Original title: A new version of windows will work with my Windows XP?

Original title: A new version of windows will work with my Windows XP?

My computer needs a new startup disk, as I lost the original. Is it possible to buy a new one with Windows 7 or XP?


Why do you think that your computer needs a new boot disk?

It would be surprising to find a genuine Windows XP CD in the retail market (a store) these days, but you can make Internet purchases and may not be no need to buy one at all because it's nice to make just a copy of one from a friend.

It is a good idea to have a couple of different bootable CD in your arsenal in case your XP problems a day and do not start.

I find that most people can get by with a bootable XP Recovery Console CD you can do (no XP media required) and a Hiren boot CD.

I've never seen a XP problem that I can't solve if I at least so many of those - and they are free to do, and you don't need any Microsoft original media to create.

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    Or do I have to upgrade to CS5.5? I am fairly new to AS3 and the world of mobile development, please bear with me. I am interested in porting a game I developed for the desktop to the App Store.


    people download most recent SDK and then make manual sleight-of to make it work with the older development tool, see, for example, this entry for 2.5:


    CS4 simply does not contain many dialogues of user interface that make development with Air ADT (ADT is command-line based development tool) much easier and faster - without them you would work with them probably edit them manually, etc., etc. (and there are many distinctive settings for each platform to which many are tiny differences when you use the application descriptor only .xml).

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    Kind regards


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    IHeart station does not work? I just tried http://www.iheart.com/#/live/1465/ and for me, it plays in Firefox 9.0.1. I use the latest Flash Player (on Windows 7) 11.1 r102 if you can try to update Flash. See Flash Plugin - update and resolve problems using the update.

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    Lol playgrounds of SWIFT is only available for iPad. There are currently no Mac version or iPod.

  • My windows update will not install the new version of windows update, I get the error code 80070020 on a 64-bit vista SP2

    My windows update to install a new version of windows update says it acts like it will download and install it then gives me the error code 80070020 and says that my computer is unable to download or install new updates or new version of the windows update. I have a 64-bit windows vista SP2 and my avira antivirus program that has a real-time protection. I tried to do a clean boot upward and tried every possible tip I found on the Microsoft and through suggested methods help panel, I found. My computer has Avira Antivirus that has real time protection I deleted and tried without that somewhere because he said it could be antivirus programs that include real-time protection. Does anyone have advice good?


    1. What are the troubleshooting steps correct you did to fix the problem?

    2 did you a recent software or changes to the material on the computer?

    I would say allowing you to run the FIXIT from the link provided and check if it helps.

    You receive error 0 x 80070020 when you use the Windows Update Web site or the Microsoft Update Web site to install the updates


    You can also try the manual steps and check.

    If you follow the manual steps to start the computer in a clean boot state, remember to start the computer in normal mode after you have completed troubleshooting.

    Note: when you are finished troubleshooting, follow step 7, mentioned in the article to start the computer to a normal startup.

    Note: It is possible that some data could be removed if infections are detected.

    Hope this helps and keep us posted.

  • Cloud creation will work on windows 10? My computer is now let me upgrade to the new version of windows and I'm curious to know if I'm having problems with my CC apps.

    I use creative cloud and my PC gives me the possibility to opt for windows 10, I use CC every day for work and would be in trouble, if it was not compatible with the new version of windows.

    Please notify.

    I don't know if it's important but I have an asus K30AD_M1AD destop

    Don't upgrade NOT Windows up to version 10 has been long enough for the declarations are made of actual release

  • The Magentic program does not work with newer versions of windows

    Original title: Programas compatibility application applications app applications Juego Juegos Heredado USO caudal Cuelgue Cuelgues

    The Magentic program does not work with newer versions of windows

    Hello danielbrauer,

    The magnetic site says the requirements are for Windows XP or higher. However, it is not on the Windows Vista or the Windows 7 Compatibility Center.

    You can try the following to see if it will help with compatibility. If the program is not compatible, then you try to install and run the program in compatibility mode.
    Use the following steps:
    (1) right click on the program
    2) click Properties
    3) click on the Compatibility tab
    (4) select run this program in compatibility mode and select Windows Vista or other operating system, the program has been run successfully.

    Check out the link here: make sure to run older programs in this version of Windows

    If this does not help, you can contact the magnet to see if they have an updated version.



  • Update Live 2009 and the new version of Windows Live 2011.

