Orkut login on Ubuntu 10.10 using firefox 3.6.13

I'm new to Ubuntu10.10. I can't sign in to Orkut using firefox 3.6.13 under Ubuntu 10.10. I can connect to orkut with the same credentials in Windows XP. I guess that the problem could be with Java. I have already installed the java plug. When I type about: Plugins in the url, I can see Java (TM) Plug0in 1.6.0_22. I also installed the JDK and other stuff available from canonical partners.

Also, I faced the similar problem for the registration on the site https://launchpad.net/+login using firefox 3.6.13 under ubuntu 10.10. I can't continue button when I try Ubuntu Firefox.
Please take a look and advise certain indications.

Thanks for your time.


  • "Clear the Cache": Edit > Preferences > advanced > network > storage (Cache) offline: 'clear now '.
  • 'Delete Cookies' of sites that cause problems: Edit > Preferences > privacy > Cookies: "show the Cookies".

Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the Add-ons is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Modules > themes).

  • Makes no changes on the start safe mode window.


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    Seems that, after the upgrade to 11.10, jnlp files will open with firefox instead of javaws (Java Web Start).
    If you right-click on the file in the download folder and choose 'Open with', you can start web java manually.
    Bug in Ubuntu...

    You can do a right click any .jnlp file and select 'Properties', go to 'Open with' tab, mark Sun Java 6 Web Start and click "set as default". Should fix. I don't know what will happen if you have java ubuntu by default instead of the Sun may be that it is not necessary.

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    Hi khum, yes - websites can guess your approximate location based on your ip address which is sent with each request (which is required to route traffic to the right place in the network):
    Unfortunately, there is not much we can do against that, except am trying to use a vpn, proxy or something service like the Pack of navigation tor to hide your 'real' while browsing IP.

  • You use Firefox I can't connect in my forum. I have entered good username and password, but I am just represented with login. Works on IE8 or Crome and used to work on Firefox

    I use Windows 7, but also, this happened in my a/c Admin on Vista but was Ok on the regular user on the same computer account. Now I can't connect to my forum Admin or other a/c using Firefox 3.6.12

    Such behavior can be caused by corrupted cookies or cookies that are blocked by Firefox or an extension or blocked by security software (firewall).

    Clear the cache and cookies from sites that cause problems.

    • "Clear the Cache": Tools > Options > advanced > network > storage (Cache) offline: 'clear now '.
    • 'Delete Cookies' sites causing problems: Tools > Options > privacy > Cookies: "show the Cookies".

    If clearing cookies doesn't help, then it is possible that the cookies.sqlite file that stores the cookies is corrupted.

    Rename (or delete) cookies.sqlite and cookies.txt, if they exist, in the profile folder in the cookies.sqlite case has been corrupted.

    If this does not help then make sure that your firewall is not blocking cookies.

  • at startup, use firefox as your browser

    I have an old version of Safari and the latest Firefox browser for my Mac OS 10.6.8
    I put the Version of Safari 5.1.10 (6534.59.10) to use Firefox as my default browser 37.0.2. Apple can't stand OS 10.6.8 with latest Safari browser.

    I have set Firefox to Always check if firefox is your default browser.

    On the general tab of Firefox 37.0.2, it says "Firefox is your default browser".
    When I stop and restart my Mac always opens using Safari.
    What should I do to get it to open in Firefox?

    On my Mac OS 10.6.8 there is no 'users and groups', but I was able to 'fix' my problem. I found a "login items" tab by selecting accounts > then selected my Admin > clicked on "Login items" and removed from Safari, Firefox added and then restarted my computer.
    Thanks to user293 for an answer that gave me an idea on what to try! And it worked!

  • Delete my data from a browser using Firefox Sync navigation

    Yesterday I started using a tab in Firefox for Android, but I accidentally spent in a regular tab. And a junk site got registered in my story and as semi-automatic sugestion... I have not found a way to remove these individual entries, I'm desperate so I deleted all navigation data in Firefox for Android. I use Firefox Sync and I still have my old data in my phone (it uses Ubuntu), but I tried and I can't get the old data in Android.

