P C specialist: wireless printing problem

I just installed the HP Envy 5530 using the CD provided via Wi-Fi to my BT Homehub 5.

My problem is when to send any document to print, it starts to print then crashes just for about 2 minutes.

The printer is about 10 feet of the wireless router, I have a reward tab appear and when I pretend it stops at 96% and watch does not, Ctrl/alt/DELETE shows that a windows run dll problem.

When I run Scan Doctor feel it clears a document pending, but finally she finishes the word doc.

Any ideas? before, I run the printer on the road.


Thank you for using the forum.

You can download and install the FULL features software to win 10 to your pritner?


We recommend that you uninstall the previous software before you reinstall the downloaded software FULL of features.

Hope that helps.

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    To anyone who is willing to help, it would be greatly appreciated... Exhausted

    I bought a lexmark Interpret S405 wireless printer tried to operate wireless for a wk now almost night & day, the phone w/lexmk. specialist support that ultimately told me that the problem was my desktop computer Hp the final diagnoise after hrs & hrs, was to communicate manufacturing hp but they said my warranty was expired and it would cost me to help, so here, I always try to get help before I dump this printer.  Exhausted all the tips, I promise you.  I actually did most of what they were doing, but went alittle far but all has been installed on & on printer appears as it should it worked at one point usb but will not print wireless diagnoise, final gave to me was: Windows 7 64-bit, could not start the lxeaCatsCustConnectService on the local printer.  Error message: 10:53, the server has not responded to the application launch or control in a timely.  I'd appreciate any help I can get at this point, before I dump my new printer...  Extremely exhausted and frustrated.  Now I think I bought the wrong printer, but it is supposed to be compatible...

    Thanks in advance for anyones time given and included brain...

    Fear can not help you a lot for a Lexmark printer configuration, but you can try the troubleshooting services in the following two sites:




  • Mac Book Pro and HP Envy 110F wireless printing problems

    I got my Mac book Pro for Christmas 2013 and initially had no problem printing wireless to my HP Envy 110F, but for some reason, I keep getting problems with printing to the envy of 110. We don't have printing problems with our Ipad for this printer.

    I can connect the printer to my Mac book Pro by putting IP address in a web browser, but I get on the symbol bit offline when I print the urge. Last night I reinstalled the printer to print wireless on my mac pro book using a printer cable, which then worked well, but today the same problem reappeared.

    I'm starting to think that the problem may have started with the latest version of the update of the operating system to the Mavericks 10.9.4.

    All thoughts welcome.

    Hi @UKCheshire

    Since you are able to print from the iPad to the wireless printer, I suspect you have to something. I think that the question has something to do with the communication between the printer and the computer and not between the printer and the router. Please use the following document to solve the problem; "Printer is off-line" Message appears on the computer and the printer does not print: Mac OS X.

    If the problem persists, do not give up hope, let me know and we will work through it together.

  • Wireless printing problem-Documents stuck in print queue

    Original title: printing problem

    Until yesterday, I was able to print OK using Windows XP and a pro HP Officejet 8500 wireless.  Reported network test wireless (on printer) and report indicates that there are no reported problem, also did the diagnostic test and which shows no problem either.  I can't print and documents are just stuck in the print queue - please can someone help, it drives me crazy because it's probably a very simple solution.

    I guess you do not have all of the error messages.

    It is possible that comes to mind that your printer has received a new IP address of your router (this could easily happen if you have several computers and other devices that connect to your wireless network).

    Find the IP address of the printer of his network diagnostic page.
    Click Start > printers and faxes, right-click the printer and select Properties
    Select the Ports tab, then click on the button "Configure Port" (be careful NOT to click anywhere in the list of ports)
    Make sure that the IP address in 'Port settings' is identical to that shown on the diagnosis of your network printer page.

    Although some printers wireless HP install a driver having a box in the "Parameters of the Port" tab that says always "print to this same device if its IP address changes" it is best to configure the printer to have a static IP address.  See your printer User Guide for instructions.

    Choose an appropriate subnet address (i.e., has the first 3 groups of numbers the same as the other addresses in your network) but who is not in the range of addresses assigned by the DHCP server on your router.  See the User Guide of your router for more details.

  • iPhone5 with Officejet 655 wireless printing problem has

    IPhone 5 won't print wirelessly on Officehet 6500 a. done before, but since the update will not be


    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing printing problems.

    You use the functions AirPrint and ePrint? The phone is able to see the printer?

    Things to check would be that the printer and the telephone are always connected to the same wifi network and that there has been no wifi password.

  • Wireless printing problems

    I continually get "off printer" message when it actually works. Lets turn printer and computer or market sometimes, but not always.

    Also the frequent messages "printer offline".  HP 8600 Ofice Pro, computer desk Dell 8700, Windows 8.1, wireless, no bluetooth, no cable connected, wireless high resistance. Lets turn printer and computer or market sometimes, but not always.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

    Hi Petie3,

    Turning, printer and computer off or will not always solve the problem if your printer is not connected to the wireless network.

