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Hi all

Currently, I am writing with Labview VI to control a NWA Rohde und Schwarz ZVB.

I'm looking for the commands that should be sent to the analysor through VISA that can adjust some settings such as F-start, f-stop, the number of points, etc.

For the HP analysors, there is a long list on the website, containing all necessary commands and syntax to communicate with the NWA via Labview, Rohde und Schwarz, I searched but I have not found.

Can you help me please find these commands to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance

Best Regads


Oh thank you very much for your answer!

It was very useful for me.

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  • Impossible to select and place the Instrument Driver VI icons on the block diagram

    I am trying to automate some of the RF measurements using a Rohde and Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer. I downloaded the Rohde and Schwarz spectrum analyzer pilot named 'rsspecan' version 2.6.1 for Labview on Rohde and Schwarz site to use in my version of the software labview 7.1.

    I copied the files in the appropriate folders in the Labview software on the C drive files. I am able to access those files through the functions---> Instrument I / O---> range of Driver of instruments in the Labview diagram, but when I select the VI icon that I want to put, I am unable to place it on the block diagram. Instead of hovering under the cursor by clicking on the VI icon, by clicking on the icon of the VI has no answer whatsoever.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Thank you very much for the help.

    So, is there a way to get the above mentioned pilot online Spectrum Analyzer, which will be also compatible with LabVIEW 7.1, so that I don't have to go through the conversion of version Board?

    Thanks again,


  • project dependencies have changed when upgradeing from 2012 to 2014

    Hello people and thanks for reading this.

    I am in the process of upgrading LV2012 until 2014 and a question that I have met is that some dependencies (some dll associated with my drivers Rohde and Schwarz is is no longer taken into account and must be sought for each time the VI is responsible.)

    DLLs have been initially installed (by installer of Rhode and Schwarz) in: C:\Program Files (x 86) \IVI Foundation\VISA\WinNT\Bin

    I managed to get through the issue by moving the dll to: C:\Program Files (x 86) \National Instruments\LabVIEW 2014\user.lib

    I know the problem search paths, but do not understand why he changed from 2012.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance


    The paths are part of the node function call in the wrapper library live

    Could help to reinstall. I would also check to see if you need to upgrade the IVI Compliance Package.

  • wanted to know on how to use labview to get the values of the Spectrum Analyzer?

    Hi all

    I am a new Member and I am doing a project I have to see the performance of the DSl cable (lasting different for example 100 m, 200 m) on the Analyzer of spectrum and its values as graphic, food, BW should be get in excel sheet. I the company Rohde and Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer, I use interface GPIB 82357 B Agilent... If anyone can help me how to start. I plugged GPIB to spectrum and its drivers on the computer...

    Thanks in advance


    @Dennis Knutson

    I did not choose, he gave to me... and I have to work use only... no other choice...

  • Recalling saved worth States of Rohde & Schwarz NUMBER VNA with Labview


    I work on the automation of certain measures of Network Analyzer. I am using the NUMBER of Rohde & Schwarz Network Analyzer and I am communicating with the instrument via GPIB. One of the measures make me remind a few manually saved calibration data.

    I've been using the SCPI command to charge/reminder of saved calibration data are given in the manual of the VNA ZVR as operating "MMEMory:LOADTATe, 1 ', but the instrument does not charge/reminder these saved calibration data. In addition, labview does not have an error at the end of the program. When I try manually Recalling stored data, I am able to do this without any glitch.

    What could be the possible reason for this VNA did not respond to this command? I'd appreciate really any comment about it.

    Thank you


    Hi Mike,.

    I got touch Rohde Schwarz & in order to confirm that the command of sustainable intensification of CROP I've used is appropriate and I came to know that, although my SCPI command was good, the format has been bad and if the instrument has not responded to the command. The correct command would be "MMEM: LOAD: STAT 1,'filepath\file_name. '. ' CFG' ' where filepath would format BACK and one. CFG extension must be added file name. For some reason, the format of file name and the extension to use is not mentioned in the R & S manual operation resulting in the confusion.

    Now, the problem has been resolved and the AVI works absolutely well. I appreciate your time to help me find the solution.

    Thanks again,

    Kind regards


  • Error BFFF0015 on viRead occurred at Rohde & Schwarz-FSV


    I work with a Rohde & Schwarz FSV Signal/Spectrum Analyzer. I want to create an application using Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express which connects to the Spectrum Analyzer using a GPIB-USB connector (here the GPIB-USB-HS of OR). So I download this sample program in VB.Net on R & S website.

