Opening browser indicates that master and all versions: how to go back to the list only one version?

Opening 3.6: in some way something changed: in the browser, I see now several versions of each image (master & version), how to get back to showing only latest version? (Note: I don't want close chimneys, just not to show them)


You have recently allowed the preference of the opening > advanced: create new versions adjustments?

The opening will create a new version whenever you adjust your image.  With this preference is disabled, all changes will be stacked on the current version without creating new versions.

You can stack the new versions automatically if you use "opening > General > stacking new versions automatically.

But there is no option to avoid the multiple versions of a photo in the browser, as far as I know, so the battery version is open.  You can stack several version and keep the closed stack or refrain from creating new versions for each change.

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