    Get a wireless print job in Windows 8, to:

    ) a printer is connected to the same network wireless computers in Windows 8. And

    (b) its IP address is recognized by Windows

    Step 1: make sure that your printer is connected to the same network your computer wireless.

    This information is shown on the printer display panel. If it is connected to the network, the status shows "Connected" and indicating the correct network name (SSID)

    If the status indicates not connected or if the printer's IP address is 169.254.xxx.xxx, the printer is not connected to your wireless network.

    Step 2: restart the print spooler

    Follow this video HP to restart the print spooler for Windows 8. Once your print spooler is restarted, your Windows can detect the IP address of your printer again and you will be able to print again.

    Step 3: optional - static configuration IP address for your printer

    Usually, your printer's IP address is automatically assigned by DHCP. Unless your printer is to have a static IP address, Windows may not recognize that the printer is offline after a change of IP address because of the power of the cycle. If you are comfortable to assign a static for your printer IP address, this should solve the problem.

    Hope this helps.

  • All-in-one HP Photosmart Plus B209a wireless - printer problems

    I plug just this printer 2 weeks ago and there are already problems! A few days ago, I went to print something a TI never printed, so I checkd the queue and it says the printer is offline. I checked and the 'use printer offline' option has NOT been verified. I googled looking for help offline wireless printer and came across some tips to restart the spool.and then unplug and plug back into the printer, so I did and he went online and I was able to print 1 document of 4 pages. But after this document, I tried to print another document, and it said "error-printing" in the queue. So today, after that I restarted my computer, it worked well again - for a document. Then he returned to offline mode. So I watched fo more help online. I tried making sure the correct port with my printers IP address has been verified and he was, and I tried to uninstall and reintalling the drivers that did not help. I basically tried everyting on the HP support on the topic page and nothings worked. But it peprfectly worked well for a week so I don't see why it would be to have these problems now?

    Also, I tried to print a document 2 faces a few days (before the issuance of all offline). I went to the printing preferences, click on 'manual' under duplex print, then ok, and it printed all the odd pages, as it was supposed to. Then the screen came from promting me to take the paper in the output tray and the tray and click on continue so I did. I waited and waited and waited for a good 10 minutes and never even printed pages. In the queue it sad it was printing, but it wasn't. I cancelled the document and just tried to print a document face a regular to see if this works-it printed fine. So I tried printing 2 - against new and it's the same as before.

    The laptop I am I am trying to print from is a Sony Vaio CR320 running on Windows Vista. I have not instaled anything new in the last week, so I know there are no new program interfering. Also, I have not removed any programs.

    Any ideas? I am a student and I am a little lost without a printer lol :/

    OK, time to bring in power tools.  Download, install and run this tool.  He should tell us what is happening.  Run it when the printer shows offline.

  • HP Deskjet 6988 wireless printing problem

    I'm unable to print 'wide' at the HP DJ 6988 files.  The operating system is Vista Home. When it is connected to the printer via a USB cable, no problems.  When it is connected to the wireless printer, I can print small files only.  (a single page of text created in Notepad prints fine).  When I send a 'broad' file, such as a digital camera for example, the 'receiver' (green) blinking merrily away, for about 3 to 4 minutes. Then on 1/8th of the photo prints, then more flashes but nothing still happens.  The print queue of the printer displays an error.  My son-in-law has printed a picture of her laptop XP, no problem?  Seems to me it may be a problem of "winding" of Vista, but I can't wait to hear him talk about someone who has solved the problem?

    Unfortunately, I believe that it is the Netgear router. I removed my old trusty Netgear FV318 and replaced it with a Linksys BEFSR81... NOTE! It is a router 'VISTA READY'.  This solves the problem. Something to do with 'stacks' but I can't be bothered, this solved all the problems.

  • HP 3050 j610: wireless printing problem withhp3050j610a all-in-one.

    I have been scanning and printing documents regularly. one day during the analysis of a doc a message flashed on the computer screen that there was a communication problem between the computer and all in a printer.it persists over and over again.

    He had no problem with impression then.

    as advised by the media, I downloaded a link . and saved as a favorite and he used every time I had to analyze.

    yesterday it stopped opening.

    Contact support who advised me to support responsible link.down to print and scan doctor and solved the problem of scanning and it turned into a printing problem. print a test page, it does not print a document.

    After encountering conflict driver down load of troubleshooting, I was informed to uninstall the drivers and the use of the CD that came with the product.i did. without success. scanning is ok.

    However, questions have been confirmed to have been solved by the doctor tool but is not printing. not even the test page. There is no abras to low ink.

    I double clicked on the printer icon when and as advised by the tools, without result.

    I use a laptop sony vaio e series with win7 os.

    Please help me solve the problem.

    Hello @casia15 and welcome to the Forums of HP, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    I see that you have problems printing.  I would try to help!

    First of all, I would say uninstalling the software of the printer.

    Once it is uninstalled, I suggest you put your system in clean boot mode in the configuration of Microsoft.  You can do this by following this document: How to perform a clean boot in Windows.

    Once the computer is in clean boot mode, I would suggest to reinstall the HP printer install wizard for Windows.