    I have 3 questions:
    -Is is possible to remove entries of the individual history and AutoComplete suggestion in Firefox for Android?
    -Is it possible to recover the old data of navigation in my Android device?

    Yes and Yes.

    1. You can open a new tab and see the history list. TAP and hold unwanted history and select 'delete '.
    2. You'd have to synchronize the device on the account. Also you can drag to the story in a new tab and drag between history and history is synchronizes to confirm if it's there.
  • Cannot connect to my bank accounts using firefox

    Since last week, I am not able to connect to my accounts at Bank of America and T Rowe Price using Firefox. Both show the same problem: I get my ID, he asks me my password, I get my password and it goes back to the first screen and ask my login again id. It does not error report. He continues to go into this loop.

    I have no problem if I use IE or Chrome. I use Windows Vista.

    I deleted all cookies, and that did not solve the problem. After that, I uninstalled firefox from my computer and downloaded the latest version and installed again. Yet, I can not connect to my bank accounts. I don't have a problem connecting to other rear accounts; just those two. A week earlier, I have no problem with Firefox. What can be the problem and how to fix it?

    Hi mkapoor, the main change in Mode safe which seems relevant would disable ALL your extensions. Given that extensions can be updated in the background, it could be that one of them had a minor change of the feature, or perhaps you have installed a new.

    Could you try disabling your essential or unrecognized extensions on the addons page? I hope that the problem is one of those and not something very useful for you. Either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a
    • Firefox orange (or the Tools menu) button > Add ons

    In the left column, click Extensions.

    Typically, a link will appear above at least an extension disabled to restart Firefox. You can complete your work on the tab and click one of the links in the last step.

    Who help me?

  • I have a problem connecting on ebay if you use firefox, I get a message saying that the page does not not despite having cleared my cache and cookies.

    I have a problem connecting on ebay when you use firefox, it has been fine for years, but since a few days, I get a message saying that the page does not when I try to log in. I tried to clear my cookies and cache, but it makes no difference. This does not occur in google chrome and I can log on fine there so what's the problem with firefox?

    Do you also have this problem if you temporarily switch to private browsing mode?

    • Tools > Options > privacy, choose the setting Firefox will: use the custom settings for the story of
    • Select: [X] 'always use private browsing mode '.

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance/themes).

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  • Texts and images from Yahoo mail opening page using Firefox 6.0.1 or 7.0.1 are very small, but NOT using Internet Explorer. I used Firefox for years without this problem. Thank you

    I have used Firefox for years. I bought a new Dell laptop 3 weeks ago, came with Internet Explorer. Later, I downloaded FF 6.0.1 that I prefer. After a few days of normal use, the Yahoo mail page newspaper came in lower-case letters and images unreadable. I went to the Firefox Options, once again the Options, then content. All fonts have been at least 14. I unchecked the option to leave the web sites chose their own fonts but always get tiny sign in page. When I copy and past the Yahoo mail URL in Internet explorer, the Yahoo login page is normal in size. I uninstalled FF 6.0.1 and downloaded FF 7.0.1 but who gave the same microscopic text. Thanks for any help. Paul

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  • This just showed on my screen while using Firefox in a small box: "Applecare would like to view your screen".

    This just showed on my screen while using Firefox in a small box: "Applecare would like to view your screen".

    You specifically asked for their help? If this isn't the case, then dismiss the dialog box. It's probably a scam coming through your browser open.

  • 10.6.8 using.  With Safari I can view the Apple start page.  OK, using Firefox.

    10.6.8 using.  With Safari I can view the Apple start page.  OK, using Firefox.  What happens in the last 24 hours. How can I solve this?

    You can solve it using only not the OS X version 10.6, Apple Safari here on out!

