onCallCommandResponseReceived does not work

I followed this example for details on ordering call: https://developer.blackberry.com/native/documentation/device_comm/phone/index.html#findcallcommandde...

bool res = (QObject::connect(&phone,SIGNAL(callCommandResponseReceived(const bb::system::phone::CallCommandResponse &)),this,SLOT(onCallCommandResponseReceived(const bb::system::phone::CallCommandResponse&))));
    if (res)
    { qDebug() << "connected ok to  CallCommandResponse";}
    else { qDebug() << "failed to connect CallCommandResponse";}
void ApplicationUI::onCallCommandResponseReceived(const bb::system::phone::CallCommandResponse& response){

 qDebug() << "Executing onCallCommandResponse";

 QString mCallCommand = response.callCommand(); qDebug() << "Response.callCommand() is" << mCallCommand;

 int mResponseId = response.responseId(); qDebug() << "Response.responseId() is" << mResponseId;

 int mCallId = response.callId(); qDebug() << "Response.callId() is" << mCallId;

 QString mError = response.error(); qDebug() << "Error:" << response.error();}

Then I tested it by making an incoming call, then on the phone test, I dismissed the appeal but onCallCommandResponseReceived is not executed.

My test is correct? Or something wrong in the code? What is the command "appeal"?

Thank you very much!


And by looking at the documentation for object phone seems pretty clear that callCommandResponseReceived() signal is emitted in the form of response for the commands you make to the object of telephone.

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