on Windows XP, how to hide the desktop icons

I am running Windows XP and hide the desktop icons, please advise.

Right click on the desktop | Rearrange icons by | Show the desktop icons. Uncheck the box.

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  • 910614. how to hide the desktop icon of Alt + Tab in Windows 7?

    Since I use Windows key + D whenever I need office, I'd rather not appear as a list of the windows to move when I press Alt + Tab or Windows key + Tab.

    is this possible? If so, how?


    There are third-party programs search in your favorite search engine for software there are nothing with an on/off switch in Windows.

    : using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

  • How to hide the WLAN icon, which is untouchable?

    * Original title: Ghost WLAN icon


    I have a question. I use bluetooth and other wireless connections.

    How to hide the WLAN icon, which is untouchable?


    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    Let me ask you;

    • Remember to make any particular changes in the computer before you see this icon?

    Now, I ask you to refer to the information provided in the link below thread by JCarp responded on 29 June 2011 and follow the suggestions.

    Desktop icon question - great, WLAN icon on the desktop

    Hope this information is useful. Please feel free to answer in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

  • In windows 7 and noticed on the desktop icons, below the left most of my icons are circle red.

    Have windows 7 and noticed on the desktop icons, below the left most of my icons are red circle or square with a white cross in it, what it means?


    Could you provide a screenshot, desktop icons?

    The circle has a strikebar through it?

    What antivirus do you use?

    (1) reboot and start typing the F8 key

    Select Mode safe mode with networking

    Download the following and run a full scan


    This is to remove the malware invade the system.  Reset when the scan is complete.

    Run the System File Checker

    Start > type CMD > right click on CMD > select Run As Administrator

    Type sfc/scannow

    Press enter

    Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files


    This occurs when the .ico association is corrupt.

    To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, click run, and then

      Type regsvr32 /i mshtml.dll
    2. Click OK or press the ENTER key.


  • Windows 7: how to pin the desktop on the taskbar icon?


    Usually I need use my PC in a way multi-tasking with many programs running at the same time.

    Can I know how to pin the desktop on the taskbar icon? This would allow me to go to the office directly without having to cut so many programs.

    Thank you


    Click on the rectangle at the end of the taskbar (to the right of the clock). Or simply press ' Windows & D ' together to minimize all windows and return to the office. It will be useful.

    Good luck.

    Vanshaj Daga

  • How to restore the desktop icons. They disappeared off the screen when I closed last night.

    have not tried to difficulty as long as not the slightest idea what to do.


    Show, hide, or resize desktop icons

    The icons on the desktop give you quick access to shortcuts. You can show or hide if you prefer a blank desktop. You can also resize

    To display the desktop icons
    • Right-click the desktop, point to view, and then click Show Desktop icons.


    If not, try a system restore to a Date before the problem began:

    Restore point:


    Do Safe Mode system restore, if it is impossible to do in Normal Mode.

    Try typing F8 at startup and in the list of Boot selections, select Mode safe using ARROW top to go there > and then press ENTER.

    Try a restore of the system once, to choose a Restore Point prior to your problem...

    Click Start > programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore > choose another time > next > etc.


    Read the above for a very good graph shows how backward more than 5 days in the System Restore Points by checking the correct box.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • hide the desktop icons

    I am running Yosemite 10.10.5... When I share my screen with others, I want to hide my desktop icons. I used to have an option called "Show items on desktop" I unchecked when I right click on my desktop... How to re - activate this option/icon... or how do we do now? Thank you in advance.

    I guess that you don't want an AppleScript object parked on your desktop or Dock that someone could run to display the icons on your desktop. This is a Bash script that displays an AppleScript dialog box to allow you a choice of a normal life (crowded) or share (naked) desktop. Tested on OS X 10.11.4.


    Screen sharing will clear your desk of all. Normal will bring back the clutter.


    #! / bin/bash


    # presenter.sh - compact desktop Hide/restore for presentations or

    # screen sharing.


    function GetDialog()


    UserInput = $(osascript <<-AppleScript)

    Tell application "SystemUIServer".


