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I've set up a page with text links to open a new browser window and all but one are working properly and are all the same coded. On a link, I get a text instead of the hand pointer cursor. Is this something that I can add the style that will fix this? Here is a part of the code, the 2012 link works fine, but the link 2013 shows the text cursor:

< p > < a href = "#" onclick = "MM_openBrWindow ('2012.html', '2012Underwriters', 'width = 600, height = 675')" > - 2012 - < /a > < an onclick = "MM_openBrWindow ('2013.html', '2013Underwriters', 'width = 600, height = 675')" > - 2013 - < /a > < /p > ""

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The usual behavior of a spectator at random, when presented with a new, auto-resized browser window after they click on a link, is to close before he did the loading. but that's only if their Add-ons to pop up in the first place (most of the anti-pop-up modules does not anyway). In general, they are a bad idea, and there is usually a better way, such as the use of a modal window.

That means Ben is your code is incorrect. Change...

-2012- -2013-   




href = "#" onclick = "MM_openBrWindow ('2013.html', '2013Underwriters', 'width = 600, height = 675')" > - 2013.

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