by step.

    I'm completely at a loss, and I hope that someone can help me! Thank you!

    PS: I have included only the VI because the nature of the state machine I should post a bunch of screenshots. I can do it tomorrow if you need me.

    Make a right click on the text field where you enter the password and select "update as you type"


  • Where is the return on magical keyboard key without sending?

    I recently bought a new iMac. When you type a message, I want to start a new paragraph, but when I hit the Enter key, the message is sent instead of going to a new line. What is the combination of keys to start a new paragraph. No instructions are provided.

    Press Option + return. It is in aid of Messages.

  • iPad smart keyboard does not change the language after updating iOS 10

    Smart keyboard on the iPad (in English) does not change after updating to iOS 10, put in language. He's stuck in English. Pressing on the globe (change language button) displays the language menu, but after selecting the language, the keyboard is still in English.

    I have reset all settings. Erase all keyboards, adding them again.

    Any ideas? Does anyone have the same problem?

    Howdy, rapretzan! Thank you for using the Apple support community!

    Great work to solve your problem until now! Apparently to reset all the settings and erasing/re-adding keyboards for iPad Pro still isn't allowing you to change the language since the upgrade to iOS 10. I'll be happy to help you.

    How to back up your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - in order to get your keyboard working properly, I'll have reinstall you the iOS. Please backup your personal data to keep it safe.

    Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings - you will need to use iTunes on a computer to clear completely your iPad you can install a new copy.

    The first time, select "Set up as new iPad" and ignore connecting them to iTunes and App Store and iCloud. See if you are able to get back with your Smart keyboard languages. If you are, go to the next step.

    Restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from a backup - use this article to guide you through the steps to send your personal information to your iPad Pro.

    Have a great weekend!

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