Operating system not recognized, can not update windows

I can't update microsoft products, or get online as my operating system has become "unrecognizable."  This prevents me to access patches from microsoft online, or get updates.  I tried to repair the installation, but that doe not work either.  All other features are the same, no noticeable problem.  Windows XP Professional


You can try running "sfc/scannow" from the command prompt. How do to run the command prompt - click on "Start" - "run" - write CMD , and then click OK.


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  • Operating system not found - Windows 7, Sony VAIO

    When I start my laptop, it gives the error operating system not found. I have a repair disc, a recovery disk and also a backup system image. I am able to do nothing, as the laptop does not go past this message. In the past, I used to get this error once or twice daily, but when I re-set with Ctrl + Alt + Delete, the system would begin. No critical errors were found in the Eventlogger. How to start the repair process?

    Hi vasanjs,

    1. did you of recent changes on the computer?

    This problem may occur if one or more of the following conditions are met:

    (a) basic input/output system (BIOS) does not detect the hard drive.

    (b) the hard disk is damaged.

    (c) sector 0 of the physical disk has an incorrect or malformed master boot (MBR) record.

    Note  Some third-party programs or alteration of the disk can damage an MBR.

    (d) an incompatible partition is marked as Active.

    (e) a partition which contains the MBR is no longer active.

    Method 1

    I suggest you update brings input/output system (BIOS) to the latest version by contacting the manufacturer of your motherboard or computer and check if it works.

    Important: Change (CMOS) BIOS/complementary metal oxide semiconductor settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    BIOS: Frequently asked questions


    Method 2

    If the previous step fails, then I suggest that you perform repair system on the computer and check if it works.

    What are the system recovery options in Windows 7?


    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • can not update; "" Windows or windows defender ' more and I lost my; "' help and support ' file system on startup. Need help to get all that, please.

    I can't update "windows" or "windows defender". Followed the steps described by Microsoft help, tried to download manually, have asked Microsoft to help (no response yet) these first two things didn't work. I even had something like; change setting.that message security came for "Windows update", I have change the security setting, did not just well, still nothing.
    Windows Defender gives me an error code that looks like this;
    Error Code 0 x 80070005
    That's all I can get, and it will not update.
    and on top of it, I've lost my "Microsoft Help and support (it) when I click Start and click Help and support, I get a (?) all help options or when I click on it nothing there is totally 'empty '.
    I have one more problem.
    I tried to defrag my computer, and I can't do it either. I get a grey screen and if I click on anylise or defragment, it does nothing, no error message or anything else. Tried to manually defragment Traore does not work, tried to load a defrag on the web program, wouldn't let me load it.
    Nobody knows what happens here? why I'm having these problems all of a sudden? I do nothing but send E-mails and read my emails and I do not browse the internet or enter sites that are safer. So, what can I do? How to make everything return to normal? can someone help me with this?
    Also let me tell you right now, I'm not an expert on how to do things on the computer, so I'm scitish when it receives or sounds complicated. I don't want to lose my entire system because of these unfortenate none of the work programmes.

    Hello shessy49, welcome.

    I would recommend that we run a SFC (System File Checker) first scan to see what he finds. Try this:

    1. click on START
    2 type "msconfig" (without the quotes) and press enter
    3. go to the "Startup" tab and uncheck all the entries displayed
    4. click on 'Apply' at the bottom right
    5 restart your computer

    After the reboot

    1. click on START
    2. Type "cmd" (without the quotes). Right-click on the result at the top of the menu START and select 'run as administrator '.
    3. type "sfc/scannow" (without the quotes) and press enter

    If the question started very recently, you can try a system restore:

    1. click on START
    2. click on "all programs".
    3. click on "Accessories".
    4. click on "system tools."
    5. click on "system restore."

    6 follow the prompts shown to restore your system to a date before the problem started. Although the system restore does not target the personal data, it is recommended that you back up all data such as music, photos and documents in case something is not bad.

    Let us know what happens

    Thank you!

    Ryan Thieman
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • I received an error message: operating system not found. I need to reinstall Windows, but do not have the media. How can I request media?

    "OS not found"

    Hello... My laptop out there today and I'm trying to start it, it says "operating system not found '... I guess I reinstall windows Vista but I can't find any cd/dvd... I dontt think that I was given when I bought my laptop a few years ago... Do you think I can get another copy (free of charge)) L


    If you have never received a recovery disk when you bought your laptop there should be a recovery Partition on the hard drive to reinstall Vista on how you purchased your computer.