    Over the years, there were no updating security for what be for OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard!

    This version of Safari is obsolete and has not been safe to use for many years.

    There is one more, last recommended Mozilla Firefox web browser update complete (worms) 48.0.0 that is always available, and probably will be more safe to use until the end of the year.


    Mozilla is complete, at the end of the present in August, full support for Firefox on OS X 10.6 - 10, 8.


    Guaranteed ONLY (not more new web browser feature) support for an earlier version of th is permanent to Mozilla Firefox, web browser (worms. 45.0.0) through their program of Firefox ESR, (that you CAN download, install and use) which will continue to receive the support of a security update to Firefox until next April 2017 for OS X 10.6-10, 8.

    You can use these versions of the ESR. Ignore the notes support educational/business.



    See SeaMonkey.


    Good luck!

  • Cannot find "SENT" mailbox using firefox android

    I can't find my (inept) SENT e-mail inbox when I connect using Firefox for Android. However, I find when I use Firefox desktop.
    I also find my Outbox when I log into my account Yahoo using Firefox for Android.

    Iinet called and they said it's a matter of Firefox Android.

    Someone have an idea..? Thank you very much!

    Is the same issue in another mobile (Android) browser?

    Can you please put here a link to your mailbox provider, so that I can save all try too?

  • If you use firefox for linux, I'm unable to open the game client for a called flash browser game darkorbit.

    I'm using Linux Mint 17.2 xfce.
    The Firefox I use is 42.0 Mozilla Firefox for Linux Mint Mint - 1.0.
    Shockwave Flash is 11.2r202.
    The browser Flash game is DarkOrbit ( www.darkorbit.com ).
    The game was working fine until about 2 months ago.

    I log in the game (as before) and get on the last page without any problem.
    When I click on 'Start' to go to the game client, the screen is black. The browser tab written game client will blink twice.
    Please note that everything works fine when I use the chrome Web browser.
    DarkOrbit works very well with Firefox on Windows.

    Is there a way to use the pepper Flash used in Chrome/chrome using the freshplayerplugin wrapper.

    Your Linux distro may have related packages for it.

    Alternatively, you can use Chrome or chrome for that one site and use Firefox for everything else.

  • Mozilla site thinks I'm using Firefox 33

    Website of Mozilla it always tells me that I use an older version of Firefox. Whenever I discover an add-on, the install button is dimmed and he says "not compatible with Firefox 33" red. This despite the fact that I use Firefox 42, that is, the latest x 64 stable version downloaded directly from Mozilla. What happens here and how fix?

    You have a masking the installed extension agent that changes the user agent:

    • User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (agent masking; rv:33.0) Gecko/20100101

    I see that at least six ask you questions before you have this modified user agent.

    Fact this never caused a problem before?
    You will need to make sure that you have the correct user agent.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox, Tools/menu key > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox, Tools/menu key > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe

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  • Why do I need to register a credit card and give my CVV number to use Firefox on my iPad?

    I use Firefox on both a Windows laptop and a Mac Mini computer base and I'm very happy with the way it works, if you want to install it on my iPad, but it lets me not do without updating my credit card and CVV number, I can see no need and am refuses to do without good reason. Can you please tell me why this is necessary – or maybe give me a 'work-around."

    Hello André, thank you very much for your answer. I was in an Apple Store today, because I had exactly the same message when I tried to download their App Store of Apple for FREE! Initially, they were puzzled, but then wondered if I was happy NOT to have a credit card registered against my Apple i.d. - which I was. As they did scroll the message, there was a list of credit card types - e.g., Visa, Mastercard, etc. that you had a choice, but there was an option to choose NO who then deleted the message and allowed me to download the applications Apple and Firefox without any problem. (The message was coming because the card I had used to record my Apple i.d. has since expired and was replaced). Thank you very much once again for pointing me to Apple, I hope this solution helps those who are wary of entering their credit card CVV number!

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