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I installed mac OS sierra. How to use Siri, what other features are added in the sierra.

Any help will be appreciated.

Use Mac book air

Thank you!



It takes a bit of practice, but after following the instructions in support of this article, I could make it work > use Siri on your Mac - Apple supported

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  • Sierra Siri, «I have some problems with the connection...» »


    I just installed Sierra on my MacBook Pro (retina, 13 inches, early 2015) version 10.12. I can't get Siri at work, the app tracks, he hears what I'm saying, but after awhile, he returns with two messages, both on the screen and verbally "I have some problems with the internet connection. Please try again in a moment. "&"Sorry, I'm having problems with the connection. Please try again in a moment. »

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    It's a network problem.

    Check the proxy settings that blocks maybe, or a firewall.

    System Preferences > network > Advanced (for your current connection) > Proxies

    Something there?

  • MAC Sierra Siri

    Siri doesn't seem to be able to launch or to open an application.  See screenshot.  This capacity needs to be activated, it is listed as one of the things he can do.

    Thank you

    Spotlight re-indexing.

    Rebuild the index on your Mac - Apple Support Spotlight

  • macOS Sierra Siri behind corporate proxy

    When using wired Ethernet to work, I network settings configured to use Automatic Proxy detection.  All my other network services (Messages, Mail, Safari, etc.) work fine, but systematically reported Siri, "sorry, I'm having problems with the connection.  Please try again in a moment. »

    Out of the corporate network, Siri works.

    Is this a bug with Siri?  Y at - it a configuration option, I can use?  I have no control over the parameters of the corporate proxy.

    Thank you!

    In my company, they told us that it is because of the port used by Siri, which is not supported / opened by our representative.


  • Icon not appearing SIRI is not in the menu bar

    Just installed Sierra - Siri icon appears in the dock but no menu bar. How do I configure that?

    Go to the system preferences window click the siri, then in the window to disable the Siri display in the menu bar and then on again.

  • Siri thinks I'm someone else!

    Hey guys,.

    I've updated to Sierra and Siri call me now with the wrong name.

    App Store and iCloud (disabled) run under another name and when I choose my card in Contacts it shows my (good) information. So where is Siri in get Sierra denunciations of? They are adjustable via the Terminal?

    See you soon

    Have you ever found a solution? This has been driving me crazy.

    Contacts shows me properly. Stupid Sierra Siri insists on identify myself as someone else!

    Research on the Web and try different solutions have completely failed. I lost so much time to this annoying problem that I could scream!

  • HI, Siri would not speak in Italian Luca voice after update for Sierra

    HI, why Siri not talk in Italian Luca voice after update to Sierra?

    Open (Apple menu) > System Preferences > accessibility > speech.

    Next to the system voice menu, select Customize...

    Scroll down to Italian, and then select Luca, and then click OK.

    It will take a few moments to download the new voice.

  • Why can't Siri hear me in the Sierra of MAC OS?

    I installed OS Sierra on my desktop MAC, Siri active, adjusted his in Preferences, but Siri still can't hear me. What should do?

    Open system preferences > Siri then make sure: internal Microphone is selected from the input Mic pop up menu.

  • Sierra of MacOS - Siri cannot make voice calls.

    Hi guys,.

    Siri is supposed to be able to make phone calls via the iPhone, the Mac, in the Sierra de MacOS?

    Cause I can make phone calls (not the Facetime calls) fine if I use the Facetime on Mac app and click on the phone number, I want to call, or if I take a certain number of Contacts. But if I try to open Siri and make a voice command to "call X", he always tries to do through Facetime. Which means he's trying to make a Facetime call instead of a voice call normal.

    Is this a bug or missing feature? Is there a fix or a workaround for it? I wish I could use Siri on my Mac, just as I do on the iPhone.

    I observed the same behavior, so I think it's a missing feature.

    And page (below) which deals with Siri on Mac shows a command "FaceTime", but not a "Call" command  (As I say, I used the "Call" command and observed the same behavior you did.)

    Use Siri on your Mac - Apple Support

  • Bad birthday with siri in macOS Sierra

    When you use Siri one my Imac (with macOS Sierra) and ask for a birthday, the answer is always the day before, as it should. Ask anyone "xy" with a birthday in contacts in the 24. in June he replys 23. from June.

    I use the Sierra macOS German language pack and I am located in Europe it's maybe one

    temporal server problem?

    PS: ask siri on iphone I have the correct answer...

    Same problem here on a Dutch system, see: anniversary of Siri a day off

  • Two questions with Siri on macOS Sierra (voice quality and call sheet)

    I am having several problems with Siri on macOS Sierra...

