[OTA3] new feature of pen?

I observed an interesting behavior when you use the pen on the standard ICS browser that may be a feature. It may be a hardware failure too, but don't look that way.

In short: when I put the pen on a hypertext link, without touching the screen, the hyperlink changes color or gets stressed but it is not respected until it touches the screen itself. This behavior makes it easy by clicking the overcrowded right hyperlink on web pages. Is this a feature or a bug?

Just to throw a hardware failure on the feather, I tried its behavior in the SketchBook Express and Notes Mobile. The only way to draw something touches the screen, as usual, there is no false positive when the pen is near the screen.


He spoke of how ICS had new ways interact with reading tips, such that detect when the pen was hovering on the screen

Tags: ThinkPad Tablets

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    Create a text file named userContent.css and who put in the newly created folder /chrome/ in the profile folder.

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    "on the new features of iOS 9.3.

    Maybe if you the features you want to know about the list, we can help you find specific information.

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    It appears as a new feature of 8.4 (2) ASA release.

    I've also seen in


    This Anyconnect for iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices is available in the Software ASA 3,0000.1 or later and additional licenses needed. What I am not able to understand, is why Mobile Posture is listed as a new feature of 8.4 (2). It doesn't look like a new feature for me OR am I missing something?

    Thank you


    The posture is more a function of identity-type allowing you to assess the posture (presence level, OS software required, etc.) of a client to make decisions (for example with Cisco Secure Desktop or a more advanced product such as ISE) regarding let them on the network or in a certain group.

    The Anyconnect for IOS (and associated AnyConnect Mobile - NOT Mobile Posture) is just a customer base Anyconnect VPN.

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    MS has replaced Hotmail with the 'new improved' Outlook.  I agree it is new, don't know about the other part of that.  :-)  They have certainly not reservations about sending millions of people through a learning curve.

    Good luck.

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    • New favorite thing you learned specific on details
    • Favorite existing feature you learned new details on
    • The new directions it looks like the company/product is
    • Of new learning opportunities

    Since I can't be there, can you help me get an idea of what was new and cool (or even just improved)?

    Thank you very much

    Kurt Stoll

    It was my first EE if everything was amazing, but my larger dishes thought takeaway - "people do not want to be sold, they want to buy" and as a geek marketing and phone numbers, I need to use the numbers to get to the history, but history is always present not figures to affect change.

    More great product takeways - I want it to be December!  New social features coming to Eloqua in December & Eloqua will the cloud & going mobile - new features designed specifically for both

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