Output from triangular signal

I did this VI, but there's a mistake in there and I don't think it's solvable like that.
The triangular output signal should start when I press the Boolean value. Otherwise, the DAQ Assistant mette 0V.
When I press the button stop the DAQ Assistant also needs to 0V
Is there another solution?

Thank you

Hello Innervision,

I suspect that this issue is related to the following forum post:


I will continue the discussion there, because I've already posted my question there.

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  • Triangular signal on fpga


    I am trying to create a triangular signal on a FPGA target, I can compare it to an analog input signal, so I can create a PWM signal. If you can help me generate triangular signal on a target fpga and I was wondering if using a simple comparison just to compare the two signals point-by-point?



    Please contact us.

    If you want to do something like this: http://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-2387 , you can try it.

    Simple comparison is enough, but if you have a noisy input signal, you must use a filter.

    Kind regards


  • Spaces in the output from robohelp


    I created a doc of Framemaker using the DITA Open Toolkit and related to Robohelp to generate Webhelp. I use Adobe Tech Comms Suite v2, incidentally.

    When the publication in Robohelp If spacing between words is really wide, about double or triple the norm. I have looked at the paragraph Designer in the framework and you see nothing obviously wrong and style in Robohelp sheets displayed something strange no more. Anyone got any ideas where I should be looking?

    Help apprecicated - I searched in this market and stop for a few weeks now.


    I had this as well; I changed the wee in the CSS for MS 0 for all

    styles; for some reason any HR added spacing.


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  • How do I output a digital signal to an analog signal

    Hi all, I use a PCI 6221 with LabVIEW 2010 (no add-on) with the CB-68LPR connection block and I want to use an input signal analog of voltage of between 0 V and 5 V of an LDR to change the brightness of an LED, so I can maintain a stable lighting for a webcam capture feature level image and treatment system.

    I can get the analog input voltage of the LDR (set up as a voltage divider circuit) using the DAQ assistant, via the channel of Ain 0 on the use of pins 68 (AI.0), 67 (AI GND) and 14 (+ 5 V) and write it in a graphic and digital display but I don't know how to write the value to a PIN that can be used for PWM I think assistance from pine 40 PFI 13 P2.5 and a digital (GND pin 13).

    I looked at the example of code that was written to produce a PWM signal, but these programs don't signal to a device/circuit, they are just "nothing stuff" that the PWM signal to a graph.

    Can someone help me or direct me to tutorials/code examples which are of real-world applications?


    PWM can be done in DAQmx using a task of the meter output.

    I think that example 'PWM-Counter Output.vi' goes quite a long way to do want you want I think. It is located in the LabVIEW examples of shipping.

    I also found here:


    This could be useful a read thus:


    Let me know if it's of any help.

  • Tecra A8 and Adv Port Replicator III - no audio output from the port replicator

    I have a Tecra A8 anchored on an Advanced Port Replicator III. All ports (network, USB, video) with the exception of the AUDIO ports seem to work well. I can get sound from the headphone jack on the front of the A8, but nothing since the station docking ports. Is there a docking station driver or something I need to install to get the sound from the docking station not the laptop?


    The Advanced Port Replicator III supports the line and line port left.
    As already suggested by user above; Check if you are using the command-line output port!

    Welcome them

  • No output from HD on HDMI out port on Qosmio G40

    I read the DVD HD guide of my Qosmio G40 "only the computer display panel supports display with treatment high definition. When playback on a TV connected to the computer, the screen on television will be only ordinay screen and not display with high definition treatment. ».

    I don't know if I understand the manual right. He says that I can't view HD DVD HD videos on a TV even if it is connected with HDMI output port? If this is really the case, where HD to HDMI?

    I am very disappointed in this respect. Or I don't interpred bad manual?


    I think you have misunderstood something.
    If you will connect Full-HD TV via a HDMI cable to the laptop, you should be able to watch HD-DVD in HD movies.

    But due to technical limitations, HD-DVD can only be looked at on a device at the same time. To read HD - DVD on both devices at the same time is not supported.

    Because of the important data stream when a HD-DVD is read, the machine can manage only a HD signal. If two devices have been accessed at the same time, the machine must manage two signals HD, which is not supported due to the technical limitations of the machine itself.

    Therefore, it is possible view a HD-DVD on a single device at the same time. This restriction is valid only for the HD-DVD playback. The normal clone mode is not affected.

    So you can choose between the laptop or TV, but not the two screens together


  • Linear between two sliders from a signal of a NOR-instruments via the DAQ Assistant


    I currently have a problem som with my labview code. I am doing regression on a specific part of my chart. The graphics consist of a signal from one OR cDAQ-9178. Currently I can get live data in a graph (raw Signal) and then "zoom in" on the part of the graph as im intrested in by two sliders and then display the results in a new graph (adjusted Signal). Now, a desire to make the regresion in the new graph. How can I do this the best way?