    Set userCanceled false

    myReturn the value «»


    Set dialogResult to ¬

    Display dialog "OS X the appearance of the desktop" ¬

    ¬ buttons {'Cancel", 'screen sharing', 'Normal'}

    default button 2 with the score of the icon

    the error number - 128

    userCanceled set to true

    try to end

    If userCanceled then

    Set myReturn "Cancel".

    otherwise if the dialogResult back button is 'Normal' then

    Set myReturn "True".

    otherwise if the dialogResult back button is 'Screen sharing' then

    Set myReturn "False".

    end if

    return myReturn

    tell the end




    case "${UserInput}.


    write QLEnableXRayFolders CreateDesktop - bool true & & killall Finder



    write QLEnableXRayFolders CreateDesktop - bool false & & killall Finder


    Cancel | *)



    Exit 0

  • How to remove the desktop icons arrows?

    How can I remove the arrows under the desktop icons

    Delete or modify the arrow used on shortcuts in Windows XP

    How to remove or change the layering of shortcut in Windows 7 and Vista

  • How to hide the 'Network' icon in the dialog box "save in".


    I use the service of Windows 2008 server TS, I would appreciate if you can let me know how I can hide the 'Network' icon under "save in" option in the dialog box "save under" in various applications please, e, g, Notepad or MS Office 2003. Thank you

    Best regards

    Hi William golfer.

    Your question is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public. Please post your question in the TechNet forums.


  • How to lock the desktop icons in a multiple monitor configuration

    Original title: lock the desktop icons - and display

    Working with Windows 7 Home Premium has a problem processing 2 pieces: no matter how many times I said I want the display screen appears on the monitor, the screen of the computer, every day he arbitrarily returns to the computer screen only. That creates the 2nd problem: the desktop icons that I have arranged for the largest monitor rearrange themselves to adapt to the computer screen. Is there a way I can lock the icons in this position that I used to be able to do? Or is it possible that I can keep the display to go back to the computer screen? (I'm careful to apply the instructions to display before the specified seconds elapse).



    I suggest you to go through the steps mentioned in the link and the Coachman.

    On a system running Microsoft Windows 7, the desktop icons can be moved to positions at random during another monitor main screen.


    See also:

    Move windows between multiple monitors


    Work and play better with multiple monitors


    Setting up dual monitor: two screens are better than one

  • How to unlock the desktop icons albums?

    There is a ringing sound when I click on the desktop icons and nothing happens. How can I get the "unlocked" I don't know how it happened.

    I have to ask - you've restarted?

    Also - have you tried under a different name?

    What about another mouse?

    And finally - if you have a USB keyboard - unplug unit after getting connected and try it then (perhaps a stuck key).

  • Can I hide the desktop icons without removing them from my office to the toolbar?

    When I tried to delete the shortcuts on the desktop it has also removed those in my office in the toolbar

    Hi phillipsides,

    ·         You try to hide or delete the desktop icon?

    ·         The taskbar icons are you referring?

    It is impossible to remove the desktop icons without removing them from the taskbar.

    Hope the helps of information.

  • How to lock the desktop icons in place

    original title: the desktop icons

    My icons on the desktop still moved.  How can I lock them in place?

    RT click on the desktop, sort by, is any option checked?

  • How to hide the menu icons of context via userChrome.css (FF nightly)?

    Is there a tweak for Firefox to completely hide the menu icons (right menu) context?
    userChrome.css solutions are walcome.

    Replace the original style I posted with the updated version. He get rid of the other unwanted icons?

  • In Windows 7, how "to hide the letters highlighted for the keyboard navigation until I press the Alt key" (as in XP)?

    My underlined letters are all the time in menus and dialog boxes, and I want to disable them.

    The first thing I did was go to control panel, accessibility, making the keyboard easy to use, to turn off underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys - but it is already off.

    So how do you disable these underscores in Windows 7?

    Hello Dmbyrnes,

    I understand that you may be eager to hide the menu bar.  Attached, are steps that can be beneficial in addressing you request...

    (1) first Rt click on the bottom of the menu and uncheck lock the toolbars. Then click on organize > layout > menu bar make sure is unaudited.

    From there you should be able to hit the Alt key and the Bar Menu to repopulate.  If you please you would follow with me at your convenience, I would be very happy.

    Thank you

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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