    To use this example, a pilot (rsspecan) R & S is required to work with the device. The import of the driver in my Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express project works very well and I am able to access the functions of the api.

    The sample program above caused a time-out (BFFF0015) error when reading data with the function "m_Instrument.QueryTDomPowerResult (1, 0, 0, resultPeak).

    With the program Trace NOR I could get the orders of Visa:

    You have any ideas? Any input would be appreciated.

    I'm using:


    Win7 64 bit

    Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express

    NI-VISA 5.1.1.

    NOR-488. 2 version 2.8.1

    rsspecan Driver of instruments for 64-bit Applications (see www.rohde-schwarz.com)


    R & FSV S


    Thanks Andyy

    This work, user: password tool: 894129 (R & S headquarters phone number)

    Note the resolution must be larger than 1024 x 768 for the "Softfrontpanel" available. Press F6 to say - / activate (http://www2.rohde-schwarz.com/en/service_and_support/Downloads/Application_Notes?type=20&downid=2499...

    VNC works as well, see: http://www2.rohde-schwarz.com/en/service_and_support/Downloads/Application_Notes?type=20&downid=5141

    BR j.

  • Rohde & Schwarz PNR Z81 wattmeter booting is not in Labwindows CVI

    Hi, I have problems with initialization of my R & S NRP Z-81 using LabWindows electricity meter. LabWindows detects the power meter and when the SSessionInfo typedef struct is called the value Boolean IsPulseMeasurementOn is true. But I'm stuck in an infinite loop, that the Boolean value IsMeasurementComplete turns not to the real. I'm debugging in TestStand. If anyone has an idea where I'm wrong or a few entries on what I could try I'd be very happy. Thanks in advance...

    Just to inform that the problem was with a difference in types of variables with LabWindows, TestStand.

  • Rohde & Schwarz SMFP2 control

    Hope you can help push me in the right direction, learning exercise for me, non-commercial only.

    I have an old & R S SMFP2, with control GPIB described as IEC 625 - 1 (IEEE) 4888 datasheet.  I also have a not quite as old NI GPIB-ENET (not the 100 or 1000). This setting is configured with a static IP

    Pilots of are all loaded on my version portable 2.2 and map has been updated with the latest firmware A.5 and the 4888.2 NOR getting started Wizard says that everything is OK when I check the installation of hardware and software.

    When all connected up to the SMFP2, I ran solution under devices and measurement and Automation Explorer and the interface tree sees GPIB0 (GPIB-ENET) and who can see Instrument0.

    Main address is 30

    Secondary address 0

    Identification of the device has not responded to a * IDN? query

    GPIB interface number 0.

    At this point all looking good so I will now try to communicate with the Instrument using the Communicator. And it comes to have I can't get reliable answers to the instrument.  I copied the sections of the manual here, sorry this is long-term.

    Each statement to modify a parameter consists of at least an initial charater (header) and the last character (deliminater).  When data on a framework must be transferred, eneter the data bewtween the two characters limiting.  All characters are transmitted in code ISO 7-bit ASCII.

    When the measurement is complete, the result will be called before a new m, easirement is done, because otherwise the data would be overwritten.

    The deliminater for the output is defined in the tester as CR.  If you enter a string of fauolty, a service request (SRQ) is sent through the CIS.

    The control statements are listed:

    The function code

    Recieve AR

    AM AA





    Functions of Code entry

    SIG Gen AG123.4567 where 123.4567 is the frequency in MHz


    So I have been tring that I thought maybe the correct things to type in the Communicator send window channels such as:

    30 AR


    These do not work, but I get better results with 30, or AR, AR, but have to send twice before getting action

    Even if I want to put the frequency 30, AG222.4444 sets the frequency after only two starts, I can't question the instrument or reading, he thinks so I do not have the right format.

    Can anyone help, if you recognize the former instrument etc.

    Please provide a pointer. trying to remember how to program in C will come much later.

    If I need to provide more information please, just ask and I will try my best.

    See you soon


    Hi Dennis

    I accept that I am not making sense in many.  Please bear with me.

    Old machine, it looks like that's not 488.2 as he was listed as CIS 625/ieee488 and date from the beginning of the 1980s

    The manual says that the deliminater for the output string is defined in the tester as a carriage return.