    The recovery process can be started by pressing a particular combination of the key or keys at startup. (Power on / start)

    Maybe it's F10, F11, Alt + F10, etc., depending on the manufacturer.

    Ask them to the proper key sequence.

    Also some manufacturers have more available recovery Vista disc.

    If this happens, you may need to try this instead:

    You can also borrow and use a Microsoft Vista DVD, which contains the files for the different editions of Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate) must be installed. The product key on your computer / Laptop box determines what Edition is installed.

    Other manufacturers recovery DVDs are should not be used for this purpose.

    And you need to know the version of 'bit' for Vista, as 32-bit and 64-bit editions come on different DVDs

    Here's how to do a clean install of Vista using a DVD of Vista from Microsoft:

    "How to do a clean install and configure with a full Version of Vista '


    And phone Activation may be necessary when you use the above installation method.

    "How to activate Vista normally and by Activation of the phone '


    See you soon.

  • Windows Vista has crashed, "the operating system not found" error, can I load Windows XP on a partition?

    I have an Acer Aspire 5516, with pre-installed Windows Vista. I didn't know that it did not come with a recovery disk UNTIL my system crashed! During a routine virus scan, I got a blue screen saying a major problem has been found and the system has been shut down. I followed the instructions to gracefully shut down my laptop. When I turned this back on after the "Acer" logo he went to a black screen with info on my computer and the last line States "not found operating system". That's when I discovered there was no recovery disc & it is integrated into the system. To access this system you we F8 to enter safe mode, then Alt F10 to access 'erecovery management system. Neither one of these functions operate! Still getting the black screen with "operating system" not found I have a Windows XP my laptop previous. What I was wondering is if I can load on my Acer, possibly on a partition, in order to be able to get into my laptop and save all of my files? I'm terrified of losing everything I have! I have thousands of pictures that I can't replace. If anyone can help please do! I am on a very limited income & can not really afford professional help. Thank you very much in advance!


    normally with an Acer you press Alt + F10 at startup to start the hidden recovery partition recovery, not F8, then this combo

    but you do not have an option to save your data, that

    in daily use acers normally have a system partition, a partition of data to save your data, etc. to and also this hidden partition recovery

    and read this on data recovery, too;

    Data recovery

    1. remove the hard drive and it slave in another computer

    2 buy or borrow a USB disk drive hard put in yout case then plug it into another computer and read the hard drive like this

    3. try Knoppix


    BUT this method 3 depends on your hardware in the computer that failed

    read this information about method 3:


    Download/save the file Knoppix Live CD ISO above.


    Download the Vista software from the link above.

    After installing above ISO burning software, right click on the Knoppix ISO file > copy the Image to a CD.

    Knoppix is not installed on your PC; use only the resources of your PC, RAM, graphics etc.

    Change the boot order in YOUR computer/laptop to the CD/DVD Drive 1 in the boot order.

    Plug a Flash Drive/Memory Stick, BOOT with the Live CD, and you should be able to read the hard drive.

    When the desktop loads, you will see at least two drive hard icons on the desktop (one for your hard drive) and one for the USB key.

    Click on the icons of hard drive to open and to understand which drive is which.

    Click the icon for the USB drive and click on "Actions > Change the read/write mode" so you can write to disk (it is read-only by default for security reasons).

    Now to find the files you want to back up, just drag and drop them on the USB. When you're done, shut down the system and remove the USB key.

  • Win 7 does not give access to Disable Touchpad tapping function as on the previous Windows operating system. How can we do?

    As above "Win 7 does not provide access for disable touch pad tapping as on the previous Windows operating system. How can we do? »


    1. go in Control Panel
    2. find the MOUSE
    3. go in the mouse properties
    4. go into device settings
    5. go to settings
    6 uncheck tapping
    It should work for all Windows 7 OS computers laptops!
    This is my first post.  Let me know if it helps!
  • machine is trying to perform a PXE boot after installing updates-"operating system not found error" when PXE boot

    Original title : Aucuns OS after installing updates save broken disk how to reinstall windows vista

    I installed the microsoft updates on my Vista laptop and now the system does not start. Error message is:

    Check the connection of the cable! PXE - MOF:
    exit Intel PXE ROM.

    Operating system not found
    Backup of disks were damaged
    starts from disc downloaded ubuntu, so no problem with a hard drive.
    Cannot access then unable to return to the last good configuration safe mode?
    where can I download vista to reinstall?


    Contact your computer manufacturer and ask them to send a set of recovery disks Vista.

    They should do this for a small fee.

    "How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and replace product manuals.


    Read the responses in these links on the false boot order and network devices.



    See you soon.

