Online number does not include minutes unlimited countries?

I'm used to be a subscriber to an online number that includes unlimited minutes in this country. This year, when I tried to renew, it does not include the minutes! I didn't know until I noticed that my credit on my account is down! Now, I had to go back and subscribe the minutes of this country and discovered that I have 50% discount if I get an online number. Is it possible to refund 50% of the number online that I have previously subscribed? Can someone help me?

You can contact Skype Customer Service and explain that you want to have a discount for the number.
How it can be done at all? They will issue a refund for your number, then number is of course removed from your account (but you reserved for 90 days) and then you go through the flow of payment again.
I can't promise they'll refund your number, but it's the only option available

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