    A default command is AR

    or AG123.4567

    or BO99

    I have been going through some of the documentation and used MAX, where he could find my instrument is attached to the GPIB/ENET and there is a function to communicate with the instrument "Communicator of NOR-488. 2,"where it seems that I can just enter a string and click the write button, or enter a string and click on the button of the query if I want to read data from the instrument.

    I could not it works.

    AR must switch on the generator of signals, but not entering AR as the chain and hit the write button.  For some reason, I tried the combinations that I thought I might have to enter the address of the instrument 30, so I tried 30 AR or 30, AR and strangely if I hit twice the write button, it worked?

    That's why I asked the question initially.  I've proved since the instrument is fully functional, I now external software that speaks and is fully functional with the instrument.  But I would still like to send commands to him myself as a learning exercise.

    While going through the site search facilities NOR I fell RPIC legacy interactive control and I will have more success with that.

    What he just told me in the documentation, it's even if I put the EOS as 0x000D, I must still enter using \r.  So guess what I just tried in the Communicator of NOR-4882, entered string AG123.4567\r click on the write button and the device responds first time every time.

    So I guess I'm happy with my first steps.

    When I wrote, Communicator, I can't close the sending (0, 0x001E, "BO99", 4 (0x4), NLend (0x01)) I was using spy OR to monitor external software and then enter my strings and see if I managed to get near my captured file.

    Anyway happy now all for the want of a \r now give up for the night.


  • Cannot order any abo.

    When im on the page to select a slot and choose one. the next page, when loged, is a check-up. 1 loged in? 2 and so on.

    in point 4 it tells me

    Kauf non available

    In your Land in oder will region (Gibraltar) ist momentan kein Creative Cloud-subscription available. WIR können Sie benachrichtigen, as soon as ein subscription in your Land will region available ist oder. Wenn Sie nicht mehr in diesem Land oder dieser region settled sind, melden Sie sich year, um Ihr Konto zu aktualisieren, oder Sie eine neue Adobeid as Ihren current domicile create. Eine list der Länder, in which cloud creative available ist, auf der Seite Technische Daten und verfugbare languagesfind.

    who translate... "you cannot order from your country in the region (Gibraltar)...". »

    IM in Germany. not Gibraltar. and the afik buyoption is there in Germany. So what can I do to get the types?

    Hi Hoernerice,

    not all types of creative cloud subscription (special, students & teachers, for the teams) are available in all countries:

    ' Countries and languages FAQ: is Creative cloud available in my country?

    But apart from that, there is another trap: "If you do not live in the country that is associated with your Adobe ID,
    then your ID Adobe may be associated with the wrong country. Please note that the country of your payment address.
    the country on your Adobe account and the store you purchase of should be the same. »

    Kind regards

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  • Server bleibt nach schwarz conversion


    habe mithilfe stand-alone converters VMWare eine Acronis safety eines Hardwareservers (die works, ist also nicht das problem) in eine Vm Verion 8 auf einen ESXi5.1 - Server übertragen. Wenn ich sharp VM nun starte shows the BIOS, dann den blinkenden und er mir die bleibt schwarz VM line.

    Wenn ich dann rebooted kann ich ins BIOS und von CD booting, uber F8 in das Auswahlmenu fur Abgesicherten Modus geht auch nur der Server nichts one shows.

    Habe evil versucht die III auf eine Platte-IDE-VM uberzuspielen (statt SCSI) brought auch nichts.

    Weis someone Rat?

    MIT thank wurde


    Hello Markus,

    DAS ich auch ofter already had problem. Habe mir dann felt then:

    (1) VM Neue auf dem ESXi create (Hardware/OS)

    (2) by Acronis Boot-Medium CD starten von

    (3) Acronis restore mit der safety use

    (4) falls of the Acronis Universal Restore lizensiert As you can die VMware-Treiber during the restoration einbinden

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    ICH will be colorkey create ein, die ich auf - 100 einstelle und über das Bild wird wische Sättigung wenn nicht ganz schwarz weiss. Kann mir helfen someone?

    At meinst from mit "uber das Bild Heimatmuseum"?

    Stellst of Sättigung in den Grundeinstallungen fur das ganze oder ein Bild mit einer local town (Verlauf, Korrekturpinsel)?

    Beim Korrekturpinsel musst is achten die Dichte und den Fluss auf 100 zu haben sonst parish are several Pinselstriche bis das deckend wird. Do mit O die Uberlagerungsanzeige ein zum other observes.

