Outlook reading pane problem

I use outlook 2003 with Win XP.  The reading pane is set to be right - I want it on the bottom.  I change the reading pane settings, but when I close it, none of the changes save on exit.  I tried to go through the view and tools, but nothing works.  Can someone help me with this?

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    CS5 and 10.11 are not supported and will never be supported by Adobe or Apple.

    However it works for some, more actually, but not all. There are sporadic problems with Illustrator, Photoshop seems to be the best. Do not expect an improvement and keep in mind that anyone from Adobe, Apple or anywhere else will fix it.

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    h ttps://support.Apple.com/kb/DL1572?locale=en_US

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    Continues to receive e-mails.


    Have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    The following article might be useful.

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    Massage of error: "there was an error opening this document. The network path was not found.

    Hi tobiask53385798,

    Could you please try to disable Protected Mode under ' Edit > preferences > (protection) "and see if that helps.

    Let me know.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • BlackBerry Smartphones to BB Bold 9780 Outlook Contacts synchronization problem

    A few weeks ago, when I started to sync my Outlook Contacts to my BB, a message window pops up letting me know that RIM is no more using the same method to do.  Since then, I was unable to carry out a synchronization.

    When I start a synchronization, first of all, he said "Have information of the State of the BB address book" and reads all of the records quickly, then he said "Have information state of Outlook Contacts" and reads all of the records quickly. After that, he said 'get more information state of Outlook Contacts", but underneath, what is said"Card reading 1", then"read 2 records", etc as there are records.  She does very slowly, as it takes 20 minutes to read 50 records and I have 1900 records.

    I called T-Mobile, they couldn't help me.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the desktop software.  I have updated the software of BB. None of these permits.

    Last night, I left my BB plugged to the computer at night to see if she would complement all.  In the morning, the BB Desktop Software had closed and the contacts were not properly synchronized.

    Help!  I need contacts on my phone.

    Hi - I'm the one who reported the problem at first.  I found the CD Moose comes with the phone and installed the old version 6.0 of the BB Desktop software.  My Outlook Contacts now synchronize very well, as they did before.  This seems to have solved the problem.  Maybe the other person with the same problem can do the same thing.  The other thread has a link to older versions of the software, but I hesitated to use because he said it was for Verizon and I have T-Mobile, but if I could not find my old CD, I would have given a trial.  I mention this just in case you do not have the CD.  Many thanks to those who helped and good luck to others with this issue.

  • Smartphones blackBerry with Outlook calendar sync problem

    I just got my first BB - the Pearl 8120.  I installed the Desktop Manager v4.6 on the web of BB on an XP tablet pc.  I set it to sync with my outlook 2003.  Synchronization has functioned well for contacts, however, when he started the sync of the calendar, he began by saying it was reading from MS Outlook Calendar and read through the items until he reaches 2096/13344.  It stalled for about 30-45 seconds and then started again until it reaches 4613.  He won again, but starts again.  6089 record, a message will appear that says "Intellisync - done in unexpected ways.  I press 'ok' and it is up to the Office Manager.  If I push sync once again, he stands up and says 'Intellisync - unknown error reported.  I have to close the desktop manager and reboot to have sync again.  I tried to synchronize only the notes, and it worked fine.  I also sync had the tasks without any problems.  However, whenever I try to sync the calendar, it bombards.

    I tried to see if there's a suspicious calendar entry in outlook, but I can't find which entry is attack on (just the number - references in the journal seem not to be in a specific order).

    I disabled my anti-virus and have had the same chance.

    I also went in the section advanced backup and restore to remove the database (site Web BB technical support recommendation), but there is no database that is listed for the computer databases.

    I have been using Palm hotsync to synchronize with my palm.  Active sync is also installed on my system.

    Any ideas?

