Optical converter for F5 or F55

Can you share how to use either a 1/2 "or 2/3" Fujinon zoom on this unit and get the same DOF would ride you with a normal PL lens?


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    I'm looking to store data such as those acquired with an optical spectrum for several XY points Analyzer and recall the optical spectrum for a specified point? Currently, I am looking at writing to the file of measure and reading of the measures such as the options file, but I'm not sure how to name each piece and the data and to recall them correctly. Are there examples where this has been done? any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I use a connect Yokogawa AQ6370 via ethernet, LabVIEW drivers are provided for this, but I can't find the screws provided here is

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    Not clear? Ask at your

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    I have the latest version of Image Data Converter for Mac.  Normally I use Lightroom, but I wanted to try this software because it is designed for Sony raw files.

    The software works pretty well on my Mac Pro 2013, unless there are too many raw files in the directory in which I work, OR, apparently, in the surrounding directories (that is, a library of raw files. organized in folders named after the date  In this case, although the program opens very well (even if it can run for a while at the beginning, no doubt scanning the photos in the folder), attempts to change a raw file quickly causes the program to enter a loop of rotation.  The progress on the operation bar to progress issue (change of saturation, noise reduction, etc.) all the way to the right, then the program hangs forever.  In one case, I waited an hour to see if it would eventually take himself off, but no luck.

    If, on the other hand, I do a new folder outside the hierarchy of photo library, copy all the raw (40 - odd of them) files in the new folder, and then the Image Data Converter point to the new folder, it works very well.

    This is a really special bug.  This means that the software works for people who are only noodling autour, but if someone wants to do a serious blow to a large library of publishing, he can forget it!  This is really not the kind of behavior of Sony would allow.

    Hi mr_protocol,

    Thank you for that bring to our attention. We will send this for good service for future updates on the software.

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    The pilots did install?   Use the diskette supplied with the product.

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    I don't think that there is a difference.  When you use a filter on a smart object to a smart filter layer.  The layer must be a dynamic object for a smart filter layer filter it is a catch 22.

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  • Find the good DNG Converter for new cameras... work with CS4... OS Win

    I am running Win XP Pro latest version with SP3.  I have the latest update available for ACR (5.7xx). I need to open the A7R Sony and Nikon D800E RAW files with what I have. Where can I find the good... best DNG Converter for the two test devices... so I can continue to use CS4... for now?

    I know that the simplest solution is to subscribe to CC, but as I'm about to Win 10 in the next few months... I need to unsnarl this mess first.  Meanwhile, I need to work with files D800E and A7R from Sony

    Hi cmatter

    You the best option is to switch to Windows 08/07/10

    In the meantime you can use the 8.3 DNG Converter

    Download link:- Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter: for Windows: Adobe DNG Converter 8.3



  • just bought a new EOS 7 d mk2 camera but can't open the CR2 raw files in Photoshop CS5. I downloaded the new raw converter for the camera which is the DNG 8.7 format for my windows computer operated. When I click on a CR2 file I get a subventio

    I just bought a new EOS 7 d mk2 camera but can't open the CR2 raw files in Photoshop CS5. I downloaded the new raw converter for the camera which is the DNG 8.7 format for my windows computer operated. When I click on a CR2 file I get a notification to come as States "could not complete your request because the file appears to be a model of camera that is not supported by the installed version of camera raw.

    I'm entered in Photoshop and loaded the dates above, but have met 3 mistakes when you do this (1) Adobe Bridge CS5 4.0.5 (2) Adobe extension Manager SC5 5.0 update (3) 12.0.4 for Photoshop CS5 Photoshop

    I tried for 2 days now to try to get the operating system for your support/help will be most appreciated.

    My old camar is an EOS20 D and I have no problem with CR2 files it produce

    Hi rodaks, george

    Images II 7 d would be directly supported in Photoshop CS5 as requiring a new camera raw.

    So, you must download the free DNG Converter to convert these images to DNG and then open the DNG converted in Photoshop.

