Only display messages phone numbers not names


Big problem here.  I just download El Capitan on my iMac. In my posts, only phone numbers now appear to identify the person I receive or send messages.  How to fix this? All my other apple designs show my contact's name in the message.  Help, please?  Thank you!


So far, it works for me.  I disabled imessage, group messaging, etc.  Got them all, then did a facetime with one of the contacts I have problems with.  Completed the facetime, and everything seems to work now.  Not knowing if he'll fix everybody, but it works now.

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  • notification of iMessage on Mac displaying the phone number, not name

    Only, I imported my contacts from my phone to my Macbook Air, but whenever I get a notification of text at the top right of my screen, it shows the phone number, not the name of the contact. Once I go into iMessage, the name is displayed. That's all just annoying that I don't know who texted me until I actually open iMessage. iCloud is enabled for my Mac and my iPhone.

    Check system preferences > Notifications > view Message

  • My Ipad displays message - iPad has not been saved in 25 weeks

    My Ipad displays message - iPad has not been saved on ICloud at 25 weeks.

    then, you should take device near a wifi network, so that it can be backup up to the icloud.

    Settings > icloud > storage and backup [to the end of the list]

    Check what your settings are.


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    But for some time it won't not give me access to employment on my user profile, if I move my user profile on internal external hard disk drive, I can't able to work, I don't know what happens and how to solve, I formatted the drive and still giving all the privileges of the user and the user can access.

    But every time it displays a message:

    "You are not allowed to access this folder, please contact your network administrator.

    Kindly solve my problem, I am waiting.

    This issue is beyond the scope of this site and must be placed on Technet or MSDN

  • Start PC laptop Toshiba in safe mode, only displays black screen, will not respond to any commands.

    Hello, I recently tried to do an advanced start safemode, because when I tried to do safe mode by pressing F8 it would have not responded to the command. Then I did a MSconfig, lit manually in safe mode, so I can then restart and do a scan to search for viruses or hackers of air because he had a reason to suspect. Now, after the manual switch, when I rebooted all I get is a black screen. No logo, nothing. When I press the buttons for the controls at first upward, it beeps at me and that's it.

    Done, I have XP, not Vista, don't know if it makes much difference or not, but that's exactly what I did.

    Is went to start, click Run, type msconfig, went to the utility system configuration, general tab selected, then the system of services. Then selected drivers devices of loading at startup Safemode-minimal database, and then click OK. Then, the computer said I had to be logged as administrator for these changes to take place and to connect and make changes. I was already logged as admin. so I advanced and restarted the computer and that's when I got black screen, no splash screen, no logo, no cursor.

    I just read that I could have possibly messed up by not checking the VGA mode in order to be able to communicate in this mode, I don't know if it is correct or not.

    I have my recovery discs, I've tried this morning, following their directions and it will not respond to one of these orders either.

    I don't understand, why... it was working fine before I did it, but like I said I suspected a virus or a hijacker, but my Norton 360 and SuperSpyware nothing not detected in normal mode. That's why I tried to safe mode.

    Here is the vista forums

    Try the forums xp on the link below

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    Walter, the time zone traveller

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    If you have the textfield value "Static Text", then the text space extends vertically so that it contains the text that you type in. You can adjust the width and height will change to accommodate the text content.

    If you change the "Input" or "Dynamic" textfield, then you will be able to resize the textfield that you want.

  • Watch will not appear the phone numbers in the recent

    Since the update my watch stopped display of phone numbers in the area of recent call in the phone icon.  Last call and the number that is displayed is March 22.  Any ideas on how to solve this problem?  Thank you

    Hi Scott

    It can help to disable the twinning and re - pair your watch. The app shows on your iPhone takes a backup of your watch when unpairing via the app choose to backup restore when the possibility to put courses in place. Most of the data and settings will be restored, with a few exceptions (for example cards Pay Apple, access code).

    Cancel the twinning of your iPhone - Apple and Apple Watch Support

    Set up your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • List of contacts from blackBerry Smartphones on bearing phone numbers?

    New to Blackberry, but I'm pretty sure when I sync all initially had my Outlook contacts and then displays my contact list and rolled on a name, only phone numbers contacts appear as contacts.  Then I could roll the correct number and dial by pressing the trackball.

    Now, I get no display of phone numbers that I ride on a contact name in the contacts list.  I have to press the trackball or enter key to view info contact set and then select the phone number.

    Have I have big fingers tweaks without knowing?  I have read the manual and searched the web and can't find any arrangement which would alter the display of the list of contacts.  Maybe I just imagined?

    Workaround.  The Act of rolling the trackball on the name of the contact and see the phone numbers of the contacts under the name apparently only works when you use the function of name search from the home screen, and not in the contacts list.

    No need to practice!