    Note maybe I'm a beginner to labview so my code a little offshore.

    Best regards Maurlind

    Hi maurlind,

    I got it, the function derived from the linear adjustment could not handle that many on the x-axis. I edited the VI so that the large number is suctracted for adjustment, i.e. the table will now begin at zero time for adjustment. This will not affect your locations, only the algorithm .

    Try it now with the files I've provided. The file "pm_mod2_Rawsignal test.vi" should be used with 'test3.lvm' (your data). The file "pm_mod3_Rawsignal test.vi" is the same as "pm_mod2_Rawsignal test.vi", but he is willing to work with the simulated data. The file "test3.lvm" is your data, but the file is slightly modified to work on my system.

    Edit "pm_mod3_Rawsignal test.vi" to shake with your acquired signal as you did with the first file that you received from me.

  • How the sequence of output of analog signals in LabView

    Hello, I want a series of analog output signals of sequence using LabView to my box USB-6281. For example I'd like a sinusoid of output for 10 seconds, then a wave square for 20 seconds, then a triangle wave for 10 seconds. I want to do it automatically, so I have not put on a sine wave, wait 10 secodns and change it manually. I tried to use a straight sequence structure and using delays in the loops, but it did not work. IM relatively new to LabView so im just stuck here. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • No output from USB 6008


    I have connected a USB-6008 to my computer, but can not read all the output using a multimeter when I run my program.

    I went in the measurement and automation explorer, disappeared to the USB6008 device, click on test panels and selected the output voltage. From there, I gave different output voltages and I read all this tension using a multimeter to the USB-6008.

    To check if there is something wrong with the pattern-block etc that I install, I connected the 6008 to another computer that is running labview and used the same program. It gives a very good result.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what can go wrong on the first computer?

    Much appreciated,


    If I were in your shoes I download DAQ - mx 8.6.1 (here) on the PC that you are having problems with and give it a go.  I don't know why the 6008 would work on a PC and not the other when they have the same configuration.  Do you have other devices working on the troubled PC?

  • output from two different queries as a result


    I want to run a query or a field provided that I want to see the result in 2 areas

    1st request



    AND (CANWORKORDER. WORKORDERNO = CANPTN. WORKORDERNO) and canworkorder.pendingqty > 0

    and canptn.fgstat IS NULL


    2nd request



    AND (CANWORKORDER. WORKORDERNO = CANPTN. WORKORDERNO) and canworkorder.pendingqty > 0

    and canptn.fgstat IS NULL


    How can I join both the query and get a single query output.




    create the workorder table

    number of workorderno

    fgstatus varchar2 (1))

    create table (MNR)

    number of workorderno

    number of mrnqty)

    create table (ptn)

    number of workorderno

    number of mrnqty)

    create table status)

    number of workorderno

    number of mrnqty

    number of ptnqty

    number of processqty)



    2 queries that you posted look identical to me. Probably one of them should have the condition

    and canptn.fgstat is NOT null

    It is not useful to also post the CREATE TABLE without insert statement.

    Last but not least please post results in a clearer way.

    I guess you want to have 2 different values (with fgstat NULL and FGSTAT not null in 2 different columns in the same row):

    select canworkorder.workorderno
         , sum (case when canptn.fgstat is null then canptn.ptnqty end) ptnqty_fgstat_null
         , sum (case when canptn.fgstat is not null then canptn.ptnqty end) ptnqty_fgstat_not_null
         , min (canptn.ons) ons
      from canworkorder, canptn
    where canworkorder.pendingqty > 0
       and (canworkorder.workorderno = canptn.workorderno)
       and canworkorder.pendingqty > 0
    group by canworkorder.workorderno;

    In case you need a different output please post some samples.

    Kind regards.


  • Raising the event "output" from a drop-down list in all instances of a table row

    I have a drop-down list in a row of table with multiple instances that performs a calculation on the exit event. This calculation takes information from 2 other drop-down lists listed above not repetitive rows of the same table.

    The behavior desired is: If the user change their choices above, all instances of the drop-down list below to execute the "Exit" event script to access the new values above.

    My script is:

    RowOptionalCoverage.DdlCoverageType.execEvent ("exit");     It works, sort of

    It updates only the first instance of RowOptionalCoverage and any subsequent instances. The user can 'Tab' through instances and trigger output for each instance event, but this isn't a reasonable solution.

