only visible in windows 10 album cover

Just had the time to install ITunes on my Windows Nov 10

When I go to the store - only the best images of albums visible ads.   Everything for the most part black.  Arrow selection of opportunity.  I guess it is some kind of attempt of Windows of goof with Apple - or maybe my guy Nvidia graphics.

How can I set the graphics so the store can be used?

Hello PCJimmmy, you have a screen very high resolution, correct? Apple has clearly done some kind of blunder with iTunes 12.3.1, and the issue is not limited to Windows 10. Try reducing display resolution of 1920 x 1080 or less, or reduce the size of the iTunes window. You could also downgrade to iTunes 12.3.0, but the next iTunes update should get pretty close, so I just wait and see if the problem is corrected. The biggest thread on this, it's iTunes breaks iTunes store.

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  • Problem: Only tracks from the first album of my first artist will play

    OK, I just got the Sport Clip MP3 player this Christmas... a 'red'... holds 4 GB.
    (1000 songs). I am trying to charge about 25% as many files as one.

    This post is about my SECOND problem with this device:

    So I have a group of music CD that I recently ripped

    pieces chosen and I am now trying to load and listen to them
    on this new MP3 player.

    I ripped the tracks about 3 to 6 months, using Win - 7 and the
    Microsoft "Windows Media Player".

    [I copied MP3 files of your sample provided by the player on my laptop
    (for analysis and guard) and then delete those files from the
    drive... they resided in the "Music" folder it. ]

    Then, as I did with SUCCESS for my old small MP3 player
    (called an 'Eclipse'), I just did a GUI-copy (by press Ctrl-A)
    series of directories and then "glued" (with Ctrl-V key) those in
    now empty the folder of music on the MP3 player. It took everything a
    While (he said 287 files have been copied) and they pass got there very well.

    OK, but now only the files of the alphabettically artist-FIRST,.
    that is to say Bob Dylan tunes, seem to play! However, I checked all the others
    files of 8 or 10 artists are also residents.

    Photo of Bob Dylan from the (first) album cover look fine (this magic
    worked)... to see the photo album and titles appear very well in the
    small graphics window.

    But I can't navigate to a subfolder of the records of any other artist so everything that
    I listen to are the tracks from the first album of Bob Dylan (for example 5 songs)!

    [These exact steps works very well on my plu 'Eclipse' $20 $ MP3 player.]

    So, any ideas on what could be "broken"? This product is ready for
    Prime time? (I think I saw an ad for it on your site, dated from)
    11 months ago... February, 2014). I just bought this thing
    before beginning last December, 2014 at BestBuy.

    All ideas welcome. Help, please!


    OK, what I said in the previous answer, while true, is NOT what the problem was.

    The problem was that the unit do NOT have the latest firmware in there!

    We have that probably all assume that a device purchased just before Christmas (approximately one month)

    would have the latest firmware in it.  But who are not necessarily the case.

    The last/most recent firmware RIGHT NOW (in January 2015) is version 1.22.

    So I would advise anyone who purchases the Sport Clip to CHECK and see what it

    review is currently in the unit, and if it's less than that, your FIRST step

    is to update!

    To check this, simply navigate to 'Settings' > 'System Settings' > 'Info' and examine

    the number of 'Version '.  (Think I have this right.!)

    Once updated, now when you load your music files, you have the best chance all

    will work as it is supposed to.  [I said 'best chance' because there may be still other bugs.]


    My proof of this:

    (1) Firstly, I attached the MP3 player to my computer and DELETED all the

    songs that I had loaded into his 'Music' folder

    (2) then, I followed the procedure to update the firmware, as shown on this Web site.

    (3) Finally, I topped up my MP3 files, still in their 'sub-repertoire-tree' format, in

    the 'Music' of the device file, exactly as I had done earlier.

    Yes, everything works NOW as expected... I can now listen to every album of

    all the artists.

    Hope this helps someone else who has had problems!

  • 1 album cover compilation album, but every song on this album has its own cover?


    This problem may seem arbitrary (and I guess it is), but id love to sort out if possible.

