operation coul Windows xp can not be finished the print spooler service does not work

Cannot print from dell optiplex 780 desktop.  He said spooler service is not running


Click Start and type Services.msc

Press enter

Scroll down to the print spooler is that it set to automatic?  Click on it to select it and in the top left page you will see Stop and Start.  Click on stop.  Wait for the spooler to stop.  Now click on restart.

Close the window

Go to control panel and open the Printers folder.  Right-click on the printer icon, then select open.  There the documents listed in the queue?  If Yes, click on the printer and select Cancel all documents.  Close the windows.

Restart and try printing again.

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  • printing problem "the print spooler service does not work.

    Original title: printing problem

    I want to print, but a warning said "the print spooler service does not work.  What is c? or what can I do?


    I suggest to follow each steps of troubleshooting provided in the link below and also suggest to run the Fixit tool in step 2 and verify if it helps solve the issue


  • How can I fix the error message "the print spooler service does not work."?

    All printer drivers that I had loaded do not work or have disappeared.  After you download the printer drivers, I got the error message: "operation could not be performed.  The print spooler service is not running. "I have Windows XP.  I need to print now!

    To start the print spooler service, click Start > all programs > Accessories > run. In the run box type in services.msc. In the Windows Services window right-click on print spooler and select open. You will then see the options "Start automatically", and then on the button 'Start Service'. Click on those and then click apply then OK. Who should start the print spooler service, however, if you get an error message, see the link below for more information.


  • problem printer-"the print spooler service does not work.

    tried to add the printer, but get message "the print spooler service is not running" what I do?

    tried to add the printer, but get message "the print spooler service is not running" what I do?

    Often, but not always, the symptoms you describe are caused by a corrupt print job stuck in the queue or a damaged printer driver.  However before you clean things up, on general principles, that you can download, install, update and run full scans with each of these two free programs:

    AntiMailware MalwareBytes

    Do not operate the two scans simultaneously.  Each will take a long time, so start it and then go do something else for a while.

    Cleaning of printers

    NOTE: If after completing step has the print spooler is not always running after you launched the command "net start spooler", you will not be able to follow all the steps in "First Article".  Instead, go to the other link and download and get and use the utility 'cleanspl' such as described here.

    A. Clean on print jobs pending

    • Open a command prompt window (start > run > cmd > OK)
    • Type the following in the black command prompt window, and then press ENTER after each line

    net stop spooler
    del/q '% windir%\system32\spool\PRINTERS\*.* '.
    net start spooler

    B. clean the old printer drivers and install the latest drivers by using the directions in One Article.  If you have (or had) a Lexmark printer, follow the instructions on the following site before installing the new drivers, as explained in its first Article: http://members.shaw.ca/bsanders/CleanPrinterDrivers.htm

  • Error "the print spooler service does not work.

    print spooler - HELP

    my printer disappeared and when I tried to reinstall a message appears that the print spooler service is not runnin - HELP

    Hi masubb1,

    ·         You did changes to the computer before the show?

    You can try the following solutions.

    Method 1: Run the next Fixit tool and see if it helps.

    Problems printing and printing errors

    Method 2: Follow this guide step by step to solve the problem.

    Printer in Windows problems

  • The Print Spool Service does not work

    I use Windows XP and have 2 printers installed.  I had no problems until recently, when I try to print I get an error message that I need to install a printer.  When I went to control panel to check the status of my printers don't have no installed printer.  When I clicked on the "Add a printer" icon, I received a message that the "Service of Spool of printing does not work.".  I can't find anywhere in the menu helps an answer to this problem.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I must mention that I restore the computer to an earlier time and he has not made a difference.

    To activate the Print Spool Service, follow these steps:

    1. click on the Start Menu, click Run, type "services.msc" and press ENTER.

    2. in the Services pane, click on "Alert" and scroll down until you see "print spooler".

    3. click on "Start service" or "Restart Service", as the case may be.

    The print spooler service should now be enabled.

    Check if the printing problem is resolved.

    Hope this helps

    Post back if necessary


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  • Help with the Printer Spooler service does not work error

    How can I fix printer service spooler does not work error? My two printers won't work now, and re - install the printing software produces error messages. Tried to use microsoft fix - it for printers without result.

    Thank you.

    Hi elvenlord21,

    See the article below which has some useful suggestions to fix the print spooler error.

    You cannot add a printer and you receive Printer Spooler error messages in Windows XP

    See also:

    Error message when you use the Add Printer Wizard: "Operation could not be completed.

    Kind regards

    Shinmila H - Microsoft Support

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  • When you try to install my hp deskjet4100, I get a message from the print spooler service does not. But it is.

    But still, sometimes not.  In addition, the RPC server agent is unavailable message arrives, and it is also sometimes and sometimes is not

    Fixed it by doing a system restore to the last day that the printer was fine.  Had to do it in safe mode; have not found any changes if I did it in normal mode.