    I tried using the method resolveNodes without success. I understand, using the method resolveNodes may be required when you reference multiple instances of an object:

    this.resolveNodes ("RowOptionalCoverage [*]. DdlCoverageType [*] ") .execEvent ("exit");"     does not work

    xfa.resolveNodes ("RowOptionalCoverage [*]. DdlCoverageType [*] ") .execEvent ("exit");"      does not work

    No doubt, I have to be incorrectly using the resolveNodes or rate something? Probably something simple.

    All the tips are greatly appreciated.


    Hello Stephen,

    You need to loop through each instance of the line and force the exit event. Without the form, it should look like:

    var oRows = xfa.resolveNodes ("RowOptionalCoverage [*]");
    oNodes var = oRows.length;
    for (var i = 0; i)< onodes;="">
    xfa.resolveNode ("RowOptionalCoverage [" + i + "]"). DdlCoverageType.execEvent ("exit");

    You could also index table to determine the number of row repeat:

    var oNodes = RowOptionalCoverage.instanceManager.count;

    You may change this to make it work.

    Good luck


  • Mac Mini, end of 2012, down from video signal

    2012 (end) Mac Mini, model A1347, i7 to 2.3 GHz

    OCW mercury Electra 6 G 120 GB SSD

    Factory 1 TB HD

    16 GB of Ram

    S232 Acer

    OS: 10.11.5


    Video signal is de-energized.

    Hi all

    I use this machine to run Logic Pro X. I tried a few monitors and different cables, but the result is the same.

    the video signal sporadically goes out. The only way I can get it is back to turn off the Mini for a hour or stick it in the fridge for 5 minutes. It doesn't seem to be dependent on the temperature, since it happens a lot less in the months more cold however showed the journal to monitor temperature as low as 73 C time and he fell again the thermal signal can therefore not the question.

    The fan seems to work and I tried to change the memory to return with noticed no difference. I recently replaced the OCW SSD due to premature failure and spin a new installation of El Capitan on a new drive. I eliminated the monitor and cable as a culprit, so I think that I am dealing with an internal failure. The machine is not under warranty.

    I read a lot of posts on mini Mac in thermal shutdown models particularly image, mine has not overheated or goes out, he simply loses its video signal. Fans and ports are clean and free of dust.

    Everyone knows about this problem?

    Install a fan speed and temperature app to help you determine if it is really related monitoring temp.

    I use this


    I suspect a hardware problem. The graphics unit in the Mac Mini 2012 is integrated into the CPU chip

  • Output from laptop to the projector without image DVD - Qosmio E10

    Hi all

    I have a Toshiba Qosmio E10, which has a component output (RGB). I plugged it to the projector and after a few alterations, the desktop appears on the projector. However, when I try to watch a DVD or a divx avi file there is no picture (black appears space instead). The film shows on the screen of the laptop with no problems. I tried different players (WMP 10, WinDVD, and Divx), but none of them work. Same problems with output to the TV as well.

    The laptop has a Nvidia G-force FX 5200 graphics card.

    I think it may have something to do with the decoder, but I'm not sure.

    Any suggestions?


    As far as I know you must first switch to the external device and after the departure of the DVD player. There is no picture if you start the DVD player before moving on to an external device.

    It is also possible that everything using the laptop display and an external device when the image appears on the screen only. This is not a restriction of graphics card just the problem. The test properly. I think that the DVD movie can be included either on LCD or an external device.

    Good bye

  • Why my windows media player stops the audio output from my headset in the middle of a song?

    I listen to music through a Bluetooth wireless headset. However, in the middle of songs the audio stops. Windows media player is still playing and audio output continues for 10 to 30 seconds later.

    also, it stops at the end of the songs and takes a few seconds with the new song to restart again.


    Method 1.
    Try using a different bluetooth or use bluetooth even on another computer and check.

    Method 2.
    Play the sog directly on your computer and check the output.

    Method 3.
    If the same bluetooth works fine on another computer try to update the drivers bluetooth on your computer and check.

    I hope this helps.

  • Windows Media Center - recorded not from TV Signal, but TV signal is good

    Windows Media Center record regular shows without problem until last week. Now I have to manually press record for each show, because the Scheduler is almost completely useless, the TV signal is absolutely perfect. Once I pressed record manually, it records very well.

    In regular history, the error is not recorded: no TV Signal

    This is simply not true. I noticed that this can happen, in particular, to the HD recordings. But the signal is always good.

    I tried to delete the programmed recording file but no change.

    6280 SCT dual dvb - t2 bda tuner Windows 7

    The system restore did not improve anything.

    In fact, in this case, I found the removal of all channels and re analysis for them this is the solution.

Maybe you are looking for