  • Error message: "The operating system not found" and the computer laptop (Windows 8) starts do not.

    Original title: computer laptop (Windows 8) starts do not

    Laptop: Sony Vaio

    Processor: core i3 with 4 GB of memory
    Operating system: Windows 8
    Before going to sleep, I was using my laptop & it did not work properly. then I download something, so I put on and fell asleep. When I woke up I found a message on the screen, operating system not found. I restarted. Now it starts and appearance of the new as usual Windows logo, but it does not move, I mean points keeps moving in a circle with the Windows Logo, but nothing happens.
    I tried in the BIOS and it detects the hard drive, it means that hard drive still works.
    How to solve this problem?

    Hi Sunil,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I suggest you to contact the manufacturer for activation. If you still have problems you can contact the customer support team, you can see the steps in the link below.

    Get help from Microsoft Windows activation



    Let us know if you need assistance.

  • 'Operating system not found', can't the recovery partition, do not have a recovery disk

    Original title: recovery Partition not here and not backed up copy of Win8

    I have an 18 month, Acer Aspire V5-571pg now out of warranty.  For the last 3 days, of what it has been in a loop bringing repair until this morning disc error messages, it just says "operating system not found '.  A call to Acer support and we have tried to activate the recovery Partition using Alt - F10 but it seems that the partition is not there either, and of course I did not create a recovery disk when I got the laptop.  I was not eager to send the Acer laptop for service after the warranty expires, I thought I should at least attempt of recovery or re - install.  Windows 8 is a preinstalled OEM version.  Where should I start?  Y at - he's going to be a download that I can use and what I need to know a product key to install?  Should I get Acer to send me a recovery disk?  Not super PC here but am knowledge letter wins all the time.  I hope someone understands my situation.  Thank you

    You can order the recovery media using your SNID, from the link below. I have an ACER desktop computer, and it cost me less than US$ 20.00, to order an additional series.

    eRecovery Media


  • This application is not compatible with the operating system installed. Please upgrade to Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 or more.

    Hi all

    I recently installed a mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R SoC V1.004. The game won't start not even, instead, it gives me the following message:

    This application is not compatible with the operating system installed.
    Please upgrade to Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 or more.

    I'm under Win 8 64 bit. I have uninstalled and rebooted twice (both game and mod) does not.

    I have to downgrade to XP to be able to play this awesome mod, he ran on this platform with the same configuration before, why he now rejects it know not only the people at Ms.

    Please help if possible

    Thank you very much

    Pierre Viljoen

    Probably, all in all probably is a 16-bit program, and as such does not work on Windows 8.0/8.1 64 bit. In addition, the game seems to have 20 years or more. You can try running in compatibility mode, but I think that the game is dead. Hope this helps and if you need help please post and we will be happy to help you.

    The above opinion is mine and casually and does not necessarily reflect that of Microsoft, they are employees. or any other Member of this forum.

    "When we try to take anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe"-John Muir

  • Windows operating system not found-8

    I was reset my pc because of the way of a lot of information and a power cut interrupted and now I just get the operating system not found. I upgraded my computer from windows vista to windows 8 digitally so I did not have a boot disk. I tried a USB windows 8 recovery of my family members pc, but when I troubleshoot it gives a similar answer that I don't have an operating system. The hard drive seems to be working and I can find it on the boot options and start, but I can not any more than that. Help, please!

    I see three things at this point in time:

    1. Try resetting once more
    2. Use the combination of keys SHIFT + F8 and try to start in safe mode
    3. If you have a parallel operating system installed, load your computer in.
  • Error database that can be updated windows detected 0x8007000D - not been fixed in Windows 8.

    Original title: slow startup and commissioning, also blocks windows 8

    My computer began to take 10 minutes to start and run. then hangs every now and again when I use it.

    I had problems installing an update and I thought that was the problem, so I followed the instructions and installed the update (KB2855336) on a clean restart. When I put the settings back to normal reboot I see the update succeeded, but the computer is still a good 10 minutes to restart.

    I tried to do a repair, but this is notauto-start.

    I tried to run a sfc/scannow and that froze the verification step 100%, I have waited a long time, checked in the Task Manager and saw that he was inactive and if you click end task.

    My Task Manager shows 99% or 100% use of the disk.

    I tried to do a system restore to a point in mid-July and which failed, error 0x80071a90 code.

    I followed the advice of someone to uninstall the update and restart twice, but the problem persists.

    What can I do to fix this? I use my laptop to work and so I need this problem as soon as possible.