  • Printer error print spooler service does not? Why not

    I have a problem with my printer .  I went to use this boy was that cannot use a misstake... go Control Panel /printer .and see I have no printer and you can't print at all.  I tried to instwith a CDerror the Print Spooler service does not... I need help big time what should I do? 

    HELP Florida Irving


    Try the steps below and check if they help to resolve the issue.

    Method 1:

    Check the link below and try the troubleshooting steps provided to solve the problems with the printer in Windows.

    Printer in Windows problems


    Method 2:

    If the steps in the link above do not help, try to manually restart the Printer Spooler service.

    You must be logged on as administrator to perform these steps.

    (a) open administrative tools by clicking the Start button, click on the Control Panel, clicking system and Maintenance, and then clicking Administrative Tools.

    (b) double click Services.  If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    (c) right click on the print spooler service, and then click Properties.

    (d) on the general tab, next to startup type, make sure that automatic is selected.

    (e) if the service is not already running, under Service status, click Start and then click OK.  If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation

  • Get the message that indicates the print spooler service is not running

    Printer to work, cannot get message reads "the print spooler service does not work.


    1. could you give us the exact error message?

    Method 1.
    To resolve this issue automatically, click the fix for this issue link in the article below. Then click Run now on printing problems and printing errors troubleshooting, then follow the steps in this wizard. If the problem persists, perform the rest of the procedure described in the article.

    You cannot add a printer and you receive Printer Spooler error messages in Windows XP

    Method 2.
    Also, try the methods listed in the section below and check.

    I hope this helps.

    I hope this helps.

  • The Print Spooler Service is not running. Operating system is Windows XP Service Pack 3.

    I followed the suggestion to use start > Control Panel > administration tool > services > print spooler > properties.

    System in automatic mode but State of the said service stopped.

    I get error 1075: the dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion.

    Printer worked this AM, but stopped working between two print jobs.

    I used Mr. Fixit to diagnose and fix the problem. Mr. Fixit indicates the print spooler service is not running, but cannot fix it.

    Is there a source code for Windows XP service pack 3 which can be downloaded to replace the corrupted code?

    Thanks for your help


    I'll be back of the travel.  I'm after the suggestion of CARI.  Seems to be the right track.

    My print spooler system component is missing from the remote procedure call.  If I restore it, I think that the print spooler is reactive.  Suggestions of curry hit Start, Program Files, accessories and they type net start spooler.  However, after the departure, I don't see any Program Files, so am unable to complete the suggested path.

  • Operation could not be performed. The print spooler service is not running

    I get the error message "operation could not be performed. The print spooler service is not running. "How to start the service on Windows xp print spooler?

    Click Start--->run---> Type ' services.msc"--->OK and scroll down to print spooler entry and right-click, select Properties, set Startup type and in"service status", click the button to start the service."

    Good luck.

  • Local print spooler service does not not (Windows 7)

    We bought a new HP PC with Windows 7 in December and the printer worked very well.   Suddenly, he stopped and we get an error Print Spooler Service not working.   I ran troubleshooting, and he said he fixed it, but we try and print to get the error again.

    We thought that we were lucky that our old PC made through the years of Vista and WIndows 7 would be better, but I was wondering if it is still too recent.

    How fix us this so that it remains fixed?

    ETA - PC is an HP, but the printer is a Dell.   Is - this problem is occurring more with certain products?  The printer is of 5 years so not opposed to replace if it will solve the problem but want one that works with Windows 7.

    Can you check it out here:

    Start > type services.msc in the search programs and files, then press 'Enter' > then in the right window, scroll down to the print spooler service, and then double click on "Print spooler" > dependencies

    What is listed under "this service depends on the following system components?

    Then click on the tab "General".

    What is the 'print spooler startup type"set to"automatic "?

    Is the "Service status" of the print spooler "started"?

    If this is not the case, can you "start" the print spooler service?

    BTW, what Dell printer is installed?

  • Problem printing - "operation not completed; "print spooler service does not.

    My laptop has suddenly decided to stop from allowing me to print, gives me the message "operation was not completed. Print Spooler service is not running", even though when I look in the Services, it is running. I am running XP Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301 - 1519: Service Pack 2.


    According to the description in this document from the Microsoft Knowledge base:

    Please try this:
    1. click on start and then click Control Panel.
    2. double-click Administrative Tools and then click Services.
    3. double-click on the Printer Spooler service and then change the startup type to automatic. This option sets the spooler service starts automatically when you restart the computer.
    4. If you want to start the spooler service immediately, click the Start button under the Service status field.

    Maybe it helps you solve this problem.

  • After cleaning viruses with Norton software, I lost my Brother printer connection. Message: Printer Spooler Service does not. Can anyone help me to restore

    I lost the connection to the printer or I can add a printer because it - Printer Spooler service does not. Can you have a suggestion or an opinion. Thganks much. Michael

    Right click on 'My computer' / select 'manage '.

    Under "Services and Applications", select 'Services '.

    Check to see if the "Print spooler" service is "started" and "Startup Type" is set to "auto".

    Also check if the 'RPC Remote Procedure Call () service is also "started" and "Startup Type" is set' auto.

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

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