    The short version, it is a singer called The Weeknd comes to present a just a few songs at random, not attached in an album. I all in my iTunes, in an album appropriately titled them "Random The Weeknd songs". Until recently, ive just had the album cover for songs like this (at some point I would like to delete the ' text of Apple's Music Festival):

    But then a few days ago another song out and I really liked the album art. I thought it would be a shame to not have this package and have to replace it with the one above. But if I added this new song, on the album for Weeknd Random songs, iTunes sometimes displays 2 works different album (or however many different works of art are in the album; Ive had this problem before).

    Basically, I want to have over album art as the 'face' of the album, then that is what shows in the main browser on my iPhone and iTunes, but if I play a song in this album, he then shows the album art of this individual song (for example on the iPhone, it shows the specific work of some song).

    Would be another way to think about it, when you buy the DVD of Star Wars box set, they come in a sleeve with a generic cover of star wars, but then inside, it's every film in a box with individual coverage of each film.

    Ive tried to tinker with it and Googling but cant seems to Word which is good enough to find all the results. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you very much.

    You can give each track in an album of his own work, but the album is displayed normally under the art of the first track. An individual work can display during playback. Command-shift when you click on the thumbnail of small work to get a fully resizable window.


  • Album cover showing is more about MP3 files

    Hi everyone I wonder if you can help me?

    For these last days, I noticed that the work embodied in my MP3 files have suddenly disappeared. To clarify what I mean I spent some time looking at the forums, is not the display of files the I do not speak of...
    I have a folder named 'Music' with about 50 MP3s inside. The folder view is set to medium/large icons, the default view of the music folder. Previously when opening the file, each MP3 file would show the work of Art/Album cover instead of the generic MP3 icon. Every song now has the MP3 in Windows icon at the generic address. The embedded work is usually added through the Id3v2 tags.
    What have I tried to solve the problem?
    -J' changed the "always show icons, never thumbnails" parameters God knows how many times.
    -Check that the artwork of the Album is always rooted in the MP3 file by opening Windows Media Player/Winamp - still work there.
    -Changed the Performance settings in the control panel.
    -Records of songs copied on my laptop, artwork embedded in the files will appear as normal.
    -System restored
    It seems that there is something register probably stop the windows that display the embedded work and is rather simply show generic music note icon!
    Its really important for me to be able to see the album art for the mixture of songs and Deejaying.
    I have Windows Vista.
    Any help really welcomed! I hope this makes sense?


    You can create a new user account and check. If it works in a new user account, then probably your user account have been damaged and would need a fix.

    Create a user profile.

    Now search for the question.

    Follow the link provided below to fix the damaged user profile.

  • Walkman app display incorrect album cover

    I made an account just for this post.

    Well, my camera is Xperia Z1 C6903 and I use the Walkman software for listening to music and honestly, I love the app, it's interesting and all application, I like the functionality of the interface and surround. I don't have the idea of using any other music player like Poweramp.

    But I do not understand why all files in an album should show the same album art, I don't know if my application or system is defective, as far as I know is Walkman works like this:

    All files with the same name of Album tag, with album art or not, displays the same album art as being the first track on the album.

    So if the files in an album contains a different variety of album art, it is replaced by the album art on the first track.

    I have thoughts if I'm the only who has this problem cause not only Walkman app makes this kind of thing, even play music (music of Google app) did the same thing, is something wrong with my system? So far, I know Poweramp (Trial) display album covers correctly and doesn't have any sort of this sort of problem.

    And no, my phone is not rooted.

    This is bascially my problem is someone knows the solution, or comments, you are most welcomed to share. Honestly, I love this app and I can't be persuaded to use another application to listen to music.

    P. S.

    If you ask me if there is no improvement/new functionality that can be made to this app, and the only thing that I would like this app can have fade out effect and please, remove the block of headline with "enjoy your music anytime and anywhere" in this regard, it takes a lot of space and I look forward to having to scroll down in order to access the other shortcuts.

    Hello, for some time, but I would like to address my theory of this problem, it may be incorrect in many places and if not it will be studied by the developers of Xperia, I don't really mind if not, I just want to throw out there for everyone to see.