  • View call logs, but with contact phone numbers, name, and not only

    I have to be able to show that a list of the call connects to my request.  But for thosenumbers who have a name in the address book, instead of simply to view phone numbers, I have to be able to show the name of the

    number.  (just like the native blackberry app call log done)

    Up to now the following seems to work OK, as long as the amount of data is small:

    • When the main screen is first created, walk the database by calling PIM.getInstance () .openPIMList)
    • Adds a new entry in a hash table for each unique telephone number in the database that points to the name of the contact
    • After that the Hashtable is fully charged, list of call logs
    • As the newspapers call list is displayed, phone numbers search in the hash table, replace with name when a match is found

    But when the Contact database grows, as the order of 500 entries, it takes a lot of time for

    walk from the database to generate the hash table (10 seconds), and while what the application is blocked

    and things seem stuck to the user. This must occur before the first screen is displayed and so after

    the user clicks on the icon and the first screen is being built, the user is thinking ' what's going on..?

    until the screen finally opens.

    Is there an API I can tap in which already provides this mapping for me?  (given a call number journal or by phone,

    Efficiently search the name of the contact with that phone number, if necessary).  That way I wouldn't have to build

    the hash table.

    Or, possibly, some advice on a simple signal of progress to the user while loads of app... This might be simpler than

    trying to tackle the problem with a multi-threaded approach.

    Unfortunately there is no way, I was. I tried to re - implement research of the phone application and came across this as well, as well as some other hidden implementations that are much faster then the public APIs.
    You can try to work with itemsByName, it is also not very fast, according to the number of entries you have.

    Maybe PhoneCallLogID methods can help you?

  • Since the update for Sierra, contacts do not appear in Messages - just phone numbers.

    Since the update for Sierra, Messages no longer displays Contact names - only phone numbers.  No instructions on how to remedy this.  Ideas?


    Go into the Contacts application and ensure that it uses the same account synchronization like the iPhone and other devices you may be using.

    Also check the part of the accounts of the Contacts application preferences and make sure that it's only using one account.

    21:34 on Friday. 7 October 2016

     iMac 2.5 Ghz i5 2011 (El Capitan)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) 2 GB
     Mac OS X (10.6.8).
     iPhone and iPad (2)

  • For some contacts, phone numbers are not displayed


    Happy to have the Atrix on gingerbread. It solves my problem of bluetooth. now I walked into something else, and I wonder if you can help...

    1. I noticed that for some contacts who have 4 phone numbers and 2 emails, phone numbers are jamed all together in a single line, rather than a list. no idea how to solve this problem? Moreover, contacts are already subject in my mail to google contacts.

    2. how to add a voice tag to a name/contact? I found my atrix had trouble recognizing a name and always messed with other contacts. So I want to find a way to make it easier for the phone to recognize when I say "Call xxx" (somewhat unusual for some non-English names)...

    I thank very you much for your help in advance.

    The best


  • I can't open pictures sent in an e-mail message, the item opens in the word pad and only displays the numbers of letters and symbols. What should I do so that he can open it with a picyure?

    How can I get the images to open when I click on the jpeg symbol? It opens in Word pad and only displays the numbers of letters and symbols.

    Save the attachment to your HARD drive. Right-click on it and open with | Choose the program. Find and choose a program that works, and then check the box: always use this program to open this type of file. This should allow you to open these attachments in the future.   Bruce Hagen MS - MVP [Mail]

  • BlackBerry Smartphones not successfully added BB Messenger contacts / phone numbers unlisted / calls list

    Hello! I went from Cruve from BB to BB "BOLD" this weekend and while I tried to add some of my contacts from MSN messenger on my new "BOLD" of BB BB, some of them appear as accepted invitation, but instead of their name, their ID number is displayed. Whenever I send them messeges they they receive that way.

    What can I do?

    Also, I added some of my phone numbers and when I received a call from some of them, their number appeared instead of their names, as if they weren't part of my address book.

    Finally, my calls list does not appear in chronological order...



    Hi michron and welcome to the BlackBerry Forums

    Most important here is the following, you have the old blackberry with you?, if your answer is Yes, follow this procedure.

    1 - Clean your BlackBerry "BOLD", go to menu, options, security options, press menu again and wipe of the handheld.

    2 connect the old BlackBerry to BlackBerry Desktop Manager and choose the Option of switch device, program read all the information on your device, after that this request automatically to connect the new BlackBerry "BOLD" and automatically adds information about the new device, no more action.

    Included that all contacts in BlackBerry messenger production inserted to the new device.

  • How can I get the messages appear when sent even if my phone is locked. I only get messages across when I activate the phone

    How can I get the messages appear when sent even if my phone is locked. I only get messages across when I activate the phone

    Settings > Notifications > Messages > display on the lock screen

  • is there a way to display only unread messages

    There should be an element of menu and the icon to display only unread messages. I missed this somewhere?

    Hi DoctorG,

    Firefox is not a provider of e-mail, the web browser that displays your email if you wish.

    Who is your email provider? You'll have better luck looking at support for your provider documentation. Most e-mail clients have an option to show only unread messages, you'll probably be lucky.

    Hope this helps!

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