    After installing the update of Live software (10.11.2010) Version 2009 (Build 14.0.8117.416) in my computer - and I tried to start Live Gallery, I get the message Photogallery cannot start because lack of MSSQL 2005 COmpact edition.

    As I knew, SQL served also in the previous version. I'm a little afraid to try to install this version, because I already have MSSQL server 2005 installed and used in my accounting program. Install a new version will then often more problems than solve all the problems.

    How to add Live Gallery as a new instance of MSSQL2005? You have the settings to set a manual instance who will work with the photo gallery?

    Next problem:

    Microsoft alert on the old LiveSync program, who work for a long time. I used this for a few years, because I have 3 computers that must be synconized with the same information on the accounting data and documents and photos. This Livesync works very well.

    I should connect on my page of Live Sync yesterday and change the settings. I've been using Live sync for a long time. There I could see Live Sync will stop and set up a new product, mesh. Well, I agreed to install this solution. I used already, windows Live mail and Live messenger, for a time of loooong and very uncomfortable about this products.

    When I installed the new synchronization software, it is also updated my Messenger, the gallery and the mail. But I'm really disappointed... The Messenger is like a huge stone and with a new design and more complicated to see what you're doing. The Gallery is so bad, and the options to display images after the shooting date disappeared. Mail is so heavy and all programs with a HUGE menu of icons all places, with 1000' nds of choice which a normal user does NOT need or want.
    The system of mesh must be a better solution after sync Live, but it's so slow and do a lot of bad things in my computer. All my sync folders has been updated with Live Sync, but what a start doing the same thing again, and I had 12000 files update. Soon it started the update, he grabbed 20 GB of my available space in my drive C - from 32 GB to 12 GB, and I was really scared of running out of disk space. After a few our space was getting better, but it stills lost about 10 GB in my hard drive, compared to what I had before installing. The mesh has put a lot of temporary files in users\Appdata\Local\Microsoft'Live Mesh. I start checking all files, files which could be, and after update all the files, it was still about 9 GB left in this folder. My Local low folder is now 292 MB, Local is 4.2 GB and homelessness is 579 MB. But I still wonder where is the last 10 GB which disappear when I install the mesh.
    My other computer died in this operation. When I start today, I had a lot of messages on the server mesh was not, and I tried to restart it. But now it's DEAD - I could not power on it. A hard disk will also start default after installation of the mesh, it was a whole new Samsung 1 TB 3.5 inch SATA.
    Now my main computer died and I removed all the latest Live Messenger with Essentials on this one, and now it starts acting like a normal computer.
    My Gallery is normal again, that my email works normally again. and I decided to stop all kinds of synchronizations from Microsoft. Why if you change a good product that works fine?
    I recommend post you pack to download the previous version of Live Messenger and products - and continue to use Live Sync, and people to give a chance to yourself decide how version that should be updated when a new version is available. I had no choice to stop the update for Messenger, Gallery and mail. just a message about this also will be updated. http://explore.live.com/Windows-Live-Essentials?OS=other must be put on hold until the test is preferable. Live Mesh is dangerous - it kills your computer. This is NOT a final product - put in a BETA version and put on a warning.

    You can find support in this forum ONLY for the installing/uninstalling/upgrading to Windows Live Essentials 2011: http://windowslivehelp.com/forums.aspx?forumid=a372972e-8e7a-4d85-adc3-a1b43e8c02ec

    You will find support for WL photo library in this forum: http://windowslivehelp.com/forums.aspx?forumid=cafb0556-8959-49b9-afeb-635314aa02f3


    You can install/upgrade to Windows Live Essentials 2011 manually via http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials

    How to uninstall Windows Live Essentials (all programs)

    How to uninstall a specific Windows Live Essentials program

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • error code when you try to install the new version of Windows Live 0 x 80004004

    whenever I connect to computer, message arrives to download a new version of windows live.  the product and then cancels / withdrawals to give the error code

    Hello Nanni2four,

    Thanks for visiting the site of the community of Microsoft Windows 7. The question you have posted is related to Windows Live Messenger and would be better suited to the Windows Live community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will support what ask you:


    Thank you
    Irfan H, Engineer Support Microsoft Answers. Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Cannot connect to windows live messenger, error is could not close program when you try to download the new version of windows live messenger

    When you try to connect to windows live messenger, I have error message a new version of messenger is available for download. When I select Yes, wat happens in it will not download new version of windows live messenger but it says could not close the programs. Please help me again


    Method 1.
    Here's how you can solve this problem:

    a. download the latest version of Windows Live Messenger available onhttp://explore.live.com/windows-live-Messenger-XP

    b. update of Windows XP through Windows Update.

    c. go to "C:\Program Files\Windows Live" and remove the 'Messenger' folder (Note: replace 'C' with your root drive letter)

    d. go to "C:\programdata" (Note: replace 'C' with your root drive letter) and remove Windows Live install and WLInstaller, if you have a

    e. restart the PC.

    f. run the installation program that you downloaded.

