Ordered the wrong access point!

I thought that I had ordered a 1130ag but looks like I ordered a 1131ag LWWAP.

Please could someone tell me what the difference between a 1130 and 1131. I understand I can load the IOS on the light AP software using a tftp server, but I do not know which exit to load on this subject. 12.3JX, 12.3JA, 12.3JEA, 12.3JEB! can anyone help please? either by the way, I am in the United Kingdom, do not know if this affects image to install. Thank you.

Hi Paul,.

This happens all the time, so it shouldn't be a problem :) I'm guessing that you have received this AP - AIR - LAP1131AG - x - K9 LWAPP. When you really wanted this AP - AIR-AP1131G-x-K9 Cisco IOS software. Look at the comparison;


That being said, you should be good to go with 12.3 (11) JA1.

To access Cisco Aironet to Cisco IOS version 12.3 Points (11) JA1


Cisco IOS version 12.3 (11) JA1 supports 32 MB independent platforms. 16 MB platforms and platforms supported by Cisco IOS version 12.3 (8) JA and earlier versions (350, 1100, 1130, 1200 and 1230 access points and access point/bridge 1300 series) are supported by Cisco IOS version 12.3 (8) JEA1.

Do not install a "JX" (it is a software image support to upgrade and recovery Cisco Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP));

These release notes describe features, improvements, and caveats for Cisco IOS release 12.3 (11) JX1.

Note: This version must be loaded on points of access to the plant or by using the lightweight stand-alone mode upgrade tool. Your access point may become unusable if you install this software without using the upgrade tool.


Returning to standalone Access Point


You can convert an access point of the mode light return to autonomous mode by loading a Cisco IOS version that supports stand-alone mode (Cisco IOS release 12.3 (7) JA or earlier version). If the access point is associated with a controller, you can use the controller to load the version of Cisco IOS. If the access point is not associated with a controller, you can load the version of Cisco IOS using TFTP.

By using a TFTP server to revert to a previous version

Follow these steps to return mode LWAPP stand-alone mode by loading a version of Cisco IOS using a TFTP server:


Step 1 the IP address of the computer on which the server software runs TFTP should range from to

Step 2 make sure the PC contains the file access point (for example, c1200-k9w7 - tar.122 - 15.JA.tar for a 1200 Series access point) in the TFTP server folder and the TFTP server is activated.

Step 3 Rename the access point image file in the folder of the TFTP server c1200-k9w7 - tar.default for a series of 1200 point, c1130-k9w7 - tar.default of access for a series of 1130 access point and c1240-k9w7 - tar.default for a series of 1240 access point.

Step 4 connect the PC to the access point using an Ethernet category 5 cable (CAT5).

Step 5 disconnect the power to the access point.

Step 6 push the MODE button and hold the button while you reconnect power to the access point.

Step 7 hold the MODE button until the status of the LED turns red (approximately 20 to 30 seconds), then release.

Step 8 wait until restarting access point, as indicated by the LEDs become green followed the status LED flashes green.

Step 9 after the access point reboots, reconfigure using the GUI or the CLI.

This doc.


I hope this helps!


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  • Windows 7 wireless emphasizes the connection to the wrong access point

    I use a model of wireless USB Netgear WN111 with Windows 7 64-bit adapter, connect to a D-Link wireless access point.

    Every time I have connect or wake the computer from sleep, he insists on connecting to the wrong access point - it connects to an unsecured Linksys device somewhere within the range.  I then manually connect to the correct access point - my D-Link.

    I went into the network sharing Center > manage the wireless networks and removed the network Linksys of rogue, but it always comes back.

    Any ideas or advice?


    I don't know why he keeps picking up the 'rogue' network after that you deleted. My Windows 7 does not behave like that, and my research can reveal a way that I could do. Maybe someone else can tell you why he does. However, as a solution, you can try the following in manage wireless networks...

    1. do not remove the network of thugs, move it to the bottom of the list all the way down.

    2. open the rogue network properties and uncheck the box "connect automatically when this network is in range.

    3. open the properties of your network and check the box "connect automatically when this network is in range.

    4. you can even try to untick "connect to a more preferred network if available" both networks.

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  • How can I reset or fix my router wireless or (lost the ability to connect wirelessly to the internet) access point

    Wireless hub works, other computers are connected

    On a laptop, I lost the ability to connect wirelessly to the internet (message: limited connectivity)

    Recommended by the system solution: reset or repair your access point or wireless router

    How can I do?

    I think that what you aim for is "power cycle".

    To do this, simply unplug the router/access point power adapter. Wait a minute. Then reconnect it.

    Hope this helps

    Post back if necessary


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  • WET11 V2 cannot be connected to the AP (access point) via WiFi

    I am facing following problem.

    Someone at - he advice me please how to solve these problems.


