Only related assets - still large file?

Hi, guys.

I'm mocking a webpage in Illustrator where each resource bitmap or vector unique is external linked. The very small unbound portion is composed of nothing that a few simple rectangles and some text that can be changed (i.e. not vectorized). However, somehow the file obtained more than 46 MB - as if these goods were actually incorporated.

No idea about what can explain this inexplicably ballooning size of the file?

Thank you.

"Save as" and uncheck the pdf compatibility,.

you are basically economy large PDF format with the file otherwise.

the resulting .ai file will be tiny compared and the save time will be much faster.

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    pls suggest me with the solution to the following problem.

    I need to know what format of hard drive works with mac, windows, & TV too, even for large files and quality bluray movies

    FAT32 only supports files up to a maximum size of 4 GB, which would be certainly much too small for Blu - Ray quality media.

    exFAT supports files of unlimited size effectively, Mac and Windows can read and write to exFAT to format external drives but neither can boot from such a unit. If a TV or other system supports exFAT drives, you need to check yourself formatted.

    NTFS supports files of unlimited size indeed, Mac can only read NTFS, it cannot format or write to NTFS, unless you get an add-on. Of course Windows supports NTFS. Again, you will need to check if your TV etc supports NTFS. If you want to add full support for NTFS to a Mac, I recommend this -

    HFS + is the current format of Apple and new supports files of unlimited size effectively. Mac can of course read, write and format disks. Does not support the Windows as a standard HFS +, but still, you can buy an add-on for Windows Add this feature. It is extremely unlikely that a TV would support HFS +. If you want to add full support for HFS + for Windows, take a look at this -

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  • Qosmio X 500-148 - large file copy stucks

    Copying large files (about 5-10 GB) between USB or Firewire drive stucks the PC. It goes up to 50% then slows down and there is no possibility to do anything, including cancel them the task or open the browser or a Manager task or WIn Explorer.
    The event viewer does not show something strange.

    This only happens with Windows 7 64 bit, no problem with Windows 7 32 bit (same external hardware). No problem when copying between disc internal PC.
    The PC is very powerful - Qosmio X 500-148

    Hi eferradino,

    Have you also tried the same thing with the version preinstalled Windows from Toshiba?

    I always use the version preinstalled Windows of Toshiba and never had any problems with it. I have some software that I need not remove it as a trial version of the office, etc.

    So to use the Toshiba recovery disc and test it again.

    If the problem occurs only with a Windows installation only, it s seems to be related to the driver or the software.

  • I save unnecessarily large files

    Whenever I first backup my files HAVE, the file size is low. However, when I create small vectors not complex (such as a square), I save these files in ridiculously large sizes. For example, I started with a file HAVE to 300 k, then it became a 50 563 kb file size. The difference of ONLY between these stops is a simple vector created.

    I tried "save under" and uncheck "create PDF Compatible", but to no avail. The saved file is still unnecessarily large. I know I can create a new file and use 'Place' to insert the work, but once I have it and save your updated work it creates a ridiculous large file size once again.

    Interestingly, Monika. Because I ran remove it Panel unused items on the same file and it did not a thing even when I unchecked PDF Compatible on my attempt of "save under. After reading your post, I decided to update the application with the Advanced Options marked as "don't DO NO import previous settings and preferences" and "Remove older versions." That seemed to do the trick. Once I ran remove it Panel unused items on the same file, it deleted all the excess stuff and reduced the size of the file 17 646 KB in 131 KB.

    This has been plaguing me for a few weeks now and I'm glad it's fixed. I appreciate all your help with this, Monika, Mike, ton and Barbara!

  • Large file size HAVE

    I have a file I which is very large. There is no linked file and everything is art online. If I don't copy this file into another file it does automatically the new large file as well. When I copy the work to the new file, many unused shades also appear in the new file. Even after the deletion of all unused nuances, the file is still very large. Any suggestions on how to know where all the nuances are in origin and which is to make the file so big?