    Method 2.
    If the problem persists I recommend you ask your question on the dedicated Windows Live forums.

    Here is the link to the Windows Live Messenger category.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • New version of Windows Media Player does not support extracting mp3... suggestions?

    My home computer has crashed and had to be rebuilt with the new operating system.  So I got the machine back with what I assume is a newer version of Windows XP.  New but, as usual with MicroSofty, not improved.  Now they apparenty realize that they make any money of format mp3 and everything just stopped supporting.  (imagine if Nikon stopped supporting jpeg format?  ) They try to convince you how fantastic their new WMA file format is and do you want to hunt for a bolt on app which will tear actually mp3.  And where they send that you do have an app to do what I can see.

    I installed lame, but which does not allow mp3 rips.

    Any suggestions?

    There was once a version where you had to manually install the codec BLADE. I thought it was a LONG time there, but maybe he was 10?

    No matter, 11 > 10. Already install and arrive at tear.



    Read this: upgrade Windows 10 Dell Latitude D610

    Take a look at my answer, complete instructions.

    Basically speaking, Dell officially supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP on Dell Latitude D610 (and other models of Dx10).

    However it can really run Windows Vista and 7 at least, as long as you max out the RAM (2 GB, 2 x 1 GB, can be purchased at a great price in eBay) and install the drivers, in particular graphics drivers, look in Device Manager and see what drivers are needed manually.

    If you're lucky to have a D610 with ATi graphics card then you can even run Windows 8 and 10 with all drivers available, and I can tell you that it won't be slow dog not unlike a lot of people say, I don't have something similar (a HP Compaq nx8220) in common use. Keep as lean as possible (not bloatwares, anti-virus etc.) system, and it will serve you well.

  • I loaded windows live mesenger. but when I tried to open my account, I got a dialog box asking me to update to the new version of windows live messenger.

    I loaded windows live mesenger. but when I tried to open my account, I got a dialog box asking me to update to the new version of windows live messenger.

    The Messenger IM application was withdrawn and merged with Skype. Users will be asked to download and install Skype...  If you don't use Messenger, you don't have to download Skype (or install it).  If you have been asked to update your account Skype has been updated to it.

    Your contacts and preferences must be migrated when this happens and you can use your Skype ID or your Live ID account to sign in.
    Some features of Messenger will continue not in Skype.

    For the most frequently asked questions, please read these links

  • What I have to buy a new version of windows, because my hard drive crashed?

    My computer hard drive crashed and had to be replaced. After replaceing I, of course, lost my program of windows 7, it has been installed at the factory. I don't have a DVD. Do I have to buy a new version of windows 7 to 8 or is there a place to reload windows?

    You can opt for a recovery disc from the manufacturer that will put your system to the way it was when it is new, or you can download the version of Windows 7 which shows on the COA sticker and use the code too...

    Make sure that the COA key code is readable before you download the ISO, because without it, the ISO has no value. You should also keep a note of the key code in a safe place.

    Select the version on your COA sticker...

    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 - U ISO

    English x 86: X 17 - 59463.iso

    English x 64: X 17 - 59465.iso

    Windows 7 Professional SP1 - U ISO

    English x 86: X 17 - 59183.iso

    English x 64: X 17 - 59186.iso

    Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 - U ISO

    English x 86: X 17 - 58996.iso

    English x 64: X 17 - 58997.iso

    You will need to convert the download on a bootable DVD...


    Also note that the second method leave you that to install all the updates of Windows, drivers for devices etc.

    You must do this installation, utilities and antivirus programs

  • Siri new Apple TV remote will work on the old Apple TV (I lost the original remote control).

    The new remote Siri will work with older versions of the Apple TV. I lost the remote of my older generation 2nd Apple TV and wondered if the new remote would work or I have to buy an older remote.

    N ° you need remote rained money. If you have all the iOS devices there as a remote for those application.


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