    OK I think I found a solution.  AT & T directed me to a BB KB01451 document that shows you how to enable an improved ability of logging.  Of course, I had a few records in my Outlook database where the date codes have been corrupted for an unknown reason.  I followed the instructions to enable logging.  Then, perform a synchronization.  After you get the error message, look in the tif.log using Notepad and scroll to the bottom of the document.  In the first lines, you will see the subject line.  Go to Outlook calendar and go to the advanced search.  Type in the subject line, and have the appearance of looking for the title of the topic.  If you have more than one entry with the same name, you can probably find the specific record with a location or other mark of identification.  If this isn't the case, you must process all the records you have found.  I've done the folder - each damaged record had a defined reoccurance.  I went to the tab under Tools reoccurance.  I selected ok and acknowledged the warning that it would give me changes to certain events may be changed.  Then, I saved the appointment.  Then, I went to the directory of newspapers and renamed newspapers.  You can also simply delete them if you don't want to keep track of them.  Furthermore, you probably need to close the Desktop Manager and Outlook between errors - you may need to close outlook via the Task Manager, as he is suspended because of the error.  Just continue the process until you find all the records that have been corrupted - I got 6 in my reviews 13 k file.  I have no idea why this was happening - the recordings were of many years ago to a few weeks ago... not a good sign!  My Palm did not seem to be a problem with these records, so I don't know why they have a problem with the BB... but I am running after several hours of messing around with this - I hope that it will help someone else.

  • Smartphones blackBerry Email - shoot Office Outlook read messages on my phone

    I don't know much about the operation of the e-mail servers and the subtleties behind e-mail, so I find it very difficult to deduct my answer to previous messages.

    I can't seem to solve this problem and it has troubled me for a long time now.

    I have a blackberry curve 8310 and a microsoft exchange e-mail account. When I get an email, it goes to my outlook Inbox and my phone which is normal. I read it and it shows as read. Fine. Everything is good.

    But when I look at an email read more later on, no matter what age the enamel is, it transmits to my phone again. And once again. And once again. Whenever I simply click on the email to open it, it sends to my phone as if it were a new email.

    Also when I was not in the office for a long time I had to access my email via the web. When I can finally go back to outlook, I get a load (bad word) of new messages on my phone. This is of course all read messages of all the days I was away from the office, I ALREADY RECEIVED.

    Any advice on where to go with this will be appreciated.

    Thank you

    BIS is Blackberry Internet Service

    This is how you integrate e-mail through your operator accounts

    need to connect to your carriers BIS site (if you don't know, in my opinion the best way to find it is... to search google for "carriername" BIS)

    example: verizon BIS

    first link will be your carriers BIS of the site, click top and you connect.

    Here you will see your email address, you want to delete

    then follow the instructions in the article to reinstate it below


    before you do anything however, make sure you checked on the size of your Inbox in outlook

  • Satellite A300-15J: Vista x 64 Card reader driver problem


    I have a problem with the driver for my internal card on my laptop (Toshiba A300-15J) reader and I use Vista x 64 system.
    I am really lost, just tried to add, for almost every driver possibble to many other copanies, I'm looking for help here.

    If someone I also have this problem or have solved this problem, please give me a link or advice how to get this device works on Vista x 64.

    Kind regards



    Seems that the 64 bit Vista drivers are not available for this new series of Satellite A300-15J PSAJ4E.

    But as far as I know the laptop supports a digital media card reader that has been integrated into another series of small notebook common Multiple.
    So why you n t try some card reader controller driver Vista 64 bit published BLAH IE Satellite A210 or another series.

    I recommend you test some drivers

    Good luck

  • Read text problem and precision

    Hi all

    I have a problem in reading the text. I tried to open the file with "reading worksheet file. VI. I think that there is a problem in the format and precision. But I can't draw the graphs correctly. I have the text file that I have attached the first column is the x-axis and I love to draw the other 6 columns to that.

    Please help open this file so that I can see all the graphs.

    Thank you


    The file looks like perfectly suited for "reading spreadsheet file. How you have configured this VI?