    Good luck and please let me know the results of your troubleshooting operations. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

  • HP p1102w printer wireless printer problem

    Hi, my printer was printing wireless on both computers. But recently, one of the computer lost connection with theprinter. I had to plug it with USB and it works fine. After a few days later, the other computer has also lost the Wi - Fi connection and I am not able to have this wireless printer work. Reset computer, printer, modem, without change. It still does not work!

    Hi Tsara,

    Update the firmware to version to migrate on the link below.

    Firmware update

    Restore factory default settings
  • Wireless printing problem: Mac OS 10.5 to HP6600 all-in-One

    My customer just bought a printer all-in-one HP OfficeJet 6600. Naturally, the CD than canme with the printer is for a newer Mac OS, so it wouldn't install.

    I was able to locate and download the printer drivers for Mac OS 10.5 and install without any problems.

    It appears the connectivity without wire between the MacBook with Mac OS 10.5 and the HP6600 is in place, when attempting to print to the HP6600 however, it just says it's printing and nothing out of the printer.

    I need a few steps of troubleshooting for this issue.

    Hi TechDaddy,

    OK this means there is a problem of communication while connected wireless. Make sure that the printer and the computer are on the same network SSID and if yes then try to access the EWS - Server Web integrated printer by typing IP address allocated to the printer in the address bar of Safari. Let me know what you find?

  • Photosmart D110: Wireless printing problems - printer is not found

    Never had problems before - now, my laptop (macbookair) can't find the printer.

    Network Setup page Test report wireless and HP are both fine.

    Connecetion doesn't seem to tbe the problem.


    Try to remove the printer and then add it again by opening the Preferences tab and then selecting «printers & scanners»

    From there, click on the sign less under the printer icon to remove the printer and then add again using the sign.

    This is often useful if you are currently outside experienceing printer issues regularly.

    If you still can't find the printer, I would try the steps with connected usb and if a connection is established, delete it.

    If the problem persists, restart your mac and try again, and if this does not help, then restart your router also.

  • Wireless printer problems


    My macbook air can't find my printer HP 3070.  He has found in the past, but for some reason any, that he can not find it now.  Tried in the last three weeks or so nothing works.

    Help, please?

    Thanks for getting back to me!  I have a few steps that can solve the problem.

    First, I recommend that you check to ensure always have your printer connected to your wireless network. Try the following:

    Print a network configuration page

    Follow these steps to print a network configuration page.

    1. On the product control panel, press the wireless button (). Wireless menu.

    2. Press the button () next to the down arrow () to select print report, and then press the button () next to OK.

    3. Press the button () next to the Configuration. A Network Setup page prints.

  • HP Deskjet 2540: Wireless printing problems with HP Deskjet 2540

    Hi all

    I have a problem with a printer HP Deskjet 2540 - it prints if I connected a USB cable; However, he refuses to print if I try to print wireless.

    I had initially solved this problem when I went into system preferences > printers and Scanners and noticed two 2540 Deskjet series icons in a window titled 'Printers '. I ended up removing one of these icons and set it as a default, which temporarily seems to solve my problem. Now, I see two icons back in the "Printers" menu and my printer refuses to print over my wireless connection.

    My printer is connected to my internet connection so I don't think there is a problem here - I also recently installed the software for this printer to make sure it wasn't some kind of driver issue; However, it doesn't give me the permanent solution, that I'm looking.

    Any advice? My operating system is OS X Version 10.9.5

    Hey @love2dance,

    Please come back to me and let me know what you have tried.  I found an article by HP which has a more in-depth approach to troubleshooting your network configuration.  Click on the title of the article and start of Solution 2 and work your way down until finish you setting up your printer successfully:

    HP Deskjet 2540 and Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545 Printer Series - "Can't find printer" Error Message appears on the computer for a wireless network Installation

    Note that the steps are for Mac OS X 10.8 but you will find that again, as they apply to your configuration of Mavericks.

    If this set of troubleshooting options is far from establishing the connectivity Mac and printer, please call our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.


    If I helped you to solve the problem, feel free to give me a virtual h.o.t. by clicking on the 'Thumbs Up' icon below.

    Better luck with this and have a great weekend!

  • wireless printer problem: error printing

    Ive got a laptop gateway running win 7 with an epson545 all in one printer with a Wi - Fi connection.   There is another computer laptop gateway on the wireless system.  It prints very well and I can print from my iPhone.  When I try the work cancels first page in middle.  It is said in the qeue printing error.  Epson people be remove the printer reinstall with the new drivers and the problem persists.  That is what it is?

    Thanks, but these instructions seem to be for the Epson stylus and not the 545 all-in-one, installed as a printer wireless.

    The problem was solved after that I used the wizard available at Cnet spooler print.  The final resolution after use it is as follows;

    Press "Win + R" enter "services.msc" and press enter on your keyboard. Find the print spooler service and double click the left mouse button. Go to the tab login and uncheck the "allow service to interact with desktop". Click Ok and reboot your PC. Try to install your printer or print the test page, if your installed printer.

Maybe you are looking for

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