    1. I want to use internet on TV Sony Bravia. (Bravia has no WiFI. "I have only LAN).


    1 access point (Router) - WiFi > WET11 V2 - LAN > TV (Sony Bravia).

    2. IP address = WET11 (automatically not static)

    BOF WET11 V2 assigned IP address access point.
    I checked the access point access point IP attributed to WET11.

    3 TV IP address is automatically.

    But the IP address is unaffected for television.

    4 WET11 firmware version = V2.05 (Sep 16, 2003)


    1. IP address cannot be assigned for television.

    2 WET11 is not the answer for the command 'ping' WiFi access point.

    3. I did ping command when the LAN TV cable has been replaced by the wireless access point LAN cable.



    It is not advisable to use a 802. 11B wireless bridge on a device such as your streaming media TV. Connection will be very slow and is probably the reason why you have a hard time to connect to your wireless router that's more compatible with it. I suggest using a Wireless N bridge or a multimedia wireless on your TV adapter so that you can fully appreciate the media streaming.

  • 4402 wireless controller and the 1130AG access points

    I have a bunch of 1130AG (35) and 1231 points of access. I just bought a controller 4402 so I could handle these much easier access points. I currently have the offline access points, so I could control. With the wireless in the mix controller, that I have to fix these to light mode or can I leave them offline.

    We know not the operating instructions so I can leave them in stand-alone mode. Most of them is in the rafters in our warehuse, and I didn't have to pull of these if I have to. If I can use them offline, how can I do that?

    Thanks much for any info!


    Hi Dave,.

    A WLC manages autonomous APs.
    So if you want to centralize the management of your APs through the WLC, you will need to convert it to light and enter them on the WLC.

    To convert the lightweight access points, you can choose between several options:

    1. thanks to a specific upgrade tool that you could install on a PC:

    2. [the most evolutionary] by WCS, with a model of migration that could apply to several APs:

    3. [not in any book] by the following steps:
    3 (a) download the CEC lwapp recovery image and store it on a TFTP server.
    3 (b) Telnet to the stand-alone PA and issuing the following command:
    Archive Download-sw / overwrite/reload tftp: / // [lwapp recovery image file path]

    As a general recommendation, before to convert the lightweight access points, you can be sure that the wired infrastructure behind is ready to direct them to the WLC for recording.
    It's suggestions explained in the link on the above option #1.

    Hope this helps,


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  • Windows 7 PCs are not connected to the closest access point

    Windows 7 PCs are not connected to the nearest access point.  Any ideas?

    For example:

    We have AP 1 and 2 of the AP for exaple.  They have the same SSID.  AP 2 is further with a bad signal.  AP 1 is closest with an excellent signal.  Why my laptop does not connect to the AP 1?

    You MUST use the same SSID.  I think that you misread my post.

    And Yes, a channel problem is that what I have proposed.  You can try to configure access points using the 3 discrete channels (1, 6 and 11) to minimize any overlapping units to the same channel coverage.
    At least this is the traditional way, we do it, although the automatic selection increases common and 11n 40 Mhz channels (if defined in this way) are also in.

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    Kind regards


  • Satellite M70: I can't connect to the WLan access point

    I have several wireless laptops, all work fine - except my M70.
    I use Intel Proset, and he sees the access point, but says "unable to connect" when I try.
    The signal is high (2 meters distance).

    I tried with WEP, WPA and without security. I am absolutely convinced that I entered the right keys.
    The access point is a Belkin Pre - N-, but I tried with a point of access 3Com, with the same problem - my Ipaq, my other PC, and all guests can connect,- but not my Toshiba!
    The wireless card is the standard Intel, with the latest driver from October 2006 intalled.

    Getting desperate...


    If you get a signal strong, so I guess that the laptop is already connected to the access point. Or am I wrong?
    On my laptop, the computer WLan small icon appears only if I connected to the Wlan and then I can see the State of the signal.

    However, you suggested to use the Intel Proset utility to configure the WiFi network but on the clean Windows configuration. Have you tested it?

    This question seems very strange to me.
    Sometimes it of not possible to connect the WiFi network because of poor compatibility between the router and wireless network card.
    My router supports Wlan AB mode and my second card for computer laptop support BG.
    That's why I m not able to connect to the Wlan. Maybe it s also your case.

    On my router, I can also put the MAC address filtering. You should check this option on your router.
    But generally it is not easy to say why it happens. You know you should check every single option and if it s not possible so I guess that it s a compatibility issue.

  • Tecra 9100 - unable to connect to the WLan access point


    I have a Tecra T9100 with miniPCI WLan. I reinstalled XP Pro and all the drivers (downloaded from the Toshiba site) and I've always had a problem with Wifi:

    I can see all access point (in the windows control panel), but when I click on connect, I received a message that the access point is no more...
    He didn't ask me for the security settings?

    does anyone have an idea?