    Be sure to read data from precision DBL and use the TAB as the separator.

    Probably you need data transposed for the way you try to draw it?

    You can post your VI?

    EDIT: or the zeros at the end of the file are probably causing problems in your tracing code.

  • Table reading - synchronization problem


    I'm reading froma serial port and generating an indexed table 1 d. (each elemt is 1 read frasme). Now this indexed table, I read each item individually.

    The problem is the my indexed table is perfeclty fina and contains all the conductive sequntial, but the next reading of the indexed table ends only read the replacement values.

    I use a loop where the entrance is indexed (contained in the annex to the reading table) and output is one element at a time.

    As an alternative I also used an array inside the loop index function but still the for loop sends other values. Can anyone help what could be wrong.

    The i loop also shows replacing 2, 4, 6, 8 same values!

    Please include a simplified version of your VI.

  • Synchronization with Serial read/write problems. can not get the functionality of the terminal emulator


    I am writing a VI to control PWM with a microcontroller via a serial port. I wrote a simple code for the microcontroller that allows me to set the ratio of duty cycle on a scale of 0-65535. It works very well with Termite of Compuphase (RS-232 plug); The microcontroller invited me to an entry, expected that I would one, updates and expected another entry when I decided to send him. Now, I'm trying to get the same functionality on a LabVIEW vi but hit a snag.

    When I tried to send my orders with a series read base and an example of writing, everything worked fine. I could see the prompt entry, write an entry and if I was quick enough, check out the update message. Even when I was not fast enough, I was able to check the update by monitoring the PWM pin with a Logic Analyzer. The problem with the basic example, however, is that I need to update the report to aura cyclical ratio, so I went for an example of reading continues writing. The problem I've met; is that I have to switch between reading and writing to make it work. When I do that, either I don't hold write it down long enough and nothing happens, or I get several updates when I switch to reading. Some of these updates don't even match and produce updates to defective upgrades for example; 16000 16000, 16000, 16000, 6000, 600, 60, 16000, 1600, 60, 0, 0, 0, 16000, 60, 0, 0 etc.

    I tried which allows characters of endpoint in the hope that the writing would end at the end and go to reading where he would receive a termination character and wait for me allow writing once again, but nothing helped. I still have to alternate between the two and either get no response on reading several updates of variable accuracy. I tried to remove her allows read/write and their structures of matter in the hope that the loop flow, associated with the characters of endpoint would the case, but then the updates don't register at all. The funny thing is I did a VI like this before with an Arduino and that there not even no need to switch between writing and reading (I'm now using a Board of Freescale FRDM).

    I was also the frequency of timeout errors; Error-1073807339 at VISA Read, reason Possible: VISA Hex 0xBFFF0015. I removed the option to stop the while loop if there is an error so I can run but always pops up an error on the judgment occasionally. Could the problem of synchronization always cause me problems?

    Would appreciate all advice really, I am providing my slightly modified example screws and can provide the code for microcontroller on request, even if it's very simple.

    Thanks in advance, it is
    Yusif Nurizade

    In other words, frankly, a good bad example you according to your code. Also, you have the order of writing and read upside down in your amendment if the instrument requires a command to return something. It should really be using a structure of the event. The structure of the event around a write and read and use a value change event. I have attached a quick change. This mod is still a reading after writing. If necessary, you may have two separate events to write and read.

  • Control GPIB SR830 lock-in: read/write problem


    I use Labview 2009 SP1 and Visa drivers to control a function 6221 Keithley generator and a lock-in SR830 amp. Basically my program sets the generator to a certain frequency and amplitude, sets things on the lock-in, asks a few values, then reads the data from the lock-in for a minute or two. It is then repeated on several different frequencies. It works well, but it hangs at random time at time, after doing several frequencies with no problems whatsoever. Today, I discovered the spy tool OR wonder, so I was able to locate the bug! Here is an exit of last orders before the bug (there nothing else after the line 63).