    WALKMAN co exist with an application called info music download this app interferes with the way in which information such as title, artist, album and all that, are displayed through WALKMAN, you can find more information, in main menu > "3 boxes of verticle" > download music info > '3 boxes of verticle' > legal. What is this app is when your music files are imported on the phone, it scans the file for all tags and all that and makes a copy of it which are stored in the cache (I could be wrong), and that copy will be what is the display through WALKMAN and to be read by you, and one of the problems is this app are not Album covers so he decides to copy only the the Album cover of the first track of an album and applies as the cover for the rest of the song in the album, so in a nutshell, WALKMAN displays no real tags which is the file, that's why, after you "Edit music info", other applications such as Poweramp will still read files as if you edit the files to all the because your edit applies only to download music info app, so WALKMAN, so playing music (music of Google Reader) and disabling Download info music settings won't work, cause, it will be reactivated again whenever you launch WALKMAN.

    It is bascially the question, you can tell DOWNLOAD music info app is a bit annoying, but don't get me wrong, it's use is that it is what he name, it download music info, while in do process a little disorder.

  • Vignette to locate some ppsx files are not visible in windows Explorer

    I have windows 7. Thumbnails for some of my .ppsx files are not visible in Windows Explorer, while the other .ppsx files are visible as thumbnails. I have attached a screenshot to show that 8 .ppsx files, 6 display their thumbnails while the 2 only.

    Try this option.  Open your file in PowerPoint.  Then go to the file menu.  To the right, choose Properties, and then view the advanced properties:

    Make sure that the image 'Save Preview' is turned on:

  • I bought windows 8 (blue cover) no license and the disk key is writtin NOT for RESALE. It comes

    I bought windows 8 (blue cover) on eBay at the price of 50 euros, and when I tried to install it, I discovered it's a backup disk and it comes without a license key.

    Also on the center of the disc is written (NOT for RESALE).

    The question is the seller have the right to sell an only not for resale Microsoft product?

    Thank you

    I bought windows 8 (blue cover) on eBay at the price of 50 euros, and when I tried to install it, I discovered it's a backup disk and it comes without a license key.

    Also on the center of the disc is written (NOT for RESALE).

    The question is the seller have the right to sell an only not for resale Microsoft product?

    Thank you

    No, it doesn't have the right to sell you software NFR and if he hid this information, then its wrong.

    Your best decision is to try to get the refund by the dealer, then report him. If it doesn't, don't threaten them. Simply report them to ebay and report to Microsoft Piracy.

    Make sure that you have received as proof of purchase.

    Replica, counterfeit and unauthorized copies policy objects

    Statement of Microsoft piracy:

    Protect yourself against piracy

  • Since the update Windows 10, my CS5 Photoshop created jpg are no longer visible in Windows Explorer (File Manager)

    Since the update Windows 10, my CS5 Photoshop created jpg are no longer visible in Windows Explorer (File Manager).  I have reset Photoshop like application default for jpg files, rebooted.  Nothing has changed.  The ideas people?

    Hi R_Kelly,

    Hidden folder/file settings was the first place, I checked and kept checking each new reboot.

    I have copied below my temporary solution I posted in another forum thread.

    See point 7.  I found a way to make it visible again.

    1. I can see all jpg files created before Win10 update AND all the jpgs created by other programs, other than Photoshops after Win 10 update.

    2 Photoshop cannot see the newly created Photoshop created jpg files in the file picker at all since Upgrade to Win 10.  I've never had a problem of invisibility of file before winning 10 update.  My hidden files were always checked to be visible.  However, Photoshop can open if listed files in a basic text file search in Windows Explorer in the path of the file "recently used".

    3. the files are not visible or clickable at all in Windows Explorer tree or the Photoshop file selector. They become open and visible when listed in a basic text file search in Windows Explorer in the path of the file "recently used".

    4 Microsoft Office applications can't see the new Photoshop created Jpg files in file, only pre Win 10 update pickers jpg created by other applications and versions.

    5. the problem occurs only with Photoshop jpg created after the Win 10 update.

    6. I checked the settings "Show hidden files, folders and files of the operating system", and they remain as they were, which allows all the hidden to visible objects.  I kept the visibility settings files in this way since the early 1990s.

    Temporary fix below *.

    7. I did yet another simple search of the text Windows Explorer, he finds invisible jpg files less all links 'recently used' who were there yesterday (2nd day after I created the files), I checked the location of file properties file and it entered the original file I saved their.  Using a right-click of the mouse on the file to bring up the menu actions and file properties, I was able to copy and then paste the file into another directory.  I jumped on the directories to see if it remains visible and he (Yes). The new copy is now visible to the pickers of file in Photoshop and Microsoft Office applications.