    Something went wrong very higglety-pigglety in this file. The layers panel shows only the a compound path. The appearance panel shows only a black fill and no respect. There are no links. This file does not have to be that big.

    Since this is such a simple graphic, I saved until a file Illustartor 3, closed, then reopened. That's what I got when I save that Illustrator CS5.

  • Large files of HDTracks no longer correspond to the import.

    New file large songs/albums of HDTracks used for correspondence, but new additions no longer. ITunes will import and play, but they are not. I know files over 200 MB will not be transferred to iCloud, but they used to Match the iTunes versions.

    The albums consisting of large files of M4a song used for correspondence when they are imported and those previously established correspondence are not matched, but new albums for the past 2-3 months no longer match when they are imported. "ICloud music library Update" seems to have no bearing on this.

    The only work around I have found is a pain - I have to rip the HD to a CD album and then import that match CD, which creates duplicates that so successfully. I assume that this is because the file size is now less than 200 MB. So, while that gets songs paired and available on my other devices, I then two versions of each song on my computer for music, a quality HD and a quality one, CD which actually a pain to listen to the HD titles and manage music.

    Why the change? Is there any solution for this?

    Thank you.


    Has there been a change? I can't say yes or no because I converted tracks using XLD ABA before adding them to iTunes. I use two libraries, a match that I use for my iPod / iPad, one for my HD and ALAC music I play through my stereo.

    I think you answered this in your post in 2013 Re: why 88kHz/24 bit alac files ineligible to the upcoming game?


  • 3 GB MD033 Time Capsule data rate lowers up to 5 MB/s during the transfer of large files

    Hello, guys!

    My MD033 (2011) / 3GB TimeCapsule lowers throughput for the disk transfers built up to 5 MB/s.

    Is this a bug or feature?

    This bug has been present for early 2013. Since then, I changed 2 iMac 27 and 1 iMac, retina. Traded my TC three times by Apple Care coverage. Change a cable connection from TC to iMac twice. Problem remains. A persisted on all platforms of Cougar to El Capitan.

    Video which revealed a problem can be found here:

    It ALWAYS happens. No exclusion. Sooner or later, transfer rate drops to 3-5 MB/s

    NOTHING similar happens when I copy a large file to a PS located in the same network. 50 - 70 MB/s ever.

    I just work on the same problem thread.

    irregular flow oddly with two TCs problem

    It starts fast and then slows down to a crawl.

    I don't solve it on the other thread... so let me ask how much patience you have and the ability to diagnose network problems?

    I don't have a miracle solution... money.

    (Actually a single shot of a 3030 fix it permanently..!)

    If you are willing to continue what I'm happy to try...

    NOTHING similar happens when I copy a large file to a PS located in the same network. 50 - 70 MB/s ever.

    This indicates that the TC is not the question... It's the Mac that has problems. (PS = PlayStation?)

    In the Mac

    You must have OFF wireless.

    It is better to use Configuration ethernet with link-local only for IPv6, except if you need full IPv6... Tell me if this is the case.

    I do the same thing you are. But I can't reproduce your slowdown.

    Open the activity monitor and track your use of the CPU. A single process hits 30% usage during playback... Therefore, it is quite high.

    Also check the network. Read (green) and Write (red) make the perfect range scans.

    I wonder if the TCP window is set incorrectly by default in your computers... I use a Mac Mini i7 with SSD is fast but 2011.

    It is difficult while I can't reproduce the problem.

  • Re: Satellite Pro U400-160 - freezes when copying larger files or videos


    I have a Satellite Pro U400-160 and a VERBATIM external hard drive USB eSATA combo.

    If I turn on AHCI mode recognizes the drive, but when copying the video files or large file size, the system is frozen. However if I remove the mode AHCI works correctly. I have the version Intel (r) Matrix Storage Manager and my laptop BIOS v4.0 and Windows Vista Business.