    I just tried in safe mode and also it took forever to start and run. I tried different jumpers in safemode, maintenance of the system not found no problem, windows update however found two:

    Error in database that can be updated windows detected 0x8007000D - not fixed

    Windows Update, the components must be repaired to no fixed

    Help, please!

    Thank you


    This problem is usually caused by Windows Update corrupted downloads or installations. However, virus infections are also known to cause this problem. Before scanning for viruses, please try these troubleshooting steps and check whether the problem is resolved:

    Method 1: reset the Windows Update components and check if the error persists:

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    Important: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs.

    Method 2: use Deployment Image Servicing and Management to fix Windows Update errors.

    To do this, follow these steps:

    a. press the Windows key + C and type cmd in the Search box.

    b. right-click on command prompt and select run as administrator.

    c. type these commands and press enter after each:

    DISM.exe / Online/Cleanup-image /Scanhealth

    DISM.exe / Online/Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

    d. close the command prompt, and then run Windows Update again.

    Please get back to us with the State of the question.

  • can not update windows, 8024400 has error code

    I can't update windows, get the error message 8024400 a. have tried to repair, but it will not work until I update windows.

    What browser (exact version) you are using. ?

    Harold Horne MVP responded on 24 September 2012


    You must be at Service Pack 3 level before you can use Windows updates.

    To determine which service pack is currently installed on your computer, follow these steps:

    1. on start and then click Run.

    2 copy and paste, or type the following command, and then click OK:


    A dialog box displays the version of Windows and the service pack that is currently installed on your computer.

    See also: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2497281>

    You may be unable to access the site Web Windows Update in Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003

    If you haven't already done so, you will need to install the SP2 and SP3 (SP1 note no longer exists).

    How to obtain the latest Windows XP service pack


    SP2 - http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=28>

    (for single PCs too)

    For Windows XP Service Pack 2 installation procedure


    Steps to take before you install Windows XP Service Pack 3


    It is stated in "How to obtain the latest service pack XP" is.

    If you have problems obtaining the service pack from Windows Update, you can download the package of standalone update from the Download Center. This page will say that this installation package is intended for it professionals and developers. However, you can download this file safely. The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

    Download the Windows XP Service Pack 3 package now

    UTC/GMT is 01:04 Saturday, October 6, 2012

  • I am running Xp SP2 Windows does not update anything more and gives me [error number: 0x8024400A] Why can't update Windows again?

    I am running Xp Sp2 and about a month, there are, I tried updating to SP3 (new) and it sends my computer fits in. It keeps just reboot and reboot (SP3 has always done this has my computer since its release). I had to do a cover of the plant to return to the place where he could start normally but now Windows does not update anything. I go to Windows Update, it goes through the motions of checking to see if everything is legitimate, click the express button and gives me "the website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below may help you solve the problem. [Error number: 0x8024400A]   After going through the links provided and find no solution the last link sent me here. So why can't update Windows?

    Hi kriplurr,

    Thank you for keeping us posted about the State of the question.
    I'm glad you are able to run the updates.
    You can download the Windows Installer under the following link and check.
    Windows Installer 3.1 v2 (3.1.4000.2435) is available
    Or you can download it directly at the following link.
    (a) click on the above link.
    (b) click Download next to WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2 - x 86-.exe
    (c) install and check.
    Hope this information helps.
  • ProBook 450 G2, core-i5: operating system not found


    I expanded the partition of my C drive with force to upgrade to windows 10 since an iso file... then after restarting, I am facing the problem "an operating system is not found. Please remove storage external use... »

    I tried to boot from the start menu by pressing F9 while restarting, but no solution met! I also tried to boot from EFI file, but does not because no options that are there found.

    The disc is also OK, checked the BIOS settings option.

    Now what to do?

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)



    Let me welcome you on the HP forums!

    I read your post about the operating system not found since the Win10 Upgrade failed and tried to help.

    One of the things that happened during the upgrade:

    (1) it mostly completed but failed in the writing of the new boot loader files

    (2) it failed early in the upgrade, screw up your PC as well

    Allows to process 1) first - by recreating the bootloader files.

    You need access to a PC for this phase of work in order to create the necessary support to fix your PC boot loader.

    Once you have that, please download and create the Win10 installation media from this link: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/media-creation-tool-install?ocid=ms_wol_win10

    Note that when you download and build install media, the default tool corresponding to what is already installed on your PC (as in home for the House, and 64-bit to 64 - bit).  While you CAN change these settings, are NOT. If you do, the media that results will be different and will force you to enter a NEW product code.

    Boot from the media that you have created and follow the instructions in this link: http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/2294-advanced-startup-options-boot-windows-10-a.html

    You will need to go to the Advanced Options screen and click on startup repair.  You will probably need to run Startup Repair three times for him to fix all the boot loader.

