Overscan issue with 4 ATV

My plasma Panasonic tv (version 2010) was too turned on scan and it is not a switch to turn it off.

I didn't have this problem with previous Apple TV (v2 and v3), but now with ATV4 all the edges of the screen are cropped.

I thought the option to calibrate within the parameters of the atv could help me fix, but it has only a model to verify the problem of excessive scanning, do not to fix. I even bought a soft (Calibrateapp), who noted that it could help the issue of excessive scanning, but just bosses (I ordered a refund for this one).

I really want to buy a new TV just to solve this problem which did not exist on older AppleTV.

Can someone share some light on this issue?


I have the same problem. Nothing to do I'm afraid.

If you have any suggestions that you think might improve Apple TV you can send your feedback here at Apple

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    Sometimes an iOS update breaks compatibility with accessories. Since then, he has worked with next beta which seems to be the cause.

    All yo can do is to continue using the beta until the version is rejected in the pubis.

    Have reported the problem to Apple to ensure that the beta version is not yet revised to cause the same problem?


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    Hello and thanks for posting back.  Here is a link to a solution to problems of common connection to the problems of Atheros WLAN Driver and connection.

    Atheros WLAN Driver corrects connection issues with many new routers (Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, etc...)

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    See: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/winphone/forum/wp6n-sync/microsoft-windows-mobile-device-center-61-driver/4cd26ba2-9583-47b7-b5e7-32b382cee0b2

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    Did you by chance install or upgrade of Citrix Receiver recently?  I did and my USB ports no longer works in the docking station.  This link has Details of why:


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    Right-click on the setup.exe > run as admin.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    Thank you and best regards,


    Hi ArunHX925!

  • Anyone know of any compatibility issues with Windows 8 and RV series routers?

    I have a small network with a laptop computer, Windows 8, Windows XP desktop computer and a network MyBookLiveDuo storage device. I have sharing enabled between these devices. Everything worked well on a network switch. I replaced the switch with the RV110W VPN Firewall Router to add better security to my network before I have expand it. Since then, I have a laptop Windows 8 intermittent connectivity while the connectivity of the XP desktop computer shows no problem.

    On the laptop Windows 8 I ran network troubleshooting, and he complained that two devices on the network are (NAT) network address translation and the symptoms he describes is what I see. Problem is that I don't have a network Analyzer to look at the network in more depth. I looked online for the RV110W documentation and if NAT is listed as one of the characteristics, there is no discussion in the documentation on how to manage this feature in the router.

    I can connect to the Windows 8 laptop from Office XP and access shared content. I can connect to the Duo since Office XP without difficulty. However, except when they reappear periodically under the heading of my network in Explorer on the laptop Windows 8, I can't access the Office XP or the Duo of the laptop Windows 8. Curiously, however, I have a part of the Duo mapped as a network drive on the laptop Windows 8 and I can access it even when everything else has gone. Also, the interface of management for the Duo appears on the laptop Windows 8 and I can access the Duo to manage. Only, I can't access the shares on the Duo. Then all of a sudden they reappear under network in the file Explorer and I can then access. I think it must have to do with NAT, but I can't find anything out about it.

    If it's something I can turn on the router long enough to see if the problem goes away I would like to try, but I can't find it in the documentation, and I can't find it when I look aroiund in the management interface.

    The fact that I am not having the form of the XP desktop computer problem makes me think that a compatibility issue with Windows 8. Does anyone know if Windows 8 did anything with NAT? I try to get help from Microsoft Technical Support, but their level 1 tech told me to call Tech Support Pro when they open later this morning. Support cat Cisco won't open until Monday at 09:00.

    Also, throughout this connection problem Internet from the laptop through the router is never interrupted. It's strictly connectivity with other devices on the internal network that comes and goes.

    Hi Gregg,

    NAT must not play unless your applications on the internet. The "port Internet" or "WAN port" is a NAT port that converts your public IP address from ISP to your LAN subnet addresses. NAT allows multiple computers on a network to use 1 public IP address.

    If your devices are connected to the Ether "LAN ports" they are not affected by NAT unless they are Web applications. 4 'LAN ports"are 2 layer switch ports. This means that all local requests are forwarded by the switch ports.

    This device did replace exactly? The XP computers, DUET and window 8, make these products using the static IP address or you allow the RV110 to assign an IP address automatically? What IP address you are using on the LAN of the RV110?

    Please mark replied messages useful

  • Are there still known issues with Lightoom 5 and El Capitan with respect to attachment? I know that problems have been resolved with CC Lightoom

    Are there still known issues with Lightoom 5 and El capitan with respect to attachment? I know that problems have been resolved with Lightoom CC.  I looked on the Internet but most of the references are Lightoom CC.  Ive got all the updates with Lightoom 5, (Camera RAW 8.1), but also Apple, (El Capitan 10.11.3), but my Nikon D800 will not always tie.

    HAL P Anderson wrote:

    The problem is in the SDK (SDK) of Nikon. He used features of OS that changed with El Cap. All previous versions of LR were broken by the Exchange operating system. For LR 5 to work, it must be associated with the new SDK of Nikon, and Adobe is not reissue of older versions.

    The result is: LR5 and previous versions will continue to not be able to attach Nikon under El Capitan. I'm sorry.


    Although what you say is maybe true, I'm not sure, but there were reports of people that says exactly the opposite. Home of Nikon has not worked in 2015/6 but continued to work in LR 5 on the same Mac running 10.11.x.

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    <table class="t15Button" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0"  summary=""><tr>
    <td class="t15L"><img src="#IMAGE_PREFIX#themes/theme_15/button-l.gif" alt="" /></td>
    <td class="t15C"><a href="#LINK#">#LABEL#</a></td>
    <td class="t15R"><img src="#IMAGE_PREFIX#themes/theme_15/button-r.gif" alt="" /></td>

    A former colleague created the model itself and I do not know where to insert the #BUTTON_ID #. Does anyone have any suggestions?



    Miss you atrribute button ID,

    is the correct code


    I hope this works.


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    I spoke with customer assistance, there is no problem of compatibility with the language of the operating system.

    Thank you, bye

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    I don't think so I am still using DWCS4 on Yosemite and it runs like a dream, so I think that DWCS6 would be.

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    I was wondering if there is a post or a site that lists known issues with products and applications on the iPhone 6.

    There was an application made, and for 3 devices that they all have the same problem where sometimes the app is fully loaded on the iphone 6.

    We tried to republish the content. Discovered that the problem is more than likely a connection slow or weak. I meant also more info on if there is a list of some sort with the known problems with some devices. Thank you much.

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