    (1) the voice is of poor quality. I know that when you upgrade first, you get low quality voice until he had the opportunity to download the high quality voices, but I waited a week and even re-installed Mac OS several times, and I always get low quality voice. Even if I change voice in system preferences. I have macOS Sierra installed on my Macbook w/retina, and the voice quality is infinitely superior. Apple sugarcoat it on older Mac? I don't know that my 4-core i7 is well able to use the voice of the highest quality.

    (2) when I ask him to show my business address, or ask who my brother or finance is, she is confused, as if he can't read my card contact properly. The exact same contact card works fine on iOS 10. I tried turning off the Contacts in iCloud parameters and reactivated so he would be re - download, but it continues to provide partial information of the card. For example, for addresses, they go up like OTHER and display only the city and State, even though I have a full home address listed. I disconnected and connected as my fiancee, and his works fine.

    Thank you


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    Just a quick update - after deleting my contacts, reassignment to a new contact using "Make my contact" (which seems buggy btw - seems not stick) reinstall macOS Sierra twice, disabling iCloud, tilting and contacted him and Siri, etc. etc., it turns out that he was using a contact to my account (?) card, even if I didn't 'Calendar' selected in my Google account. I removed Google in my list of Internet accounts in Preferences system (along with a few others), and now it's using the new map that I created in iCloud. It's weird that it would give priority to my Google account on my iCloud account so much, especially since I have not yet activated contacts?

    Still need to understand why the high quality voices will not download.

  • Siri Fehler unter Sierra

    Nach dem Upgrade auf Sierra wanted ich kurz auch auf dem Mac testen Siri. Strange gibt auf die nach dem Geburtstag eines Citroc3 ein Datum a question Siri, which einen Tag was ist, als der effektive Geburtstag! DAS passierte bei all meinen Anfragen zu einem Geburtstag. Zur source machte ich den gleichen Test auf meinem iPhone iOS 10 unter. Yesterday starts Siri aber das gemeinsamen Datum. Existiert dieses problem auch bei other Mac users?

    After upgrading to Sierra I wanted test Siri on Mac. When I asked the date of birth of some of my contacts Siri she named always a date, a day earlier than the actual birthday. This has happened on all my requests. For comparison, I did the same test on my iPhone and then Siri named the correct date. I wonder if the other Mac users have noticed the same problem.

    Others have had this problem.  This topic explains more in detail but no solution at the moment: Siri give bad anniversary date.

  • Sierra of MacOS: Siri has fake name

    I just upgraded to Sierra and tried Siri.  Unfortunately, she thinks my name is my wife.  No, we do not share the iCloud or iTunes accounts, and she has never used this machine.  On my iPhone, Siri correctly recognize me in my name and I am connected to these two machines under these same iCloud and iTunes accounts.  I've already put the option "This is me" for my own Contact card.  Curiously however it shows the little icon of the person in the Contacts for my wife and myself.  There seems to be no way to disable the option "this is me" on his behalf.  How can I convince Siri I am me.  Thank you.

    I saw Contacts pick up information from sources sometimes, without explanation. I suggest that you remove the card from your wife in your Contacts and create a new card for her. That should remove the icon "this is me" its data. Given that you and your wife do not share data iCloud, she would not be affected by this change.

  • Siri does not not on Mac Sierra

    I installed Mac OS Sierra yesterday and after the activation of Siri, same if I click on the icon or press shortcut keys to use, nothings of the place. I also tried to change the language and voice, but without success.

    Mac Os Sierra 10.12

    MacMacBook Pro (13 inch, mid-2012)

    Portuguese language

    I have the same problem with the latest model of Macbook Pro with the English language.

  • Is Siri macos sierra - final list of control system that siri understands?

    I've seen excerpts of suggest some system settings that Siri can control, for example "switch off bluetooth", what is optimal, but "turn off the bluetooth mouse" would be more useful batteries changing as the former makes my imac (with mouse and wireless keyboard) totally unusable and unrecoverable without turning off or dig this long-lost old Dell USB keyboard TAPI at the bottom of the Cabinet.

    FWIW if you try siri "switch off the bluetooth mouse" just does not take into account the part of the mouse and disables it all!

    Then, I browsed the net to get a list of orders for the system or settings that siri understands and found the same things, 4 or 5, re-stuck again and again.

    I tried to ask Siri what settings it could change and says "Bluetooth is already lit" doh?

    Beats me why and maybe there isn't and I found it simply not, apple have not documented it better - all I could find was this macOS Sierra: ask Siri

    So has anyone seen a better resource for whats possible?

    Hello, Jessica,.

    Go to this website: https://hey-siri.io

    Then got to settings > macOS Sierra to see the commands of the Sierra

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