  • Why is the inverse of buttom next, previous order?


    the order of my next buttom is reverse, it shows the previous contents. Anyone have an idea why? -J' checked the agenda of my layers. those who are correct.

    Thanks for the reply

    adjusted cost base

    There's something got mixed up in the sequence of your thumbnails.

    The sequence to show the contents of the lightbox by using the prev/next buttons is determined by the order of the stack of tiles.

    In other words: the sticker in the most backward position unveils its first lightbox content, the sticker with the position more before shows his lightbox content finally.

    Solution: Select each thumbnail and choose stacking order straight to clicking with the right button-> Arrange-> Send to the back/rear/Bring to the front and to the front.

    In German:

    Die Reihenfolge der thumbnails ist durcheinander geräten. Lightboxinhalt gemäss der "Stapel-peisenfolge' der wird der thumbnails dub und zwar: first hinterstes last vorderstes.

    Lösung: Die miniature individual Wahle a Brindle procedures sie und Rechtsklick-> Anordnen/course nach vorn/fun/In der Vordergrund/background in die gewunschte Reihenfolge

    On unsorted: I'm sorry, my mistake. There is a slideshow option, not compositions.

  • Unterschied zwischen DP und Pixel?

    Hallo zusammen,

    ICH als Photoshop Neuling würde gern informaciones wissen, was der Unterschied zwischen pixels-independent-density und 'normal' Pixeln ist. ICH hatten keine "feste" big at least informaciones Pixel fits so bis nicht lang man sie auf ein anwendet average! muss ich nun besondere diagrams use oder sharp umwandeln, damit ich DPs instead Pixel out somehow? ICH habe überhaupt keine conception davon so!

    Vielen Dank fur eine explanation

    Das ist actually nix neues. Ist last Endes nix great als die von PPP relationship / DPI physical units inches cm oder wie zu. Ist der Unterschied yesterday nur, dass die diagrams mit einer dieser PPI, wie sie vom entsprechenden 'Rendering device' - browser, Mobiltelefon, Fernseher usw. -vorgegeben ist, anlegst, und if das operating system everywhere das same ist dieses dann differentiate von Metainformationen und unter eben exactly der Eine einer festen PPI number is Skalierungs-und Darstellungsalgorithmen lebensprozesses auswahlt. Also werden z.B. vertical lines fast immer mit easier Pixelverdoppelung scaled, damit sie nicht werden, aber dann wieder anders dafur Injhalte andere unscharf. In PS fan of the ja sowas similar schon manuell, the scale von Bildern distinct methods auswahlst z.B. beim indem. EIB functionality wie kommt Android dann noch portals, dass certain Farben feste Zuordnungen haben damit z.B. schwarze Schriften immer dub werden, mit welchem Algorithmus und Linien immer at least 1 Pixel breit are equal. The original Jenseits designs in PS as Interfaces, icons etc. Hat are aber fur dich was significance, if the specifications einhaltst die. Den Rest erledigt das operating system automatically oder der Entwickler muss das behavior bestimmter Elemente explizit festlegen, er ja auch mit Prioritaten wie Eingabefeldern, Knopfen, Scrollpanes usw generierten dynamically. Macht. Normal Interfacedesign Wahnsinn. Man Hat once stop as verschieden Auflosungen big Elemente designt verschieden...


  • You place your order on the Apple Site

    I ordered a 7 IPhone September 21, as it was very
    hard to get one at the store here in Rome, Italy
    at that time. Today, 7 October, I see that the IPhone is available to any
    store, but I have still not received my... and shipping follow-up shows that
    the phone is always located in Amsterdam, Holland. This means that it will be
    probably need another 7 days to be delivered to me! Now, I want to only disclose my
    concern that I think that what makes an online prescription should be advantaged
    otherwise it's not really a reason to buy
    an article on the Web Site!

    And this is the last time I'll do so!

    Thank you!

    Greetings from Rome


    Don't know what your question on the iTunes Store, but you already know that you talk only to other users on these forums and that Apple are not here - if you want to contact Apple using the 'contact us' link at the bottom right of each page here.

  • Change order number/special character artists

    I would like to know if there is a way to change the order of all the artists that begin with a number or a special character order. Currently, they are all sitting at the bottom of the list of the artist on the ipod (and iTunes) but I would like to have all displays at the top of this list.

    This is the sort order...  I think you would need to change the names of the artists so that they start with something that gets sorted at the top of the list in alphanumeric order.  For example, replace 10,000 Maniacs a_10, 000 Maniacs.

Maybe you are looking for