    Thanks in advance.


    Normally the AHCI mode has nothing to do with an external HARD drive. It is only important for the internal HARD disk if you install Windows.

    Anyway, you have installed all the updates of Windows for Vista?
    In addition, you should test another external HARD disk or with another cable.

    Welcome them

  • Firefox crashes when uploading large files

    When downloading large files as a 4 GB of linux DVD image, firefox starts to accumulate the memory usage. After downloading the / 3GB, it takes about 4 GB of memory and then crashes because it can't possibly get any bigger. WHY would he do that? In previous versions of firefox, it created a .part file and stored all the data in there. But at the moment it stores EVERYTHING download in memory and then directly saves it in the file. No disk .part files.

    I found the culprit. The only addon installed: Firebug!

    This seems to be a bug that was introduced in a later version. I use this addon for about 2 years now and never had such problems. I'll contact the author of this addon.

  • IX4 - 300 d / General SIN: How can I move large files between different folders?

    Hi @all.

    My new IX4 - 300 d arrived yesterday

    After doing his RAID-things all night, now I want to move my files from my old NAS to this one.

    I do this using Copy-supported by the ix4 - 300 d, which work fine.

    A big problem for me: I want to reorganize some large files / directories (> 200 GB), so I have to cut and paste the files from one folder to another (all on the ix4 - 300 d, but with different user groups).

    When I move files between subfolders in a folder of the sin, it works fast enough - I think here that the transfer will be treated directly by the nas server.

    When I do the same thing between subfolders in different folders (which appear as various network drives in windows Explorer), it seems that the transfer is managed by my pc or laptop - and it is very slow...

    I tried to move the files on my network environment (all folders are subfolders of a server: ix4 - 300 d) because I thought the problem was in my network mapping, but it does not work faster.

    How will I know my ix4 - 300 d to move the files directly (without the "help" from my pc)?

    Another idea for me was to do it via ftp, but my ix4 - 300 d only refused my connection (have to try a little more)

    Please help me

    I "solved" the problem by creating a copy of the temporary employment with the manual removal of duplicates once the task is completed. The copy job run all night.

    For future problems, I must think of an another "file management".

    Thanks for your response!

  • How to convert one or more files LVM of large file TDMS (500 MB, 32 M samples - 2 channels)

    I would like to be able to read at least 4 million lines of data total 32 million lines at a time. The TDMS file has given for 2 channels and no time data. If I can convert TDMS files in one or more files LVM, I can read large files of LVM using the JMP software.  I'm using Labview 2009. Please provide suggestions.

    Thanks in advance. Best regards, Manish (Univ of a to z)

    Hi Manish,

    For your problem with is .tdms to .lvm, take a look at this forum and This example of community.  I checked out, and in my opinion, he should be able to work well for you in regards to creating multiple files .lvm from single .tdms file.  The only thing that could be a problem is the time requirement to enter all in LV, and saves data to several files, but you will encounter when you work with large consumed data.

    I would also suggest that you take a look at tiara if you are searching by analyzing large data sets.  The program is designed to manage large sets of data and make the analyzation on the data.

  • Outlook Express to receive e-mail large file for 3 days of work

    Someone sent me an email with a very large file (about 20 MB) and OE tried to receive this message for 3 days with no progress.  I can't send or receive any other emails until it has been received, or better still, deleted.  Help!

    Just to add to the good advice of Brian, there is another thing you can do.

    Create a Message rule:

    Where the message size is size
    Delete server
    Click on size and place it for about 10 MB, and then click: Apply Now.

    Return to the Inbox, and then click send/receive. This should get rid of the message.

    Don't forget to go back to the rules of Message and either delete the rule, or uncheck it if you use it in the future.

    Bruce Hagen ~ MS - MVP [Mail]

  • When I send a large file, it repeats (sends) again and again until I delete it from the Outbox, it is a virus, a problem of microsoft or roadrunner?