  • Album Cover Art Screensaver option on Apple TV 4.

    Just upgraded to Apple TV (4th generation) and noticed that the possibility of having the art of album cover for screen saver is gone?  Is this true?

    It is not presented as an option as on Apple TV 3, but I found a solution.

    Check out my article here: & t = 21465

  • I use firefox 3.6.4 Dutch. Some sites phone numbers are only visible for 1 second, and then they disappear. What refresing are new visible for 1 second.

    I use firefox 3.6.4 Dutch. Some sites phone numbers are only visible for 1 second, and then they disappear. What refresing are new visible for 1 second.

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened


    the issue of the disappearance of telephone numbers can be corrected by turning off the Skype add-on:

    1. Go to tools > Modules.
    2. Find the Skype add-on in the list.
    3. Click on disable or Uninstall button.
    4. Restart Firefox.


  • My CD rom is no longer visible in windows Explorer in my computer.

    Could someone please help with the following query.

    My CD rom is no longer visible in windows Explorer in my computer. I tried to go to new hardware in the control panel and couldn't find it.

    I ran the diags toshiba and considers that it is and says its fine.

    Any advice on the resolution of this problem would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you B


    You must remove the upper and lower registry key filters.
    First remove the CD/DVD drive device manager.

    Then go to the registry and remove the filter top and bottom of this key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    After this reboot of the laptop.

    For more information, check this:

  • My ipod touch 5th generation coupling the album cover with just the right artist?

    It will take the various artists album covers in my music library and put them on the wrong artists or albums. For example, all Rolling Stones albums have the album artwork for Led Zeppelin III. Why is this, and how a fix it? preferably without deleting all the 8,000 songs on my ipod? I have tried to delete the album (s) what has happened too, but it is put on an another bad album cover.  I know this isn't a pressing need to super, but I had the ipod for nearly a year, and it starts to type a * me off.

    If this step:




    -Reset the device iOS. Nothing will be lost

    Device iOS Reset: Hold down the On / Off button and the Home button at the same time for to

    ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

    Unsync/delete all the music and Resync

    To remove all music go to settings > General > use > storage > managing storage > music > tap Edit in the top-right, then press the sign less than all music

    -Reset all settings

    Go to settings > general > Reset and tap reset all settings.

    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as your contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) are not affected.

    -Restore from backup. See:

    Restore your device from an iCloud or iTunes backup - Apple Support

    -Restore factory settings/new iOS device.

  • read only problems with windows 2003

    All my folders and subfolders even those I just create my windows 2003 Server are set to read-only, I used windows Explorer to remove the read only status it had back write after I removed it, I used the command attrib - r - s, that he did not. can anyone help?

    Advance Thank'sin

    These MS Answers forums are intended for the home rather than the it professional user. Please repost your question in the relevant Microsoft Technet Windows Server forum here: .

    Thank you.  :)

    (I'm sorry, but I can't move this thread for you because the two forums are working on separate platforms)

  • Error message - it only works with Windows Media Player for Windows XP when trying to convert playlists to Excel.

    Original title: windows media player 11 trouble conversion playlists to Excel after obtaining bonus pack.

    I downloaded the bonus pack, everything works well except the library management wizard. Comes with the message that it only works with Windows Media Player for XP only. I am currently running windows xp edition family and windows media player 11.  Help, please.


    You can follow this link & check if the problem persists:

    How to export a playlist in Windows Media Player?

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

  • my Iphone is only detected by Windows, not Itunes more

    I have the problem, it was presented after that I stopped and restarted the Apple Mobile Device service...
    I'm on Windows XP

    I did this operation because my Iphone 4 was not detected by windows, but only by Itunes,
    and given that this message is popping up (several times in a short period of time) the opposite happening, my Iphone is only detected by Windows, not Itunes more...

    My antivirus occurs Kaspersky Pure, no malware or virus... I scanned my computer and corrected the registry problems using RegCure which was supposed to fix this error (0xc06d007e), but I still get the error message no matter what...

    If you have a solution or advice, I would be very grateful,
    Thank you

    Hi manuelfrulio,
    Follow the suggestion given in this link to fix the issue:

    If this is not enough, you may need to contact Apple Support Forums for assistance.

Maybe you are looking for