    Once completed, your PC should start OK.

    If this does not work, then we are on option 2) - which is not good news.

    While Microsoft says there is no risk in the upgrade of Win10, because they allow you to believe that you can always return to your BONES and the original installation program within 30 days, the ugly fact of the matter is that the Win10 GoBack feature turned out to be unreliable - and when she fails, she can let machines in a State corrupted - that does not always happen , but it happens often enough to be a problem and you will get no warning beforehand that he goes to the trash your PC!

    If this is not enough, the Win10 upgrade is known, in some cases, corrupt partition recovery stored by the OEM that built the original machine.  It's pretty much guarantee that no HP recovery will work.

    What will work restores your computer to its original factory state using HP recovery media.

    It is a set of DVD and a CD or a USB key, which will erase the hard drive (removing all data, applications and settings, reinstall the original OS, drivers and utilities for HP. In some cases, you will be able to order a USB instead of discs.  You must order at HP; they cannot be downloaded.

    You can look online for recovery from the paged media related: http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers

    Once there, enter your product name or number. On your software page and download the drivers, select your operating system and version. Click on "Update".  If the HP recovery support is available for your computer, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for the command Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click on the symbol '+' to expand this entty and click on order to press for more details.

    Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:

    If you live in the United States or the Canada, details are on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1

    If you live elsewhere, contact details are on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.html

    NOTE: once you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to someone ' one - it can take a while!
    However, HP customer care is generally not available on weekends, so you will have to wait until Monday to contact them.

    Don't forget to read through the material in the linked thread before attempting the recovery: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00707939

    Good luck
    I'm a volunteer and I do not work for, or represent, HP.
    If my post helped you, please click on the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thank you.
    If my posts resolved your issue please click "accept as a Solution.

  • Error operating system not found Message notebook Compaq Presario F700 {756CA}

    Hello, thank you for this forum!

    Record: Series of laptop HP Compaq Presario 700 {756CA} 32 Bit OS wireless

    ID # #ABC Serial # under the direction of the security KP027UA

    1 I used a service tech, as a gift, the Dec23/10 online. Problems occurred during the 5 hour session. PC was going well in advance.

    2 on PC Dec25 would not start. Operating system not found message that appears. Used F8, last known 5 times and it no longer works. Put into service on battery 4 times. It no longer works.

    3 a written tests HP for operating system not found {but was for XP and WIn2000}, with drive to test the hard drive. Message adjustment but

    other areas didn't have so not.

    4 related to Vista and Win 7. It's for the boot drive address not found Error Message.

    This message comes not so much waited and did as below.

    5 performed a full scan on MBAM, program no. threats 6 Ran Reimage and 2800 + corrupt or missing files found and repaired. This did not help and used the battery when you restart.

    7 when the open PC Windows updates were parties and 71 had to be installed. Had to use battery or reboot.

    8 new updates have shown, once again. Installed 8 and 1 failed. {Windows PowerShell 2.0 and 2.0 WNRM, optional}.  Could not start on more then ran battery test the boot drive HP fix error.  Test the Test of the Bios and the hard disk does not appear to work correctly according to the instructions, but normally open when you restart PC. I'm afraid to stop PC again.

    Questions: 1. can you please help with the BIOS and hard drive tests for my PC?

    2 HP support assistant has always shows failure of updates, analysis and data collection. Why?

    The downloaded program beginning Jan/11

    3 the event viewer displays error messages for updates and contact HP. examples: 134 CPU device breaks down... server windows could not start the process of some updates. What can we do? It comes after new updates.

    4 I want to uninstall the online tech company and all of its files, etc. Should I use REVO uninstaller. ? Windows Defender shows ports and exceptions for several parts of this program. I have to uncheck them?

    5 my adapter is bent at 45% s. This could be part of the problem?  The light is on.

    Your help is very appreciated. I'm at a loss and a user of learning with hours and hours of reading.

    Best regards, athome34

    athome34 wrote:

    Hi, thank you for having responded to my recovery options questions.

    Now, I realize that I did back up discs.

    Questions: 1 Will the Recovery on my PC option return it a 'new' State of the Vista operating system? Yes

    2 I'll Ineed to write important information from the. August 2010 back up? Yes

    3 Aug 2010 will save the files back of disks, programs and my Anti etc on my PC virus program? Must restore all the files and the settings. You must reinstall the anti-virus first.

    3 are Recvovery HP discs this duplicates what was first installed PC? Yes

    Thanks a lot for your help.  Congratulations!

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