    As you can see on line 53 I query frequency lock-in. However the response (5623,46 Hz) comes later, in line 57, which has degraded the program. Following this section of the program, I send some more orders for the lock-in, which are ignored, and then the program enters a while loop which is supposed to acquire a number of data points. It works on infinitely because there is no data to acquire, and that is how I noticed this bug at the start.

    So my questions:

    (1) why this happens to you, and how can I avoid it? I have also contacted the manufacturer of the SR830, but I have a lot of faith in big people on this forum!

    (2) after the line 63, in my program there are several other commands that are supposed to be sent to the lock-in, and then the while loop. Orders are not shipped, but Labview must pass by these to the while loop (which she can't seem to). So what Labview does exactly and how/why does it go through the commands of writing without sending the data?

    Thank you!

    Hi Albert

    I think I have it solved. I use the 'FAST2' mode to transfer data from the lock to the PC. This example uses buffers out of the lock-in to transfer data, IE the same buffer used to pass error messages, or replies to queries.

    Between the moment I read the last set of data and stop the transfer of data, the lock-in has the time to write a little more data in its output buffer. This reading of the error mess, but only has a negative effect when the LIA status byte is set to 8 (ie the reference unlock). When this happens, it shifts all the query error responses and the first 'LIAS?"reads the answer to the query"TRE"and 'FREQ?', read the answer to the second query"NE?". Unlock event occurs when the function generator changes its frequency, but can't not every time, which is what made it seem random.

    So, this is easily solved by just read everything that is left on the pad before proceeding. Strangely, it works that when it is followed by the 'ABORT' driver, which basically just sends the command "rest." This erases the data buffers, but from my understanding of what is written in the manual, they are not involved in the mode of FAST2.

  • Outlook 2007 POP3 problems after the installation of security updates

    After the updates of security for December 2010 has been installed on my computer, my Gmail POP3 does not. My access code are rejected.

    The i uninstall KB2288953 and after this operation bit is working again.


  • Files reading TDMS problem in Labview 2010, created in 2009, error-2503

    I did my measurements on my laptop with Labview 2009 installed.

    The file format has been TDMS v1.0

    I can read these files with the TDMS files viewer and I am able to do analysis on my laptop.

    On my desk I have Labview 2010.

    If I run the vi in Labview 2010 analysis, I get the following-2503 error: specified file does not have the PDM file format standards.

    What's wrong?

    I can open the file in Excel with the add-in.

    I've included a tdms file created on my laptop in Labview 2009

    For this problem, it's a bug in LabVIEW 2010 (not in previous versions of LabVIEW), sorry for the inconvenience. While the side R & D to fix this problem, we also a workaround solution, but perhaps a little more complicated:

    (1) Please use older version of LabVIEW (like 2009 or 8.6) for defragement file by using the node TDMS defragment, if it works fine, you can then open it défragmentée TDMS in LabVIEW 2010.

    (2) if the PDM defragment returns an error, then you can always find your defragmened files in the temp directory of Windows, but under a different filename (randomly generated), you can type "%Temp%" Run windows to open your temporary file.

  • Removal of 'Read only' problem Windows 7.

    I want to remove the read-only form a game folder - void / files etc, I do via folder properties menu and it indicates that changes have been made (window comes up with bar grey fillings up to green) and yet I come back and it's like I have nothing. I want to just delete a few old stops and changes to some of the maps (there are a map editor). The game is Civilization III complete. I read somewhere on how to solve this problem through the command prompt, but it did not work... any help? I can't find the 'Saves' folder in the folder of the game. It seems ingame, but outside of the game, I thought that the path is not... This has also to do with the attribute "read only"?

    You can try to run the program as "Administrator" by right-clicking on the icon from the desktop or the .exe file of the game in the game folder, select "Properties" then the "Compatibility" tab and placing a check mark in the box "Run as Administrator" at the bottom of the Panel. This should, in theory, give the game the ability to write but also to read.

Maybe you are looking for