    See this link for download DNG Converter 9.0:

    For Mac: Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter: for Macintosh: Adobe DNG Converter 9.0: thanks

    For Windows: Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter: for Windows: Adobe DNG Converter 9.0: thanks

  • Merger of converter for workstation or ESX


    Is it possible to do a Fusion converter for workstation or ESX?

    Anyone know of any option or howto?

    Thank you.

    When you create the virtual machine in workstation, you just place the vmdk file in the virtual machine folder and point to it (use an existing hard disk) disk.

    I'm trying to move the entire folder from mac to windows in order to verify if the virtual machine still works or not, but I think the .vmx file mac file must be different from the .vmx file in windows, because they use different types of partion, disk, system files and files speaking.

    Yes, you can use the converter to convert your VM workstation or Fusion to the ESX format. (see this link)

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  • Need USB / SATA Adapter converter for SSD thnsn2128gsps


    I have an ssd at a broken macbook air thnsn2128gsps,
    Is there a converter normal SATA or USB interface 2/3?

    I understand these SSDS use 3.3V and the normal SATA is 5V, so a voltage change is necessary.

    I want to just connect to a PC (Got the software to read macdisks) to get the data off the drive.

    Thanks in advance.

    This 128 GB SSD Toshiba seems to bear a common mSATA PCIe interface.

    I guess you would need something like this:

    I recommend to search in internet for:

    USB to Mini PCI-E SATA SSD adapter converter mSATA

    I m you will find maybe online offers compatible box/case

  • Caddy optical Bay for Tecra S10-106


    I would use an SSD instead of the conventional HARD disk, but SSDS are very expensive and that is why I would like to replace the optical drive with my conventional HARD drive. The optical drive is not often used and so I'm looking for a Bay optical caddy who easily replaced the DVD drive. I know that old Tecra Systems (e.g. 8100), that such a Bay was available.

    I don't want to use an external drive, because I do not carry many devices with me. Please can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hey mate,

    I know that there are these optics by caddy for some Toshiba laptops but I don t know if they are available for Tecra S10 and if it of possible.

    You should ask a service provider authorized in your country. If this an optical bay caddy is available, you order if by technicians and they can give you a detailed response. :)

  • Need of optical drive for a 3490CT

    simple (?) Question:
    I have a Portege 3490 CT (with Portreplikator) but no CD/DVD drive.

    Can I apply any optical drive that is marked as "Slim SelectBay" or do I have some special things (so far I found only one disc with SelectBay, but not specifically for TB of 3490...)?

    screws MFG


    I think that there should be no problem to insert a Bay-select not in select drive bays in-Port Replicator.

  • This video converter for macbook?

    I'm looking for a video converter that converts mainly .mov .avi or MP4 files, and also allow to edit the video. Not really as long as it is available in a single application or both applications. Have you tried several downloads, but they seem to be non-compliant, even if they claim to be. What is out there?

    QuickTime Player makes video export to MP4.   If you want to support AVI, I think Smartconverter works.

  • Optical drive for Satellite P10 554


    I need to replace the DVD burner for my SP10-554 (PSP10E-00NK5-GR model number). Which drives should I use?
    I don't have a DVD burner, a CD burner will do for everyday...

    Thanks for your replies!


    HI Martin,

    If you replace your CD player because of an error, then it is probably better to replace it with a similar model. This way you can be assured that it will be fully compatible.

    However, you can replace your optical drive with a variety of other brands as long that you choose one that is specifically for portable use. These are usually referred to as 'slim' or 'slimline '. You may find that some components, such as the collar do not exactly match your laptop.

    Drivers tend to be fairly generic Windows XP, but you may need to download additional drivers if you want to use DVD-RAM discs.

    Toshiba to adapt different brands in their notebooks (Mat * a, TEAC, Toshiba, etc) then you a reasonable range from which to choose.

    Try Googling for the appropriate players. Prices vary slightly.


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