    Much thanks



    To my knowledge the Tecra 9100 was equipped with the wireless LAN standard: 802. 11B mini card PCI ORiNOCO.

    You need to check if the WiFi signal is strong enough for a transmission correctly
    I think that the signal of WLan access points is not strong enough because of the distance.

  • Droid Turbo could not connect the Cisco access point


    Since the upgrade to a droid turbo, I was unable to connect to the network without wire of my work. I work in the it Department, but my experience with Cisco technologies and wireless is limited, so I tried to understand why. My previous bike x worked fine. We have a network of all the access points managed by a controller Cisco 4402 running version 7.0.98 of the BONES. I was able to connect to another wireless network that I could meet outside of work, and I am able to connect to the network of my work if I connect it is unsecured guest SSID. Only connections to our 4 secure networks fail. The controller reports that my phone cannot all simply to authenticate. The controller is configured for WPA2 / AES using a key 284 on the particular network, that I am trying to connect. I entered this key manually both via copy and paste. As far as my phone goes, I only tried to withdraw and time networks like tent to start it in safe mode without success. I read on various forums android that maybe it's a problem related to Kit Kat and this kind of problem has appeared on other handsets from other manufacturers, but nothing definite.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


    Let me direct you to two other discussions here on the Droid Turbo forum and the other from Cisco which may help.

    Unable to connect to company wifi


    DROID WiFi Turbo questions


    Connectivity issues with Cisco and Moto X (Gen 2) allowed RMC controllers (probably related)


    I hope this helps!

  • [Wireless-Vista] Disable the automatic access point.

    Right then, I had this problem when you play any kind of online game, what microsoft calls a 'feature', when I play a game online, I get a 5seconds or until disconnecting lag spikes every 1-5 minutes, making it impossible to play counter-strike, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield 2 and all these sorts of FPS games. I read on this vista of "paintings" Wi - Fi point automatic scan has, so I tried with impatience to deactivate, without success, I even once turned off automatic TCP/IP that crashed my computer, so now I'm wondering, how in the world am I supposed to play a game with spikes of major shift due to a malfunction of the so-called?
    If there is a way to turn it off, remove, or simply work around, tell me. I don't care if it is not allowed, because I got it with feautures of microsoft...

    Have you ever been able to play games online with this computer?
    What version of Vista and what service pack you have?
    You are able to surf on the net normally or you we lag with almost anything on the internet?
    If you have not yet done so, perform a clean boot , and then test your access.  Also make sure that your system BIOS and chipset drivers are up to date.

    Here are instructions on disabling automatic switching between wireless access points:

    Prevent your computer from switching between wireless access points

    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Subnet routed on the main gateway of the WiFi Access Point

    Hello people.

    I have the wireless router WAG200G. It sports a RJ-11 input and a four port RJ-45, while it is compatible 802.11 g.

    I need to use it as an Access Point, WiFi via DHCP clients accommodation in its own range (I fear not the 192.168.1.x default range). However, I need to give this subnet, access the internet via my main network which has another Beach, say 10.0.0.x, where the entry door is

    I tried the subnet routing WiFi to my front door, but apparently I'm missing something I ever managed :-)

    For those wishing to help could you please tell me through this page http://ui.linksys.com/files/WAG200G/1.00.09/Setup_routing.htm ?

    FYI, I got the Linksys in my network off main application everywhere (Linksys & PCs) static IP, nat and affecting encapsulation Bridged Mode only. That's how it worked, but for security reasons, I need to isolate this subnet WiFi.

    Any kind of help would be appreciated.

    If you used the WAG as point of access only with standard Linksys firmware, then you cannot use the DHCP server. The WAG will always assign its own IP address as the gateway via the DHCP server. The only option would be to use the DHCP relay function or set another DHCP server.

    As long as the WAG is connected through a LAN port to your existing network you connected side full LAN of the WAG in your network. You don't want to run any DHCP server on the WAG. Your main router provide DHCP service. If your wireless devices have trouble getting an IP address from your main router, which should be the first thing to solve...

  • Unique SSID to the autonomous access point


    My question is that if I have one SSID on an autonomous access point while I use the vlan native too. I mean what's the best practice in this case, if the vlan wireless say 10.

    Also I have to use the bvi-1 or I have to creat bvi another for this vlan?

    Thank you

    In my experience it's not a must to use native vlan.

    No, you should use only one interface BVI.

    Just like that:

    Ter of conf
    Dot11 ssid ABC
    VLAN 10
    Open authentication
    Authentication-key wpa version2 management
    WPA - psk ascii cisco123
    d0 IND
    encryption aes encryption vlan 10
    D1 IND
    encryption aes encryption vlan 20
    d0.10 IND
    encapsulation dot1q 10
    D1.10 IND
    encapsulation dot1q 10
    gig0.10 IND
    encapsulation dot1q 10
    int bvi1
    IP address


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