    When I send a large file, it repeats (sends) again and again until I delete it from the Outbox, it is a virus, a problem of microsoft or roadrunner?

    Hi thxfour,

    Got your problem about sending large files by e-mail.
    If I'm just guessing you use a such as MS Outlook or Outlook Express e-mail client!
    If Yes, then,.
    I inform you that the as soon as you click on the button to send your e-mail client. The content of this particular mail sending process begins. The process continues until the last byte of data is transferred. Now, email clients (almost all) are designed to send the contents of a mail only once and not resumeable parts. Now, each time while you send mail with the content inside, it must go in one piece. However, if there is some sort of interruption in the internet connection, the content is not completely transferred. The remains of mail in the Outbox and automatically transfer begins as soon as the internet connection resumes. When the mail is deleted from the Outbox send is stopped because the source is no longer available.

    This thing happens generally when sending large files on a slow speed or internet medium given that the execution time is more emails compared to normal.
    Run time means more chances to get an interruption in internet connectivity.

    * It is advisable to use an application to transfer files to transfer large files over the internet instead of emails. File transfer can transfer large files (in GB), and if there is no interruption in the internet connection, you can resume the download.

    Best regards

  • Transfer of large files on home network freezes and stop the transfer

    I have a HP Desktop running Windows 7 and laptop HP on Vista 64-bit. I have two networked computers on a home network with a 3Com network 10/100 16-port switch.  When I try to transfer files greater than approximately 2.5 gigabytes between two PCs, file transfer will hang and stop after about 2.5 gigabits. Below the size of this file, generally no problem, the transfer ends. The two PCs have file sharing turned on and as mentioned on any file less than 2.5 gigabits transfer / very well.  Is there some sort of transfer of files, size limit on Windows Vista and 7 OS?  Are there settings that I can change to allow to transfer large files? I got an old Sony PC running Windows XP and I could transfer files more than 2.5 gibabits to my storage device shared networked home without any problem.  But under Vista and 7 OS, even once, I can't transfer any file more 2.5 gigabits to my home network shared storage device.  Anyone has any ideas how to solve this problem? Thank you. NEOhio123

    I fixed this problem on my laptop running Windows Vista 64 bit. I remembered that first of all, this started occurring after that I used the IOLO System Mechanic 9 network optimization tool to optimize the settings of my network on my laptop.  So I ran the cancellation on my Windows Vista laptop, and now the laptop with Vista will once more to transfer large files. If a note to all of you who use System Mechanic... do not function of optimization of the network on a Vista PC tool run... .or if you wash and start experiencing problems of transfer of large files... run the cancel this function and rebooting.  You should be able to transfer large files again. I just sent IOLO an email to warn of this problem with the optimization tool of the network within their product of System Mechanic 9.

    UNFORTUNATELY, my new desktop computer running that Windows 7 has still this problem , it stops file transfers after about 2.5 gigabits are sent to my device of storage attached to the network or the laptop. I learned that this seems to be a problem in a way. I can pull large files of my storage device, network or laptop, I can not just to transfer large files to these devices with the Windows 7 desktop. So if anyone has any ideas of how to resolve this problem of transferring large files with Windows 7, I would appreciate your insight.

  • WRT160NL copyin of large files on storage wil not succeed

    When I put a large file as a 7 GB (iso image) on my hard drive that is connected to my router, the connection breaks down in the middle of the copy process. I tried two different but the same problem, so I figure it has to do with the hard drive. Smaller files are no problem. Is there a timed setting or something?

    Who can help me?

    Wahoo! I solved the problem. FAT32 only allows files under 4 GB. So I formatted NTFS hard drive and now the speed increase and I managed to put a 7 GB file on the hard drive.

    Thnx for answering in any case.

    By the way anyone know IF and how I can access my hard drive / storage location in a different place then my intern netwerk for example through the internet?

Maybe you are looking for